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RP: Neshaten Division 5, Case 03 Part 1: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

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Too close to the border of panic to really listen to what Leo was telling her, Yinri found themselves yanked along by the collar when they were still half way through collapsing their sensor apparatus again.

She outwardly scowled, realising how dumb and useless this probably made them look... But also was super grateful internally, being given guidance and help by someone who really knew what they were doing.

Eventually the rig clattered back into it's folded storage position, allowing them to throw it over their shoulder, and actually get their needle pistol out. Got a static shock in their teeth. Must have been all of the ionisation that damn KF weapon was giving off...

"Boss Leo, I gotten' idea maybe?" They remarked with effort, a gravelly voice struggling to be heard over the constant explosions and gunfire. "Big 'un beam is messin' the radio signals an' polarizing all the equipment, but it's probably doing the same to our crashed hulls, sir?... I canne probably give you exact locations, if ya' lemmie have a wee peep from cover again, sir... Poor blagards probably gettin' shelled to 'eck!..."


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Holding the explosives on her left arm against her body, and a needle pistol on her right hand, the black haired Daur quickly but clumsily saluted their commander, almost dropping half her stuff in the process. - "O-Of course sir, I... Oops... Yes, I have everything here and ready!" - She said, suddenly changing her mind on the equipment carrying logistics, and holstering her pistol again to dedicate both arms and hands to the explosives, intending on leaving the whole shooting part to her companions. - "Suppression team, counting on you two!" - Said the girl as she ran after the boss.

Upon reaching the slope indicated by their temporary member, she was quick to drop to her knees and get to work. There was no time to lose, team two was at risk, but she had to do her part. The main reason she got in this team to begin with was her expertise with explosives, and if she couldn't do that right, then who would? Setting up a few wires, hammering a few pistons on the sandy floor... Within a few seconds that felt almost like an eternity, the girl was done and now she could help with the firing as well.

Her black white-tipped tail waving around to get rid of the sand, the Daur unholstered her smg with her right hand and kept the detonator on her left as she retreated away from the blast's radius. Despite the situation, she felt her heart pumping with excitement. Explosions on sandy terrains like this, are a special kind of fun and after a brief moment of imagining it, she turned back to her commander. - "Sir, everything is ready, awaiting your command! Team, get ready for a minor sandstorm!" - She said, ready to trigger the detonator.