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Dyno-Might Reporting for Duty!


Dossier Decryption Initiated
Code Name:
Squadron: 3rd Squadron, Radical Wing
Primary Flight System: The Crimson-Spitfire
Secondary Flight Systems: the Havoc-Copter and the Blackthorn Buffalo

Greetings everyone, I'm here looking for a good time as a Ne'er-do-well sticking up for the little guy when all hope seems lost. Whether it is threading a needle with my custom built starship or overcoming my enemies with quick thinking, you can bet that Dyno-Might is always up to the task!

P.S. I look forward to playing with all of you :)


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FM of Yamatai
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Hi Kevin and welcome to the Star Army RP forum! I'm Wes, the creator/admin of this awesome little corner of the web. I hope you enjoy discovering, experiencing, and adding to the universe we've created.

When you have questions, don't be afraid to ask them. One of two things will happen:
  • It's on our wiki and we're going to point you to the info. :)
  • Your question is going to make us think about something and the answer is going to get added to the wiki.
Either way it's a win-win.


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Hi, welcome to SARP!

I run the 188604 plot. The characters there are looking to staff up while they 'uplift' a primitive world and I believe our resident PMC leader is actually looking to hire a bunch of star ship captains to get a fleet up and running. Feel free to check out our Plot Page or our little corner of the site.

If you want to RP you can hop right into the Open RP area but if you want to get involved in a major plot you'll need to get your character approved (and also that ship if you want to use it!). You may want to have a look at some other starship articles on the wiki and see what is expected.


Just realized your avatar is the radical squadron.



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And again, welcome to SARP. I run...uh...not really anything, at all.

But I've got a ton of RP experience. So I guess you can toss questions my way.


Arigatou gozaimasu!

I'm already talking to Zack about how the Radical 3 can help him out, but what would you recommend Rhysis? Any RP areas of particular fun and interest?


Paperwork, that sounds disheartening. Please tell me you're job includes: The shredding of excessive paperwork by fire!! Or something cool like that.


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Kevin, there's always the RPs in the Open Roleplaying section. Because of the huge variety and open style of the RP, I'm partial to the Ayenee Crossover thread, myself. But, admittedly, that's also because I got my start in Ayenee Chat rooms.

As far as things happening in regular Canon RPs? That really depends on what you like to play. One big decision would be whether you want to play a member of Yamatai or one of the other factions. Yamatai is either loved or hated by most characters. Some have a more neutral viewpoint, but most of those are because of business interests.
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