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RP: Neshaten [Division 5] - Interview 1 - Arynn Sher'Meso


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master
RP Date
Late YE40 (Nov)
RP Location
Nesha Prime - Div5 Central HQ
Netoshen - Division 5 Central Command
Director Vaughns Office

The office had a modest and almost practical themed decour, a single moderate desk took up most of the rear of the room with several monitors and stacks of paper. Several simple plants lined the walls with an overall calming aura about the room.

Two figures stood silently in the office, Director Vaughn Li'Veero of Division 5 and one of the Netoshen branches' captains, Leo Ci'Rado. The two had been good friends for years prior to the formation of the specialist CT group and now that Leo had stepped up to take on the position of a Captain, he needed a team. For the entire week the two would be busy interviewing the newest operators, gauging them orally as well as checking their recruitment records.

"Send in the next one." Director Vaughn said into his earpiece, the secretary outside sure to be listening.

"Alright Miss Sher'Meso, you've been requested to enter. Good luck in there." The laibe woman said giving a small smile to the short Daur in the waiting area.

Arynn Sher'Meso stood up from her chair calmly, her tail anxiously wavering from side to side as she did so. She'd arrived fifteen minutes early on the dot, as she always tried to do; being early is being on time, and being on time is being late. That's what mom always said. She gave the laibe a confidant nod, however, and proceeded through the door, her neat gingery hair neatly tucked away at the back of her head. She blinked a few times, calmly, her hands clasped together in front of her politely. Given the nature of a meeting like this, it would be odd for her to not at least formally introduce herself.

"Good evening, my name is Arynn Sher'Meso." Confident, but polite. She still had no idea why she was called to a meeting this early in the night, though. And on such a short notice...

"Good evening to you as well Miss Sher'Meso, good to see you came early. We haven't properly met but I am Director Vaughn Li'Veero of Division 5, and this is Captain Leo Ci'Rado. We called you here tonight for a special interview of sorts." Vaughn began, staring intently at the small Daur with an emotionless expression. "You applied to join the Division almost as soon as it was officially formed correct? What was your motive behind taking up such a position?" The Laibe continued, golden eyes assessing Arynn from head to toe.

"The exact same reason I joined the Division of Public Safety. I want to protect my family and my people in the best way possible. With the rising terrorist threats, Division Five was an excellent candidate for me to participate in to prevent those threats from becoming reality as often as possible." Arynn's green eyes, unusual but not unheard of for a Daur, glistened passionately as she spoke; her tail had stilled itself, settling behind her for the time being.

Vaughn's own tail was swishing slowly from side to side as he considered the Daur before him; unlike many other Laibes he didn't look down on the Daur with the same superior attitude, as long as people did their job and were courteous he had no problems with anyone. "I see, that's a commendable reason. Looking at the records it says you have a twin brother and a younger sister, as well as your parents who both work in good honest jobs," Vaughn said calmly. He'd spent plenty of time before the interview reading up on their files.

"Well, we're glad to have you with us Operator Sher'Meso, I understand you are employed as an intelligence operator currently. I'm Captain Ci'Rado, as you know, and I'm looking to put together a special Ai'Seru. You happened to be an operator on my list for an interview." The white haired Daur said with a smile, reaching a hand out to Arynn, meeting hers as it responded in kind.

The handshake was polite, short, and simple. "Indeed; my sister was, in fact, the primary reason I had joined the Division." Her breathing had started to slow down from the nervous, quick breaths that she took when she first entered the office; perhaps it was the atmosphere of proffesionalism the Captain and Director were putting off, or the friendlines from the handshake. Whatever the cause, it certainly was soothing the childlike Daur's nerves.

Leo nodded to her once again, "It's good to see people working for the sake of others rather than themselves; as you can imagine, the yearly salery of this job has attracted the wrong crowds on more than one occasion. Though we wouldn't just take your words as law, we've done plenty of research into you and your family; you could call that a proof of identity check and you passed."

Taking a seat behind his desk, the Director spoke up, "Now as Captain Ci'Rado mentioned, he's looking to form a special Ai'Seru unit under my surpervision. Because fo your morals and proven skills as an Intelligence operator you were selected for an interview, now that the preliminary tasks are cleared we can begin." The Laibe said with the same aura of authority he always seemed to have about him.

"Before we begin briefing you however, you may ask any questions you still have about what we've told you, anything you're cleared to hear we will tell you."

The redheaded girl nodded as she, too, sat down, her burnt orange tail's snowy tip poking around her left side for a few moments. She formed a question in her mind quickly, sending it out into the cool office's air clearly, "I understand the intended goal and purpose of this division. I am curious - what, exactly, is our intended area of operation in regards to the terrorists?" This question was followed by another, "Will the operatives be able to meet each other properly before the Ai'Seru's first operation?"

"Good questions, I can tell why you became an intelligence operator. To answer your first question, we have district headquarters in almost all major locations across the globe, currently we only have a strong presence on Nesha Prime and not the rest of the system. For our specific unit, we will be the first internationally operating Ai'Seru since the very first one that was made almost a year ago." Leo answered easily, most people knew the stories of how Vaughn had formed the division almost a year ago and single handidly reduced the terror threat in Netoshen by almost 15%

"As for your second question, yes, once interviews conclude and the members are chosen there will be a group briefing and a timespan of about 3 days for everyone to get acquainted before we leave. Need to be able to trust in the people you work with after all."

The warm-colored Daur nodded coolly, thinking to herself, Not what I meant to ask, but still nice to know where we'll eventually move to. Darn words... Her lips were pursed, tensing up slightly before speaking, "That's quite true. Thank you. My last question for now is..." Think, Arynn! Think! "...Wwwhhhat activities, are we intending to undertake?"

"To begin with we're going to follow up on several leads to stop an ilegal and dangerous explosive production lab, currently we know it operates at an abandoned site outside the city but our last lead went dark. So to summarise your answer, we'll be doing some detective worwork followed by a heavily armed assault." Leo said beaming at her, his ears pointed and alert with excitement.

Arynn's nose flexed a bit and scrunched up in a mix of confusion and frustration. How many times do I need to ask... "Thank you - what I mean to ask, though, is, what is intended average operation going to be? Investigations, infiltrations, combat? All of the above...?"

"Oh I see, well lets see. For the most part we're going to be a strike force, attacking known locations and capturing or killing terrorists and criminals, on top of that we'll be doing all our own data gathering so I guess our main tasks will be info gathering and both covert and loud raids. Does that better answer your question?" The captain said a little sheepishly while rubing the back of his head.

The miniature Daur nodded coolly. "Yes, thank you."

"Is there anything else you'd like to ask?" Leo said, glad they'd finally managed to understand each other over what should have been an easy question, maybe he really had lost his people skills like his sister claimed.

The Sher'Meso operative thought to herself before confidently shaking her head negatively. "Not at this time. Thank you for answering my questions." After a second, she smirked a bit. "Though, I believe that I'm the one who's supposed to be interviewed."

"Touche, although I already had full intentions to have you on the team despite this interview. For the sake of formality and as a small excuse to properly meet each other first, however, I set up the interviews." Leo said, smiling back at her still, she would be an interesting one to have along. "Now that that's concluded, it's time to move on to a short briefing of our first mission, mostly background info to help catch you up." He explained.

Nodding, the freshly-assigned Operative's ear twitched. "Alllrighty," she stated confidently.

"Now, since you're the first one I've interviewed please forgive me if I'm a little rough when it comes to explaining this next part. As you're no doubt aware from the activity around the headquarters, there has been several minor operations already set in motion in responce to an increase in underground gun traffiking. The organisation has already begun circulating tampered guns to help us track down large stockpiles and find their dealing locations." Leo explained.

"Our first operation will be recon of several confirmed sites where we tracked several or more of our tampered weapons, it will be a strictly non-engagement operation unless absolutely vital or we get an order change from higher up."

"Ah." That's pretty smart, too. Sliiightly risky, but with excellent return.

"Well, that's really the best explanation I can give for the time being, there'll be a formal briefing once the team is assembled next week where I'll be able to go more in depth. Was there anything else about it you wanted clarified?" Leo asked, wondering what to do next if she simply said no, he supposed it would be the end of the interview if that were the case and he could get back to work. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing then.

Arynn shook her head negatively, green eyes focused forward. "No, that is all - thank you, Mr. Ci'Rado."

"Very well, then you are dismissed operator. You're to report to the war room a week from today at 08:00 for further briefing and formal activation of your new assignment. Until then I suggest you keep a good balence of training both physically and mentally." Leo spoke with an eager glint in his eye like a child waiting for christmas day.

"And don't forget to brush up on proper situation etiquette, that's Captain Ci'Rado to you unless told otherwise Operator Sher'Meso." Came the chilling voice of the so far stoney director who hadn't looked up from his work to deliver his small message.