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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

RP: Neshaten Division 5, Case 02: Cause and Effect


FM of Neshaten
Game Master
RP Date
Ye 42
RP Location
Nesha Prime
It had seemed like such an ordinary night before calls began coming in, a few snippets of chatter so suddenly snowballing into what seemed like a chaotic tsunami, one which pushed Division 5’s communications networks to their limits. What had initially been reported in as some potentially suspicious characters quickly escalated into the retort of weapons and thunderous explosions assaulting the sensitive vulpine ears of the Kingdom’s many residents across Nesha Prime, kicking many contingency plans involving the Division of Public safety, Reserve Youth Corps and other armed forces capable of peace-keeping into action.

Initially it was mostly trying to establish clear lines between the panicked, general public and those who’d sowed the seeds of mayhem, by the time Captain Leo Ci’Rado’s team had started assembling the streets were already filled with heavy vehicles and walls of enlisted personnel wielding large shields establishing perimeters.

It was a few hours before sunset, though the shade field was currently casting shade across the planet earlier than was natural to try and calm the crowds by letting their natural night-vision remain unhampered.

Seeing as most of the briefing rooms were occupied already the snow-haired man had decided to bring the team up to speed in their locker room, telling the team to continue gearing up as their leader cleared his throat, a stressful vein pulsing on his forehead as the Captain attempted to keep his usual cool-as-ice demeanour.

“I won’t sugar coat things, team, it’s… things aren’t looking pretty out there~” Leo admitted, pursing his lips as Operator Depolanskaya’s chest fought back against the lass’ attempts to quickly zip up her protective bodysuit.

“But with that in mind we have to do our part, which is actually just a few minutes away granted our Prowler’s pilot sticks to back alleys, as of yet unidentified personnel have breached one of our safehouses… specifically safehouse She’reinko,” the snowy fox explained, already fully geared he took a moment to pause so his next words would better sink in, along with the stakes they’d carry.

“…yes, that means the undercover Field Operators who were making use of it at the time have been taken hostage… we’ve unconfirmed reports that the hostage takers might be flying KF colours but as I said it’s nothing solid yet,” Leo frowned, one hand on the hefty Tokir’ve plasma pistol occupying his hip holster.

“Five Field Operators were stationed there at the time of the attack and we’ve confirmed that there are at least seven attackers, I’ll bring the schematics up and explain further once we’re in the prowler but is everything crystal so far?”


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It all happened so unbelievably fast, Suzu'ha thought, her black tail waving casually as she listened. A few days ago she was back with her team in the Youth Corps enjoying a strawberry cake on her last coming of age ceremony, the next day she was recommended to the Division 5 and the formal invitation came in shortly after. By the time she got her stuff ready and said goodbye to her friends back in the corps, she was sorted into her team and everything was already this mess. She barely had time to introduce herself to them and all she knows are their names and ranks! Adult life sure seems busy, she thought.

Running her clear blue eyes through the room, the 17 years old Daur observed her new squadmates. She almost had to lower her head to spot Arynn, but that came out as a relief. She sure is glad she isn't the youngest one around, she thought! The girl must be a real prodigy to be in the division at such an age. What was she? 14? Even less? Back then Suzu'ha was still struggling with her youth corps duties, if not working as a library assistant.

In any case, proper introductions could wait, and there was no better way to get to know each other than some real action in the field, after all. She ties her black hair up in a ponytail, zips up her protective bodysuit with ease, while glancing momentarily at operator DePolanskaya's struggle, adjusts her weapons on their holsters and turns back to commander Leo Ci'Rado with a salute. - "Positive sir, crystal clear."
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Cirillo had been at home, trying to figure out what this relaxing thing was all about. The boy he met at the arcade, Rudouva Vezio, had given him a game console recommendation along with several titles to try. He found himself unusually engrossed in this zombie survival game when his communicator rang and made him jump in surprise.

Minutes later, he was rushing down to the station to meet his team for an urgent hostage situation. "Sorry I'm late," he said to Leo, giving a curt nod to his superior. I couldn't find a save point anywhere was the end of the sentence he refused to say. With a spin of the lock, he threw open his locker and began changing out of his loose comfortable clothes and into his uniform while listening to the briefing.


FM of Neshaten
Game Master
"It's cool, Cirillo, I'm sure we all understand that the streets aren't exactly easy to get through currently. Plus, we'd only just started," Leo explained, offering the room a small nod before the snowy man continued. Procuring a small volumetric projector from one of his pockets before the Captain threw it down onto the table, pressing a few buttons one a wrist-mounted terminal which corresponded to the air above the small device flickering to life, projecting a few grainy, washed-out images of geared-up Neshaten both Laibe and Daur alike with some rather foreign-looking weapons.

"Back to the briefing, while they're not flying Kingdom fall colours specifically we can assume until proven otherwise that such is the case, a lot of their ranks are ex-military so they'll be anticipating our arrival but hopefully all the commotion outside is enough to mask us at least at first. I'd suggest packing a strobe-capable flashlight for your rifles if you can find one but don't take too long, skids up in two minutes, get your heads right and meet me on the prowler to discuss our infiltration... good luck guys." the snowy fox finished, a small smile being the last thing the man offered his team before slipping into his helmet, if there were no further questions at this time he'd make his own way to their vehicle.

With a gasp that sucked in her chest a bit, Kyet finally managed to properly secure her chest-rigging even if it did bite into her a little bit more than she'd like, though the quiet Daur made no complaint. She simply rubbed one collarbone briefly before looking across her team-mates with a concerned little frown plastering her pale features, gripping the handle of the knife on her belt.

"This is going to be a long night~" the green and gold eyed fox murmured.


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Suzu'ha pays close attention to the briefing up to the very end. Ex-military personnel... What makes a person leave the kingdom behind and move on to a life of crime, she wondered. To forsake all that is right and become a public security issue... Why would anyone ever do that? If one is looking for change, the best way to do so is through reform, not revolution. That only brings chaos, death, suffering and the changes never last, for they were imposed upon the people.

Other than the philosophical side of the matter, the girl also worries about the difficulty of the mission. While she worked at public security before, she usually dealt with common criminals. Poor, untrained people looking for an easy way out. To fight against ex-military would be a completely different matter, not to mention the hostages the enemy has captured. They surely have the advantage, she thought. In any case, she knew what she was getting into when she accepted the invitation for Division 5.

She smiles to operator Depolanskaya, masking all her worries with it. She was not one to worry her teammates with her rookie insecurity. - "Both metaphorically and literally, seeing the shade field is deployed across the city. Name's Suzu'ha, looking forward to working with you all! Lets do our best tonight!" - She added, turning to the rest. - "As for the lantern, where can I get one? I'm still unfamiliar with the place."

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Kil'nda sat there in the brifing room with the others as his second call to action was another tricky sounding hostage situation. They have been given the mission and he wondered his roll to play in this. "Will I be taking another sniper position or infiltrating the base as well?" He asked. He hoped he could bring his rifle either way, felt naked almost going into battle without it. Part of him sort of wished he was still on the Gam'trosha exploring the stars, but reality had him here back planet side and part of a division meant to stop terrorists like these.

The rookie was asking about where the lanterns were and and honestly he might as well be a rookie as well given this was his second mission with the group. Still he atleast knew where equipment was at. "Come on this way I'll show you." He said hoping they had enough time to grab the lanterns as well as there was little time to get ready before thy would be heading off it seems


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FM of Elysia
"Military? Well, ex-military. That's.... odd," the kit-sized Daur claimed, failing to elaborate on the comment. She was, in fact, still warming up her brain after her nap. The members she'd had experience with in the past were able to recognize the signs of this, with Arynn's left ear a little more flattened than the perky right ear, which was already swiveling about like a radar dish. One powered by pure caffeine.

"Arynn Sher'Meso, nice too meet you!" Locking eyes with the newcomer, Arynn had already put a smile on her face, her bushy tail snaking side to side behind her in a curious nature. "We might do well to up-arm ourselves for this, though, if we're going against Exmills. I didn't recognize those weapons, so they might have foreign-backed body armor as well." She... Didn't seem all that off-put. Or maybe she was, and just hiding it with energy. They have better aim than the terrorists. And the grenades probably won't be crap. Try to keep us intact and not captured this time, okay?