• 📅 February and March 2022 are YE 45.2 in the RP.

SYNC Disavowed Terrorists


Banned Member
A statement is made from the offices of the Discourse Party:

"We have heard news that there was an explosion in the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector. So far there has been no additional information that we have seen from any regional or national investigation into whether this was the cause of a terrorist incident, or something else. Our hearts go out to the affected people in an area with such a turbulent history. There have been reports of native civilians injured and killed in the event, which the members of the Discourse Party will be sending whatever they require to recover from this tragedy, as well as our deepest sympathies."

"While nobody has taken credit so that this can be called a terror attack, we condemn and disavow whoever might have been the cause of the explosion, in the strongest possible terms. The person who detonated the explosives, the person that let the explosives on-site, the transport pilot that brought them to the location unquestioned, the official that checked the explosives if they were on a transport, the person who checked bags on the door, or the person who sold the explosive components commercially - they are all responsible. We ask that this be investigated as thoroughly as possible by the Yamataian National Police so that any and all culprits can be identified, and any negligencies in the process that got the explosives into that area are revealed and punished. This should never have been allowed to happen."

"If this is the work of terrorists, we do not hold alignment of any sorts with them. The Discourse Party is generally open for any who hold a differing view to the prevailing ones. One section of our Party believes in what may be called "classical liberalism" by some. However, none hold water with the "radical" ideology that the Tange terrorists are reported to hold. Even if they were trying to further their own agenda, it is beyond reprehensible to kill any innocents in the line of political furtherance. Any view which believes such a course of action is justifiable in any circumstances will never be allowed in our Party. Such actions should always be condemned for the vile acts that they are and those who would commit them."

"We will be opening a helpline and donation pool for all those affected. Members of the Discourse Party are also reaching out to the Colonial Sector Government in the area affected, to assist with any efforts that have arisen from this crisis. Any who feel they are unsafe are welcome on our worlds until the investigation has concluded and any found lacking, brought to justice."

Senator Iemochi Seinosuke,
Discourse Party