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Closed Create a Random Generator for NDC Characters

These suggestions have been dropped by the suggestor or rejected by staff.


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Star Army has a cool set of Random Generators, but they have not been updated in a while - since the NDC was created, in fact. So there's no generator for NDC characters. This suggestion is to see if you'd like me to build a random generator for NDC characters.

As a refresher, the way these generators work is kind of like Mad Libs. You give it one or more phrases like {FirstName} {LastName} is a {Job} in the {Organization}. She has {haircolor} hair in a {hairstyle}. And for each of the variables like {FirstName} we need a list of possibilities that it can randomly pull from, for example if we want to put species in there, we should have as list of all possible NDC species. I can put some on there more than once if we want to make certain ones more likely to appear in the results.
This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
@Jack Pine and/or NDC FMs: Here's what I need to build the data file:
  1. I need "mad libs" style sentences that include the variables in them.
  2. For each variable I need a list of possibilities, one per line
  3. For best results avoid use of any commas in the possibilities

{firstname} {lastname} is a {personality} {occupation} with {haircolor} hair.




The Dinosaur

And so on.
I'm closing this suggestion due to lack of participation/response by anyone from the NDC.
Completely sorry, this slipped my attention, I've been rather busy of late between health and weather. I can poke whisper and Alex to come up with some info for this. Again, very sorry, we've been very sidetracked lately.