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Suggestion Design Currency


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Back when I was a kid, I made paper currency for my imaginary worlds by hand-drawing art for DA and W money and then copying it at my dad's job. I had important figures of my stuffed animals and GI Joes on them. It was fun! I got to thinking recently, maybe I should try to revisit this old thing by drawing some cool Kikyo Satsu (KS) and/or DA bills with important figures on them. Having your own currency is also one of the things that helps make a nation a nation. I just wanted to know if there's interest.

To implement the suggestion, I'd have to make or commission graphics for currencies in SARP.
This is a pretty cool idea. While Essia is technically on the KS (but still transitioning), the Essia Monetary Exchange likely has a set of coins to help with the transition. Likely in gold and silver with the weight of the coins being exact to some amount of KS. I would imagine that as the transition continues, they move to more 'collectible' and 'artsy' status than actually being used for their face value.
It is an excellent idea to create such currency graphics. It gives another dynamic to the roleplay in my opinion as you can actually use it in the RP with say a corporation or at a festival, maybe add it to the character sheet.

Neshaten economy is not focused on paper currency, they look more at coins in Gold or Silver (when it comes to big purchases) and material trade (for the people that lack the coins) Of course most of the currency is also based heavy on digital money :) But it would be cool to see those coins.
Sorry it's taking so long to move on this. The main obstacles I see are:
  • We need things to put on the currency, like buildings (that have art), national symbols, people of notes to use as references
  • We need to find an artist that can make the right type of art for currency.
  • We need to come up with the money to pay this artist.
None of these are really done yet.
lol in another year or two you could probably /imagine them right up
For reference, I was able to get my old pretend money I made when I was young, and I would like to make KS have at least some resemblance to it.

1W Bill with Emperor Black Puppy, a pound puppy stuffed animal who was the head of my imaginary nation, wearing full plate armor and carrying a sort of spear. Note the triangular WD logo and the Scorpion, which was a reference to the Scorpions I used to make with my Creepy Crawlers ovens. In the "toy universe" that preceeded SARP, the Scorpions sometimes were employed as pilots of small spacecraft (made of Construx) in the way mini nekos are used to save space. By the way, the Emperor had a cool claw weapon we got some somewhere, which is why he was also called "Black Claw" and his empire was sometimes called the Black Claw Star Empire.

5W (Weslian Dollar) bill with Emperor John Whiteman in a Traditional Flak Vest and helmet. I think it's spelled Whitman in SARP lore. I know this is going to sound goofy, but the GI Joe had a white outfit. Kind of like the original Black shirt faction was 3 GI Joes with black or dark gray outfits. But, and this is embarrassing, Jim Blackman was also wearing white and was just named that because he's one of the few black person GI Joes we had. Forgive me! I was a kid and the GI Joes were primarily named based on their features so that my brother and I knew which ones we were talking about. That's because they came from thrift stores and yard sales and in many cases we had no idea what their canon GI Joe names were. It's not like I had internet access at the time and could just look them up.

10W bill with the WD logo. I guess Westech was the Ketsurui Zaibatsu of its day and even made the money. Funky Monkey was a cute neon yellow monkey toy we won at an amusement park. He had a little beanie hat on. I've never been able to find a picture of an identical toy on the internet despite extensive searching. Funky Monkey belonged to my brother Tim which technically makes him a Tymian not a Weslian, which is why Funky City is on Nepleslia and not Yamatai. Did I mention Nepleslia's capital, Funky City, is named after him?

A small Teddy Bear stuffed toy got named Ewok after the Star Wars aliens, despite not actually being an Ewok, lol. He was some sort of important figure in the Weslian Government. There's something nice about a palm-sized stuffed animal that you can smuggle anywhere in your pocket when you're a kid. Like "Ewok" I also had a mini pound puppy that I took to Paris once and I have photos of him sitting on various things in the museums--dressed in his green felt Traditional Flak Vest and carrying a GI Joe gun. Greens represent!

Xenn Trelance was a famous space explorer and spacecraft pilot of the Weslians. On planet Yamatai, Port Xenn is named after him.

I'm a little surprised there's not a 100W bill with Big Froggy on it, the large velour frog my grandma made me. Maybe something to reference in the future. For a society of mostly GI Joes there's a lot of representation of the stuffed animals so you can tell they had a special place in my heart. When I was populating the early SARPiverse with ideas the wide variety of toys I had translated into the wide various of species, mutants, etc. in SARP. For example the Demon-like Lorr are actually based on a Spawn toy (Tremor II). Zesuaium hull pieces are based on Construx building toys, and so on...
I love you Wes.
I came across WW2 occupation money the other day and was wondering if the Star Army might have ever done something similar? Yamatai didn't occupy Kuvexian worlds and just decided to go home after punching the invaders, but if Yamatai did occupy enemy worlds then might they do something similar? Or would soldiers simply carry KS?


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My brother just posted a photo of his kid holding Funky Monkey! He's still around!