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RP Dinner aboard the NSS Surprise


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RP Date
YE 44.2
RP Location
NSS Surprise
Captain's Quarters

Kilroy opened the door without a knock or any warning and announced in his uncouth manner. "Them Yams is here." Jack was playing his violin and finished the piece he had been working through before answering. "Thank you Kilroy." Jack's steward was an old sailor and so set in his ways there was little point in trying to correct him. He was excellent at keeping Jack's uniforms in order and doing most other duties a steward should do. But he was forever complaining and never in a good mood and sometime Jack wondered why he kept the man around. "Is everything ready for tonight's dinner?" Kilroy smiled. Although the only time he ever seemed to smile was when he was sharing bad news. "The galley is mess. Cook overcooked everything, as usual. The help didn't put the wine in the chiller in time, so you'll likely as not have piss warm wine." He would have continued to spew gloom and doom but Jack had heard it all before. "Hand me my coat." Kilroy helped Jack into his dress uniform coat, muttering all the while.

Outside the Docking hatch

Jack approached the airlock. His XO, Commander Tom Calamy was there with a honor guard of 6 Marines in their dress uniforms lining each side of the air lock at parade rest. Jack glanced at his pocket watch while they waited for the Yam shuttle to lock with the Surprise. Right on time. Jack smiled at that. He was a man who liked punctuality. "Everything ready Tom?" He asked his XO quietly. "Everything is shipshape sir. I passed the Galley on my way down to check on things. Cook must be up for another promotion. He's really outdone himself. Mike and 'Poet' are already at the Wardroom and I send Caff to remind the doctor it's number one uniforms." There was a slight pause. "The doctor seems to be settling in well. She's already treated a couple Marines for miner things but they seemed to like her." Jack smiled and nodded. "She did well the other day at our meeting with the Baroness."

The light above the airlock turned green and Commander Calamy shouted. "Attention! Present Arms!" Right as the air hatch opened.


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Outside the Docking hatch

As the door opened, Alastair was standing at attention. He rolled his head, hair flowing behind him. A majestic glow shining from behind him. "Ahhh, good evening captain Canterbury. We finally get the chance to meet up. I am Alastair Belmont, captain of the YSS Koun." He paused and waved his hand towards his left. "These two who are joining me is my XO, Kamiko Akino and my science escort Takeda Sayako. My two most trusted crew." He took a step forward. "So shall we begin?"


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Outside the Docking hatch

As the door opened, Jack counted three people. He frowned briefly. His invitation had been to the Yamatai Captain and his XO, not anyone else. Although it was really wasn't a big deal, except that they would need to set an extra place. He could hear his steward shill voice complaining already. He glanced at his own XO and nodded. They two had been worked together for many years as junior officers so they knew one another very well. Commander Calamy nodded and quickly left to take care of the arraignments.

Despite the momentary surprise Jack was quite looking forward to this dinner and speaking to the Yamatai captain. "Welcome aboard the Surprise, Shosa Belmont." Jack said as he shook hands with this white haired captain. "I am very happy you were able to find time to meet with me. It is not often I get to entertain Yamatai's finest, mores the pity." He shook hands with other two as well. "Chui Akino, welcome." Jack paused a moment as he tried to remember the rank insignia. "Shoi Sayako. Delighted to have you both aboard."

As the honor guard ordered arms and began to disperse Jack said, "If you will follow me, we'll head to the Wardroom where my officers are waiting and we can begin." As Jack led them through his ship he said to Alastair. "I noticed your ship the other day. Plumeria-class. Fine ship. Beautiful lines. My cousin serves as first officer on one. The Aeon II. Chui, no I stand corrected, he just got a promotion, Taii I believe he is now. Taii Trowa Yamamoto."

It wasn't long before they arrived at the Wardroom doors. Outside the doors were five officers and an NCO. All of them had on their dress uniforms and looked as though they were prepared for an Admirals inspection. Jack made the introductions. "My executive officer, Commander Tom Calamy. Lieutenant Mowett, Navigation. Lieutenant McCain, Marine commander. Lieutenant Witman, our new Doctor. Ensign Doyle, my aid. Lastly, Sargent Caffran Canterbury, my cousin and IPG agent."


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Outside the Docking hatch

Alastair was impressed with the warm welcome. He did much enjoy working with his Nepleslian friends. There was always a certain flare he came to expect from them which he much enjoyed. Mostly the fact things were always so orderly, sometimes messy, but overall a tight run operation. As they walked Alastair filled Jack in on details of his crew. "You will have to forgive the extra body, Takeda Sayako, she is my newest crew member and personal escort. I have been making it a point to have her experience first hand my day to day." He paused for a moment then continued. "So if desired, there is no need to set another plate if it is too much trouble. Just being here is more than she could have asked for." He looked briefly over his shoulder and gave her a quick side smile.

"Thank you for the kind words concerning my ship. Your vessel is also a fine ship, a Longsword fits into mission roles very well." He listened more and smile slightly learning he had a cousin who also serves in Yam. "Ah, very good. They hold my prior rank, a feat most note worthly. I shall have to look up this person, Taii Trowa when I return. I am curious what great deeds they have done."

They had made it to the Wardroom and Alastair was most impressed with the welcome. He was curious just how far Jack might take things and he had reached over the top on this one. Alastair was very excited to experience this dinner. He greeted each of the officers as each of them were introduced. "Are far too kind to give this kind of reception but the gesture is most welcomed." Alastair was beaming, smile as wide as his ambitions.


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Doctor Whitman's Quarters

Doctor Witman fussed in her mirror nervously. She piled her red hair up on the top of her head and coiled it into a tight bun. Stabbing a prong through it to keep it secure. She was still a new addition to the crew and this was her first big dinner with Captain Jack and some outside guests. She smoothed out her dress uniform and fixed her lipstick before stepping out to head for dinner. Excitement and nerves bubbled up inside her as she walked, her stride lengthening as she began to wonder if she had by some horrible mistake gotten the start time wrong.

Outside the Wardroom

" I do hope I'm not late..." The doctor spoke softly as she entered the room glad to see she had arrived prior to their guests. Her smile brightened relief washing over her. It would have looked bad on her to not prioritize their arrival. She Stood next to Lieutenant McCain, leaning against the wall casually until she heard the captain approach.

Doctor Whitman gave a deep nod as she was introduced. She cleared her throat softly before speaking.
"Pleasure to meet you all."


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Takeda Sayako, whose impeccable dress uniform bore both the green panels of the science occupation, and the Shōi rank of a newly minted officer, simply stood quietly beside and behind her Captain. Other than a polite bow and pleasant greeting when the Nepleslian captain had acknowledged her, she'd said nothing, and was statue-still as if merely a mannequin, and preferred to let her own captain do most of the socializing, it seemed. Referring to her as a "Science Escort" did get a confused tilt of her head, and a green-blue-green flash of the light-strip around her neck, racing back and forth around its circumference.

When the Doctor spoke, the Yamataian Science Officer visibly, if only slightly, smiled along with her bow in recognition of a colleague, her only human-relatable display of emotion so far. She didn't even seem to breathe, or blink, or fidget, or any other essential, involuntary movement.


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Once introductions had been made Jack nodded to Kilroy who had been lurking in the corner. Kilroy was in his best sailors uniform, but it did little to improve his overall appearance. He still looked like a grouchy old pirate with his long braided pony tail and the gold earrings in his ears. He opened the doors to the Wardroom and everyone entered.

Even though the Surprise was a smaller frigate, she had a Wardroom fit for an Admiral's flagship. A huge mahogany table ran down the middle of the room covered with fine china plates and gold and silver utensils. Two large chandlers hung over the table. The walls were covered with antique weapons, swords and firearms and with models of different ships. There were some Nepleslian and Yamatai ships as well as others from other nations. Most spectacular was the wall behind the head of the table, the Captain's chair. The whole wall was a VR display of the inside of an ancient sailing ship's Wardroom. One could see the ocean through elaborate slanting glass windows. The water was calm and the sun was just beginning to set lighting the sky. The sound of the wind and waves could just be heard as well as different oceanic birds and there was even a hint of sea air.

Jack smiled proudly at his Wardroom. "The Surprise did very well during the Kuvexian war. We were tasked with disrupting the enemy's supply lines whenever possible. Those Kuvexian's loved their finery. The prize money from just one ship is a small fortune, and the Surprise took several dozen over the course of the war." Jack moved over to VR window and looked out. "I could honestly retire with what I've taken in prizes, but where would be the fun in that? Eh?"

Jack took his seat at the head of the table. A huge elegant Captain's chair. On his right he placed Alastair. Next to Alastair was Lt. Mowett, then Ensign Doyle then finally Sargent Caffran. At the bottom of the table Commander Calamy with Shoi Sayako at his right hand. Sitting next to her was the Doctor then came Lt. McCain with Chui Akino next to him and sitting at Jack's left. Once everyone was seated, Kilroy set several decanters of wine on the table and his helpers began to bring in the appetizers.