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OOC [Elysia] Ascension

It's Ascension Time!

  • Who: Anyone who wants to participate in the (re)birth of the second-oldest faction.
  • What: A political-themed plot with lots of planning and little combat. If you aren't into verbal sparring matches or debates, this plot probably isn't going to be very interesting for you.
  • Where: Right here.
  • When: Right now. That's right, people - the Elysian Celestial Empire is a Player Faction once more.
  • Why: Simple - I was so moved by the genuine concern and honest passion expressed by @xImmortalxBeauty and @Zack, I just had to do something to satisfy their sincere requests.
  • How: Via using the Quick N' Easy Character Template™ shown below:
<Instructions: Replace the carrots ("<" and ">") and the text within them with your own text. Once finished, delete the "Social Connections" section (unless you completed it) and delete these instructions. DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING ELSE, AS IT WILL MESS UP THE FORMATTING.>

[b]Name:[/b] <Your character's name.>

[b]Age:[/b] <Your character's age.>

[b]Gender:[/b] <Your character's gender.>

[b]Species:[/b] <Your character's species - Patrician is *strongly preferred, but Caelisolans are also acceptable.>

[b]Appearance:[/b] <Your character's appearance, condensed into one to three sentences. Be sure to include skin color, hair color, eye color, wing color and shape, and general build (thin, tall, smol, thicc, well-muscled, et cetera).>

[b]Personality:[/b] <Your character's personality, condensed into one to three sentences.>

[b]Position/Occupation:[/b] <Your character's job within Elysian society (Senator, CEO, et cetera).>

[b]Social Connections:[/b] <Optional; include any family members/foes/friends your character has.>

[b]Political Affiliation(s):[/b] <Your character's political affiliation(s) with the Elysian political and/or religious factions.>

Here's an example of the above template:

Name: Barachiel Valeria

Age: 157

Gender: Male

Species: Patrician

Appearance: With his imposing over-eight-feet-tall physical presence, well-muscled physique, classic white angelic wings (complete with the gigantic wingspan God had given to his chosen creations), neatly-groomed black hair, piercing amber eyes, and stark facial features, Barachiel is a stark reminder of Elysia's ancient times of glory - and a stunning example of the Patrician's elegant power.

Personality: Matching his aristocratic appearance, Barachiel is charismatic, intelligent, and extraordinarily ambitious, traits which have all served him well during his career in the military, in the church, and - most recently - in the Senate. Known for often taking outrageous all-or-nothing risks in order to achieve his goals - then succeeding via improvisation and creativity - and for his fanatical devotion to the concept of "leading by example," Barachiel's passionate and (mostly) honest critique of Elysian society has won him followers from virtually every major political and religious faction in Elysia. What said followers don't know, however, is that Barachiel also ignores conventions and rules (even laws) when they don't suit him - and should someone ever make the mistake of failing or betraying him...

Position/Occupation: Senator; formerly an Exarch and a high-ranking officer in the Elysian Planetary Defense Force.

Social Connections: Lailah Valeria (wife, deceased); Machariel Valeria (son, deceased); Selaphiel Valeria (daughter)

Political Affiliation(s): Neutral

Lastly, for those of you wondering what the political factions in Elysia actually are:

There's two religious ones and two political ones; although it's effectively impossible to be a part of both religious parties or both political parties, most Elysians - especially Senators are affiliated with one political faction and one religious faction. My apologies if that's a bit confusing, as I typed this up in somewhat of a hurry - please send me a PM either here or on Discord if you have any questions.

The Populares consist primarily of Caelisolans (though also include a handful of Patricians) and comprise 47.51% of the Senate, or 238 Senators. They (unsurprisingly) favor populism, the reduction of the vast social inequity between Patricians and Caelisolans, the removal of the restrictions barring Caelisolans from the higher orders of civil servants, the equalization of the distribution of psomi between Patricians and Caelisolans, and the reformation of the notoriously Patrician-biased welfare and education systems. Most Populares tend to be relatively youthful and representatives of the poorer suburban and agrarian districts.

The Optimates, in contrast, consist entirely of Patricians and make up 48.90% of the Senate, or 245 Senators. They (also unsurprisingly) favor conservatism, the preservation of the pre-existing Patrician-dominated aristocracy, the preservation of the restrictions barring Caelisolans from the higher orders of civil servants, the preservation of the current distribution of psomi between Patricians and Caelisolans, and the preservation of the welfare and education system's current structure. Most Optimates tend to be relatively old and representatives of the wealthier suburban and urban districts.

The Sacrae (Purists) comprise primarily of Patricians (along with a dozen or so Caelisolans) and tend to favor the belief that Elysians - and only Elysians - have souls, the concept that Elysians are superior in affairs both temporal and spiritual, and that non-Elysians should be looked down upon with, for barbarians have no place whatsoever within the ranks of the Church or society. Their ranks include 223 of the 501 Senators, 3 of the 7 Exarchs, and 73 of the 159 Episkopos.

The Mollesco (Moderates), on the other hand, consist of Caelisolans (plus a couple of Patricians) and tend to favor the belief that all sentient individuals have souls, that Elysians are equal in all affairs, and that those who wish to worship the Lord (and correct the errors of their beliefs) should be allowed to do, regardless of race. Their numbers include 220 of the 501 Senators, 3 of the 7 Exarchs, and 71 of the 159 Episkopos.
Apolpgies for the lack of a post this week @META_mahn and @paladinrpg - due to a hectic work schedule and familial politics (essentially being told "either return the laptop or find another place to live"), I haven't really had the time to sit down and write up a post. :oops:


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Apolpgies for the lack of a post this week @META_mahn and @paladinrpg - due to a hectic work schedule and familial politics (essentially being told "either return the laptop or find another place to live"), I haven't really had the time to sit down and write up a post. :oops:
Wow, that's harsh. But I haven't had much time myself, between sick daughter, some temp work, and a hamster funeral...
Once again, science has shown that FrostJaeger takes forever to write GM posts.

Apologies, fammu - I've been feeling kinda...depressed for the past couple of weeks due to reasons unknown. >.<

Anyhoo, after @META_mahn and @Arbitrated reply I'll make one last GM post to wrap up the thread. Next one will (hopefully) start the week after next, as I'm working overtime this week. T-T

@Alex Hart and @club24, I'll try and post tonight or tomorrow in the side thread - though I can't make any promises >.<. Worst case, I'll be posting on my day off (Saturday, iirc).
Something something science confirms the obvious.

19 days is pathetic, even for me. I know I keep saying this, but sorry y'all. :oops:

Anyways, I hope to have a new thread up and running by the time my twenty-second birthday rolls around on April 5th. Apologies (again >.<) for the wait, but as those in the Elysian discord server already know one of my co-workers IRL effectively walked out on me at work, meaning that I have to cover his shifts in addition to my own. x_x

TL;DR: New thread by April 5th due to 45-hour+ work weeks.

I'm also going to try to post the rest of Ascension's plot plan and the overall faction plan for Elysia, but until my work schedule settles down I can't make any promises. :(

Lastly, I'm going to start making monthly updates for Elysia in a fashion/format/etc. similar to what @Legix does for Nepleslia. 10/10 originality, amirite?
Apologies for the hiatus, everyone - been trying to coalesce the plot plan in my head into something actually doable. The good news is that - as the screencaps I uploaded a few days ago demonstrate - I've finally come up with something. The bad news is that work is still taking up the vast majority of my free time, so I won't be able to start our next episode or wrap up the current one until my next day off this upcoming week - which I won't know until tomorrow. >.<


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It might be better to make short posts more often than try to wait for more free time.

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