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Cultivating Irresistible Visual Language in Star Army: A Guide for Creators


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Star Army is a vibrant roleplaying community that thrives on the creativity and collaboration of its members. This is especially true for faction creators, who have the unique opportunity to shape entire worlds and civilizations. However, creating an appealing and unique visual language for a faction is often a challenging task, requiring both creativity and a keen understanding of what appeals to roleplayers. In this guide, we will explore how creators can effectively use visual language to build irresistible worlds that attract and engage new members to the Star Army community.

Understanding Visual Language

Visual language is a system of communication using visual elements. In the context of roleplaying, it refers to the distinct visual style and aesthetic of a faction or world. This can include everything from the designs of buildings and spaceships, to the clothing and physical appearance of characters, to the color schemes and symbols used in artwork and illustrations.

Here's some examples:
  • Yamatai's glowing teal in the engines of its ships and on its uniforms
  • The pointed hemline of Star Army and Nepleslian uniforms
  • Kuvexians' love of covering stuff in gold.
A well-developed visual language can greatly enhance the roleplaying experience. It can help players visualize the world and characters, making the roleplaying more immersive and engaging. It can also help to distinguish your faction from others, making it more memorable and appealing to new players. We should be looking at ways or make our factions stand out from not only each other, but other scifi IPs outside of Star Army.

Developing a Distinct Visual Style

The first step in developing a visual language is to create a distinct visual style for your faction. This should reflect the faction's culture, history, and values. For example, a faction with a long history and tradition might have a visual style that incorporates elements of classical architecture and design, while a futuristic, high-tech faction might have a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Consider using mood boards to help define your visual style. Collect images, colors, and designs that inspire you and represent the aesthetic you want to achieve. This can be a helpful reference as you create the visual elements of your faction. You can make a thread for these even (on forums or on the Star Army Discord), or use the media gallery or maybe even a Pinterest or something else.

Engaging the Community

As a faction creator, you should also consider how to engage the community in developing the visual language. Encourage members to contribute their ideas and designs. This can help to build a more diverse and rich visual language, as well as foster a sense of ownership and involvement among the community members. We've seen time and time again that factions and corporations work best when they're a group effort because it's tough to get people to engage with a solo project they didn't have input in.

The Star Army community offers a variety of tools and platforms for this, such as the forums and the wiki. You can create a thread or a wiki page dedicated to developing the visual language, where members can share their ideas, sketches, and designs.

Making it Accessible

To attract new players, the visual language should be accessible and easy to understand. Avoid overly complex or abstract designs that might confuse or alienate new players. Instead, opt for clear, simple, and recognizable visual elements.

Consider creating a visual guide or a style guide that explains the key elements of the visual language. This can be a valuable resource for new players, helping them to understand and visualize the faction. It also helps setting submissions fit your faction (or corporation) aesthetic.


Developing a compelling visual language for a faction is a creative and rewarding process. It can greatly enhance the roleplaying experience, making the faction more appealing and engaging for both existing and new members. By understanding the importance of visual language, creating a distinct visual style, engaging the community, and making it accessible, faction creators can build irresistible worlds that engage the Star Army roleplaying community and attract attention to the site.

I'd love to hear your thoughts below if you have some.