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RP: Section 6 Cracker Lacking


FM of S6
Game Master
RP Date
ye 41
RP Location
Obsidian City, Sirrus VI
The armoury doors slid open for yet another one of Fenrir's clones to step through, the blank look of a man still subject to all that coding in his head plastered across those red eyes and pale skin, white hair falling down to his eyebrows as M-44 entered the threshold - identified by the revenant undersuit stretched over his slightly bulkier than standard frame, the black material highlighting the beefy muscles that adorned his entire body from the clone's run-and-gun role, nowhere near as much as the freer Spark or Jacky but enough to be noticable as he plucked an Executioner shotgun from his shoulder.

"F-twenty three Jacklynn~" was his blunt greetings, clearly busted-looking weapon being put on the workbench before her with a solid clunk followed by a few rattles, "My firearm refuses to function as intended and I was told this kind of weapon is your specialty, does your unit have enough time to look it over or should I seek out an alternative?" he finished asking in a cold and robotic voice, red eyes blinking occasionally though otherwise seemingly distant to the whole situation.

Lynn was currently chatting with a co-worker, before the doors slid open and an obvious Fenrir clone walked in. Lynn glanced back at her colleague before scraping her throat. A soft, uttered remark between the two as the man seemed to walk away, causing Lynn to lean forward on her workbench and wait for the clone to speak. Arching an eyebrow as she exhaled a soft breath. "First off - just Lynn," she answered, pushing herself up as he practically tossed the weapon on the workbench. An eyebrow arching dangerously high, before she looked up to meet M-44's face. Clearly somewhat miffed. "Second - I'm no unit. I'm a person, so are you, M-44. You got into jailbreak sessions yet?" She asked with a frown as she pulled up the shotgun, disengaging the safety and pumping it once - frowning as the slide blocked halfway through.

"Negative, they are not imperative to my continued service in our military," M44 continued, eyes continuing to bore into Lynn as his stance remained rigid and robotic, not even moving a fly landed on his hair, "Do you believe you will be abe to repair this weapon, Lynn, or shall I pass it on to someone more competent?" the male clone finished, no intention to insult but rather just speaking as he was programmed to - blunt and direct.

"Well, we need people, not drones," she answered with a simple shrug, before squinting, her lips pressing together in a thin line. While it wasn't meant to insult - it still did. "I don't know, M44, I can fix it easily - though are you competent enough to actually handle it?" She asked as she finally managed to rack the slide back fully, ejecting an empty shell, before humming under her breath. Taking a screwdriver, she started to pull the weapon apart, flicking the loaded shells out. "Because it seems to me you tried to either stick your dick in the loading tube - made sweet love to a cracked barrel and attempted to clobber a goddamn Tsumi to death - holding the shotgun with the stock. And what in good graces did you do to the ejection port? It's goddamn loose."

"It was the weapon I was assigned for my intended role, to assume I am not competent with it would be foolish but I can certainly dissuade any notions of me attempting to fornicate with my weapon," M44 began, eyes flicking to watch Lynn try and fix the slightly bent weapon, faintest flicker of one snowy eyebrow before he continued, "I had depleted my ammunition in the field and needed to improvise, so what was built as a firearm became a rather effective blunt force weapon - if it is that important for you to know."

"Oh yeah Lynn, I used my weapon as a makeshift club and whoopsie daisy it's now fucking broken, welp, lucky me, Lynn does this shit for a living and certainly enjoys doing it for the sixteenth shitting time today," she sneered in response. "It's not designed for that shit - it's why you have a goddamn combat knife," she turned the shotgun around and pulled the slide off, screwing loose the damaged loading tube and tossing it aside, before extracting the cracked barrel, adding it to the pile of damaged screws, plating and loading tube. "Repeat after me, M44, or I swear I'll mark this down as user fault in the papers; 'I, M44, swear to use, not abuse, my gun-..."

M44's facial features remained blank and impartial as he listened to what anyone but an encoded Fenrir clone might take offense at, having little to no sense of self though meant the mocking was rather ineffective and the man sighed slowly, "My combat knife was jammed into the base of a creature's skull and so I had to resort to other measures, I realize you may not enjoy this but it is your job nonetheless," M44 blinked twice, swallowing before adding something else onto the end, "If it helps to expedite the repair or replacement of my primary firearm then I shall follow along - I, M44, swear to use, not abuse, my gun-..."

Lynn continued to repair as she spoke. "-... I swear to accompany Lynn for a beverage, hot or cold, during her break and finally, to check out the jailbreak sessions when I'm off duty today, as bound by designation M44," Lynn finished with a faint grin. Screwing in the replacement barrel. It was after commonplace with the new executioners, or with any shotgun for that matter - barrel, loading tube and ejection port. The latter most common of those three. She seemed to repair it without even looking.

He seemed to almost consider it for a short moment, a deep breath brought into the male clone's lungs before he spoke, "I have little interest in socializing and I need not have my judgement impeded by the broad range of the emotional spectrum that comes with being jailbroken - so dock the repairs needed as user error if you wish, it would be the truth afterall and I will face whatever repercussions I need to for said error~" he spoke, M44 having made a swift 180 from his previous statement as he looked over the weapon once more.

"Alrighty - one shotgun fornication report comin' up," Lynn answered with a shrug as she fastened the barrel, before working on the shell tube. Offering M44 a sweet smile, before a huff of exertion as she forced the spring back in place. "I'm sure your CO and comrades'd love to find out you make love to a shotgun. Gotta admit - it is a nice piece of equipment."

"That... is not the truth though?" M44 stated, neck craning slightly with a faint creak from his revealing undersuit as the male clone took a step forward, tone almost telling the gunmetal-grey haired woman that he did not quite know what was going on, "You would so easily fabricate the truth on an official repair docket?"

"Oh, spoken word varies from the truth," she assured with a faint smirk. "And even then, I know you're one of the ones that mostly speaks the truth, but an error always creeps in. Whether you're a Jack or a Jane-... I've seen other non-jailbroken ones lie." She added, letting out a soft chuckle as she fit the slide back in. Giving it one swift pump before nodding and starting work on the ejection port.

M44 could be seen thinking it over again, the skin between his white eyebrows creasing ever so slightly before the clone swallowed thickly, the tendons in his thick neck popping for a moment before the man spoke, "You would right this wrong and put down the true reason the weapon required maintenance if I agreed to your... terms?" he asked for confirmation, slight twitch of the fingers in his right hand making the suit creak again.

"I knew you were a bright sort," Lynn answered with a smirk, before shrugging. "Even only one of those - go attend just one informative session. Give it a shot, if you don't like it, fair enough." Lynn added with a shrug, before exhaling a soft sigh. "Because the real soldiers, the best, have compassion. They're not mindless drones, they're the people that extend a share of their rations to the starving Gunja they encountered in the cave." She offered a faint smile. "They protect what they love - not because they have to."

"I am but a cog in a larger machine~ my needs, wants, desires and dislikes matter little in the grand scheme of things though I shall attend a jailbreaking session if only to fulfil my end of the agreement - I offer no promises on the outcome, this is clear?" he wished to confirm, face falling back into a blank expression before M44 added one more thing with a faint huff of discomfort at the whole situation.

"I swear to accompany Lynn or a beverage, hot or cold, during her break and finally, to check out the jailbreak sessions when I'm off duty today, as bound by designation M44 - though it should be noted I do not drink alcoholic beverages if that is what you were looking forward to~" he finished somewhat begrudgingly.

"We're the machine, M44. We're soldiers to protect people, we're also soldiers to protect our home. You matter as much as I do. But yeah, as I said, all I ask is for you to give it a shot." She answered with the same smile, before shaking her head. "Don't worry - I wasn't out to get either of us drunk. I just offered to grab a coffee or something," she answered with a smirk, shrugging softly in the meantime. "Should be in working order," she answered, thumping the shotgun back on the table and beginning to clean up the tools she used. "Just seven minutes- new record, huh."

M44 picked up the shotgun as it was offered, shouldering it immediately and looking down the sights before rapidly pumping the slide a few times - squeezing the trigger to try-fire the weapon and finally throwing its sling back over his shoulder before speaking, "You have done an above-average job, I find this new spring to be more ergonomic than the previous one was - When does your shift end J... Lynn?" the strong-looking clone asked, suit creaking slightly as his weight was shifted from one thick leg to rest on the other.

"Hey - Lynn's the name, above average is my game," she answered with a faint chuckle, before offering a gentle smile. "If you ever want to slap some mods on that thing, let me know, I'd be glad to," she added, before exhaling a soft breath, leaning forward on her desk. "Ehrm-... Around four, give or take, that's when I clean up my workplace, so I'm out at about 1620 to 1630." She realized the clone would be somewhat prone on hearing a solid number, before she exhaled a soft breath. "Let's say 1630 so I don't keep you waiting."

"If the need to have my weapon augmented arises then you shall be the first to know, assuming you do not have prior engagements at the time," M44 nodded slowly, face never really moving past that blank expression, "I shall return here then then, for now I shall take my leave," he rather unceremoniously informed Lynn before M44 span on his heel and walked back towards the door, powerful legs delivering perfectly paced strides.

"Hey - M44," she called out, a gentle smirk playing on her face. "Try to be polite, next time around. A great opener is hello - a good closer is goodbye," she answered with a hint of cheek to her words. "Puts people talking to you in a way better mood."

He paused mid-stride, looking back over one shoulder with a faint nod, "I shall keep that in mind for future engagements~" M44 noted before making his leave, spending his time polishing his dress uniform's boots and hand-loading some more personal ammunition for his 12gauge shotgun before rocking up back where Lynn had told him to, the door opening as 1629 turned to 1630 to reveal the masculine clone with a sports uniform hoodie over the top of his undersuit and shotgun still slung over his shoulders but otherwise the same as he approached Lynn, "Greetings, I am here at the time you specified, what are your plans?"

Lynn had seemed to be alone in the complex at this point, she offered a gentle smile as M44 greeted her, offering a raised hand in return. "Heya - I locked the entire place up but the door you came through," she answered. "Just gotta lock that one and get out, is there any place you wanted to go in particular?" She asked with a soft hum. "Also... Ehrm-... You know you're not supposed to open-carry that when off duty, right?"

"I do not personally know of any places of that sort but... usually my shotgun is in its scabbard yet I seem to have misplaced it, do you know of somewhere I may stow it while we are out? perhaps the rear storage compartment of your vehicle?" the clone inquired, perhaps a faint shimmer of shame at the admittance he had lost his shotgun's scabbard though M44 remained mostly stoic as he followed her.

"I can set you up with a new one? Those scabbard often get lost, you'd be surprised," Lynn assured with a soft shrug. "I've got a few spare ones at home, to set you up with one untill you get a new one," the Jane offered, before popping the trunk of her car. "But yeah, you can toss it in the rack here," she added with a grin.

"If it is not too much hassle then affirmative, I would accept a new scabbard if one was offered to me~" M44 nodded, pondering for a second why Lynn had a shotgun rack in the back of her car before he dismissed that thought and carefully fit his executioner in the rack before moving around to the passenger side door.

Lynn only shrugged. "Nah, don't sweat it, as I said, I have spares," she answered with a gentle smile. Before slapping the trunk shut again, pulling open the driver's door and getting into the car herself. Turning the key to start the engine. "Buckle up for safety," she hummed.

M44 nodded again and silently moved to click the seatbelt over his torso, a smooth motion like a machine in a factory line until he let out a small breath, ready to go.

Lynn nodded as she backed up, slowly navigating her way out. "Yeah - Uhm-... Wanna just go to my place, then? I can get you a coffee or some pop." She suggested with a gentle smile.

"I am not fussy where I need to go to repay my end of the agreement, anywhere shall be sufficient~" he piped up, eyes slowly drifting from the windshield to regard Lynn.

"Then I can get you that scabbard as well," she added with a faint shrug, breaking unto the highway with a gentle huff. "Don't see it as repaying your end - see it as hanging out with your dear sister," she answered with a grin.

"If you insist," M44 commented before leaving an awkward pause of silence, eyes drifting from Lynn to look out the window as they drove.

"I insist," Lynn assured with a soft chuckle. Offering a sidewards glance over to the clone, before focussing back on the road ahead. Pulling up to the highway's exit. A few minutes before she pulled up into the parking lot, glancing over at M44. "Here we are," she added, popping the seatbelt up, getting out from the car. "You want that shotgun back, or later?"

"I trust my weapon will be safe in there until I need it," he answered bluntly, springs in the car seat creaking out of relief as M44 exited and shut the door, stretching out his back and legs for a moment with a few pops, groupings of muscles could be seen shifting beneath the skin-tight undersuit before he turned back around to Lynn, "On which floor do your living quarters reside?"

"Works for me," Lynn answered with a faint shrug, pocketing her hands as she moved over to the elevator. "Third floor," she hummed in response. Smacking the panel, as she waited for the elevator, folding her hands behind her back with a faint frown. "Seems someone got it up to the top floor."

"Then, we wait~" M44 nodded as he took up position next to Lynn, looking off at nothing in particular before his red eyes focused down on her, "How did you come up with the name you currently have? Jacklynn - or Lynn as you seem to prefer being referred to as, I have the capacity to understand it is some play on the name of our sibling Jack though the specific reason as to why you chose that over simply continuing to use your batch number elludes me~" the male clone spoke seemingly out of nowhere, one snowy eyebrow ever so slightly arched out of curiosity as they waited for the elevator.

"Well, I kinda picked it after I broke programming," she answered with a faint shrug. "It's just that - a play on the name Jack. I didn't know what I wanted to name myself, but I was sure as hell I wasn't going through life with my batch number as a name," she added with a shrug. The small indicator above the door slowly drawing closer. "Why you ask?"

"Trying to make sense of it is all," M44 responded with a heavy breath as he continued to stand there stoically, perfect posture of a statue as the elevator made its way to them with a ping, two people exiting - one of them being a certain half-elf with their ginger hair done up in a ponytail, dressed in a simple flannel shirt and skinny jeans with a jumper wrapped around zher waist Lexi looked up from their phone with a small bit of surprise.

"Oh shit, hi you~" the genderqueer botansist squeaked out as they took a few hurried steps to close the distance, wrapping arms around the shorter clone's hips as M44 watched on silently.

"Got'cha," Lynn added with a faint smile, before glancing over at the elevator as it pinged and slid open, revealing the figure of her favourite half elf, the faint smile widening into something warm and somewhat happy as she embraced Lexi herself - pressing a soft peck on zher cheek. "Heya," she greeted with a soft chuckle. "What're you up to?" She quested, before frowning and glancing over at M44. "Oh, right, Lexi - M-... Fourty four," she introduced with a faint breath, realising she hadn't really explained the principle of the Fenrir clones and jailbreaking just yet.

Lexi returned the peck with a loud "Mwah" on Lynn's cheek before the half elf moved around to stand next to the grey-haired woman, a few flutters from the half-elf's eyeliner-covered eyelashes as a small giggle was given, "Just well, you know, poking frozen bits of bacteria as usual - shift starts soon," zhe spoke in a bubbly voice before looking M44 up and down with a nod of approval, "Uh greetings, hi - nice to meet you~"

"Greetings," was all M44 had to say in response to what he percieved as a femenine half elf, to which Lexi offered Lynn a small grimace and another giggle, "Right... I was going to text you but, well, you free tonight?" the ginger asked, one hand still on Lynn's hip.

"Huh - I just got off shift, you working late tonight?" Lynn asked with a soft frown. "I'm sorry to hear - yeah, I think I am, I'll send you a text after I dropped M44 back off at his place," she offered, another soft peck on Lexi's cheek. "You have fun, though~" she murmured.

"Kinda? I just gotta pop in for a few hours to run some tests, we're still trying to cultivate larger samples of the stuff but sure - send me a message when you're free and I'll work around it," Lexi smirked back, patting Lynn's rear with a small wink before the ginger began taking a few steps away, "I'm sorry dude, I gotta run - been nice talking to you both though," zhe continued, taking a few steps back and blowing Lynn a kiss as M44 continued to look on with one slightly raised eyebrow, though otherwise the male clone was silent.

"Alrighty," Lynn answered, giving Lexi a gentle wink, before turning to glance back at M44 as Lexi left. Taking note of his frown before exhaling a soft breath, backing up into the elevator. "You're confused?" Lynn questioned as she punched the panel for the third floor.

"Affirmative~" M44 blinked a few times as he stepped into the elevator next to Lynn, larger frame shifting as he sighed before continuing, "Confusion is indeed what I am currently experiencing, am I wrong in assuming you and that... individual know each other well?" the encoded clone finished, a bit of uncertainty about what exactly to class Lexi as.

"Yeah, Lexi's my neighbour at the least and-... Well," Lynn pursed her lips as she mulled it over. "We like eachother a great deal, y'know. Not sure what we're making of it, but, guess it's gonna be something," Lynn answered with a soft shrug as the elevator jostled into movement. "It's kinda confusing for me, so I don't blame you."

"Is it infatuation?" he asked bluntly, casting a mostly blank yet slightly curious gaze down to the shorter clone, "I do not know the concept first hand, for obvious reasons, but I am at least aware of the word's definition~"

"Yeah, somewhat? I guess? I'd more say affection, though," Lynn answered with a shrug as she glanced up to the small counter, before it pinged once more and the doors slipped open. "As I said, I really don't know what's gonna happen, as I said." She added with a faint smile, before stepping out.

"Affirmative, I believe I understand - there is some level of uncertaintly between the two of you, I will commit your words to memory," M44 nodded as they left the elevator and sidled up to Lynn's door, a glint of contemplation across his snowy features before the encoded clone picked a wedgie out of his slightly undersized suit.

"Eh," Lynn retorted with a shrug as she sauntered over to her room. "It's not that important, don't worry your pretty li'l head over it," she retorted with a faint smile, swiping the keycard through the lock - doors sliding open as the lights turned on to greet her as she walked into the appartement. "Make yourself at home," she remarked with a soft grin.

"I have never quite understood that phrase, make yourself at home~" M44 mused as he slowly entered, sitting his bulky body down on a chair before continuing, "People say it as if it were the truth, yet it makes no sense for you to tell somebody to treat your home as if it were theirs, which I assume would not end well in most cases," the white-haired man huffed a little as he swallowed thickly.

"I have a hard time processing phrases and sayings that are as nonsensical as that."

Lynn gave M44 a bemused look before she unbuckled her belt and dropped her pants to the floor, stepping out of it with a soft sigh. "You're family, M44. We're made from the same genetic DNA, so," she shrugged as she trailed off. "My home's open to my family. If they want to crash here for a week, that's all fine by me," she added with a shrug. "So, give it a good ol' think once more while I make coffee," she added with a grin.

M44 reacted little to Lynn's slight undressing, simply noting it and moving on as clearly something moved behind his red and rather blank eyes, "Which do you want me to think over? the nonsensical phrase or the offer I will most likely never take you up on?" he asked bluntly.

"The so-called nonsense," Lynn added with a shrug as she drew some water, before slapping the coffee machine once to get it back to life. "I didn't invite you, as you yourself heard, I've apparently been claimed for the eve," she answered with a faint shrug. "You want to know more stuff, right? Keep learning stuff. Those are just few of many that'll make sense if you get jailbroken." She added with a soft hum.

"I am not sure that is what is needed of me~" came a faintly forlorn answer as M44's gaze snapped to the ground, "If what I have heard is correct then jailbroken Fenrir clones go through many stages of depression, anxiety and mood swings - none of those sound like they would do anything but hamper my ability to do what I was designed to do," a shaky breath left M44's lungs before the beefy male clone stood up and paced over to the window, muscles in the less-covered lower half of his body tensed up and became more pronounced as it was clear the encoded man was somwhat agitated or even frightened down deep in his core.

Lynn gathered the two cups she had prepared and sauntered over, holding out one of the cups before offering a gentle breath. "Yeah - that's just part of it, y'know," Lynn added with a shrug. "I know it seems shit in the grand scheme of things, but you're still you. We don't do meat-drones or anything. Every life is valuable and all that jazz." Lynn offered with a faint smile, before glancing out the window herself. "You kinda owe it to yourself to at least check it out, M44."

"I... informed you I would do as much as part of our agreement, and it would go against my nature to spread misinformation like that~" the male clone explained, hand moving away from idly scratching at his nose to accept the mug, taking a sip of the hot liquid before continuing, "What comes of that, I do not know - not knowing the outcome... disagrees with me, immensely."

"Well, that," she took a sip herself, before shaking her head and letting out a soft chuckle. "That's how the good stuff happens. You can't keep planning out whatever - stuff's going to happen and you'll find yourself in a situation beyond your control," Lynn met his eyes briefly before scowling. "Both good and bad."

"From what I have heard, the unconventional units including you, M22, F22 and M50 all managed to eliminate the coding in your systems early on - rather, ealier than the rest of us and before the Jailbreaking sessions were a thing, what was that experience like?" M44 asked bluntly, eyes remaining on Lynn as he shifted the conversation away from himself rather jarringly.

Lynn offered q gentle smile, before shrugging. "I was fairly aggressive when waking up, though I wasn't exactly freed at that point." She started with a soft sigh, taking another gentle sip from her coffee. "It was in the hospital after that I came to the realization - I was more than just a slave to my coding. I became a free person. I could laugh and cry," she glanced over at M44. "I can't imagine what it'd be like without that."

M44 let out a few heavy breaths as he listened attentively to Lynn describe it all, her apparent joy at discovering she was capable of base human emotions as the encoded clone took another long sip from his mug - a vein sticking out against his neck as he swallowed, "That all sounds like a rather complicated process, but you and my other jailbroken fraternal units seem to enjoy it - so who am I to stop you?"

"I guess it was," Lynn answered with a soft shrug. "But, it's-... Yeah, it's not easy," she answered with a soft shrug. "As I said. Laugh and cry. It's not always happiness, there's a lot of sad shit involved as well," though she shrugged once more. "But that's being a person, after all."

"Indeed, it seems to be that way~" M44 responded, a creak from his hands as the man's grip on his mug readjusted slightly, "Do you ever find yourself regretting it?" he asked bluntly, though somewhere in his eyes she could tell it was just curiostiy from a man with little to no concept of social norms - which was also why M44 didn't bat an eye to the fact he was running around with basically everything on display.

"No," Lynn answered with a faint breath, before smiling. "Not a single second," she explained, before shaking her head. "I can't be. If I want to feel like shit, I can do so. But the same thing goes for being happy," she retorted. Though, then again, that was a barefaced lie. She wanted to go back each and every day. Though there were too much people she cared about to properly consider it. It was nigh impossible for M44 to pick up on the lie, after all.

"I... there is an obvious flaw in that logic - if emotions are so easily controlled then those tales I have heard of the jailbroken clones having difficulties coping with them would not exist, so from my understanding, external forces play a large part in determining one's mood though there is always the potential that I have simply been misinformed," he retorted, another pull of the caffienated goodness.

"Nah, they're not that easily controlled - I just wanted to tell you that you have the choice of being a person - more than just a worker drone," Lynn answered with a simple shrug. "I can't just snap my fingers to be happy or sad, I'm just glad I can experience anything other than rage and aggression," she added with a faint grin.

"I see~" M44 paused for a long moment, a slight shuffling and creaking of his undersuit before the silence was broken with a simple, "Apologies."

"For?" Lynn queried with a gentle frown, glancing over at the larger clone.

He swallowed thickly, thinking it over with a small frown of contemplation, "Making false assumptions?"

"Oh-... Oh," Lynn shook her head with a gentle chuckle. "Nah, you didn't. I explained it wrong." She added with a shrug, before smirking. "That's also one of the things about being jailbroken, not everything's so literal."

"You are making sense, I believe, it is simply me having a hard time trying to understand what I cannot experience for myself~" M44 nodded, going to take another pull from his mug before realizing it was empty, "If emotions are tied to external factors, do things like sexuality and infatuation work in similar ways? or is that predetermined?"

"Eh, this stuff doesn't always make sense," Lynn added as she took another sip from her mug. "I don't mind trying on explaining it to you, you know what you'll have to do to experience it, though," Lynn teased with a faint grin, before nodding at his coffee. "Want another - maybe something else to drink?" She questioned, before biting her lip. "Ehrm... I don't know-... I think it's-... Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's pre-determined."

"I can see you quite obviously pushing me towards what you believe I wish to experience when I am more than satisfied to simply ask questions for the time being," M44 breathed out, handing the empty mug back to Lynn with the faintest of frowns, "No, that will suffice."

Lynn only offered a shrug in response. "I just want to make sure you're not missing out, that's all," she answered with a soft breath. Accepting the mug, she only nodded. "Alright then, you want me to bring you home?"

"Unless you have other plans for me then affirmative, being well rested will no doubt make my first jailbreaking session more tollerable," M44 answered, swallowing thickly as he looked over to Lynn with those big red eyes of his.

"Uh, yeah, sure," Lynn answered as she exhaled a soft breath. Sauntering over to gather her keys and pants. Shuffling them on as she moved over to the door again. "Alright, then, you sure?" She asked one last time.

"I would prefer if you would say what you are thinking, reading people is not a specialty of mine, so it would make things easier on both of us," M44 reciprocated, not yet moving from his spot near the window as he watched Lynn get dressed.

"I'm asking you whether you're sure you want to leave - or if there's still something you want to tell me." Lynn retorted with a soft shrug. Holding the keys up. "You sure or not?" She repeated her question with a frown.

"I see~" M44 answered before moving to follow Lynn, "I am ready to leave."

"Alrighty," Lynn chimed happily. Pushing the door open and walking out with a soft hum.
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