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RP [Day 1] Unexpected End of Day

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Tanaka Miki excused the delegates from formal session shortly after the Emissary exited. After such a development, continuing on without internal discussion seemed imprudent, not to mention rude of Yamatai.

"Feel free to travel and explore as you like; your diplomatic status is in full effect," Miki said. "We will reconvene here tomorrow at 0800."

Yuumi already was en route to Kyoto proper, but Miki stood prepared, along with Koto, to answer questions or act as concierge.
A low, long whistle sounded through the meeting room.

'Well shit, it just either hit the mark, or the fan,' the Nepleslian Senator thought to himself. After all, weren't they due for several more sessions today? Either way, he'd have to wait and find out. Coast and Dom were more likely to find out sooner themselves, so there was no point buzzing around them - there was likely a lot on their plates as it was. So he went ahead and shot them both a message, "Going to go around and take in some sights, maybe make a little small talk here and there. Have fun yourselves, yeah?" With that, and the bags of loot he came in with, Johnathan strode out. Already, he was ringing up the Lorath Delegate, Nibbi. She was quite interesting in her own way - he suspected she was on the mousy side, yet willing to stand up to the cat. The humorous image of a Nibbi-mouse fending off a Cat-Yui crossed his mind. And speaking of, unlike Nekovalkyrja, she wasn't flawlessly perfect. That was what he found appealing about her. She was so...Planetside. And it wasn't a bad thing - the exact opposite. After all, if everyone was flawless, nobody was. "So, what's the plan exactly, hmm? I heard there was a party?" he started a call with the Lorath woman.

As he strode out of the building however, his eye caught something else.

Meet the Himiko? Or Meet Yui? The tables were moved away from where they were before, but were still in easy view. Eying them, the Senator realized he had to balance short term and long term goals. This was something that he had to carefully plan. If he chose to go for the day-trip to Nataria, he'd get to either talk to the Neko Yeoman, or the Teal Twins. Or all of them. 'They're not green, but damn, that's pretty close,' he admitted to himself. And he wasn't even into twins. On the other hand, if he chose to sign up for the trip to The Imperial Court, he'd most likely get to talk to one of the Samurai, or the Himiko's Handmaiden, who was wonderfully dressed. And...was she Not a Neko, but something else? If he wasn't a politician, Johnathan may have made a beeline for that table immediately. Instead, he knew there was already a good chance of seeing Himiko based off what Yuumi said. Nataria it was.

Looking her over, the Senator approached the white paneled Yeoman. "Hey, what's it you got here?" he asked her with a boyish smile - like a typical Nepleslian, he reached for the demonstration NSP and eyed it with curiosity.
Dark-haired Ketsurui Kotori, one of Yuumi's assistants whom had mostly isolated herself in a private booth, finally showed her nose as she walked through the conference room's double doors. The nekovalkyrja's ears twitched once or twice as she looked around at the assembled, until she finally decided being a wallflower was fine as she leaned against one of the corridor's walls and observantly waited.
Washran had wondered at Ryantax's last message, carefully weighing it with each new development. In one way it had seemed that things were actually managing to edge their way worse, yet there were opportunities in everything. Ah, he finally had his message:

I believe things have just become interesting and leaving would cause us problems. There are ripples in the water that need investigating - perhaps by someone who listens well, but can swim silently. I fear, we may not be able to afford being ignorant.
Yeoman Nishimura gave the Nepleslian senator a respectful bow. "I am Taii Nishimura, yeoman for Mistress-Taisho Ketsurui. I am here to invite delegates for a trip to the Nataria system for a tour of the Star Army of Yamatai, and a chance to meet a fleet admiral. The Nataria system is off-limits to civilians and contains training, production, and logistics facilities to support the overall military. It is also home of the Star Army Museum. We have a starship waiting if there is interest, and dining is included free of charge," she explained.

The Nekovalkyja Service Pistol Johnathan had picked up was one of the Type 33 models, and was currently loaded with a drained replaceable battery-magazine on the back; its shot-counter display read "0/50." It had a glossy blue metallic finish and black rubberized grips.

"I'm rather surprised you have not taken this opportunity to mingle with the various delegates of the other nations, Princess." Ahrim stated while coming upon Kotori leaning against one of the walls. He'd politely excused himself from Valken and Gerhard with a companionable slap on their backs, and a promise to "Get a beer" later as seemed fitting of Nepleslian customs. The soft grandfatherly smile the Guardsman offered the slightly shorter Nekovalkyrja held no contempt, or mockery due to her storming from the room after her exchange with Yuumi. Just curiosity and a friendly demeanor seemed to emanate from him.

"Forgive me if I misinterpreted your station, I am still getting used to the monarchical and clan-based nature of your government. It is however a pleasure, and honor to meet another of Yamatai's ruling family."
The black-haired nekovalkyrja entirely pivoted to face Ahrim and then, hands joined over her lap, she bent into a respectful bow. "Greetings to you, High Guardian Cu'Seddir. We have briefly met by this building's entryway, though we have never been properly introduced. I am called Ketsurui Kotori. 'Princess' is how the people I serve mostly address me as, so, feel free to follow suit."

She slowly straightened. "As for mingling..." Kotori smiled a bit. "I am. There is already one kind gentleman whom has come to speak to me."
Nibbi felt listless as she stood behind her seat. The rest of the day's meetings had been called off. The reason why was still a good reason, and there was every right not to proceed until all parties were reassembled or consolidated - the ones that were now making plans of their own in light of this. She looked down to her datapad to see that she'd been sent a message from that raconteur, Johnathan.

"I believe I was going to meet Yuumi for dinner this evening, but she appears to have plans of her own this evening. We certainly dropped something big on her for better or worse," she typed back, now heading towards the exit, flanked by Snider and her massive Fyunnen bodyguard. They were giving her subtle whispers when to change course while her eyes and fingers focused down on the datapad.

"I was thinking you'd be welcome back at the Lorath Embassy, and we can head out for dinner together or something - just the two of us." As she walked and took an opportunity to remove her eyes from the screen, she gave those who'd introduced themselves, waving goodbye to Washran, Ahrim and Kotori in passing with a small smile on her face. They'd be seeing each other again tomorrow.

In passing, she also spotted Johnathan inspecting an NSP and chatting it up with a Yeoman in white panels. She could've been angry, but from what she knew of Johnathan's character it was expected for him to be an incorrigible but enjoyably unapologetic rake. That shamelessness was a striking quality, positively Lorath in a Nepleslian flavour.
"You cheeky so and so~" she typed back with a cat's smiley face on the pad, and a wry grin on her own. She stopped and was standing several yards away from him. "More willing to play with a cat than a hawk, hm?" She lowered the datapad and put it away, watching Johnathan lazily and wondering if he'd get the hint.
As the Lorath delegation made their way along, and the exchange of friendly banter took place between Johnathan and Nibbi, the gaze of Snider's eyes peered at the pad which Nibbi had been using to communicate discreetly. <"Are you flirting?"> Snider asked in their mother tongue. His tone was positively cheeky. There was something to be said for being a record keeper in Lorath society, it meant that Snider kept track of many things, even unofficial matters, <"Perhaps he is after the cat because they're easier to please? There is a motto that has been found in many unofficial publications, something about snug and correctness. They do tend to advertise themselves a bit... perhaps you need to be more direct? I'm sure our Fyunnen friend here would give you the same advice.">
"Please, call me Ahrim, Princess." Leaning himself against the opposite wall, the ornamental armor he work clanked ever so slightly leaving the man with a brief sour expression at the uncomfortable suit of metal and ornamentation he'd been coaxed into wearing. Sparing Nibbi a soft smile, a nod and return of the wave before focusing his attention back onto Kotori. Sighing, the Guardsman shook his head.

"That one is too conniving for her own good." His tone low with a small grimace now in place instead of the smile from earlier. Now he hadn't felt particularly bad about not taking part in the proceedings; instead keeping quiet and simply observing them. All to get a better grasp of his fellows and how the political currents were directed.

As if to change the subject, Ahrim erased the grimace from his countenance and replaced it with one of mild curiosity. "If you would indulge me, Princess. Would it be possible to ask questions about the Samurai I have heard so much talk of? On my way to today's meeting, one of your nation's Police force escorted me here and began comparing them to my own organization in some ways. Is it true they act as guards for your clan?"
"That is their intended role, yes," Kotori returned. There was something a little guarded by her initial response, though that quickly smoothed over when she smiled again. "I would not be so quick to draw comparisons, though, mostly for the fact that I am not very cognizant of what exactly is a High Guardian for the Iromakuanhe past contextual conjecture."

She eyed his outfit. "Ketsurui Samurai certainly do not don this kind of ornamented bodyarmor. They usually gravitate between formal dress symbolizing their station, or boarding power armor."
Looking down at the armored chestplate as Kotori eyed the outfit as well, Ahrim flicked it once, the metal giving off a dull *Ping!* in response. "This was something the diplomatic services of my government bustled me into. To make me appear presentable I suppose, and is not normal attire for either myself or the Temple Guard. What we normally wear is much more functional and far less garish and made of fabrics. This suit however is too polished, and makes too much noise. Serving no more purpose then for pomp. About the only thing I have that is part of my normal attire is this,"

Ahrim patted at a leather-bound albeit weathered book affixed to a golden chain on his belt. "We call it the Book of Dreams, something everyone in my Order carries with them. But in response to your earlier question, I would surmise we are the Militant arm of our pseudo-religion. Formed as a result of increasing banditry against our places of reverence for the Dreamers. Our role having grown beyond merely being guardians of the faith, and now becoming guardians of the people too. We act in a similar fashion to your Samurai in that we also join our comrades on the battlefield as needed, or protect important persons who require more personal protection than a private security firm, or the Vanguard can offer."

"I myself joined the Temple Guard when I was but a little boy of oh... " The Iroma tilted his head back a moment, arms crossed as he thought, "Of perhaps five or six years of age? Yes, I think that is about right when converted to this sector's measurement of time. And now here I am, an old man, living well past the natural lifespan of my people four times over. And having held the post of High Guardian of the Vigil, the leader of the Temple Guard for around three hundred and fifty of your years. It is in this, I believe the Samurai and Guard are the same. Not skill at arms. But dedication to our causes. And to the protection of our peoples and homelands."
"Dinner? I like the sound of that - maybe we can talk about our Diplomatic Relations?" he quickly replied to Nibbi.

Looking down the sights at some hapless flower, he remarked, "Nishi huh? Nice to meet you too - pow!" Pretending to blast the flower, the Nepleslian man slowly brought the weapon's barrel up, eying the white paneled Nekovalkyrja for her reaction. Still keeping his gaze fixed on her, he made to casually blow the barrel, a faint but playfully cocky smile on his features. The pistol snapped around as it was spun in his hand, the weapon blurring as it was stylishly pretend-holstered at his hip. "I gotta say, the balance between battery and array is pretty good," the Senator added, quick drawing at the hip on a tree off to the side and behind her before relaxing again, eying the Yeoman as a message came to him.

"Oh! I know right? It's so hard to choose sides when both of them have so much to offer on the table. Us dirty wolves decided that, with this treaty, why not just play with both? I mean, you gotta admit the hawk's been curious, at least just once, about what it'd be like to play with a cat, yeah?" The electronic message arrived at Nibbi's pad, a mere moment after her own was sent.

"And you said Nataria? The Nataria? This is a surprise - " he continued with the Yeoman. It was as though nothing else was going on, and his full attention was on her and the gun and her. Toying around with the depleted weapon some more, fiddling with the battery in the back without removing it, he noted something interesting. "Is this rear sight fixed to the battery?" he added, skirting around the main purpose of the Yeoman's presence here. "How'd the designer make sure the zero wouldn't be messed up with a battery swap?" The Nepleslian hoped to annoy her, just a teeny, tiny bit - ruffle her fur.
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"Dedication," Kotori echoed, and then shared a rueful smile with Ahrim as she added: "The Ketsurui Samurai certainly have that. Though I don't think they can make the claim of having it tested for over three centuries."

She fussed a bit at the fringe of hair covering her forehead, and helpfully added: "If you are interested in visiting the Samurai House, I am certain that the Empress' Handmaiden could be of service to you. She is right outside these chambers."
"Nekovalkyrja service pistols are not user-zeroed," the Taii explained to Johnathan. "Their sights are fixed at a direct zero where the point of impact is directly in front where the tops of the posts line up. As an energy weapon, it always shoots in a straight line without recoil. Additionally, we Nekovalkyrja see mathematically calculated aiming guidelines through the space where our weapons are pointing, just as clearly as a human would by turning on the integrated laser beam, which does not require actually using the sights at all. For these reasons, the designers used simple sights instead of adjustable ones with more moving parts. Perhaps in the future there may be interest in a Non-Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol with self-adjusting sights that would remember user preferences. Until then, those who are unsure of their aim should probably use the laser sight." As Johnathan continue to look at the weapon, she also pointed out the storage compartment in the grip and the stun, pulse, and heavy mode buttons on the left side that were opposite the safe, flashlight, and laser ones on the right. "The button groups can be swapped for left-handed users," she noted. "Are you interested in the military tour?"
Nibbi was still standing there and watching Johnathan flirt shamelessly with the Yeoman. She knew his game - it was to wind her up and she enjoyed it. She pulled her datapad out with a lick of her lips and read the message he'd sent back while watching Johnathan wax about the NSP and its sights being linked to the battery. Those sorts of details weren't bothering her as she pulled her datapad back up from her sash.

"Perhaps. Maybe find someone to pitch a tent with and make it interesting, hm?" Nibbi typed into the datapad, still gazing at Johnathan. "Think of it as homework for your teacher, or you'll go to bed without supper~." She grinned at her own little euphemisms and jokes - all of her flirtations and playfulness was a reaction to all the stress that was resting on her shoulders, suddenly defused by the abrupt end of the day's proceedings and that pent up tension having to go somewhere. "Or you can cheat."

On her datapad, she started looking up good restaurants that were in the area, consulting SYNC for some good places to have a candlelit dinner near the International Relations Conference district and gardens. Money wasn't an issue, she had plenty of her own salary to spend rather than conspicuously spending diplomatic funds on dinners. Johanthan's datapad would have some possible suggestions forwarded to it when she found some.

Nibbi's backup plan if Johnathan felt like heading to Nataria and leaving her behind involved a lonely evening at the diplomacy bunker with a bottle of wine and a trashy period-drama romance show that the Yamataians loved.
"I could," Johnathan's message to the Lorath Delegate began, "But if I did my homework like that, then the poor teacher would be all alone! She could obviously come along - it's a field trip, right?"

Listening to the Yeoman's reply, the shameless Senator had to think fast. What she said was all business and completely unflinching. Either she was capable of taking the words from him without batting an eye - something he'd expect from Yui's Yeoman - or she really was oblivious. Either way, he had to think of something that'd get to her regardless! He had an idea in an instant. "Huh. You sound like you're more familiar with rifles than pistols," the Nepleslian man remarked. "You know that iron sights on a rifle adjust, but on a pistol, they're usually always fixed solid onto a handgun's slide - just assuming the user doesn't want to possibly reveal themselves with the laser, and the uplink isn't working, good irons are a must."

"And I'd never cheat!...I mean, where's the fun in that? It's all about the chase - so what if I come back empty handed?" he replied to Nibbi.

Removing the battery out of the pistol, he pointed with his pinky finger at the empty slot. "If dirt or sand gets in here, and I jam this battery into the thing in a hurry to reload, won't that mean that the thing is out of alignment a little? It'd also mean the rear sight on it is out of alignment too," he went on with the Yeoman. "Anyways, that's just what I'm thinking. And yeah, I'd love to go on the tour! But how fast'd I get over there, and how long will the tour be? Hell, how long's the trip back?"

Jerking her back and forward between gun-gripes and business, he hoped to make a crack in her armor and wedge it open.
"Using more than fifty shots is an unlikely scenario with a sidearm; that is a statistical fact, not an opinion. Given the tolerances of the pistol, it is more likely you would have trouble inserting the battery if there was enough sand to make a difference. I also need to clarify that there is no uplink between a Nekovalkyrja pistol and its Nekovalkyrja user," Taii Nishimura elaborated. "When we look at a weapon--any weapon--we can overlay an imaginary line segment down its barrel. In the case of energy weapons, the line can be extended as a ray and used for aiming. For projectile weapons, we can calculate the line as an arc. As a species, we are very spatially aware. Perhaps the reason Nekovalkyrja are banned in Nepleslia is that we would always beat humans at throwing darts." Although her words were delivered deadpan, the tiniest hint of a smirk flashed on Nishimura's lips for a second. After a short pause, she continued. "We can depart for Nataria at any time and the space fold there will take less than ten minutes. The length of the tour is not fixed."
"Ten minutes to get there?" Nibbi spoke up and strode towards the Yeoman and Johnathan with her datapad behind her back, breaking the belligerent silence between the Lorath Middlewoman and the Nepleslian Senator. "I guess we could be back in time for dinner after all," she smiled as she stood between the two, forming a triangle if you drew lines between them. "I would like to see this museum too, Taii Nishimura." Her gaze travelled between them with an impish smile as her little game with Johnathan continued to play out. She looked over her shoulder and down to Snider as if to say 'you're coming too. No ifs or buts' like it was a trip to the vet.

Nibbi's Fyunnen bodyguard decided to break her personal tension and looked at the display NSP on offer, occupying herself and removing herself from the mock-intrigue. "Fifty shots," she said tersely, as though unaccustomed to sharing her opinion. She picked the piece up and found that if she held the weapon, her pinky finger would be touching the underside of the firearm, where the butt of the handgrip and battery magazine was.

Her finger was just small enough to fit between the trigger guard and the trigger before she slid it back out, falling back on trigger discipline. "Interesting. Between the user and their next longarm there must be a long journey for such a large magazine to be necessary." The Lorath-made handcannon by the bodyguard's side seemed to be the exact opposite of that philosophy. Six shots of chemically propelled solid ammunition with a much longer reload time compared to the NSP.
Johnathan listened to the Nekovalkyrja carefully as she spoke - emotion! Victory! Whoo!

Anything that humanized these things was a relief for Johnathan, because for him and many others, even the idea of meeting something that looked so human, but without the behavior of, was disturbing. It was an uncanny valley of its own. Having met 'True' Nekovalkyrja - ones that were bent on nothing but war, and for whatever cause - he understood how many of his people felt fear. Before he could say more though, Nibbi had arrived. "Hey, the more the merrier, right? I'm guessing we can leave pretty soon," he replied with a grin.

Going off of what Nishi said however, he thought carefully. "Well, keep in mind she did say it's pretty rare they ever use the whole thing," he replied to the Lorath Middlewoman. Turning his attention back to the Yeoman however, he went on, "I gotta say, you make it sound like the Neko using these never miss, or really like their long arms - which one do you think you are Nishi?" he asked, the teasing question spoken without a hint of shame.

Glancing over his shoulder at the Fyuunen, he remarked, "I bet she's the sort to make her way to the long arms fast, yeah?"
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