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RP: Neshaten Division 5, Case 03.5: Interlude


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The darkness felt like it stretched on forever, occasionally the vague sensation that they were being handled or moved slipped through that chemically-induced slumber but it was hard for any thoughts to form beyond each operator's most base instincts. No fear, no worry. Just the sound of blood pumping through their veins and air cycling through their lungs, this dreamless sleep and the way it sapped away any higher functions could almost be considered blissful~

It couldn't last forever, there was far too much to do for the operators to know this peace any longer.

Each member slowly returned to the pain of consciousness, it was a groggy, dull pain that clung to them like the tough spider-spun silks used in the Helio'namashe their uniforms were woven with. But their senses did slowly return, the first sensation of something external was the cool air brushing the fine hairs on each operator's skin, and the dim teal lights that illuminated the sterile space they found themselves in. Blue-sheeted beds lined the walls of an otherwise very white and grey room, light-but-warm sheets and blankets feeling like lead weights against their fatigued bodies. The end of each bed furnished by a tough-looking footlocker with unknown contents.

Kyet was one of the first to sit further upright in her bed, moving to rub at her eyes when her arm was suddenly stopped by something. Not handcuffs as she expected, but an intravenous line leading up to a bag of saline, it was then that Operative DePolanskaya looked under her sheets and confirmed a suspicion.

Her clothes were nowhere to be seen, replaced instead by a one-size-fits-all hospital gown in a very medical shade of light blue, fastened at the back by a lattice of string. Kyet pulled her blanket higher and looked around, there was nobody in the room but the stirring survivors of that terrible incident. And at the end of the room was Leo, still as a body on a morgue's slab, a breathing tube leading out of the snowy man's mouth.

Anyone who'd suffered more grevious wounds such as Hana would find a pink bag of blood hooked up alongside their intravenous line, wounds had been cleaned and bandaged but curiously enough not stitched, and enough time had passed for sturdy scabs to form. Yinri's mechanical arm and the harness it came with was nowhere to be seen, though what was left of her shoulder had been carefully cleaned and had a faint odour of citrus about it. Come to think of it, everyone's hair felt like soft as though it'd recently been washed, clean and fluffy though knotted in some cases, as though it hadn't been brushed.

Kyet ripped the intravenous line out of her arm and slowly stood on wobbly legs, blanket wrapped around herself for some added modesty, her tail's dense fluff flared out as she cautiously stepped into the center of what she perceived as a medical facility of some kind.

"Is... is everyone okay?" the busty fox asked her teammates, looking at the room's sturdy door before her gaze fell to foot locker and medical readout at the end of her bed, it read the same as everyone else's, they had their IV bags changed about ten minutes ago...
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The last thing Kil'nda could remember was that he was about to ask.. well what the hell just happened.? They had been apparently transported, or teleported into the belly of some large complex, perhaps even a ship, and then they were all gassed and knocked out.

Now he was waking up as well and indeed was noticing several things mentioned above. He simply had some bandages form bruising it was unlikely an IV would have been needed for the minor damage he took at the start of the mission. "Well, we are still alive it seems. Don't have cuffs on, and were not opened up and dissected by the Aliens either so there is that." He comments as he looks about. "More upset they took my rifle and gear than anything. Alright then, going to go with a perhaps not popular opinion, but I think we should try the door or let them know we're up."

Still Kil'nda was taking the time to look over the machinery that was here in the room, if there was anything he could make use of himself or if needed brake apart and make something out of. He was somewhat excited to examine Alien Tech, that doesn't come around every day. He also was looking for surveillance incase they were currently being watched.


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A hospital?

Arynn Sher'meso's oversized ears twitched erratically in her sleep, the smallest operator in the room feeling rather chilly as her mind rose from the deep suppression. Her eyes opened and then immediately squinted sharply, being taken aback by the lights dazzling her vision. She trembled and weakly rose to a sitting position, taking a look around. IV bags, half the squad was out, but seemed to be alive...

She cleared her throat. "Who brought us back? Did those... Agents... Drop us off?" Though the furniture here was unsettlingly large to most of the Division 5 operators, Arynn was used to things being big. So far, nothing here seemed particularly off to the fennec lady and her secret companion.

"Headache... Ow. Feels weird in here..." It seems that she'd not become properly mentally cohesive yet.


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A gentle breeze floated past Cirillo as he stood on a sunny hill colored bright green with wild grass. He tucked a lock of hair behind his ear, gazing up at the puffy clouds in the sky that idly drifted by. Time seemed to stand still in that blissful moment.

"Cirillo!" he heard in the distance. He could make out a young boy up ahead, waving his arms frantically as his blond tail swayed back and forth.

"Coming!" he yelled, vaguely hearing the shouts of his parents behind him telling them to be careful. The hills by their house had small creeks and rocks cutting through the land, so a young Cirillo bounded over one of the creeks, carefully avoiding the wet stones as he cleared the water and caught up to his brother Elio.

"You're late!" Elio said with an exaggerated pout. "You said you'd take me to that cave you found today!"

"I had to get the snacks ready for us! I needed to sneak them out, otherwise Mom would throw a fit again. Let's go!"

The two young foxes dashed through the grass towards the tree line of the nearby forest. They happily jogged without a care over a worn-down dirt trail, their jog slowly turning into a run, then a sprint in a contest of brotherly competition.

"Looks like I win again," Cirillo boasted with a smile as they reached the turn-off for the cave.

"No fair, you're bigger than me! Give me a head start next time, okay?" Cirillo rustled the hair on Elio's head until his frown disappeared.

"Alright, alright, next time you can have a handicap."

Cirillo led Elio into the forest, which became more dense by the second. The trees began to block out more and more light, causing Elio to walk slower and slower. Cirillo reached for his hand and reassured him. Elio was silent as he frantically looked all around in a panic. Cirillo wanted to laugh, but kept it inside. Ten minutes or so later, they could see a rock formation appear through the trees.

"Elio we're--" Cirillo started before realizing his hand was empty. He desperately looked around, but the woods only returned their peaceful silence. He looked back at his hand, however, and nearly jumped when an adult's hand entered his vision. He pulled it back, only to bump against a gun strapped to his waist.

"You look sad, Cirillo," he heard behind him. He quickly spun around to see Elio, just as young as before, but now noticeably shorter to him. Cirillo wanted to approach him, but it felt like a thick wall separated them. "Is being an adult hard?"

"N-no, it's..." Cirillo began, but tears choked his voice at the sight of his long-lost brother.

"It's because of me, isn't it?" Elio began instead. "That day during the house fire, you jumped out of the window and shouted at me to do the same. But, I froze up. I couldn't do it. You'd be happy right now if I jumped that day, right? It's all my fault."

"No! I shouldn't have jumped out first! I thought I could show you it was safe, but I should have gotten you to safety first. Even if I had to throw you out of the burning house, you'd at least be--" He couldn't bear the weight of finishing that sentence.

"It's not your fault, Cirillo," Elio said, slowly walking forward and piercing the heavy air between them. "It was an accident. I don't blame you for it. You've suffered more than enough to make up for several sins over."

Cirillo fell onto his knees, dead leaves crunching beneath him. The small Elio hugged the wounded operative and rubbed his hair with one hand.

"Watching you all these years has brought me more pain than anything I've felt in my short life. It's time that you take care of yourself. It's time that you forgive yourself."


He wasn't sure when, but the warm embrace of his brother turned itself into a soft blanket and a warm light. Tears flowed down his face as he tried to make heads or tails of their situation. But the vivid image of seeing his brother again was too much as he couldn't stop his tears. Cirillo laid back down on his side and curled into a tight, sobbing ball, his tail curling between his legs and his ears drooping.