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Suggestion Creator-level (and FM) responsibility post Approval in the NTSE.


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We have a lot of creations that move through the NTSE every year, it seems to me like a lot of products get approved and they are rarely seen again.

I'd like to see us implement a system where it would be understood that the submitter will:

1. Update the history of the product as needed.
2. Will make updates to formatting as the formatting scheme on SARPs wiki evolves - Think about how much the wiki requirements changed from submissions in YE 30 until now.
3. Will review product prices as they depreciate - in theory as a product gets older, its price would probably change, or production requirements change. (DR system changes, etc)
4. Will review if a product is still active or not. Has the product been made obsolete? Replaced? Is there a new product that is next in its lineage?
5. Struct just came out, and we've spent at least 100+ each (between Wes and I) adding struct to products. Having submitters and FMs assist when changes like this come along would be helpful. (Staff is always happy to take the lead and help make these implementations go smoothly).
6. Cultural/Non-Weapon articles should evolve as they are used in RP and be updated accordingly for history, connections, etc.

I think these things will make the products people submit to become more relevant, more usable. We have so many great things on the wiki and it would be nice to see them be fleshed out and expanded upon.
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