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Approved Character Drake Demascus (NDC)


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The humans of Osman were not Nepleslian but human, as seen here in a "Native Human":
And if they are Nepleslian, it's not from a group from a few decades ago.

Otherwise seems good enough, though I wish BRRF was submitted, along with SABER of which his rank comes from, to make the intersection of the two in his rank and organization easier to follow.

Jack Pine

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I fixed the rank to be that of BRRF which was 4am slip for me lol, apologies. I gave him a correct rank, and gave a direct url to the BRRF section of the NDC military ranks page. I also corrected which form of human he was, I think I may have been confused with their neighboring system of Avalon which was Nepleslian colonists, again apologies. I hope that puts everything in order.

I do have a page for the BRRF, it still needs some work, but we currently have a hold on military related submissions in the NDC to complete the more important culture and government pages we've been needing to fill in for a while now. I hope the section on them in the rank page will suffice until I can polish off and submit the fleshed out article for them.