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RP: Elysia [Elysia] ECV Raven, Pre Mission - Promises Made


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Elysia Novus
Public Spaceport

Icarus had been wandering the spaceport looking for the individual who's photo and name he was looking at on his datapad, Senna Damoscles, one of the applicants for the ECV Raven crew. It had only been a little over 10 minutes but thanks to peak hour traffic he'd had no luck finding her.

"Excuse me, Captain," came a young and feminine voice. And if Icarus looked uo, hend noting the young Elysian. Small in demeanor, covered in several layers of clothing. And a massive, leather-bound book clasped to her belt. "I... Presume you're captain of the ECV Raven? I'm Senna.," she stated, inclining her head in a curtsy.

Icarus looked down and noticed the shorter Elysian with what appeared to be a large book on her belt, "That is correct, I am Icarus Asellio captain of the newly commissioned ECV Raven and you must be Senna." He said outstretching a gloved hand.

She nodded and took his hand, giving it a strong shake, before taking a step back, folding her hands and holding them against her belt. "It's a pleasure meeting you, Captain Asellio. I hope you are doing well?"

"Now that the uh, interviews for lack of a better term, have started I am a little more at ease than previously, likewise I hope you are doing well and have not needed to miss anything important to be here." The large Raven winged Elysian motioned for her to walk with him as he moved to leave the port and headed for a waiting car, "We have much to discuss but first how about a little breakfast? I find food can be an excellent way to conduct business without all the overly serious tones."

Senna frowned, before letting out an awkward chuckle, falling into step next to Icarus. "My apologies, Captain. I have already had breakfast." A smirk followed her remark. "That doesn't mean I don't mind accompanying you for coffee whilst you eat. And whilst we discuss." She rolled her shoulders and rested one hand on the book, before she got into the waiting vehicle.

During the car trip Icarus remained silent, simply looking through his datapad and occasionally looking up just to give an empty stare to his guest before he returned to his documents, they quickly reached their destination however sparing the girl any more strange looks. Leaving the car he still remained silent and walked briskly into a nearby restaurant where he took a seat at one of the tables in the back of the building.

Senna was rather taken aback by the silence. And she didn't really have anything constructive to add either. So she just defaulted to looking out of the window as they went. As the car came to a halt and Icarus got out, Senna also scrambled to her feet and pulled herself out, breaking a small jog to catch up. She sat down in front of Icarus and glanced around. Before looking back at the captain and giving him a warm smile.

"Now lets get down to business, you have applied for a position on a ship with little to no information of what you will actually be doing, this is due to the nature of its mission and the information pertaining to it. I can see from your demeanor you are not an idiot and I shall not treat as one." Icarus said suddenly as his free hand blurred above the datapad entering all sorts of information before he placed it on the counter facing Senna and slowly slid it towards her, "Its a document you are required to sign in which you agree to disclose no information of this ship to anyone not cleared to know about it, that includes your family which for the time being you will be unable to contact."

She nodded slowly. Exactly as she had expected when seeing the hiring advert and when she applied. A soft breath was exhaled as she picked up the pad, adding her signature and fingerprints to it. She then slid it back across the table. "I'm glad to hear my intelligence won't be second guessed. But please, fill me in."

"Certainly, as I stated the true nature is of the utmost importance to some of our friends in the senate. You would have heard the stories of the original Patricians and how they were perfect beings, almost like gods? Well that's what we will be looking into." Icarus said having lowered his voice before he signaled for a waiter to take their order, he didn't order much other than a coffee and a couple of eggs.

"Just rumors and hearsay, even during my studies," she answered, before glancing up at the waiter, just requesting a coffee, giving the waiter a soft smile and a nod. "That would be... Extremely interesting. Though, I have to ask." She leaned in, arching an eyebrow. "What funding is available to us? How equipped is the Raven?"

Icarus paid for the food and drinks thanking the waiter before turning back to her, "Funding won't be an issue for the most part as it's being taken care of by the senate in a way, as for equipment we have a decommissioned Concordia class scout ship along with a supplied landing shuttle. Due to the nature of our mission weapons were deemed unnecessary which I agreed with however we were supplied with some other more scenario appropriate equipment." Icarus rested his elbows on the table and tapped his fingers together. "We have what we need to get the job done, and consumables such as food and water wont be an issue either."

She took a sip from her coffee, leaning back in her seat and lacing her fingers together. "I see," she answered, before sitting up again and stirring her coffee absent minded. "Were there a lot of other applicants for my position?"

Icarus considered his answer carefully as he took a sip from his own drink, "No, your position was only applied for by you. It seems that any of the other so called "scholars who I received applications from were also either mercs or some other previous combatant which is not what I was looking for."

"Hmm," she mused, before chuckling. "Yeah, jarheads," a deep breath came from Senna. "I've met with some, great people, but not really the best in delicate matters," she said with a soft chuckle.

"Indeed, which is why they wont be getting interviewed. Is there any other questions you'd like to ask before we sort out the details of you coming aboard?" Icarus asked sitting back in his chair as he went to work on his food.

"Nothing springs to mind," Senna answered after thinking it over for a brief moment, taking an absent-minded sip of her coffee as she did so.

"Well feel free to ask me anything anytime, the interview has taken a lot less time than I had accounted for, in the meantime why dont you tell me about yourself. As the captain I feel it's important I know the crew a little better than just a name and a face." Icarus had adopted a more laid back posture and appearance since the official business was out of the way.

"Oh," a soft twitch went through her wings. "Well, about myself," she chuckled softly as she tapped her spoon against the side of the coffee cup. "Well, I've applied as an archeologist. It's pretty obvious history is a passion of mine," she smiled softly. "I was always a curious one." She laced her fingers together in front of the cup, leaning forward slightly. "I don't really know why, but everything that led up to our current society," she cut herself off, shaking her head. "I love studying what made us, us."

"Well I hope this trip will give you plenty of insight into our past, and not just for your own sake either, if we fail to produce any results the ship will be decommissioned and all of us will have to return to society without being allowed to tell anyone what we did aboard the ship. A little solemn I know but that's the kind of stakes you play with when dealing in secret affairs." Icarus finished the last of his meal and drink and summoned the waiter once more to clear away for them.

"Tell me something else Senna, are you prepared to face death?"

She took a deep breath, nodding. "As I expected. Though, I'm not doing it for recognition. I'm doing it out of curiosity." The last question surprised her. But her gentle features turned to a deep frown and a determined look. "No," she stated. "Not if I can help it."

Icarus leaned closer to her adopting a serious expression, "I don't expect anyone to die, nor do I wish it as the fate for any of my crew, but if the situation presents itself where it seems like death is the only way out, I need you to keep fighting. You said you are not ready to face death, this is good as no one should be ready to die at this age, don't forget that no matter what situation you are presented with."

She shook her head with steeled nerves. "I'm not planning on letting anyone die," Senna answered, her jaw setting as she leaned back in her seat. "Not if I can help it, to fall into repetition."

Icarus nodded, "Glad to hear that Senna, if you have any other concerns about the mission now would be the time to ask, I don't expect it to be overly dangerous but we can't rule out the possibility of danger at the sites we'll be visiting."

"Just one," she answered with a sigh. "Now we're on the topic of death and ancient ruins carry the risk of making corpses unrecoverable." She sighed. "Cremate a dummy. Don't let my parents know."

Icarus clenched a fist and let out a strained sigh through his teeth as though trying not to cry out, "You have my word Senna, as long as I am breathing I will be doing everything I can to prevent you from dying. But, if I should fail in this I can assure you you will not be left behind, the Raven never leaves crew behind." He seemed slightly upset but it wasn't directed at her.

She shook her head. "I take care of myself," she answered, before smirking. "Save yourself. Save anyone else. I'm not too important. And pretty durable, apparently." She stated with a chuckle. "And I take care of others. I'd hate to see people end up hurt because of me." His shift in demeanor, the sudden change didn't escape her notice, though she didn't really mention any of it. Deciding not to pry.

Icarus nodded, "I can admire that but my stand hasn't changed, we leave no one behind." With that he stood and moved out of the booth, "Well I think we have covered everything we need to at this stage, it's been very pleasant speaking with you Senna and you should expect further contact in the future."

Senna finished her coffee and nodded momentarily as he suddenly got up. Getting up herself as well. "If you say so, you know how to contact me if needed, Captain," she answered after getting clumsily to her feet as well, extending her hand. "The pleasure was mine. And thank you."

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