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RP: Neshaten [Division 5] Licking Wounds


Game Master
RP Date
Ye 41
RP Location
Division 5 Safehouse
"Sir~ it really wasn't your f~" Kyet winced slightly as her burns were treated with an alcohol swab, the busty operator sitting there with her uniform peeled down to her waist, exposing the black sports bras that kept her assets in check and the light definition that her sporty form contained, the young woman's brow furrowed as she looked across to Hana sitting on the bed across from her - getting his knife wound cleaned up a bit after the healers had sealed it up, Leo just shaking his white haired head at them both, a low chuckle rumbling under his breath.

"I was leading us and it's my responsibility to ensure you both get home safely - I partially failled in that regard today," Leo disputed them as he glanced over the injured pair of Daur, Kyet's golden green eyes looking across to Hana, hoping the newly formed team's occasional drunkard would back her up where her words failed, even if he had been eyeing her up a tad.

Hana seemed silent. He had been rather silent throughout the entire trip back to base. Maybe it was blood loss, though even now, having more transplanted and looking a far bit healthier and less pale again, he was still silent. It wasn't the Hana people would expect him to be, the snippy, no-nonsense arrogant bastard he usually was. No, he was just silent. Flattened ears and a tail that was completely still, before rapidly flicking to one side and being still once more. He was in a foul mood, that was at least obvious. Though the eyes that occasionally lingered on Kyet weren't harsh, condemning or even angry. They were guilty, pitiful. A man with his pride hurt and his bravado it's teeth kicked him. Not sad - not even ashamed. Just angry, with no one but himself. There weren't words to back Kyet up, there weren't words of protest or his ever so charming quips. It was clear the Daur blamed only himself. Despite Leo's assurances and despite Kyet's protests against him taking the blame.

Her ears dropped slightly as it seemed Kyet was the one to cover her own hide, fair enough, she was used to it when she was an agent, "Sir we~ we walked into an ambush when we thought we were just checking out a weapons stash~ we couldn't have known, none of us are at fault~" the quietest Operative murmured, her inflection directing that last part towards the both of them as Kyet rubbed the top of her chest's swell with one hand, the pressure wave that shunted her chestplate back into her chest had hurt and bruises were already forming beneath her sports bras.

"I was the head of your team and you paid the price for my negligence, it won't happen again but I will not let either of you take the blame for my folly, is that understood~?" Leo spoke a little firmer, his snowy brow creasing slightly as Kyet let the healers trim up the burnt fur on her tail, eyes diverted to the floor.

"Let's stop with the self-serving of bullshit," Hana piped up. Glancing over at Kyet and Leo as he finally decided to speak again. A soft whince following as he spoke, but nevertheless, he continued. "Let's be real here - I triggered the trap, I alerted them to our presence, I got hit and I'm the dysfunct piece of shit in this unit." He spoke again, slowly getting to his feet with a pained grunt, before gathering the crutch that had been left for him. "So, blame me, insult me and shit on me, feel free to, but I'm going for a goddamn smoke regardless," he added finally. Though as he spoke, it was as if the room had gotten several degrees colder. And with the dignity a now limp Hana could muster, he softly clicked throughout the room, headed for the door. He had said his piece and didn't seem all too interested in discussing or even arguing about it.

The last thing he'd see before leaving was a frown mirrored on the faces of both Leo and Kyet as a few of the healers who were doing their job stood there wide-eyed, the chesty young Daur swallowing thickly and offering her superior a look that simply said I got this before moving out after Hana - her shapely legs catching up with the injured and brooding Daur quickly even if Kyet did wince a bit from her own body feeling tender, "...hey, Hana~? hold up a second~" she requested.

The tapping footsteps caused Hana to glance over his shoulder. Though despite her request, he didn't seem to slow down. Continuing to click his way over to the locker rooms. She'd catch up, after all. "What?" He asked rather bluntly, eyes be falling Kyet with the same somber guilt and brooding outlook they had in the medical ward. Though he pushed the door of the locker rooms open regardless. Clicking over to his locker and practically ripping it open.

"Just... listen~ you don't need to say anything if you don't want to~" Kyet spoke softly yet her words carried weight as she forced herself to look him in the eyes even if while standing behind Hana and looking at the mirror built into the door of his locker, one of her hands wrapping under her chest to grip at her elbow as the ex-agent spoke further.

"You~ you don't blame a bodyguard for getting in the way of a bullet intended for a VIP... or a tank for getting hit by a stinger so~" her eyes shimmered a bit in the reflection, the green and gold pigment glimmering in the artificial light of the locker room, "~so please don't blame yourself for setting off a trap~ nobody got hurt badly from it and I'd say you have... well~ played hero enough today, so don't beat yourself up over it, okay?" Kyet finished, words were never her specialy and especially not some kind of pep talk like this but damn it was she trying.

Hana locked eyes with Kyet in the mirror as she spoke. The door slamming shut again after he retrieved the pack of cigarettes and Kyet having finished her talk. He turned on his feet and started to limp out again. "A body guard intends to do that - though shit for the tank. Not for me, I should've seen it," he added with a sigh. Moving out to limp down the hall again. "And I'm by no means a hero, a hero gets shit done, is an example. Me?" He shook his head. "I'm none of those - and I don't intend to be either." He answered as he leaned forward against the heavy, metal door to push it open. Before sucking in a deep breath. "I am beating and will beat myself up about it - don't you tell me it isn't my fault, because it is."

Kyet huffed and hastened her pace to put herself ahead of hana once he entered the hallway before turning around with ears that flattened back against her hair out of frustration, "I'm not going to spend all day telling you this~ I have a report to fill out but you protected me and I appreciate that, regardless of what lead to that situation~" the female Daur huffed again, chest rising and falling above the exposed part of her taut and trim abdomen, "...just~ remember what is done is done and don't lose yourself to your penance... regret is a heavy thing~" Kyet finished with a frown, turning back on the heel of her boot and preparing to part ways at the approaching junction in the hallway, pulling her suit back onto her shouders with a tender little murmur.

"I'm glad you appreciate it. Though don't forget who put you in there as well," was all Hana retorted. Watching as Kyet turned to leave. Regarding her with a soft sigh. Regret a heavy thing? The poor, young thing couldn't even fathom. "I just need a bit of time to be pissed with myself, 's all," he assured. Before sighing and stepping out to be greet by the chilly evening air.

She did pause at a doorway though, looking back to Hana with that same frown before Kyet wandered off to go find her fresh exercise uniform, that'd be much nicer than this skin tight thing once she managed to wash all the blood out of her fur~