• 📅 November 2022 is YE 44.8 in the RP. 1 IC month = 1 OOC month for the rest of the year.

SYNC End of the Giretsu Infantry, Start of Superior Soldiers


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To: Ketsurui-Shinjuku Hanako, Director of Star Army Personnel; SATA Director
From: Mizumitsu Benji, Rikugun Chief of Staff

Since its inception 5 year ago, the Giretsu have been a source of inspiration in not only for their advanced infantry tasks and drills, but also as an example of discipline and professionalism. But staffing their Giretsu Centuries have been slow due to current training practices.

With changes within Star Army Special Operations (related message attached), it has presented an opportunity to rectify this situation. To preserve the spirit of the Giretsu and to honor those willing to go through the sacrifices to earn the title of Giretsu, the Giretsu Infantry occupation is to be disbanded, effective the end of the 7th Month of YE 44.

Training is to be simplified and become graduate-level "Advanced Infantry Combat Course" provided by Area Armies regionally. The Rikugun recommends the School of Advanced Infantry Combat to switched to train a different Special Operations type or to be disbanded as it will not continue its current role.

The Star Army of Yamatai prides itself in its ability to adapt with the times and to correct mistakes. Long live the Empress and the Empire!

Mizumitsu Benji
Taisho, Rikugun Chief of Staff