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RP: Neshaten Division 5, Case 03 Part 1: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

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Yinri was too worked up to consciously appreciate the words, at first, falling over bodily as they attempted to twist around and defend Arynn- Only to find that their superheated gun was not only disconnected from it's power source, but had also welded itself to her metal right hand. Rolling back around, her reflexes told her to draw a backup sword- Not exactly possible either.

"...Arynn?... Capn'Leo?... are you-" A moment of squabbling for breath, rolling onto Cirillo's leg, before the shock of just how quickly the situation had changed hit them.

What the heck were these things? If they were enemies, why weren't they dead already?

Sense returning into their rotund head just a little, their eye observed the elongated silhouettes, trying to compare them to any alien tech reports she'd seen... Was this... powered armour? Or were these genetically engineered creatures?... Unless they were Laibe in highly specialized armour?... The tech base was just way beyond what the Neshaten could produce, surely...

"...If you 'nought us enemies, why didn' j'yous just declare your presence 'ere?!" It sounded tougher than they felt. They were focused on the eyes and tail of the aggressors- Bad translation of that part of Shukaren body language was a dead giveaway for aliens. "What's the big idea 'ere!?"

Didn't know Kil'nda all that well, but maybe his senses rung true?


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It was as if Cirillo's own grenade blew back on his own team. The roar of the explosion was matched with the swiftest non-lethal takedown he'd ever seen. He managed to avoid getting directly hit himself, but he tripped backwards in the chaos. After a brief moment of confusion, he kicked himself off the ground and leveled his SMG once again.

They specifically kept us alive. There was no need to cut Yinri's weapon or avoid using the sharp of the blade. And that gap for ears and a tail. A Shukaren who emigrated to Nepleslia? He couldn't say if Nepleslia had their best interest in minds, but if they sided with the terrorists, then why would they have shown mercy?

Cirillo slowly flicked the safety back on his SMG and slung it back over his chest.

"Let's calm down everyone," Cirillo encouraged, raising his two hands open in the air in front of his chest. "Two non-adversarial special forces have clashed. Let's not do anything rash and make it worse. Both of us have injured that should be taken care of. Let's attend to that and exchange information, okay?"

Cirillo couldn't help but feel a bit bad for the grenade that injured the newcomer's friend, so the faster they could receive first-aid, the better.


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Arynn shot her pistol as the armored unknown started moving, panic quickly growing as they rapidly approached her with her needles bouncing off harmlessly. One of her arms went in for a quick strike only to get shut down as the assailant bopped the fennec girl directly on the nose, stunning her and making her fall right on her ass as her vision flashed up with stars and cracks. "ACK!" The operative screeched, spending a precious moment clutching at her bruised skull and writhing in pain. By the time she'd gotten back to her sense, the little Daur has missed the order from the figures - but she could tell by the lack of overall gunfire that the fighting wasn't going to continue - for now.

Clutching her temple just in front of her left ear, the fennec gal's bloodied eyes shot daggers at the tall.... Eared-and-tailed creatures...

Shit. Were they some of those weird, tall mutants that typically left for the cat place? Their armor wasn't blindingly bright, though.

Arynn coughed to clear her throat. "What are you, mercenaries? Assassins? You've been fighting KF and now you choose to spare us, you're no amateurs. Why are you here," her roughed-up, but still squeaky voice inquired.