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RP [Day 2] IRC YE 36

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Doshii Jun

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07:45, Reikan Park

Yuumi didn't wait this time.

Before the sun rose, she sent a message to Coast and Nibbi to kindly please meet her before the rest of the delegates arrived. The treaty wasn't an indulgence for the rest of the galaxy to gossip about — yet. If she could help it.

She stood inside a small sideroom on the right side of the center compound. Miki was back in Kyoto, for now, to keep the government properly functioning. Koto was her aide today, with Kotori handling the other delegates.

The rest of the visiting governments had an agenda that focused on trade, always a topical thing to discuss. Also an easy one, as everyone at that moment either did or didn't sell to each other and probably would be more inclined to sell more with the Mishhu threat mostly gone.

Yuumi didn't worry. Kotori could handle them, charmer that she was. What she needed was the treaty to see approval, and she needed Coast and Nibbi to not be offended by the Empress' push for changes.
Poku Saeruo Degonjo Embassy

Kohaku stood looking out the window from the guest room provided for her. She was admiring the garden below and could definitely see Poku-Rya'ta Tesgi's touch. She sipped at the cup of Kadamui, helping to clear her head. It had been a long night for her and her delegates. Discussions with the Mui and the Tonai went back and forth until the Yamataian sun started to light the horizon. Overall she was successful in keeping the clan in its alliance with Yamatai. There would be changes to deal with the new circumstances of the impending alliance that Yuumi-sar wanted.

While her position was secure, the Mui appointed her to this position and it was the Mui's decision to initiate contact with the Yamatai Star Empire. But she knew that there were those among the Tonai who were displeased. She had to wonder just what acts they would take since she was untouchable directly.

She turned her attention to the matter at hand, the conference was reconvening. She was dubious about how much progress as a collective would take place with the new treaty by the largest factions. But there was ground to break with meeting in one on one with the other delegates. From those meetings understanding of their governments and people would begin. Who knows perhaps in the fullness of time, the clan could forge more alliances, built on mutual trust and respect.

Kohaku walked over to her closet and looked through it. She decided to go with a wardrobe change. She pulled out a teal tunic and kilt. She would still wear her thigh high boots. Instead of her formal robe she selected a purple sash with gold trim. It was similar to the one that Tarbah wore, it felt appropriate since she was here speaking for the Mui and her people.
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In Traffic

"I'll give the cats one thing, they have a firm handle on their population." Coast looked out the front window from his position in the back of the vehicle, itself a part of the Nepleslian Motorcade. Traffic had been flowing smoothly around them, despite the single lane they were currently travelling on, reserved for incoming diplomatic convoys. Electing to go with his less ceremonial uniform, Coast felt a great deal more relaxed than the previous day. The Premier had to make a strong entrance with wearing the highly ceremonial dress uniform; now he needed to assert a more casual appearance to appear less bombastic.

Introducing the treaty to Lor and Yamatai was the major item on his agenda, now it became actually getting it approved. Meeting the Empress, Coast threw two pieces of nicotine gum into his mouth and started chewing, no doubt they will try to get some items of the treaty rescinded.

From the start, Coast knew that this document would be under intense scrutiny from all parties involved and that it was foolish to think it would remain untouched by one of the major players: Yamatai. Items on the treaty would more than likely be modified or removed. The Premier knew exactly what those particular items may be, their importance so great to both Nepleslia and Yamatai that they stood before his very eyes as if projected straight from the document.

Just remember what this is for

Minimizing the opened message window on his DataJockey, Coast looked up and saw the grounds of Reikan Park coming closer. He then opened communications between Dominic Valken, Johnathan Izgimmer and himself: "I'm meeting with Yuumi to discuss the treaty. I would like both of you to further establish a rapport with the other diplomats. We are here for the treaty, but we must also not isolate ourselves. Good luck."

Two cars in the motorcade sped forward and parked directly in front of the park gates, followed by Coast's, Valken's and Izgimmer's vehicles, who were then boxed in by the last two cars in the motorcade. Suited men got out of the two cars positioned at the front of the gate just as Coast straightened out his uniform, put on his peaked cap and met the morning. Flanked by security, Coast headed towards the compound.

"The side room...right of the center compound..." Coast repeated off the message that the Premier sent to him, and located the room. Waving off his security to stay outside, Coast straightened out his cap and entered the room.

"Ketsurui Yuumi" Coast simply stated as his greeting.
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Poku Saeruo Degonjo Embassy

Kohaku made her way down to the 'Place of Waiting' which served as the Embassy reception area. She saw Legos talking with a number of their escort. Different members of the clan would come with them. She approached quietly and let him finish his instructions. He then turned and bowed in salute to her. "Good morning Emissary. Our escort will be ready to leave when you command. The Ambassador will be with us shortly, a personal matter has delayed him."

Kohaku smiled, she knew there was only personal matter that would delay Tesgi, that would be his wife. She was expecting their first baqli, and they were planning on having it born here on Yamatai. They felt it was significant to have the first clan child born on an ally's planet. She wondered what kind of life their child would have. It would be different from the lives of baqli in the clan that had been born since the Norka.

A few minutes later Tesgi came down the stairs and approached. He offered Kohaku a bow, "My apologies I was delayed discussing arrangements with Teta. She says that I worry too much. She assured me that she will be fine and that our bagli will not be born for several more days."

Kohaku smiled, "That is perfectly fine. We have plenty of time to arrive at the Yamatai Embassy. Have you and Teta decided if you are going with traditional naming?"

"We have discussed it, but have not decided. But there is plenty of time to make that decision." he replied.

Kohaku looked out the open doors and saw their extended ground glider appear in front of the Embassy. "Well our transportation is here, let's go. I have a feeling that today will be just as tumultuous as last night was."

"Then it is fortunate that I have ensured that our escort will bring plenty of Kadamui." Legos said joining them.

Together the three of them walked out of the Embassy and entered their vehicle. The motorcade then left silently.
"They always do," the Senator replied to Coast.

"Even when they're evacuating a planet or have some sort of horrible accident, there's next to no looting. And it's not thanks to their security either. Their people are pretty docile - it's only their irregulars, the black sheep, that actually join the Star Army of Yamatai," Johnathan commented. Exiting the car with Coast and keeping pace, he went on to add, "And that's why I still have to find myself respecting those that are in the Star Army. They have a lot in common with people like you and me, oddly enough." The jacket of his business suit tossed over his shoulder, he soon found himself face to face with Yuumi. He was curious as to how things were going to play out, but he had to wait. As much as anyone would want to talk to her - even off topic, considering the kind of wonderful woman she was - there was a schedule to keep, a certain order to stick to.

"Morning Yuumi! Have breakfast yet?" Johnathan greeted her with a broad smile. He'd love to break it apart if he could - they always came off as too...obsessed with order to the point it was just plain obnoxious. As always though, he came off as somewhat crass himself. For better or worse, it was the kind that was hard to be angry or stay angry at.
It'd been a quickened morning when Nibbi got the message on her datapad after waking up. The tour to Nataria was a fluffy aside with Johnathan but this message sent her a swift reminder of why she was here. Fortunately, she'd taken an early night instead of taking time to indulge and woke up with clear eyes and a balanced Lorath breakfast. "To the motorcade." Her bodyguard stated, looking at the message and sipping a cup of tea, "We can't keep the Premiers waiting."

"Of course not. After the treaty I'm surprised they haven't tossed us out with the Nepleslians," Nibbi said, looking at the morning headlines as she stood up and started heading towards her car, exiting the bunker with her bodyguard and her aide by her side. "They've called us specifically to talk further, so we will."

She knew that there were possible points of contention on that treaty, perhaps the articles concerning Nekovalkyrja. She thought they were written by the Nepleslian constituents since they had more experience with the gynoids - or people. It was going to be a tricky political quagmire to negotiate if that was the case. "What the Nepleslians have a grip on, we'll let them speak their minds, and we'll speak ours on our issues. Our goal here is peace - we were too confrontational yesterday."

She looked down to her aide, Snider, and waggled a finger at him. "This means you." She didn't forget his burst of uncouth behaviour towards the Premier.


The single limousine motorcade for the Lorath was on the coattails of the Nepleslian motorcade that morning. "We'll be in the side room, right of centre." Nibbi reiterated as she prepared her security passes. The chauffeur opened the door for her, and she was the first to exit, then her aide, then her bodyguard. A 'v' formation of them formed with Snider at Nibbi's right and her towering bodyguard to her left and the limousine driving away behind her.

The Conference Hub was still a bustling hive as always with delegates, organisers, vendors and security moving around and watching them. It was them and the Nepleslians that'd put the treaty down on the table and its benefactors from hearsay, but nothing was set in stone just yet. The rumours alone were still topical points though. When she approached the meeting room, she flashed her credentials by security. "Wait here," Nibbi ordered her bodyguard as she and Snider entered.

The two of them approached the Nepleslian contingent, and the triangle of Yamatai, Nepleslia and Lor was now complete. "Good morning, Premier Yuumi, Premier Coast, Senator Izgimmer," Nibbi greeted them all, smiling between and standing upright and confident that the day would go smoothly since their goals were mutual, "I trust we're all well this morning?"

Kohaku watched the scenery go by, and reflected on the events of the past twenty-four hours. When they were heading to the conference yesterday, it was with a sense of optimism. She was still troubled by this new alliance by the largest factions in the area. 'What is done is done, there is nothing we can do to undo their path. So today it is about establishing connections with the other races. Although if that treaty is ratified, how productive will the rest of the conference be. Unless it is their intent to persuade the other attendees to join them.' she thought.

Conference Reception Hall

The groundglider pulled into the conference area shortly behind the Lorath. Kohaku noted their vehicle pulling in ahead of them. As the vehicle came to a stop she allowed one of her attendants to open the door. She then stepped out and looked around briefly. Once Tesgia and Legos were with her, she started towards the stairs leading into the hall. Today was not to be as yesterday, pomp and circumstance were going to be kept to a minimum. Once in the reception hall, she continued in and started moving through the room, seeing which of the other groups were present.
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Dominic Valken lingered, walking slower than the others to examine the grounds further. Ground tactics weren't his forte. He found it to be too messy and illogical. But he had learned some of it over the years. It was an occupational necessity.

Valken was glad that the security were being left outside. They had a better eye for these things than he did and would be able to give better reports.

His thoughts turned to the conference again. He entered far enough behind the other two so as to be a bit less conspicuous. Though, given his dark jacket and gold trimmings, being inconspicuous was a hard thing to do. He nodded a silent greeting to Yamataian Premier but wasn't sure if she caught it.
He hadn't spent the night at the Embassy as he had expected to, but he was glad for the timing.

Arriving here, practically synchronized with the rest of his delegation just seemed so...classy. And now, that they were gathering in front of the conference hall? Well, he wouldn't question how it all fell into place. It just happened. Johnathan smiled and waved to the Lorath, then the giant cat people delegation as they arrived. Their name hadn't quite settled into his mind, despite the fact he could use his cybernetics to force his memory - there wasn't a hint of malice to this though. Regardless of how he actually thought of him, ill will just wasn't there, something that a lot of people likely had a hard time grasping. "I should hope so," he began to reply to the Lorath woman. "Even with all the excitement yesterday, there's still a lot to do. I admit, I didn't expect anything to actually happen though," the Senator added sheepishly.

Even if the Treaty threatened to overshadow everything else, that 'everything else' was still...well, everything else. It was important stuff. He just hoped the new guys here all knew what they were doing, for their sakes - it sometimes felt like they were ill informed.
Yummi missed no greetings. She caught the senator's overly chipper question about food consumption and ignored it. She saw the admiral's small nod and flicked a glance his way; he didn't need more.

"I am, Middle woman; thank you for asking." Business. Today was business. The lack of sleep countered by the addition of a traditional breakfast over fine whiskey. A dark grey suit with thread-wide, light-red pinstripes and her best white blouse. Simple volumetric makeup framing the face; hair held back with a red hairband.


"Premier," she said, offering a hand to shake. "She didn't change much. My signature still is worth something to her."
These Ketsurui.

Coast extended his hand and shook the Premier's, lightly raising an eyebrow at Yuumi.

"She didn't change much, huh." He withdrew his hand and pulled out his DataJockey, and opened up the file with the original draft of the treaty.

"There's quite a few conversational points in this treaty we've drafted up...I'm glad that she hasn't changed a terribly large amount of it, but..." He scrolled down to the lower articles, resting on two certain points.

Coast sighed and pulled another piece of nicotine gum from his pockets and started chewing it. "Well, what has she decided to change?"
"The Empress seeks to eliminate the firm numbers on garrison levels. I believe she worries about committing too many vessels in posts that won't see much use."

It was a lie. Yuumi was confident the Empress didn't understand mutual defense garrisons. It wasn't a surprise; Himiko likely never had seen them.

"She also wishes to see 29c and 29d redacted in their entirety. Yamatai has recognized its Nekovalkyrja as a full species, not a purely weaponized lifeform. We seek to have our people — all of them — recognized in any treaty we sign."

Yuumi knew that was a gamble, but not as much as the last one.

"Also, she wishes to see the Free State represented by Nepleslia's three council members, instead of having three of their own. We would reciprocate by representing the Elysian Suzerainty with our three council members."

A spot of pride for Nepleslia. But the Elysians did not often see Nepleslia as much different from Yamatai, no matter how wide was the split between the two. Nepleslians and Yamataians were together long before they were apart, and they had worked as one to suppress Elysia.
Coast struggled to unclench his jaw at first, keeping it frozen in an almost unnaturally neutral expression while the Premier started going down the list of revisions that the Empress had made to the original treaty. The thought of the Empress backing out on established numbers of garrison levels on each signatory's planets had come across to him as a way for Yamatai to avoid serious commitment to the treaty, but...

It was the next item that broke Coast's composure slightly, manifest in him biting down on the right side of his mouth with a mixture of muted concern and anger.

There were the reports on the combat capabilities of Nekos that were relayed to him and other admirals when he was still a military man. "Extreme Caution" was the word the Internal Pacification Group had used to outline standard operating procedure with Yamatai's bioweapons. There was always the threat of what his people deemed as bio-engineered war machines rampaging throughout Nepleslia...

"Ma'am." Coast swallowed his nicotine gum. "I sincerely hope your Empress realizes what she asks of not only the government of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, but its people, in recognizing the Nekovalkyrja in such a manner." Coast pulled out another piece and bit part of his inner cheek open upon gnashing on the next piece of gum. "Old wounds and prejudices remain fresh in the minds of both of our peoples." Coast hoped the last would also address the issues with the Freespacers and Elysians. "However, it's imperative that we move forward and leave all the wreckage behind us. The more our nations stand still and look towards the past, the more our enemies will easily surpass us."

Coast could already hear the uproar of riots in the streets.

"It is with great, and yet cautious optimism that I accept these changes."
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The words at once lifted Yuumi's heart — peace be upon the galaxy! — and hardened it.

She knew she would have to work very hard to convince her sister of committing serious numbers of troops and ships to the garrisons. She knew she would have to reach out to the Neko public at large and make them understand that demilitarizing wasn't enough to erase Nepleslian prejudice, and that acceptance takes time.

She knew she would have to keep the Elysians in check just as the Nepleslians would have to check the Freespacers.

But peace. Real, lasting peace.

All things cost. Peace? Community? Allies.


Surely the prices paid were worth it.

Yet, Yuumi knew she had not yet paid all her bills.

"Middlewoman? Are these changes acceptable?"
Nibbi looked at the documents and produced a pair of reading spectacles from her gown. She looked at the originally intended version of the treaty, then looked at the one Yuumi had put forward. In her mind's eye, she highlighted what was different between each one. A learned skill from all of the universities she'd waltzed through.

Garrison limits were too military in scope and scale for her. Removing the cap on numbers seemed to be something that was to be argued amongst generals rather than diplomats. Optimistically, there'd be self-regulation amongst the commanders of each signatory. Pessimistically, there'd be a many-layered ship pileup or barely anything in some places while the majority gets stacked at the core worlds - changing nothing realistically. She simply blinked and her eyes moved to the next topic.

Her eyes narrowed and she pursed her lips as her fingers drummed on the datapad. She had bad blood of her own with the Nekovalkyrja, and some of the worst offenders weren't even Nekovalkyrja in her experience. To Nibbi, it didn't matter what form they took, their actions weren't excused by their bodies - they could've just swapped to something Non-Neko to get around points 29C and 29D. She had to let that opinion remain personal today and simply flared her nostrils in distaste at that particular section, lacking the vigour and conviction of Coast's stance since her experience was so much different.

The negative thoughts of it all dashed from her mind since this was a sticking point that concerned the Nepleslians much more than the Lorath and Coast had voiced his opinion. Her eyes moved over to the final modified point, about the Freespacers and Elysians.

Both completely alien in the grander scheme of things to her. Though, it seemed to be removing some of the Nepleslia-written tokenism. No doubt both Elysians and Freespacers would have valuable contributions to the councils - but what if all of the Yamataian influenced Races were to be included too? Why not invite Kodians, Phods, Separa'shan, Azoreans and Trölls to have an opinion? The number of little races that could each kick a goal for Yamatai if included were a bit boggling.

But, she had to trust that Yamatai would not do that. After all. It was going to be their choice to break the trust Nepleslia and Lor had put into Yamatai - fretting about it was more worry than it was worth. Nibbi removed her glasses and tucked them back into the V of her gown, looking up at Yuumi.

Throughout reading, her lips hadn't produced a sound. No gasps, no 'ooh's, no 'hmm's, 'um's or 'err's. Her throat felt dry. She ran her tongue along the inside of her mouth as she breathed in through her nostrils to moisturise it before she made her declaration "I accept the terms and conditions prescribed in this document," it almost seemed like a sweet deal to Yuumi's ears, "once our restitution has been received."

On the whole, it was essentially the same document to the Lorath - but their biggest sticking point was still gone. They had to pay the debt.
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Johnathan was brooding over the turn of events.

He had started out really interested and optimistic about it all, but, as it went on, it became pretty obvious that this was going to cost some things. Being a Senator, he knew that it always cost something to get something - nothing was really free, but he always hoped it wasn't going to taste so bitter like this. Nekovalkyrja were dangerous. That was a fact. Even Yuumi was; she could do a lot with just her hands. They weren't just fast and strong, but they were hot too. Alone, any one of those two was pretty dangerous, but together? Nepleslia was a nation mostly of men, with its population only starting to balance out properly. Back home, people were paranoid and scared of them for a reason, and a good one.

And there was also the matter of representation. To get Yamatai to accept, they were asking that the Freespacers, who had representatives, be replaced with Nepleslian delegates instead. At the same time, there was the slight relief that the Elysians - possible troublemakers - were getting shut up for good, but that didn't make it any better. Worst off, it did set precedent for maybe using this to just get more representatives on one side or another. Just having more races and factions and stuff would be like just having voting chips or something. It was a depressing idea. "This is going to be tough to sell to folks back home Coast, and the Freespacers are nice guys and girls - they've already been shafted hard in the past. I don't know how they're going to take this," he commented.

"Damn shame this never gets easier," he remarked. "At least the Middlewoman's people get something, right?" he grinned, the expression mirthless.
Yuumi directly spoke to Senator Johnathan, ducking the middlewoman's pointed phrase for the moment.

"I don't suggest expanding the council because a signatory has more races or secondary governments under its wing," she said. "Rather, the size of the council stays the same, but only the primary governments have representation. Freespacers' interests are folded under the national government, much like the Helashio's are under the Matriarchy and the Suzerainty's are under us."
"It makes sense, considering they're not the ones signing, and it's also simply how things are anyways," he mirthlessly remarked, casually waving it off with a lazy hand.

Under the larger powers, the many peoples, and even entire nations of people, ended up having to surrender a lot of their own autonomy for the sake of survival in this often hellish slice of space. It varied from faction to faction how those under them received any word or say in matters of course, but inevitably, those that had to give away their right to self-determine were the guys and girls on the short end of the stuck. They were at the mercy of that bigger, more powerful other they were either sheltering under, or being stepped on by. The Elysians were pompous pricks, but it hurt to see a former powerful adversary cut down they way they were, and practically made into a pet. And the Nepleslia often cared for them now, was a direct result of guilt. Even with that degree of aid and protection, their mouths were pretty much sewn shut. Nepleslia would likely listen if the Freespacers asked for or said something, but ultimately, it was always going to be Nepleslia's call.

"Them not having much of a say in it all I mean. I'll obviously go with it, a no-brainer really, but I don't have to like it of course," he grimly smiled to her, shrugging. Something tugged on his mind though - a thought. He was wondering though...should he? Well. He wasn't exactly happy. Ever actually happy with all of this - politics were a dirty, necessary thing anyways. His eyes shifted off of the Premier he was taking in, "Middlewoman, I'm sorry, but what was it you were mentioning?"
"I wasn't aware that the Free State had given us authority to make decisions for it. I was under the impression that the only agreements we had were military and defensive. We protect them but we don't govern them, was my understanding of our relationship," Dominic Valken said to his political counterpart. This did not sit well with him at all. Nepleslia spoke for itself and only itself. Its military would protect the voices of others but never drown them out. This move, however, reeked of machinations designed to keep minor nations from having a voice. Unless Coast and the Senator knew something that Valken didn't, this was not very useful at promoting peace. The Free State deserved an independent say, given their historical grievance with the Yamataians. Shutting them out only reinforced the message that Yamatai would only listen to those nations which had the military strength to support its threats.

Valken noted how that too could be used as propaganda by the IPG and made a quick note of it.
"Only in agreements in military and defensive," the Senator echoed. "These days, it seems that's all that really matters, yeah?"

"It's how it's all said and how things are that's bothering me Dom. There's nothing we can really do about it though. It's just how it is," he added. "Everyone just ends up in our shadows, and though we'll listen to anyone under ours, we'll never know if that's the same for others," Johnathan went on, focusing on Valken as he said this. The sharp barbed implication jabbed out at Yamatai, but he didn't go on to press the point further. Though Nepleslia was going to do its best to represent anyone that fell under it if it had to, it was obvious that with Yamatai, that was unlikely to be the case. It would be unsurprising if the common perception was that, as far as that nation was concerned, any group under it was just another vote it could grab and fill out with its own agenda.

The sad part though? Even if that were not the case, would anyone believe them anymore? He didn't dare look at Yuumi as he spoke to Valken though - the fact that that wonderful woman had Yamatai as her home, and had little choice but to speak on its behalf was a horror that wasn't lost on him. All this with just one nation. And that wasn't even mentioning the Lorath and their own issues. It seemed no major nation had a clean record.

Not one of them here.
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