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RP [Day 1] Getting Started

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Hanako, leaving her golden pistol with a sentry outside the diplomatic area, was the first to enter the big conference room. Approaching the large round table, she began setting up a spot for herself by putting up a little Yamataian flag and setting her nametag.
Re: Getting Started

Soon after Hanako's arrival the Elysian delegation arrived in the form of Karael Malach, the Senatorial Legate, and Sariel Anex, the Leader of the War Council. At the door Karael left three pairs of highly ornate daggers, her Hippeis Xiphos and two holsters containing a Sersis and a Pestris respectively and the ammunition for said weapons. After this she swept into the room with the full grace of a Patrician, resplendent in her silken senatorial robes, and nodded towards Hanako in what was (for an Patrician) a sign of respect, before sitting down slowly in one of the leather chair one to the left of the princess, saying in the compelling and forceful voice of a trained rhetorician, "May this conference heal the wounds of the past." She then took out an engraved gold plate with her position on it (for in this conference it was not she but the senate that spoke) and placed it in the holder provided.

Following her into the room, after depositing his two Hippeis Xiphos', his Phaelaes War Spear and the large club he traditionally strapped to his back, came the enormous form of Sariel Anex, all 8" of him built like an ancient statue of Herakles, garbed with complex robe whose composition and colour marked him as a senator, and with a cloak draped around his shoulders made from a collection of lion skins - which marked him as a master of the Elysian art of Pankration. Sitting down in the seat to the left of Karael he took out small Elysian flag which he had brought from Elysia and placed it on the table between him and the Legate - he did not particularly feel like making use of more Yamataian facilities than he had to. Following Karael's example he removed his own Platinum plate with engraved letters representing his position and placed it in the holder provided - before sitting up stationary and waiting for the others to arrive.
Re: Getting Started

Hanako bowed slightly in return and took her seat. "If we can foster peace and international standards of order and commerce, this meeting will bring a new era of prosperity to the known universe," she nodded. "Of course, there are many issues to deal with first," Hanako said. "I hope the others arrive soon so we can get to business."
Re: Getting Started

Karael gave a wry smile, "We can only pray that such proud parties could ever resolve their differences on such a significant issue as peace - I can scarcely remember a year in my life that has not been marred by war, peace is the aberation in our history I fear. It is unfortunate that it is only ever the deeds which we regret that seem to ever be remembred." The Legate's talk seemed to have little actual significance to the conference itself, but Senators were rarely the sort of person to wait quietly when even the most vague of discussions was possible - the exception apparently being Sariel who rather than joining the conversation had taken out his heavily ornate data-pad and was running through various reems of data.
Re: Getting Started

Pisces AI said:
Information: Crowned Prince Motoyoshi Tio and Senator Tange Ayana delayed to conference due to ongoing diplomatic process with the SMX. ETA will be updated shortly.
Re: Getting Started

Karael raised a perfectly crafted eyebrow, "This conference was called before all the parties presence was secured? The Senate had assumed that you would have sorted out the details of this meeting before our arrival, it is unfortunate that this is not so."
Re: Getting Started

"I hope we do not have to wait too long. Perhaps we should go explore the station while we wait," Hanako pondered.
Re: Getting Started

The door opened to allow passage of a tall, dark-haired Nepleslian in a fine suit and overcoat into the room. Behind him entered a trio of IPG Operators, all of them decked out in heavy ballistics gear, although none of them were armed. They still looked quite tough, though. The Nepleslian found a seat as far from Hanako as he could find before sitting, placing a small obsidian name plate embossed with the name "Ioannes Calero" over "Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, Rok'Veru", placing a small Nepleslian flag in the holder on the table, and flicking open his data pad. His IPG bodyguards stood behind him and looked generally protective.

Ioannes Calero found the weight of the SynAraS-coated Durandium trauma plate to be within his tolerance for weight, especially since it would probably stop anything up to a power armor's gun. Not that he wasn't ruling that out as something the Yamataians would do. They seemed to have a tendency to bully others, generally in a lethal manner. He just hoped they would be smart enough to steer away from such methods. Light years away, he was quite sure the Admirality were just waiting for the call to come in that the Senators had died and it was time for war, et cetera. Of course, it was Calero's job to make sure that never happened.
Re: Getting Started

"We shall take your offer of a tour into consideration," Karael replied smoothly to Hanako's statement before turning her attention to the entrant, slowly scanning all four of them with her cold grey eyes, "Is it quite necessary to bring an armoured bodyguard to this conference? It is a meeting of peace not of war - you are rather disrupting the atmosphere with your outward manifestation of what must be an internal defense - I can assure that we are not armed, nor is the good princess here, and being that you are in the centre of a station if our hosts did wish to do you harm no ammount of armour would aid you. Why then offend others when it serves no purpose other than to establish you lack of trust - which could otherwise be established through rhetoric?"
Re: Getting Started

Two cloaked figures stepped off a Nepleslian transport ship, one short and thin, the other tall and wide beneath their cloaks.

The shorter figure took the lead stepping deliberately as she followed the gentleman she had flagged down towards the site of this Peace Summit her king had sent her and her 'associate' attend. The purple velvet of her cloak fluttered slightly, but the golden hem was just long enough to rub the ground as she walked, revealing tawny and white furred paws adorned with black talon like claws. From beneath the hood, two dark blue eyes seemed to almost glow from the shadows.

If the first figure seemed at ease in it's new surroundings, the larger did not share this view. His cloak, made of the same material as his companion though dyed black as a moonless sky with silver trim, did it's best to wrap around a body as large as his. When he moved though, it showed off the black and polished silver armor he wore, plate grieves leading to black polished hooves and black bracers leading to hands wrapped tightly around a huge warhammer that seemed to be carved from a single slab of granite. The stallion looked with suspicion at anyone who neared him, even mock charging a few and laughing as they went scrambling away.

When at last they came to the door to the room the conference was to be held in, and the guards asked they give up their weapons, the smaller figure nodded and handed them a finely crafted katana from her left hip, and a black bladed dagger from the wrap around her right ankle. Spreading her paws wide, showing that she held no other weapons within her robes or under the cloak, she pulled back the hood and walked towards the room.

Her companion though was not so ready to give up his hammer, or the swords that hung off of either hip. When he began to protest, the feline walked back and placed a hand on his chest, speaking in a whisper of their native tongue. Their eyes met, after a moment of silence, and slowly he dropped the hammer, head down, with a thud at the feet of the guards, and then drew each of his blade, crossing them, and leaning them against the handle of his hammer. Then, after giving each guard a hate filled scowl, he ducked through the door and walked with the feline towards a seat somewhere between the Nepleslian, Elysian, and Nepleslian representatives.

She bowed her head to each in turn, the light playing off of her soft, lion-like features and lovely, dark blue braid of hair that reached nearly to her tailbase. Then the stallion, who had still to remove his hood, pulled a chair out for her, which she took gracefully, folding her paws atop the table in front of her. When she was comfortable, the stallion laid a lovely bronze plaque on the table signifying them to be the designated representatives of the Kingdom of Kohana. The smaller being the Mistress of Justice, and the stallion being the Hand of War.

"Good afterrrnoon, ladies and gentlemen. May the gods watch over us all, and guarrrd our tongues to speak only of peace and trrruth." She would say softly to each, gaze lingering on Hanako for a moment longer than the others, then she would look down to the papers her companion laid before her before backing up and standing at ease behind her chair. She made sure she was well versed on who all would be attending, and the issues she would need to bring before their attentions if the opportunity arose.
Re: Getting Started

"Hello," Hanako nodded. She hadn't known the Kohanians were coming.
Re: Getting Started

Calero looked up from the datapad, expressionless towards the Elysian who had 'accosted' him concerning the IPG-provided escort. Behind him, one of the armored Nepleslians unhooked a datapad of his own. He tapped it several times and handed it to the Senator, who glanced the screen over for an instant before looking back to the Elysian delegate. He held the Operator's datapad up, where it was quickly collected before being once again disappearing into one of the many pockets and compartments on the IPG agent.

"Legate Karael, I presume?" Calero inquired, his eyes locked onto her face, "You seem rather alarmed that I have elected to bring an escort with me to this conference. Obviously, you aren't quite familiar with Nepleslia, or you would know that nine times out of ten, we are not fans of subtlety." The Nepleslian Senator had begun to smile, especially as one of the Operators handed him an iced tea at his hand's request.

"I can assure you my rhetoric will provide plenty of distrust for you. Also, you and your friend, leader of that military of yours, if I'm not mistaken, came with a pretty good load-out of weaponry, while myself and my colleagues entered the station unarmed." Calero had seen the Elysian weapons outside the room, and had placed two and two together after seeing the pair of Patricians in the chamber.

He leaned back in his chair, still smiling. "Besides, if my friends here are not mistaken," he jerked a thumb over his shoulder at his escorts, "this particular station has its share of grim activities." Calero looked to Hanako before continuing. "A serial murderer, wasn't it? Cut out tongues or ears or some such thing before the station received full functionality?" The Senator looked once more to the Legate. "Now, how could the IPG let the man who wrote the very fabric of their nation come to a place where such dangers exist unprotected?" He decided to skirt the issue of his suspicions towards Yamatai.
Re: Getting Started

Karael focused her stone-like eyes on those of the senator and ruffling the feathers of her wings slightly in response to her mistake she said “I am the Senatorial Legate or the Legate, representative of the Senate – in this affair we are the senate and I have no name.” She paused to separate one issue from another.

“Worry yourself not, we have no illusions on the subtlety of Nepleslian behavior and we were not questioning that which many would consider to be your natural dress – however perhaps for the sake of a productive atmosphere you would have not brought your armour into a place where it can serve no purpose other than to affront. By indicating that you do not trust our hosts to have a sufficiently high level of diligence to protect their guests at the very centre of their station from a killer who operated in the shadows merely indicates the mentality with which you approach the conference.”

She paused momentarily for effect, “I will not deny that Senator Karael and the Leader of the War Council came armed, however that is part of our uniform at foreign affairs – we brought them merely that we might be relieved of them in a symbolic act of trust, you come without weapons but with armour, indicating nothing more than your lack of trust. Is it on this basis that you wish to proceed in this conference? Behind walls of doubt and suspicion?” Karael's voice rose slightly towards the end of the sentence merely to add emphasis, no Elysian would lose their temper in a conference, or any exchange of rhetoric.
Re: Getting Started

Hanako, trying to think of something better than the Nepleslians, attempted to contact the ship picking up Melisson. She was not, however, able to get a hold of it. Perhaps there was some communications jamming? It was a bad sign. She relayed her findings to SAINT.
Re: Getting Started

"Trust, Legate, is a word bein' thrown around an awful lot lately."

At the entrance to the room, Grand Admiral Flint Vanderhuge stood poised, an expression of dry humorlessness seeping across his squared jaw as he peered over at the two Elysians. Apparently, the advent of the plague's true nature still didn't convince the eldest Vanderhuge of a few things. After another moment, the slightly less-imposing Senator Eddy Vanderhuge (as less-imposing a 8'5 foot ID-SOL can be) hurried past the Grand Admiral and took a seat near Calero, setting up his own area.

Ed was dressed in the same body armor and the IPG escort were in...however, as Flint moved to stand behind and a little to the right of the Delsaurian Senator, it became evident that he was not wearing armor himself. Instead, he was clad in the newer styles of Nepleslian Admiral regalia, complete with medals and awards adorning his posh white coat. Flint was a bit sore that he could not bring in his ornamental blade...but the feeling passed and was replaced very quickly as he overheard the conversation between Calero and the Elysians upon entering.

"We didn' bring no weapons 'cause we aren't expectin' to use 'em. They're wearin' that body armor 'cause it's not stupid to be prepared. There's a difference between trust and precaution."
Re: Getting Started

"I could not have worded it better myself, Admiral Vanderhuge." Calero smirked towards the Elysians. "You'll have to excuse me as you've happened to catch me on something of an 'off' day. I believe it may have something to do with receiving a certain proposed piece of legislation that had been introduced to a certain Senate not too long ago," Ioannes moved his eyes to the Ketsurui princess momentarily before continuing, "I must say, it proposed some absolutely dreadful, horrid, terrible things be done to me and my people. Absolutely ruined me for the day. Do you not agree, Senator Vanderhuge?"
Re: Getting Started

Eddy turned out to be the more level-headed of the two Vanderhuges in the room. The senator replied by holding up an open palm, signifying a plea of silence as he gave a simple reply.

"Save it for the meetin'."
Re: Getting Started

"MAN, nobody in the 3rd knows how to pilot a DD4!" The senator from Nepleslia Prime barged into the room, somewhat giddy that his Proposal to the senate was finally starting to get noticed, but had to have a few things taken out IN THE END, of course. The Yamataians would receive a few suspicious glances from the Nepleslian Senator, but as he looked around, he noticed the other two Senators in the room. Already warming up to the situation, he took a seat next to the Vanderhuge, not necessarily trusting of the IPG Head.

Placing the data pad on the table, along with a companion SMoDIN flag, which would have been waving in the breeze, had there been one in the room. Not really wishing to speak at length before the meeting started, the senator simply sat in his seat, wary of the Yamataians that were in the room with them.
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The Legate bowed her head and flared her wings slightly to acknowledge the entrance of the Nepleslian senator, "While we agree that there is a separation between trust and precaution, Grand Admiral, when one undermines the other it can make relations that much more strained. None the less, as your esteemed kin expressed - let us save some of our rhetoric for the meeting rather than pursuing this pleasant, albeit empty Entrée." Turning to Senator Calero, "If your day is sufficiently 'off' to be used as an excuse behind which to excuse decisions that you might not otherwise make perhaps we should delay the conference until you are, as you humans say 'yourself'."

The Leader of the War Council meanwhile took barely any attention to the entrance of the remainder of the Nepleslian party, even when some of them were larger than he, but remained intent on his data-pad, on which he was communicating with his ship and reviewing orders.
Re: Getting Started

The mistress of Judgment turned to her equine companion with a soft smile as the other races bickered back and forth with each other. While they were busy with that, the two Kohanians began speaking in their native tongue, the feline pointing to each person and explaining what they were saying, and generally translating who each was. After each person, the large warrior would nod his head, especially when talk went to those in a military position with the other races.

Once or twice, the black hooded figure would reply back with questions to the translation, and his mistress would cant her head, or flick her ears, and then write the question down on a pad to ask at a later time, when things weren't so focused on slashing at each other's throats. When the explanations were finished, the lioness took a deep breath, sighing it out in a sound much like a purr, and leaned back in her chair, as her associate laid large muscular hands upon her shoulders and began to rub them softly, a gesture that got a definite purr going from the Kohanian delegate, as a content smile crossed her face.
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