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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

Deadly Assignments


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RP Date
Mid YE41, Before the fall of Himiko
RP Location
  • On> Yamatai, Rikun's apartment

The blinking light and repeated buzz annoyed Rikun into consciousness as she looked up and squinted through bleary eyesight to see just what annoyance had been dropped onto her lap at... 2:30 in the morning?

"Fuc-...Fucking shit someone better be fucking dead..." She muttered as she sat up and opened the holographic screen she had set up whenever priority messages had come through to her no matter when. She yawned and shivered a little in the cold early morning frigidness she usually set her apartment to for a matter of comfort during sleep before she focused fully on the screen before her.

Orders... New orders from the military and more importantly SAINT. She was to go to the planet Himiko and search out any rumors of sabotage and subterfuge against the military and put an end to what she could or report it to someone who could do so higher up the chain if it was out of her grasp. She was to meet up with a squad, but for the time being she was to work on her own. There would be other SAINT agents in the field alongside her, but for most of the time, she would more than likely be on her own. She let out a small sigh as she double-checked the assignment information and wiped her face once. Another sigh found her effort to get out of bed over-exaggerated and quickly enough she started to pack.

A few hours later, closer to morning when people would usually be making their way from their homes and to work, Rikun was just outside of her kitchen at her table. Several volumetric screens were before her, presenting her with a number of different information readouts. Weather conditions on Himiko, current populace levels and attitudes at large on the war effort, SAINT agents that were assigned to the mission for either analyst positions or possible agents that could be there, current military holdings and bases set up and assets assigned to the bases, military personal for a chain of command for her to go through, and the dossiers on the other members of the unit she had been assigned to. Violet eyes scanned over everything idly and tried to commit as much information to her mind as she could as she ate a rather filling breakfast. Steak, eggs, toast, some potatoes, she had actually learned to cook and could do a very good job at it ever since she had started to live with her mother.

The thought drew her eyes over to the small shrine in the house she had set up for Midori. A hakama and Yukata folded up under a picture of her, and a sword she had commissioned for the shrine from a local shop. It wasn't a real blade, of course, she doubted the Samurai would have ever let her do that, but Rikun had found a ceremonial dull blade and for her, it worked. After a few moments of silent contemplation on the fate of her mother, another sigh escaped her as she mentally turned on the TV in the background to play some news channel, just for more noise to drift through the house beside the soft chewing of her food.

Tai paused a moment as she carried a swept, almost oblong board wrapped in plain old brown paper at her side. The last few days had been one revelation after another for her. Mother dead, little brother in college, a sister that had finally all but professing her love along with information gathered from Yaichiro.

She clutched at the wrapped package before stepping off the elevator. Tai cast a look behind her, motioning for the young man, her brother to exit.

Yuichi complied as well, stepping off of the elevator and following the 'eldest' of the children. Well, they couldn't be called children anymore. He was also technically the eldest but hadn't grown up as such. He carried a bag with him, a more conventional gift which he hoped would be useful to his sister.

Rikun glanced over to the couch that was a few feet behind her idly and double-checked mentally just what she needed compared to what she had already packed. A ready bag rested on the couch, black and nondescript more or less with a few pockets on the side, and off one of the straps hung one of her knives. She had a few of her other blades in the bag, but the one that hung on the strap was her "Thinker" configuration Shichou blade. She shook her head a little at the thought of Yuriko before she went back to her breakfast and the screens before her.

Tai ushered herself forward to Rikun's door. There, she rung the doorbell.

Rikun blinked a bit at the doorbell and narrowed her eyes. Instinctively her hand found the handgun on her table and the other her knife on the strap of her bag as she walked to the door. The safety off and knife gripped in her hand backward, she called out. "Who is it?"

Tai's voice, muffled somewhat by the door was still understandable, "Your sister and your little brother." came the answer.

"Yeah, who'd you think it was? You expecting somebody?" Yuichi asked, almost teasingly.

Rikun opened the door, eyes narrowed with her gun in one hand and knife in the other. Unlike the other day where she had been dressed in something comfortable and casual, Rikun was dressed before them in black panels of the Star Army uniform. She seemed far different than what Tai could remember of her from years ago, she seemed mature, different, composed even as she tilted her head to the two.

"Well, come in come in." The two would see her bag on the couch as she walked closer and dropped her knife on the top of it, though her gun went with her back to the table. The screens were still up, though with a mental commands hundreds of black lines crossed out anything instantly that was deemed even remotely confidential.

Tai lifted a snowy eyebrow at Rikun's getup. She didn't radiate the same volatility as normal. Well, it was a pleasant surprise all the same. Showed her that her only slightly younger sibling had done some growing. Though the SAINT blacks only caused her stomach to flip a little. She hustled inside, the two-meter long package bumping into the door as she brought it inside.

"I figured I'd drop something off for you."

Yuichi also entered the apartment, carrying the more subtle package. "Same here. I'm not sure what you're allowed to take with you though." He hoped that she'd at least be able to take some things with her so long as they didn't disrupt her focus on-mission.

Rikun scooped up a bit of her potatoes with her fingers and held her other hand out to receive the gifts. Small bits of information could still be seen behind her, like the planet name Himiko, and news reports from the planet. She popped the chunk of potato in her mouth and waited to see who would have her a gift first as she sat on the edge of the table.

Tai leaned her gift against the couch. "If mother knew I was giving you one of these. . . she'd have my ears." she gravely put thumping the thing for emphasis. Her attention seemingly on her sister. Truth be told she was watching the room from several angles thanks to the multiple eyes that roamed her body. She had most of them hidden away inside herself. But what she saw only brought a few questions to mind.

Rikun narrowed her eyes a little at the gift, confused but waited to see if Yuichi would offer his gift up first.

Yuichi was also confused but shrugged. He handed the bag to Rikun. "It's an assortment of things, really. I'm not sure if you're able to use them all, so I'm not offended if you can't take it along wherever you're headed." The bag contained several things. Candies he knew she liked, some energy bars, a picture of them altogether from the previous day, a Star Army Mass Production Pistol, Type 28 with spare ammunition, and a few silencers designed to attach to various guns or rifles.

In a second bag inside the bag, there was a Type 33 Dark NSP and charging hardware which was often used by SAINT agents, a number of power cables for the Type 33 NSP, and what she would see as plastic explosives...and a permit for Yuichi to transport them which Yaichiro had signed. There were also what looked like a number of Kunai as well as a large supply of Emergency Ration Pills -- roughly a year's worth for one person. "Yaichiro wasn't able to come, but he sent some kunai and a spare NSP for you. He also sent a bunch of power cables and some plastic explosives. The Type 33 NSP has a storage compartment in the grip for small things like candy, power cables, and plastic explosives. He said the gun was designed to send a pulse along its power cable to the explosive for opening doors or setting up traps. I never knew that."

Rikun smiled a little at the bag as she sifted through what was there with an appreciative nod. "This'll help out a lot, thanks Yuichi, and I'll make sure to send a thanks to Yaichiro too." With little care, she pulled out a piece of candy and popped it into her mouth before she let out a small murr of appreciation. She walked over and put the bag with her own before she picked up the gift from Tai and tested its feel. "What is this?" She asked and looked to her sister confused, but still went about starting to unwrap it.

"Something mother would likely have forbidden," Tai said as she watched her twin go about beginning to unwrap it. "But I believe you'll like it all the same. I have a set myself." she smiled and nodded Rikun on.

Rikun unwrapped the item and looked it over with a hefty bit of confusion. She wasn't entirely sure what it was, and the question in her eyes showed that well enough as she looked to Tai. She flipped the board over in her hand to see the lifters and let out a breath. "It's uh... A board?" She asked.

"A liftboard." Tai corrected, "Think of them as surfboards, but instead of the ocean, well, you quite literally surf through the sky. I've personally been up six hundred meters. It's quite fun, just you, the air and the board beneath your feet." she looked up shyly then, "Or do you not like it?"

"Wait, I can get how high with this thing?" Suddenly Rikun's eyes lit up at the gift and she grinned a little. "Tai this is badass. I can't wait to try this when I get back!" She put the board down carefully and wrapped her sister into a hug for a moment before she repeated the same for Yuichi. "Thanks you two, I appreciate the gifts and feel a bit bad that I didn't have a chance to get you two anything. My trip was kinda sprung on me last minute... At two-thirty in the morning to be exact. I've been packing and getting transportation squared away actually."

Tai seemed pleased as she was thanked and hugged. "When will you have to leave?" she asked as she seated herself. "Judging from your not jumping in glee about the surfboard means soon."

He hugged his sister, smiling. The smile had a tinge of regret to it. "You're welcome, Ri-nee. And yeah, looks like you're leaving within a few hours or so...maybe we should exchange VCE info." He regretted their all not spending more time together over the years.

"I dunno if I'm going to be able to use the VCE where I'm headed. And yea, my transport leaves in a few hours, which reminds me." Rikun broke the hug and she danced away from the two for a moment to head to her bedroom before she came back a little while later with two small boxes. "I dunno what's going on, what's going to happen, so take these." Rikun said as she held out her hands for her two siblings, boxes extended forward. "It's me. A back up at least, I had it made on a private hidden server here in the house through the VCE bed I have here, just in case anything happened. I want to make sure if something happens, I have safe backups in both of your hands. Don't worry about anything potentially bad in there, I've taken care of it and encrypted it."

Tai's jaw worked up and down briefly before she nodded, and took the box. She held the thing tenderly. But it was clear she was concerned, even if she had no right to after putting her family through worrying about her for so long.

"Perhaps you could look into it for Yuichi? For all of us?" referring to the mentions of VCE communication. Her mind seemed to dart around, now focusing once more on the box.

"They are sending you to Himiko?" Tai asked, waving a hand behind her to where the screen remained.

Yuichi accepted the box with a solemn and serious expression. It was a significant measure of trust, one which was mirrored by their mother Midori when she gave such a backup to Yaichiro. He took note of his sisters' conversation with a nod. "We have VCE-enabled beds at the mansion as well as at my place. Yaichiro likes to use them for training simulations and communications, and he also asked if I would consider helping with telepresence psychiatry and therapy sessions for soldiers or the kids of such. I can even get Tai-nee a console for her to take back to Iroma space if she wants. It's up to what you can manage, Ri-nee."

He noted where she was going and wondered how things would go for her. The Kuvexians had tried to invade it once already...

"I am taking a trip to Himiko yes, before my assignment. Hopefully, nothing happens there that will make me extend my stay." The eye roll on Rikun's face made things fairly evident of where she was actually headed.

"I've heard tell there has been a lot of issues there as of late."

"Issues?" Tai asked, looking at her sister right in the eyes. She held the stare for a few moments as she pressed her lips into thin lines. With a shake of her head, she let the look slip. "Better I don't ask," she hastened to add. SAINT was not one of her favorite organizations. Just the thought of her sister being a member made her skin crawl.

Setting the box down, Tai reached under the collar of her shirt and pulled two objects out. One was the pendant Rikun had given her, the other was the size of a coin, small, made of what appeared to be shiny black plastic. The small coin-thing was soon in the palm of her hand which she offered out to Rikun.

"This is a quantum modem. It cannot be jammed by conventional means, nor can the transmissions be intercepted nor decoded." it was on what looked to be a simple chain of silvery material. "It is paired with another in my possession. If we cannot speak through the VCE, you can with this, although its twin is linked to a private server." if she didn't know how to work it, a simple query to PANTHEON could provide the information on this particular Lazarus product.

Tai looked almost reluctant to give the thing away, but she held it out anyways.

Rikun smiled a little as she took the small necklace and looked it over. "I just interface with it and it'll connect?" She asked and flipped the item over once or twice before she hugged Tai. "Thank you. I'll send you messages whenever I get a moment." After she broke the hug, she put the necklace around her neck and smiled.

"Hey, if you're going to Himiko, you might be able to visit Nishitama if you need anything! That's Yaichiro's city-ship in orbit. Though...pretty sure you knew that being SAINT and all. They even have housing and an amusement park if you want some fun before you go to start your mission." Yuichi said, trying to find other good things for her to look into. He tried to stick to the narrative that she was stopping at Himiko before moving forward with other things.

Tai returned the hug as she felt a little dread squirm in her belly. They had an ST backup of her, yet she would be missing days, perhaps weeks or months of her life. "Keep it close and safe, should I return to Commonwealth space that will be our only means of speaking to one another while you are on your 'trip'." it sounded grave, but it was the truth.

The woman felt the squirmy things in her tummy wriggle around at the thought of something bad happening.

"Nishitama? Sounds like I got a place to go take a look at then." She smiled a little though it wasn't tough to see Rikun faked the look as she spun one of her chairs around and sat in it heavily. "I-... I'm worried about this though, but not much I can do. This is the first real field assignment I got and I can't mess it up..." She admitted and leaned onto her knees.

"Tai-nee, do you want to leave a backup of yourself and Lillius as well? Just in case?" Yuichi was worried for both of them, not just Rikun. He was about to be left all alone again, it seemed... "I figure everybody feels that way, Ri-nee. Fear's a tool, right? Managing it is courage, lacking it is just ignorance. That's father said before he died. He was a soldier too." He tried to contribute something meaningful, even if they weren't his own words...

Tai smiled wistfully at Yuichi's suggestion, "I have never tried with my current neural-makeup." she clucked her tongue after admitting that. "My brain is made up of multiple super-compacted nodes which act as electro-chemical optical computers." Tai tapped the side of her head, "So I am unsure if it would work."

After a moment's pause and reflection she nodded, "I will have to ask Yaichiro to advise me on this since he is likely the only other person I know who might be able to do something along those lines." she cut herself off from further explanations as Yuichi spoke once more. With a soft smile, Tai placed a hand on his back and gave it a few soft, comforting pats.

"I believe he would be proud of you, Yuichi." a small smile accompanied the words. Both of her parents had also shared such wisdom in small, choice bites over the remarkably short time they'd been together.

"Yea, Mom never talked a whole lot, only when she was training me. Then it was just to tell me what I was doing wrong." Rikun offered up with a smile and a shrug. "I'll be fine, I know I will once I get out there. Just jitters I guess." She understood nothing of the talk of backups or what Tai's brain was anymore, but she still looked at her sister as she spoke and tried to understand.

"Yeah, she was pretty quiet. At least she trained you at all though..." Yuichi gave a sigh, having missed out on some bonding time there. "I guess I was just too young, or not good enough or something. Or it could have been that I was a guy. Or all three. You'll be fine, though, as her successor in the grand art of killing things dead."

"Mother wouldn't leave the task of training half-finished either," Tai added while placing a hand on Rikun's shoulder before looking to her brother. "That was just her way, Yuichi. There was a method to the madness. Personally, I thought she got some sort of weird enjoyment out of the hell she put us through while under her tutelage."

"Nah, I got more training sis." Rikun admitted as she looked to her sister and the hand on her shoulder and reflexively she leaned her head down to trap it there for a moment with a small smile before she remembered herself and coughed before she moved away. "She taught me Kusariebi-no-Kage, and it fuckin sucked getting my ass kicked for hours at a time by something I couldn't see..."

Yuichi searched the name of the art over the communications networks, having been fairly young when he first heard it. He opened his mouth...and then closed it. Then opened it again once he realized there was no easy way to ask this. "So...there's an entire combat art involving stripping naked and using opticamou to attack your enemy with a sword? Is that what you tried to use to hide before?"

Tai had become quiet as she thought of everything going on. "Do you have to do this, RIkun?" she asked quietly, "I don't want you to go..." Tai added as she drew closer to her sister. The hand on her shoulder came up to caress her cheek while worry lined Rikun's elder sister's face, wrinkling her brow while her lips twisted in distaste. SAINT had caused problems for her in the past and she quite frankly wanted Rikun to choose a different path.

"It was, though I was a bit to worked up to do it efficiently," Rikun admitted as she looked to her sister who took on a worried look for her concern but could only nod. "I have been called, I must answer." She admitted and placed her hand on the back of Tai's neck and could only barely resist her urge to pull her in closer. She gave her sister a small smile that clearly told her how dangerous she knew it was but could only muster a half shrug.

Tai's frown deepened at the answer. Though she did a very un-Tai like thing and pulled Rikun in close, bodies touching closely. She curled her fingertips and allowed them to unfurl allowing them to brush one of her sister's ears lightly. "You will come back to me," now that sounded like her elder sister. Commanding, yet, there was an intimate undertone. Before Rikun could respond, Tai stood a little on her toes, her lips finding her sister's and kissed her deeply.

It lasted but a few seconds, but there had been heat there, passion, and worry, and love. Her crimson orbs trying to pierce those violet eyes of her sibling. "You will."

Much like their mother, Rikun felt a flash of heat course through her and settle in her abdomen as her ear was brushed. Eyelids fluttered for a moment and a soft murr escaped from her throat as Tai kissed her. It seemed like she only really understood part of the way through as her hands slowly wrapped around Tai's waist until she broke apart.

"Y-Yea..." The Neko could only respond with the simple word as she looked over Tai with a dreamy expression before she snapped back and realized or maybe remembered Yuichi was still with them. She cleared her throat and looked between the two awkwardly, though there was a hint of hunger in her eyes as she stared at Tai.

Yuichi blinked, observing the two. He immediately felt like a third wheel and had seen things like this before. "Should I wait outside? I don't mind. Just call me when you're done and decent."

The young man got up to walk out of the room and even wait outside the apartment...

Tai had meant to tell Yuichi he was fine remaining there. Yet the young man seemed they required being alone. Rikun's sister seated herself on the couch with her eyes on the volumetric screen. The blacked-out portions caused her to emit an exasperated sigh. Rikun had always been diligent in her duties in the LSDF, and it seemed her work ethic had carried over to SAINT.

"How bad is it?" she asked in a quiet voice, the urge to know just where and why the SAINT agent was being shipped over to Himiko caused alarm bells to sound off. Tai waved to the screen and censored portions.

When Yuichi left the two of them alone, Rikun spoke up. She had cleared her head and gotten under control, and now that her adoptive sibling wasn't in the room, Rikun spoke her fears over just what was happening on Himiko.

"Concerns over sabatuers undermining military installations and operations, concern over a possible large scale military attack, concerns over just general fuck all idiot shit on the planet. As some of the nepleslians are fond of saying, 'shit is fubar." The SAINT agent crossed her arms as she sat on the arm of the couch next to Tai to look at the screen. None of the black bars came away for simple security reasons, but Rikun didn't hold much back from her sister.

"The entire operation is going to be one giant cluster fuck it seems, and it feels like they are just throwing me in there to get gunned down in the hopes that one more of the clan will either stay dead or leave. I don't plan to make it easy for them though." She admitted and sighed as the crossed arms shifted to hug herself. "But I can't say I'm not scared. This is the first threat of combat I've seen since the Trishka, but it seems like it's gonna be so much worse... Full-on organizations looking to fuck shit up in advance of a possible military attack, it just reeks of a clusterfuck."

Tai shook her head as if to deny her sister's posting and just what she was saying. Her eyes tightened as more spilled forth. "Oh, little sister... what have they gotten you into?" her voice was soft, barely above a whisper as she tore her eyes from the screen. Looking down at a sudden pain, Tai noticed her hands had been clenched into fists to make her already pale skin paler. Something slick oozed between her fingers. Blinking, Tai lifted a hand, opening it and saw golden blood seeping from small wounds from where her nails had dug into the skin.

"If they know the risks why are they sending you? Why?" she let out a hiss at the end while dabbing at her hands with a handkerchief. The little cuts had healed almost instantly but they still hurt for some reason. Her nostrils flared as her breathing became deep, almost sobbing as she sat there looking anything but sad. Worry mixed with anger.

"Because they need agents on the ground to figure out what's going on, to try and stop this little... Issue or whatever it winds up being. Or at least figure out what's going on and get info to those that can do something." Rikun spotted her sister's hands as they bled and frowned. This wasn't normal for the girl, she usually held her emotions in check so well and it was Rikun that had the control issues, but it seemed that Tai was truly worried for her, and that made her smile a little.

She pushed Tai over some away from the arm of the couch to force herself beside her sister and wrapped an arm around her. "Come on sis, you know I'll be careful. Who was it that didn't get attacked in a military base and merged with an alien?" She half-joked stupidly as she squeezed Tai's shoulder.

Tai adopted a sour look at that. "You didn't." she grated out. "But Rikun, this is different. I lived through quite possibly one of the weirdest experiences one could imagine. You... you are doing something infinitely more dangerous." biting her bottom lip, Tai looked over to her twin. "You will come back from this. Promise me you will try?"

The shorter sister stared at her hands. Both had curled back into fists. "And if you do not." with a short exhalation, Tai's face closed in just like a little imitation of Midori. "I will come looking for you." she sniffed, "And woe to the person who stands in my way."

It was Rikuns turn to sneak in a kiss on her sister as she tilted the smaller girl's chin up and pressed her lips to Tai's. She held it for a moment, a hand cupping her cheek softly before she broke it after a moment. "I will come back, I promise." She gave her sister a small smile and put her forehead to her sister's, eyes shut before she sighed and stood up. "Better let Yuichi back in before he starts to get the wrong ideas." Rikun gave her sister a lingering look for a moment before she turned to the door to go let Yuichi back in.

The smile on Yuichi's face indicated that he had the wrong ideas already. He wanted to say 'that was quick', but that might have been insulting. "I hope you didn't rush on my account..."

Rikun threw an arm over Yuichi's shoulder and barked a laugh. "We aren't there again just yet. Sides I'd miss my ship if we did." She walked her adopted brother back into the apartment.

Tai seemed to be all calm and composed now that she sat there by herself. Hands in her lap, the look she wore while staring at Rikun's orders had become somewhat unreadable. Her little sister was being sent to a far-flung world and it did not seem to sit well with her. All the while feeling as if she lacked the right to do so. After all, she had disappeared for years with little to no contact. Yet she still felt the protective urge. It warred with her revulsion at being gone for so long.

He laughed back. "Well, that's what my classmates would say the VCE is for. A Type 36 communicator even has a private VCE server, to keep morale high." He teased, smirking a bit. He honestly had no issue if the two sisters were 'friendly'.

"I don't know that I can get use that sorta stuff where I'm going, but it's a good idea," Rikun admitted as she looked over to her communicator on the table and eyed it for a moment. "Besides I don't know that Tai can get a connection back home." She looked to her sister next as if questioning her.

Tai continued to stare at the screen even as her siblings returned. Blinking, she looked up and saw the look Rikun was giving her. With a wave of the hand, Tai shook her head. "I will have to see about that."

"Well, it's pretty common stuff. If you can get access to a SYNC connection, or tunnel through to one, you can use it." Yuichi commented. "Of course, for Star Army ships, it sometimes tunnels through the SACN as well. It'd probably jump networks to that on Rikun's end sometimes. Your end shouldn't be impacted by that, though. Just be careful what you two discuss. I've had a bit of an education on that when Yaichiro talked to me about being a telepresence shrink through SYNC and SACN connections. Seems one of Mom's friends is a little...well, I shouldn't discuss that. Confidentiality." Yuichi tried to give them the information they needed to make it work, thankful that Yaichiro had told him this stuff.

Rikun bit at the tip of her thumb as she thought on the idea for the moment, but otherwise held her tongue before she looked to her sister. After a few seconds of consideration, she shrugged a little. "I suppose it can be tried if it's gonna be confidential and secure..."

"People have virtual sex over the connection. Security is a pretty high priority." Yuichi said, somewhat bluntly.

Tai seemed distracted, only coming back to attention after Yuichi spoke. Blinking, the woman grimaced. "I will have to try and set something up on my end. Likely I may be able to utilize my own quantum modem for security reasons."

"Good, then we'll all be able to stay in contact. Sounds like we've got a plan!" With that, Yuichi made doubly sure both had his contact info.

Rikun winced a little at the mention of virtual sex and quickly looked away from Tai, but thankfully before anything else could be said a beep began to sound an alarm. She sighed and closed her eyes slowly as she heard the beep and looked to the other two. "That's for me... I gotta get going."

"Okay. Don't be a stranger!" Yuichi said, trying to stay happy and not let her know he was worried. Futile, he knew, but it was something. He gave the girl a hug and then stepped out of the way and out the door, to allow Tai to do the same.

Tai swiftly found her feet at the beeping. She quickly strode over to her sister, her gaze finding that of her sibling. Still, in silence, Tai wrapped her arms about her twin and gave an affectionate hug before also a quick peck on the lips. Releasing the embrace, the scientist smoothed the non-existent wrinkles from the uniform.

"You have but to call me and I will be there for you, Rikun. No matter the distance or how fraught with danger. I will come find you." her eyes glistened with unshed tears and worry lined her face. But there was also fire behind that gaze. A burning desire for anyone to try and take her sibling and love from her.

Tai stepped back, hands clasped before her. "And when you return, I will make time for us to go liftboarding." with that said, the smaller twin followed Yuichi outside with a small puff of breath to regain her composure.

Rikun gripped her hand tightly as she felt the soft kiss, she wanted to hug her sister tighter, to not let her go, but she knew it wouldn't do. She smiled as Tai fussed over her uniform for a moment, but nodded and blushed a little as she saw her sister's gaze. The idea of spending the day with Tai liftboarding certainly was enjoyable, she smiled to both her Yuichi who was certainly trying to put on a brave face and for once Rikun had to act like the eldest if only to put them at ease.

She stood up a little straighter and hooked her thumb into her belt with a smile. "I'll be fine and back before you know it. It's just an investigation mission, nothing serious, I promise." She offered the two and flashed her old cocky grin she had back when their mothers had been alive and they had been with the LSDF. "I'll come to visit you on campus when I get back Yuichi, and Tai it's a date."

She gave the two one last wave as the door closed and she let herself falter for just a moment. She scrubbed her face with her hands and contemplated just what she was about to get into before she grabbed her bags and headed for her transport to Himiko.