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Suggestion Create a Database of Links


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This idea is that Star Army should have a list of links to resource sites like AI art tools, places to recruit players for your plots, free graphics/3D modeling softwares (think DOGA), affiliate RPs, tutorials, and other cool websites. My first thought it that I could probably use a struct database in the wiki to do this, which would make updating it pretty easy (like one click to delete a site that died). It's kind of weird that Star Army doesn't have this already considering that Star Army is kind of like a early 2000s Geocities fan site that has survived through a mix of innovation and our sheer willpower. I don't anticipate this to be a massive or time-consuming project but rather something that we can set up quickly and it'll grow over time. I'd like to start with a focus on art resources people can use when they're making wiki articles, and places where I can get art commissions. Honestly, I got a hodgepodge of great bookmarks I'd love to share and organize. I could also have a submission form where people could add their own, although I would need some spam filter process if I do that.

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