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New Character (Plot) ====== Damien West ======

^ Damien West ^^
| ||
^ Species & Gender: | Human Male |
^ Date of Birth: | YE 22 |
^ Organization: | New Dusk Conclave |
^ Occupation: | Pilot and Explorer |
^ Rank: | Trooper |
^ Current Placement: | None, yet |

===Preferred Plots===
- NDC: Braving the New Frontier
- 13th Precinct
- OIF Karakoram
===== Physical Description =====
Damien West is about 5'6, thin and wiry, built for agility, not brute strength. He has pale skin, blue eyes, with narrow ears, with a black comb over. He has kind, almond shaped eyes, and a deep voice that doesn't seem like it should be coming out of such a small figure

===== Personality =====
Damien is quite withdrawn, extremely loyal and hard working. He has a habit of talking even more when he's nervous, but he is extremely brave behind the pilot seat. He had been training to be a pilot his entire life, which means that social interactions for him have been few, rendering to be fairly awkward in social situations, especially if he's talking to a girl

===== History =====
Damien West was born in YE 22.

Damien was an orphan as far as he could remember, but he was seen at a young age to have an incredible ability for piloting. He was always very withdrawn, very quiet, but he spoke intelligently whenever he was spoken to

==== Social Connections ====
Damien West is connected to: Damien's father (name unknown.) was an ex-mercenary, his mother, Maria West was a nurse who died during childbirth. Damien's father hung himself in depression

===== Inventory & Finance =====
Damien West has the following items:

===== OOC Notes =====

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Heya GS,

It's on the short side but its a good start! But with some helpful tips and tricks here and there for expanding it, we gladly help!

@Jack Pine @HarperMadi are the Faction Managers of the NDC and can help you on your way with that :)


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It looks bad because it's not a wiki article. It's coded and formatted for the wiki rather than the forums.

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Welcome, have fun writing here~