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RP Deals, Guns, and Girls


The Gunman
Argent Towers:
Huey's office:

Huey had been home now for only a few weeks, and he was almost back to his old routine. He took the lift up to his office and nodded to his secretary. "Morning." He said as he stepped inside.

"Morning Mr. Graves. You have a visitor." His secretary said from her desk as he passed.

"Okay send them in." He said as he walked into his office. The room was rather Spartan. It had a couch against the wall with a coffee table. There was also a small bar near his desk. Behind his desk was the DIoN flag. He placed his things in his desk and nodded, moving to stand in front his desk to meet his guest.

The inky haired and stunningly handsome Koga Akemi stepped through the door after two well to do half ID-SOL first came in, whom'st both nodded to the standing diplomat. He shook Huey's hand politely and said, "Koga Akemi."

Then the Neko stood at attention in front of Huey, almost, aside for his hands which he held in front of his mouth, looking pensive.

Huey nodded to the half ID-SOLs then turned his attention to Akemi. He shook his hand and replied "Hugh Graves, but just call me Huey." He then motioned to the bar. "A drink before we get underway?" He asked

"Thank you, I would enjoy one. Whatever you are having," he said after removing his hands and tucking them into his pockets. "Tell me, what is it you plan to do about USO?"

Huey moved to the bar and produced two glasses and began pouring some scotch. "Our plan for USO?" He asked as he handed the Neko a glass, before moving behind his desk to sit, motioning for him to do the same.

"We don't have any plans. We currently trade some resources with USO and have sold some equipment in the past, besides that nothing." He replied taking a sip of the amber liquid.

"What would you be willing to give towards the USO's efforts towards establishing themselves as a sovereign nation outside of your rule that provides a mutually beneficial relationship to a larger than life extent, Huey," Akemi asked after a slow sip of scotch. "Think about it."

Huey swirled his glass looking thoughtful, before taking another sip. After several long moments he spoke again. "Well... we can offer USO some fabricators to help with construction efforts." He said finishing off his glass, and pouring a second one. "We can also talk about a non-aggression pact as well." He added.

"I would like that, I would like that. If I drew one up tomorrow would I likely get it signed off by the Boss himself?" Akemi asked. "If he wants it, of course."

"The fabricators will be better used elsewhere, though, Huey, as they have all of the builders they could use, they just need items to make the planet hospitable. Could you donate some items such as..." He began to ramble, "butter, honey, jewelry, household finery, glassware, silverware, tableware, ready wear, bedroom accessories like tempri-sama blankets or the nice silk ones or the divets, apparel and clothing of the finest standard, soaps, liquors, legal drugs and etcetera.

Huey listened to him ramble on. After he had finished Huey said, "To your first question, I will have it on Premier Sanders's desk right after I read it over. To your second question, we can trade for those things.wethings.we should be able to accommodate such a request. Would you all be interested in send us raw materials in exchange?" He asked.

"Sure, sure, we have a lot of that, there. What's your file on 188604 say it exports, again?" Akemi asked, hoping one such file existed.

He tapped his data jockey and searched for the files on 188604. "Last reports showed that they export an algae that's edible, as well as a list of basic metals and a few rare ones."

"That is correct," he said, "Does that interest you?"

"The raw materials do. We can trade for that." He replied.

"Thank you for your partnership," Akemi said and took out a pair of Uno Sunglasses and set up a treaty right then and there to be sent to the Nepleslian diplomat. Then, the screen on the sunglasses faded and he was looking through them to Huey, "Now I also want you to know I have an embassy for my Kingdom on 188604 and I would like to offer Nepleslia the offer to make an embassy on Nepleslia Prime, as well. What do you think?"

Huey nodded and took another gulp of his scotch, downing the glass again. "Sure, we'd be intersted in setting up embassies."

"Then that is something I will get on. I would also like to host a huge party in the center of Funky City for Lewis Pasco Day. I can buy plenty of guns for it myself, I was just wondering how much you guys would want to help out." Akemi told him then took another slow sip before handing the scotch off to his ID-SOL buddy, Jeff Buff.

The Nepleslian diplomat raised an eyebrow. "Oh? I think that sounds like a nice idea. I can talk to some people about having some security there. I can also see if the Premier would mind making an appearance." He replied. "Premier Sanders loves Lewis Pasco Day."

"As do I...!!" Akemi said, very excited now. "Would you mind me funding some research into a cerebral chip for civilian use and military use that would be easier to implement and install?" Akemi asked, puppy eyed and happy to hear another positive answer.

Huey stiffled a chuckle. "For that you'd need to speak with NAM's Medtech Division, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you were to throw money at them." He said pouring another glass.

"I'll do that over transmissions, yes?" Akemi said. "That is good to hear. That is good to hear, indeed. Well, Mr. Huey. Is there anything you need from me? You have given me quite a lot to do, think about, spend my money on, and most of all, share with others!"

Huey laughed. "Well there is one thing... I want a pass to one of your establishments..." He replied. "Besides that nothing I can think of."

Akemi struck out a hand, "Thank you for doing business, then, Mr. Huey. Now, are you a ladies man? Can I offer you a night on the town at one of my many establishments?"

He shook his hand firmly and stood. "I would like that, yes. May I bring along a second person as well?" He asked.

"You can, you can," he said, out the door behind one of his ID-SOL bodyguards. "Enjoy yourselves," he said, shoting the peace sign.

Huey stood in the doorway, already dialing Aaki. "Oh trust me, we will." He replied.