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Dealings with a ghost of the past [Etherial, hyralt, lock]


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RP Date
RP Location
The resurgence medical lab
Frank Would lay in the medical bay dosed up on a lot of sedatives to make the possess of doing a deep dive into his mind. Not yet asleep from the drugs he waits on the psychiatrist and mochi to enter the room for this. "thanks Vec for accommodating for this procedure." Frank stated still mildly worried for what others might find in his mind. Taking a breath he just waited for everyone to arrive. "I worry about being judged for what you would find out about me when you do a dive into my digital mind. He would state when everyone had arrived.


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Thia entered the medbay before too long, dressed in the skirt version of her uniform, complete with medical teal front panel. Her hazel-coloured cybernetic eye flashed momentarily as she caught sight of Frank lying on the bed, before she gave him a comforting smile.

"Don't worry, dear," Thia reassured him as she walked over to stand at his bedside. "We're not here to judge you. We're here to help. Everyone has something they'd rather not show others. You're simply braver than most of us, opening up for us to dive in."

Turning to Vec, Thia's expression suddenly became more serious. She knew the CMO well enough to know that he appreciated directness over her usual warm and often flirtatious pleasantries. "How is this going to work?"

Immortal Cyan

The Cyan Neko
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YSS Resurgence
Medical Center

“He’s ready, sir.”

Chiasa shifted her attention to the CMO after setting up the IV. The Pharmacy Specialist had spent most of the past hour preparing the cocktail of sedatives and depressants for Frank. After turning off a few select functions of his hemosynthetic nanomachines in order to make his body more receptive to the effects of the drugs, Chiasa had initiated the process of delivering the drugs into his system, a process which had taken some time, but was now beginning to manifest results.

So far, Chiasa knew that there was a lingering program in the patient’s mind which was causing him a bevy of mental issues. Unfortunately, they hadn’t made any progress in isolating the program via normal means, so that left the option of putting him on a cocktail of drugs in the hopes of drawing out the rogue process that was causing the ex-cyborg so many issues.

While it wasn’t as precise Chiasa would have liked it to be, it seemed that this was their only option.


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Vec sipped coffee from his customary Ft. Hikari mug as Ohara worked to sedate the big minkan. “Don’t worry, guy,” the Doctor said addressing Sterling, “From what you’ve said so far, it seems like there’s the pre you, and there’s the you we all know and sometimes love.” He squeezed Frank's shoulder and continued. “We’ll run a brain scan while Thia asks questions. Hopefully we can guide you through your memories. We’re all shooting in the dark, but hopefully, we can identify if this is a hardware glitch due to your unique birth, or if we’re looking at the results of garden variety trauma. Not trying to minimize your trauma, but that’s something we know how to begin addressing.”

He paused, letting the aroma of his medium roast fill his nose, before speaking, “I don’t think this is gonna be a once and done thing, but we can start working out a long term treatment once we get a bit more data.”


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Delmira will enter the med bay. "Sorry i'm late." She said and will roll up her sleeves and lay on the other medical table. "I had to get a buffer just in case." She says and holds up a data chip. "Its the infomorph from my mecha it should act as a buffer in case our minds clash to much or overload from information." And would offer it to Vec.


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As frank began to drift via the various drugs and go into a state similar to sleep. his eyes remained open as a dull red could be seen behind the. "I assume you lot are trying to interact with me, like this big oalf stated?" the Frank asked though his voice remained monotone if not robotic in nature. after a moment. Frank would let out a sigh as whatever was in control made him. "Very well Ill be waiting in the reseses of this ones mind. Are you willing to fallow the white rabbit and see how far the rabbit hole goes? if so After you Alice." the He said with a chuckle before Franks eyes closed leaving him in a deep sleep


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"If I understand correctly, the idea is to construct a representation of Frank's mind and to insert avatars of our own digital minds inside," Thia glanced at Del holding an infomorph buffer that would help protect them. "Since I have a biological mind, I'll have to make do with seeing and hearing through my cybernetics without being able to interact. I guess I'll be more of a ghost."

Thia clicked her jaw and her hazel-coloured cybernetic eye started slowly strobing as she reached into the pocket of her uniform behind the Hinomaru and pulled out a cable. Sliding it into a hidden port behind her ear sent an unpleasant zing across her scalp, but the feeling quickly subsided. Lifting the datapad from under her arm, she jacked herself in and tapped the screen repeatedly. She took the data chip from Del and slid it into the side before continuing to tap the screen.

"I wrote my master's thesis on the exploration of repressed memories through virtual spaces, but that was to let the patient explore their own memories. This should be similar, but it will be harder for us to interpret the space. It should just require piping the output of the brain scanner into a simple algorithm to construct the representation, like a music visualizer but creating all sensory information from memories." Thia tapped the screen one last time. "There, everyone else should be able to connect wirelessly. Vec, if you would be so kind as to start the brain scan, we should quickly find ourselves tumbling down the rabbit hole."