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RP: Neshaten Division 5, Case 03 Part 1: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night


🦊 FM of Neshaten
🎖️ Game Master
RP Date
EE005v / YE 43
RP Location
Nesha Prime, Neshoten outskirts
A lot had happened since the attack on the Division 5 safehouses, a war the Shukaren people had very little stakes in had ended, relationships with the foreign nation of Nepleslia had been strengthened and the terror cell known as Kingdom Fall had been quiet for some time. Of course, skirmishes and raids on weapons caches had continued, the renewed alliance with Nepleslia letting Division 5 more accurately track foreign weapons on their soil and even sabotage the supply chains of various terror cells who used these foreign weapons.

It was quite a simple though ingenious idea that Operator Depolanskaya's older sister, Anaska, had thought up. The majority of weapons used by their enemies were older and still chambered in archaic cased munitions instead of the energetic and/or caseless ammo most cutting edge Shukaren weapons currently used. The simple act of cold-welding a projectile to its casing and letting it enter the hands of the enemies was easy enough and almost impossible to detect, though as soon as someone attempted to use one such sabotaged cartridge it'd detonate and ruin that weapon in the process, it'd also helped to cut down on friendly deaths and injuries by a not insignificant percentage.

Things could't stay this quiet forever however, and actionable intelligence had recently surfaced involving multiple reports of large quantities of surplus military equipment being purchased by practically non-existent companies that would later be identified as being owned by potentially radicalized individuals with pre-existing anti-establishment ideologies. Evidence had also been collected from a few skirmishes, evidence that pointed towards Kingdom Fall cells making use of heavily modified, highly advanced gear.

When put alongside each other it became apparent that certain methods and techniques taught to Navy technicians were being used in these non-conventional contraptions, rumor had it that one of KF's more prominent members had a few characteristics that could explain this. Division 5 didn't have a name, face or any sort of description to identify this ghost by, and ex military personnel filling out the cell's ranks unfortunately wasn't unheard of so narrowing them down was proving to be quite troublesome...

Overnight this steadily flickering flame of activity inside Division 5's Netoshen headquarters would snowball into a roaring inferno, the cause? a decommissioned Tachyon communications mast had been discovered missing from the shipyard it had been rusting away at the bottom of. Not only that but an energy signature from its reserve power supply had briefly been spotted in the mountains to the north east of the city, a sector that had been flagged with a few reports of suspicious activities though nothing actionable up until now.

Something capable of directed FTL emissions potentially in the hands of any terror cell was a worrisome thing that required immediate action, the fact that it was most likely Kingdom Fall made it a doubly more terrifying prospect that required boots on the ground five minutes ago.

It was not the usual call to arms for Captain Leo's squad, there was no briefing and window to calmly gear up.

No, instead a call was put out for the squad to drop whatever they were doing and report to the vehicle bay for immediate lift-off. The snowy fox was pacing back and forth near the prowler that the team had been assigned some few months back, the telltale black gloves of a standard issue bodysuit peaking out from the sleeves of a tan-coloured tunic the worried Captain wore beneath his chest rig, hands scrambling to fasten a lightweight helmet as the various bits of gear slung over his torso clattered and jostled against themselves.

As the team began arriving in their various states of preparedness his silver eyes panned up, offering little more than a curt nod to welcome each of them as he started speaking up.

"Sorry for the short notice, team, details have been sent to the data crystals of each of your rigs and all your gear has been packed into the prowler's belly," He explained, gesturing to a pile of half-open crates that took up a decent bit of the vehicle's cargo hold. Sitting near the door into the cockpit and tucked away behind a large box marked "NE-O1-1A Ya’stelco", somehow fully dressed in her BDUs and armour despite only being made aware of the situation after the Captain was, was Kyenerinyah. The uncharacteristically curvy Daur busying herself by filling her pouches with magazines for her SMG, not even looking up to acknowledge the presence of her team-mates despite being fully aware of their presence.

Though it'd been a very brief period of her life, it was hard to shake everything that'd been engrained into the young fox, once a spook always a spook.

"We're skids up the moment the last one of you hops in, ask anything you need and I'll do my best to answer, this whole situation is starting off as a drisa clusterfuck." Leo finished with a tired sounding sigh, a prowler next to theirs sealing up its rear doors in preparation to move out. On their way in the various members of Leo's squad would have seen a pair of CC-32 Orso'dian Dropships, haphazardly modified to include large clamps in place of troop storage, coming for landing where the Prowlers usually exited.

It was Chaos, something they were specially trained to deal with.
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The Smollest Smol
FM of Elysia
Prowler Garage

"Why the surge? Is it a hotzone?" First to join the scene was Arynn, the sleek Fennec still shifting some uncomfortable folds of her undersuit into place as she held onto a drone with a spare arm. The techie was frankly a bit excited to try the newly-approved hardware in a proper mission, but there would always be the pre-operation nerves. Sometimes... People don't make it back.

"Have we caught wind of that relay again?"

Chaos Havik

Active Member
A lot had happened between the events at the safe house, and now. The renewed alliance was certinly one of the biggest. Once more they were allied to the tall ear and tail-less Dura look-a-likes called humans. Further more they even got to meet and train with some of the Special-Forces of this distant Star Imperium which was definitely an eye opener seeing the difference the two factions had in terms of their military forces and applications. Still he was a bit put off at just how many of them seemed to have willing hacked away their own flesh for that of soulless machinery, as open as he tried to be to the aliens it remained something of the feeling of the uncanny valley. Still he couldn't deny that the though of having a computerized eye that ran the calculations of his rifle for him was appealing, but at the same time the rifles can be programmed to do that themselves, no need to loose an eyeball.

The next mission came to them sudden and jarring, even more so then the last one had been. This time there was no real time to prepare they had to cover everything quickly and would soon be boots on the ground. "Do we at least have satellite shots of the area?" He asked. It would be hand for him if he could have some idea where the best spots to set up would be, and even where they might find enemy snipers to pick off before they got their chance at things

Primitive Polygon

Well-Known Member
"If the timing is anything ta goo bai, they are probably still processin' those shots." A gruff unfamiliar accent informed Limr'viad Kil'nda. Looking pretty much exactly like his errant daydreams, this Shukaren Daur had a black and glossy, clearly Nep-tech prosthetic arm right up to the shoulder. It looked almost comical considering their typically stout size, though they were enough of a robust little creature that they maintained some balance; Not in military uniform, but maybe with some history?... Eyepatch, and the opposite arm sitting pretty useless in a sling... "...Erm, Zuia'ne Yinri Abravin, is tah name. Vlun'har Robotics... Sent me ta' keep an eye on ya tech, and seems a good-o time ferh it tuo!"

Female? Female. Brown uniform from some weird tech company.

Carried a tripod over one shoulder that had a weird little antenna on the end, cables dangling down to a big battery pouch on the left side of their waist.

"Gravity an' magnetech' multi-sensah. Should give ya somethin' to shoote at, at least." A brief grimace, one ear going lower, and a wag of the tail. "Erm... Can ya tell me oo's ya leader tho sonny?... T'was only in tha' yooth breg-aid I was..."


Active Member
It was so calm after their latest mission, the sudden call took Suzu'ha by surprise. She wasn't slacking off, of course, but when there's not much work to be done, might as well engage in one's hobbies... Right? Lately, on her friend Mari'ya's recommendation, the young fox has been reading this adventure novel about a group of Neshaten travelling through the stars in search of ancient alien artifacts. It was all so exciting, and the call came in right in the middle of a very heated chapter... Dropping the book was hard, but duty always comes first.

Now, standing in front of commander Leo, her black hair still messy and her clothes still a little crumpled, the girl listens to the commander's briefing, while combing through her hair in an effort to tie it on a ponytail. Looking around, she also notices, with some surprise, an unknown person among them, with an... Exotic appearance to say the least. She caught herself staring for a moment... Prothethic arm, eyepatch, and a broken organic arm. It was a miracle that shukaren was even standing at this point, but the more impressive miracle came when the individual opened her mouth to speak. "Is that even Tinacen?", wondered Suzu'ha in silence.

Her ponytail now ready, the young daur turned to their commander with a salute. - "Ready to go, sir. I assume we're getting support from the intelligence department while we're on the move? Or do we know the precise location we are to set down? Searching the mountains is going to be a challenge, but their proximity to the city makes it all even more worrisome..." - She said, bombarding the commander with questions.


🦊 FM of Neshaten
🎖️ Game Master
Prowler Garage

"One at a time, team, one at a time! You sound like a bunch of kits in their first week of basic," Leo frowned before letting out a sigh, waving his hand to gesture the team into their awaiting charriot.

"Welcome to the team Yinri, sorry it couldn't be under better circumstances... I'm Captain Ci'Rado, the gear you requested should be all loaded up by now," the Daur answered, the stiffness of his tail and bags beneath his eyes pointing to how overworked the man had been of late. Regardless he tried to maintain face, and shifted his face into a weak mockery of the cheeky grins normally plastered across his maw.

"As she said, yes, the data is still being compiled but we should be receiving it any moment now, alongside additional updates by the intelligence department as they have more info for us. While we have a fairly accurate estimation of where the Tachyon relay should be located we are yet to determine the exact point of entry, though preliminary scans have started to reveal some caverns the OPFOR could be using. Suzu'ha should be ready to make an entry for us should it be required~" the captain continued, taking a second to adjust the reticle on his weapon's optic as a strawberry-blonde laibe in a crisp and slightly baggy mechanic jumpsuit walked behind him, peak of their cap pulled low as they dragged a diagnostics cart out of the way.

"Current plan is that these Orso'dian dropships will carry us out of city limits before splitting up, we'll swing south of the AO and use a jump-kit drop off Kil'nda on the marked ridge before releasing us so that we can quickly move in with him providing overwatch, the other dropship will deploy the second team further north so that we can cover more ground and pincer the hostiles," Leo continued as the last member of the squad stepped in, the doors elliciting a small mechanical whine as their hydraulics systems began contracting.

The lights flicked from a soft blue colour to a dim red, illuminating the Prowler's belly for it's occupants' sensitive eyes. Before too long the vehicle could be felt lifting off and beginning to move into position, rising further as magnetic clamps gripped into its hull.

Go Time

The prowler rattled as it was lifted up into the dark night sky, slicing through clouds as altimeters and various other instruments went higher than was usually possible before the drop-ship evened out and the prowler it was carrying was given some room to breathe. While its hull rattled and vibrated the air inside the Prowler was just as electric, tensions were high and the silence was near deafening.

"Team," Leo spoke up, swallowing thickly as his pale eyes shifted from focusing on an open pile of munitions to the sight of the assembled counter-terrorist operators.

And, a civilian contractor, the latter of which was vouched for by someone Leo served with what felt like a lifetime ago.

"As I'm sure you've all realised, we're practically on our own from here on out. Yinri's sensory equipment and Arynn's drone proficiency should help but this is, figuratively speaking, and up-hill battle and the enemy is on their home turf. Having such a weapon so close to a civillian population could spell disaster, failure is never an option for us but I must reiterate how that has never been more true than it is now. I fully believe in our ability to turn this situation around~" the Captain offered up as some words of encouragement, letting the hang in the air a moment longer before securing the faceplate to his helmet.

Leo looked down to his wrist-mounted volumetric display before beginning to pad his way to the rear of the Prowler, looking back one last time to ensure Kil'nda was strapped in to the small thruster kit before offering a thumbs up to a small camera mounted inside the vehicle's belly.

"Opening the rear doors, jump when ready, Kil'nda~" Leo's voice piped up over radio up as the rear doors slowly creaked open.

Something was wrong, something was very wrong.

In unison each member of Leo's team would feel their hairs stand up on end and their breath catch in their throats as it seemed like all the air was sucked out of the immediate area. Everything was so still, so serene for a few moments before the night sky was lit up by a blinding bolt of purple energy. It sliced through the distant shape of the second team's dropship with ease before the noise hit Leo's team, a deafening roar hitting their chests hard enough to make their hearts skip a beat as a gout of blueish flame erupted from the struck vehicle.

Pitch black smoke trailed from the second team's dropship as it began losing altitude and began spinning, the attached prowler shearing from its moors as radio chatter began filling with the frantic sounds of the crew trying desperately to regain control of a rapidly worsening situation.

"Kiln'da, jump now!" Leo yelled as he wrapped one gloved hand around a nearby rail, their prowler lurching to the side as the attached dropship began taking evasive manouvers, another terrifying bolt of energy ripping past the vehicles rear close enough to make any heads up displays crackle and sizzle momentarily.

"Everyone else, brace! I'll get the pilots to drop us once we're clear of the ridge!"

Team 2's Shitshow

The occupants of the tumbling, freefalling prowler were being tossed around and battered by anything not bolted down. The pilot had a large piece of shrapnel through his midsection that had severed the man's spine from his lower body as the co-pilot tried desperately to stabilize their descent.

"We're going down hard, brace for impact!" the co-pilot's voice yelled as she struggled against the joystick, the prowler's doors shearing off as one armoured My'leke was sucked out into the night sky with a short-lived scream of pure terror.

Hana was unconcious before the prowler impacted, the warped vehicle plunging through a few meters of sandstone, only its smoking nose visible above ground and with most of its occupants dead or dying. Save for one grumpy, jaded Daur named Hana.

He awoke, slowly, the large spiderweb of cracks in his faceplate being the only reason his neck was stiff rather than broken in multiple places right now. A string of orange lights were haphazardly strung up along the walls of a long tunnel the Daur now found himself in, some foul-smelling liquid poured out of the ruined prowler and pooled over a crate of munitions as the lights shifted to red, and distant yelling down one end of the tunnel began growing louder.

The battered and bruised man was potentially concussed and his gear was strewn around the place, though even through all the fog and pain he could hear the faintest of groans from inside the disfigured vehicle.


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Moments before impact

Back in the saddle, after how long again? Hana's ears flattened to his skull as the thoughts went through his mind. It was first-mission jitters all over again and he couldn't help but let out a bemused huff at his own nerves. He was better than some rookie that would understandably be extremely anxious for his first, but he'd been threated, shot and stabbed before. Not to mention he had already killed a number of terrorists, so he couldn't grasp just what this uneasy, gut-sinking feeling was or why he felt it. But there wasn't much time to ponder it further.


The transport was hit by unidentified fire with a force strong enough, elliciting a well-deserved "shit," from Hana before he too was subjected to the force of the Prowler in freefall, before slamming against one of the handlebars with his face. A loud crack of glass coming from his visor as his subconscious body now ragdolled around in the prowler.

It was with a sharp breath that Hana woke, his HUD offering only static and blurred vision and at this point. Not to mention that everything hurt, though that wasn't high on his list of priorities. What he had to do now was escape the warped prowler, as fast as possible. And while his leg felt like it was on fire, the Daur persevered, pushing through the anger as he slowly wiggled around through the warped metal. A single streak of orange light shining in through the crack of one of the vehicle's doors was his only guiding light. He managed to grab the handle and pull himself towards it, feeling something foreign lodged in his leg which got caught on the seating. Ripping the air out of his lungs and causing him to only produce a faint, almost pathetic whince. Though as warped metal often did, the door didn't open right away; requiring several thumps of his shoulder against the door to make some leeway nescessary to fit his fingers between. Though he succesfully managed to force it open enough to crawl out and splay himself on the floor in the tunnel. Laboured panting filling the air as he laid there.

Taking a few seconds to catch his breath and another few to steady himself as to not pass out from his injured leg, Hana glanced around before shaking his head. The gear had been scattered and he didn't have the time nor the pain tolerance to get up and just search through it. He clipped the pistol from his belt instead and held it close to his chest, whilst the other hand busied itself with taking off the visor. It was more an impairment than anything at this point, though when he took off the visor the full brunts of lights hit him. Sharp, glaring, a screeching headache, the voices that echoed in the distance only causing a faint and dull thumping in his head.

Though what he did hear was the faint, yet agonized groaning of another survivor. And he was no idiot, it smelled like fuel. One spark and they'd be blown to kingdom come.

That thought didn't stop him though. It was a herculean feat for Hana to even get to his feet, supporting weight on his right one since the left felt like it was on fire. Every shuffle closer to the prowler was like somebody sunk a new dagger into the exact same spot over and over again. There wasn't enough adrenaline flooding his brain to even begin nullifying the pain. Yet he kept going, leaning over the prowler to assess his comrade in arms and if he could, rip him out of the wreckage. Though he'd fall down due to the force and use his remaining good leg to kick himself away from the transport as far as possible, dragging the other operator with if he managed to get him out, all the while he was keeping his pistol trained on the shouts that drew closer and closer with each passing second.

Chaos Havik

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Kil'nda had been ready to jump when everything suddenly went to hell on them all. He had seemingly been the only one to make the jump, but that could have just been his own view of things . He had to figure out these jump boots he hand on and slow his fall. Luckily it was nothing more then a jostling landing leaving him a bit sore. "Could have been worse. He began to try and hurry and make his way to the crash and look for survivors before their enemies come to finish off whatever might be left there.

Hana was the first one he could see. Rushing over to his side. "Are you okay?!" He asks before getting his question answered seeing the wound. "Ahhh Damn it.. Hold On I need to get you somewhere form the wreck and look for out medical supplies.. if we even have any of those left!" He says looking around as well desperate to find the rest of his team, or what might remain of them all.