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RP: YSS Kaiyō During Mission Ten: Prompt Like Always

YSS Kaiyo

Hoshiyo jumped when she heard the man on the ramp call to her. She quickly walked over to the group and by the time she got there it was obvious that she was not the only new crewmember which she was happy about as she did not want to be the single point of failure.

She stopped before the group and put her duffle bag down and thought about bowing but she decided it was too informal for that but instead she made sure that she was not interrupting a conversation before speaking.

"Helle I'm Hoshiyo I will be your technician or more likely one of many. Anyway, I'm looking forward to serving with all of you on this fine ship but I was told something about sharing a cabin with Teiji, any ideas?"
Outside the YSS Kaiyo II

There she was, all docked up and undergoing what looked to be repairs. Able glanced down over his papers, signaling his transfer from the now esteemed Imperator, to the much smaller Kaiyo II. This wasn't meant as an insult to Able. He enjoyed working aboard a variety of different vessels, if nothing more than to learn all about them and how they functioned in comparison to others. As far as he was concerned, this was just another adventure. Stepping towards the main ramp, he could already see a mass of people from within, most of them probably new, and meeting senior crew members to discuss cabin arrangements and all that. Able had no need for a cabin, as he did not sleep.

The android did look worse for wear, though... He was only days removed from a massive encounter with the Kuvexian fleet, him and his short-lived Imperator wingmates. It was amazing how fast word had traveled, and he could feel the eyes of those working in the starport, as they murmured to each other about, 'the robot who had served on that one ship.' The attention was more annoying than flattering, to be completely honest. Today was a new day. Leaving his first battle and its hardships behind, and starting somewhere new. The Imperator was set to be decommissioned, so any trace of where he had once been was all but gone. His true service started here. Even if it wasn't as grand.

As he ascended the ramp, Able paused, not seeing a single gap where he could slip past everyone in his way. He just kind of... Stood there awkwardly, eyes shifting behind his black shades to view each of the newcomers individually. Most would see his stare and be made quite uncomfortable, but that didn't deter the android, who was still getting accustomed to the whole human emotions deal. As he suspected, cabin talk and other trifle speech... He just wanted to know where he could find the hangar bay, and the craft he'd be piloting. He'd quite liked that Mamushi he was assigned on the Imperator... Perhaps they had a few in service here as well?
YSS Kaiyo II

"Oh my there's certainly more people here now!" the bird said, waving. Kiki turned to Hoshiyo and said "Welcome! I'm another technician here, nice to meet you. I'm Kikios, or just Kiki for short." The winged mechanic was somewhat relieved to meet another technician who was part of the crew. She glanced over the panel ancily, and quickly made one last minor adjustment to the wiring. She tested it with the voltmeter again- "Ah, perfect! Now it's fixed," she exclaimed, putting the panel back on and stowing the voltmeter away in her tool kit.
YSS Kaiyō II

Junko glided down from her posting to where Hoshiyo and Kiki were with Able and said, "I think I have just the thing for you three. Please, if you would come with me," Junko then pointed to a netted resting area for other SAoY standard issued duffel bags. "Duffels can go right there..."

She walked them out of the YSS Kaiyō II's hangar, a big beaut of a Fuji-class ship that loomed over the personnel and technicians under it. Once out of the shadow of the Fuji-class, they entered the adjacent hangar, where a dozen of the same fighter that the Douryo had become acquainted with.

The Mamushi, which were all positioned so that they were ready to roll out from the hangar. Half of them had the twin seats and half did not, the B model.

"Able will be flying today, but which one of you will be flying with him in the B model?"
YSS Kaiyo II
Home - AKA The Ramp

Teiji studied the woman as she approached the group, introducing herself as Hoshiyo and asking about being assigned a cabin with him - of all people. An unamused and bland expression settled upon his face as he looked at Hoshiyo. He was already contemplating whether or not to hunt down a spot that he could be away from everyone without much hassle when not on duty, or sleeping. “Of course.” He said smiling after a moment as he replied to Hoshiyo, “Cabin Five. I’ve already unpacked, and it seems there’s someone whose bunking there already. But frankly, I wasn’t aware I would be bunking with anyone else, so this was quite a pleasant surprise.” He finished holding the slight smile for a moment before his smile disappeared, and his attention drifting towards the bottom of the ramp.

From the crowd approached a man, yet this time port technicians stopped what they were doing and began whispering amongst themselves as they watched the disheveled man approach the ramp. Teiji noted that the man approaching didn’t seem lost, and looked a little worse for wear, but as the man eventually drew closer he immediately recognized the pilot. After all… news traveled fast, and as someone who tried his best to keep track of major deployments or engagements that involved a very specific class of battleships. This man was most likely from the Imperator, one of the eldest Sharie-class Battleships in the fleet, and one that recently returned to drydock. Rumors around the port earlier in the day as he made his way to the Kaiyo mentioned that the Star Army Fleet had engaged with a Kuvexian fleet relatively recently. The engagement was a victory for the Empire, thankfully, but now one of the ships was being decommissioned from service - or so rumors had mentioned.

He knew the sacrifices and struggles of war, and in this moment he actually felt unsettled by what he was getting himself into. He glanced over at the other Santo Hei’s around him, and the few wandering down the ramp. He was with a crew that was green as grass, aside from a few. Many of them haven’t had any actual combat experience, and while he himself was successful in the simulations as a weapons operator, it would pale in comparison to an actual fight against enemies that weren’t mere programmed AI. He swallowed the lump in his throat and released a soft sigh as a way to rid the existential crisis that he just created for himself - he was human… no artificial body… no back-up. His stomach felt knotted and it made him want to puke, but he remained stoic outwardly.

Out of respect, Teiji offered a slight bow towards the Douryo and held out his arm towards the interior of the ship - moving slightly out of the way so that the man could pass them. Of course, his hand immediately returned to his side the moment he saw Junko wander up and began leading the others down the ramp.

The Kaiyo didn’t have any fighters aboard, and to distract himself from his crisis, he watched the three descend down the ramp towards what appeared to be another hangar, as he followed at a slight distance, curious. ‘The Kaiyo doesn’t have a fighter compliment… so I don’t know what we’re planning on doing with a fighter pilot aboard. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if he was here to pilot some transports…’
Cabin 5 nothing wrong with that. She was about to reply saying that she heard about a two female one male policy but she was interrupted by the arrival of another.

Hoahiyo put her duffel bag down in the resting area and followed the others into the hanger. “Very impressive fighters” she said before turning to the one that had lead them there “I’m sorry but I don’t think you have introduced yourself” Hoshiyo face went red as she felt like she should know who was standing before her.
Junko looked to Hoshiyo and said in a polite voice, "Ittô Heisho Takeda Junko. I am the technician that has been working on the space craft since they arrived here."

"Though," Junko continued, "your ship has never had a fighter on board, it has been deemed necessary for the future. I'm sure your captain has more to tell you all."

Ever-shy, Junko looked away from Hoshiyo and Able, biting her lip after she had spoken, then added after looking back, "Who will be going together?"
YSS Kaiyo II Ramp / Mamushi Hangar

When the new female jumped down to meet the new arrivals, Able was originally surprised at her forwardness, but decided to follow her to wherever she was leading them nonetheless. Placing his bag where instructed, he fell into step beside Junko as they moved into the separate hangar. It was packed full of Mamushi-class fighters, a sight that almost put a smile on Able's face, but unsurprisingly didn't. Leaving Hoshiyo's side, he approached one of the fighters, fingers running along its cold, metal side.

It was true that Able's transfer to the Kaiyo II was a strange one. For a ship that never had fighters aboard in the past, one would certainly be scratching their heads at Able's inclusion, him being the sole fighter pilot aboard the ship at this point in time. All he really knew was that his mission involved acting as an extra pair of guns, of sorts. Someone in the higher-ups must have been impressed with his brief track record, and thus was given the simple task of protecting the Kaiyo II at all costs. Surely he couldn't be alone up there, could he? Such a task would be suicide.

He reeled back when he heard word of being accompanied by someone on his flight. He'd never flown with another, before. "If I may interject..." He said, his cold, calm voice finally being made heard. "I see no reason in bringing along another crew member. I fly adequately on my own. No disrespect intended, of course." He told Junko, his expression flat and his body revealing no hidden language.