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[End of Year 2014] - Can you Imagine

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Hey, everybody y'all, whoo!
Whoo, hey, everybody y'all, whoo!
Can you imagine, can you imagine, can you dig?
Can you imagine, can you imagine, can you dig?

Little Anthony and The Imperials - Can You Imagine

(This takes place between Mission 3 and 4. Canon is malleable due to Holiday Fun Time!)

Crimson Kestrel, Hangar
Yuletide season on the ISC Phoenix was the weird one.

Luca had assembled everyone to the cargo bay to look at the hybrid Lewis Pasco and Yuletide tree he'd made. It was a pine tree he'd managed to find somewhere with loaded GP-1 magazines and strings of threaded brass casings hanging off of it in addition to shiny, glittery spheres and candy canes. He was trying to be as inclusive as he could but ended up getting a lukewarm, glurgey and juxtaposedly bizarre looking tree that almost looked like modern art.

Well, they didn't really make trees but he'd wrapped gifts for everyone. His wrapwork was ... easy to spot. It wasn't going to win any awards but it did conceal what his presents were for everyone and it was made with love and passion rather than any modicum of skill.

John had placed all of his gifts to the rest of the crew in cardboard boxes, as well as overlooking any missed returns on the quartermaster's docket. Melissa was in a giving mood too and bought a lot of beer, placed it in a bucket of ice and left it there too.

She'd also got a lot of food to celebrate the occasion too, and prepared it with John's help via way of an old friend with a fondness for cornmeal. Allison had also left gifts under the tree with very intricate ribbon wrapping on each gift in strange, almost shibari-like patterns. She got a very strange look from Luca.

Echelon had simply bought programs online and mailed them to everyone's computers and communicators and gave them access to all the latest software for this cycle, by means of jumping through piracy. Though, she had made some attempt to wrap physical presents, 3D printing a tight paper covering on top of them with wood pulp in the machine. Unfortunately the silhouettes of the gifts made them glaringly obvious what they were.

"Merry Yuletide, Phoenix!" Luca said. "Let's share some joy with ourselves before we save the universe. Only natural that we keep our spirits up before we bring hope to those who need it most!"

"Basically throw gifts and vouchers at each other because the season demands it so to stimulate stagnant corporate-driven economies," Vita clarified. "About 80% of their sales come from the Yuletide season, you know."

Luca didn't understand a word of those fancy mathematics and just smiled at her. Kids these days. "Oh you little rascal-" he chuckled.


From Luca that was immediately obvious, there were gifts for Seiren, Aiesu, Zeta, John, Vita, Reeves, Makari and Enzo. Poorly wrapped, but the feeling was there. Luca felt like giving things he knew they'd like.

From John, everyone received something, but they were packed in the same sort of brown box with their name markered onto the corners and a 'From John'. Oh well, at least he gave.

Melissa's gift was the food and drink. Allison had gotten something for Rebeka, and it looked like clothing rather than anything untoward. She'd also gotten Zeta, Echelon, Shayla, Tani and Melissa wooly sweaters - even though they lived in a tropical climate on Sargasso. She'd 3D printed them with wool donated by her mother.

Echelon had gotten something for Allison, but it had to be 'wrapped' a few times to conceal its true shape, and markered onto it was a warning for "For the sock drawer". It was about a foot long. Echelon had also delivered something to Rebeka, and its shape appeared to be gun like, following in Lewis Pasco traditions that took ages to explain to the Sourcian with Seiren's help.

((Give gifts! Happy holidays! Other plots welcome to share gifts too!))


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Soruk was rather curious in the... thing... Luca had assembled. In his travels he became acquainted with the odd traditions that these other races partook in. As such, he was adequately prepared, though he did not bother wrapping his gifts. Where the gartagen found a forge, or a place enough like one, to create his gifts, was anyone's guess. A better question would be how he got everyone's finger sizes without asking. The important part was the seemingly unapproachable blademaster had gone out of his way to make gifts, albeit small ones.

He walked over to a nearby table, where he fetched a small bag out of usual wear. The bag was making the distinct sound of clinking metal. After a moment or two, Soruk stepped away to reveal a line of rings. They weren't anything too special, a simple band of Sarquahi and Buk, metals from Gartaga, though the creator's skill was still there. On the inside of the band were small engraved letters, 'SA Soruk' Most of them had a horizontal line through the letters, though three did not. The outer bands varied slightly from each persons ring. He gestured to the table, "For you, of the Phoenix." He glanced at Luca, "Merry... Yuletide."

Each ring had a namecard underneath it. There was a ring for...

Luca Pavone: This ring lacked the slash through the lettering. The outer band of the ring was literally covered in lightning bolts, coming to the Phoenix's logo on the face of the ring.

Seiren: There was a slash through the lettering on this ring. The band of the ring was Soruk's best attempt at making candy and mechanical parts coexist.

Vincienzo Bortelli: There was a slash through the lettering on this ring. The face featured a set of dice, both reading 1 on their upturned face.

Vitalia Pavone: There was a slash through the lettering on this ring. The ring was similar to Luca's own.

Phoenix Reeves: There was a slash through the lettering on this ring. Soruk had made a connection from Enzo to Reeves. Whether Reeves liked it or not, the face had a pair of dice, though their upturned faces were 6's.

Shayla Macbelle: There was a slash through the lettering on this ring. The face featured a tiger leaping with its fangs exposed, while the rest of the band was grass.

Makari Aeron: There was a slash through the lettering on this ring. The special design on the face of the ring was a set of crossed revolvers, with smoke trailing from the barrels. Soruk had found it fitting, seeing how Makari fancied himself being a cowboy.

Tani Mako: There was a slash through the lettering on this ring. The face was home to an explosion, classically shaped like a mushroom cloud. The band was the falling out of said explosion.

John Morris: There was a slash through the lettering on this ring. The face featured a detailed rendering of the Crimson Kestrel , or as detailed as one could get on a small ring.

Allison Kelly: There was a slash through the lettering on this ring. The face was two inter-locked gears, though not by their 'teeth'. They were entwined like chainmail links. The band was gears connected correctly.

Echelon: This ring lacked the slash through the lettering. It was the exact same as Allison's, besides the slash mark. Perhaps this was on purpose...?

Sura: This ring lacked the slash through the lettering. The face featured crossed blades, similar to Soruk's clan emblem.


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Seiren, given his many talents, had opted for making cooking packages for everybody. It was mostly sugar and chocolate Yule-themed stuff, but one of the standouts was a wreath-styled cookie with a candy-glass center made from melted down sour candies, with green-coloured sugar crystals decorating the actual cookie itself. The presentation was wrapped up in opaque, thin plastic sheets and tied with a neat bow. Except for Rebeka's, which had decorated marble "cookies" mixed in with the usual things. Additionally, there were minor inventions tucked away in the bottom of each bundle. For some, it was a spring-loaded thing that one could tuck into their sleeve for easy access to extra clips for pistols. For others, it was magnetising grapple gloves - for climbing surfaces and holding onto things.

Enzo in particular got a special spring-loader that could tuck into his boot and fit a flask. For those "I really need to impress somebody with booze" moments.

Lodemucker got a more refined version of the aerosol grenades Seiren had made back on Yamatai.

For Rebeka, a special smart-device that acted in the capacity of a seeing-eye dog and reader software all in one.

Soruk, strangely, was given a wrist-gauntlet with a slot for a blade in it.


He, currently, awaited the conglomeration of wrappings in the middle of the room so he could take advantage of the cushiness of a full pile of stuff to jump into, much like fall leaves of the season prior. Seiren did this in a panda kigurumi. It was cute.

Though, he did admire the craftsmanship on the ring Soruk made for him while he waited.

"Wow, this is really cool! What do the slashes mean, huh?" he asked, turning to the strange Gart.


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Soruk raised a brow at Seiren's gift, spending a little time inspecting the candies within. He'd have to try them later... maybe. What interested him greatly was the device that appeared to be extremely similar to his own gauntlets. His curiosity overriding his caution and guarded manner, the gartagen started to undo the clasps holding his gauntlets to his forearm. Carefully setting them down on the table, the time spent on them clearly evident, he picked up and inspected Seiren's own.

Seeing the slot for a blade, the blademaster reached under one of his own, clicking a release switch, one of the Sarquahi wristblades sliding out. He took it and tried sliding it into the new gauntlet, hearing a distinct click as it set into place. While he strapped it onto his arm, he glanced at Seiren, "Show the inner band to those who share my clan name. It will give you some favor." In reality, the slash was the difference was much like the difference between ally and friendly. They both would merit some favor from his house, the rings without slashes would just be a bit more favor. Of course, some other houses within his clan would be of no assistance, as not all the houses got along. Show the ring to the wrong house, especially an unmarked one, and one may find themselves in a bit of a bind.

Satisfied that the gauntlet was properly set, he nodded slowly, "Not bad, though how is it better than my own?" He was asking the engineer if it had anything under the hood like his did. Either way, the gartagen would have to spend some time engraving upon his gift.

He gave a few test swings, flexing his wrist to slide the blade free.


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Seiren turned his head towards Soruk, grinning like a maniac. He was at the point of unwrapping Allison's sweater for him now.

"Weeellllll. . . . Point your wrist at a wall where somebody isn't. Then slide the panel on the bottom. Just. . . trust me, it's cool!" He said, pantomiming the correct motion for the gart.



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Allison's sweaters had the following designs on them when they were given out:

Shayla's sweater had an image of one of the animals that she described in great detail from the planet she was stranded on for so long, face roaring. The wool on the sweater was coloured similarly to her bikini, a strange and surreal toxic green colour dotted with darker patches.

Zeta had been given a sweater with a pair of crossed SiZi Condensed Plasma Revolvers over a steering wheel on the front and it was in a verdant shade of evergreen with a trim of gold wool on the bottom of it, the cuffs and the neckline.

Melissa's sweater was a deep shade of navy, and it had a scope woven into it in white wool, accurate to the ones she used with the right spacing for mill dots, a height indicator with a good ground line, and a collection of three chevrons with a number next to each, for hundreds of metres - widening gently.

Tani received a wooly sweater which looked like it had olive green EOD panels on it thanks to using differing shades of wool to create an image of plates, followed by having a picture of a bundle of dynamite in red over the chest, surrounded by grenades. Whose bombs were you looking at?

Echelon got a sweater made from hundreds of different shades of wool, becoming a rainbow bright eyesore that complimented her scarf. It had a yellow smiley face on the front and everything about the sweater was made in her size too!

And as an honorary girl in the Phoenix Team thanks to how easy they were to mistake at first glance, Seiren had received a little sweater too, just in his size that was pastel pink with blue candies on it replacing snowflakes. Included with it was a panda beanie with little ears.

With a cheeky nudge from Echelon as well, there was a sweater for Aiesu too - but it was made for someone her age that was fully grown and not in her stunted, four foot six condition. The sleeves were too long and it came down to her knees like a tent. It had a picture of a toothy, grinning ey'tis on it with mischievous, wild little eyes and a pair of Lorath pistols behind them, pointing downwards. Wasn't this a cartoon character from a sardonic Lorath cartoon?


Finally, there was something for Rebeka that wasn't a sweater at all. "It took forever to find one in your size," Allison commented as the sourcian held up the t-shirt, and stared through its stretchy material, able to conform to any large shape or size without breaking and remembering its original size.

On the front was a print that was made with UV-active pigments that read, in Lorath 'I AM NOT YOUR FETISH.'. The shirt was sized for a fyunnen and sold by Lorath vendors on Nepleslia - and she ordered hers as a special custom. It was also machine washable and hydrophobic. It was possible to dip it in water, and pull it back out completely dry thanks to the weave.

Allison was so tickled pink when she received the ring from Soruk, "Oh, my!" She said as she tried it on and inspected how its handmade quality caught the light. "Thank you Soruk!" she tried to bend over and kiss him on the forehead as thanks. "Guess your hand craft can trump a printer when you're making unique things instead of replaceable parts," she observed.

"Oh my god you're so cute~!" Allison said as she watched Seiren prance in his kigurumi, practically jumping like a fangirl. "I should've gotten mine too!"

"WH1CH 0N3?" Echelon asked, head darting over to her as the Freespacer saved pictures of Seiren being so incredibly cute with the mountain of presents.

"Uh... The Snake one! That one's fun on warm days."

"N0T TH3 L1TTL3 P1GG13 0R TH3 H0RS3?"

"Nah. Too warm for those."

Speaking of warm, the traditional base of the Kestrel, Sargasso was a sub-tropical town with a wet and a dry season and mild to warm temperatures all year. But, yuletide was yuletide and some traditions died hard no matter what the weather was.


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Reeves stood off to the edge of the group with this odd mix of guilt, surprise and happiness all rolled into one. He had of course heard the others talking about the yuletide but he hadn't really put it on the top of his list of something to pay attention to. For as long as he could remember, so about ten years Yuletide was the time the crew of his old ship got completely hammered, ate too much food, and made a mess that he had to clean up. It wasn't his favorite time of the year. He certainly had never received a present during the Yuletide season. Unless you count his cybernetic eye, though the true reason for that isn't very festive.

taking a seat underneath the tree quietly he unwrapped and stared at his gifts unsure if he should give them back because he had nothing to give in return. He didn't have any sort of funds to actually buy anything worthwhile and he hadn't thought ahead to make something. Speechless he fidgeted with the ring Soruk had given him. It fit perfectly on his skinny little fingers. He wasn't sure what the pair of sixes was supposed to mean. He considered asking but he didn't want to disturb him when the inventor was explaining his blade shooting invention. He wore this awkward little smile on his face still unable to find words for the stuff swirling around in his mind.


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Not long after opening her present, Rebeka wore the strange seeing-eye device on her hand -- a ring, worn on a finger that had Seiren spluttering into repeated complaints of "no" and "wear it on another finger". Rebeka, naturally had no understanding, but still preferred her own choice after bringing up Seiren's improved dopamine production and shaming him infront of what few of crew knew what that actually meant. It was an entire world she had never ever seen before.

She spent most of the day testing it on literally everything she could find, its artificial voice coarsely in deep monotone throm naming everything from warning labels on bulkheads naming which screw should be used and what shouldn't be opened except in emergancies to the backs of cereal boxes, books, crates, every screen she came across (including other people's phones, computers, televisions and strobed information decks), receipts, the explination text on the dryer and washing machine, the contents of the refridgerator, Seiren's bedsheets and every single one of her own possessions.

Coincidently, she had left gifts:

To each member of the crew, a fist sized spheroid of clear hard crystal resembling an egg: Some perfectly smooth, others fasceted -- the surfaces (rather than the edges) perfectly smooth like a pearl yet mysteriously devoid of diffraction. Within, each had been what resembled a three dimensional laser etch of each crew-mate - like a photograph trapped in three dimensions in mid-conversation or action in different situations she thought told her the most about each of them, the dots in color and the image not detailing their insides as she saw them from the front -- though they did from the back. Each was wrapped in lead foil, and then a thick plastic-like webbish material that felt like a fine wool. Each were clumsily sealed using medical-tape and the names had been written on the tape by Seiren, addressing each crewmate.

Considering only days ago she didn't know what Yuletide was, it wasn't a bad contribution.

Aiesu, unaccustomed to Yuletide, had instead given the gift that all parties understand: Money: A sizable anonymous deposit into each account for those whose accounts were in the negative or kindly arranging to mend broken credit ratings. This, she would neither mention, not admit to. Lorath alcohol was also a gift each received: each a different variety and flavor- the bottles thicker than her waistline. Finally ontop of that, a 5000 DA coupon and a Consortium catalogue, which evidently detailed that they sold a lot more than just armaments -- and could get their hands on just about anything.

Rather than share the festivities, she spent the time alone: those who ventured into her unlocked chambers would discover something strange: laid in bed in her new knitted sweater, a plush Ey'tis under her arm and a shallow filling of duq'closs derived liquor on her bed-side table in an ornate crystal tumbler glass next to its parent bottle which she'd debated giving to Luca (who was already on opiates anyway), she was switched off -- eyes glazed and glassy revealing their artificial nature, staring blankly into the ceiling like a doll -- breathing continued only to keep her organic components functioning.

Why would a construct sleep, if constructs sleep at all?
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She had been there a while, sitting in place out of the way watching the proceedings of the gathering. She wore an odd outfit, a mixture of clothes that had been donated to her by some of the crew, notably an old faded pair of pants from Melissa, and a faded jumper that she had gotten from Luca himself. Both of these oversized articles were bound in many places by red ribbons that she had scavenged in the preceding days as well as small bells that she had pilfered upon discovering them on the ship.

The call of 'Merry Yuletide, Phoenix!' identified the gathering, though she wasn't familiar with the term. Luca's explanation of raising spirits and then Vita's comment about gifts, vouchers, and economics seemed to be at odds with Luca's words though perhaps it was just more complicated than she had anticipated.

Amid the food and drink the reclusive gartagen had placed various items, rings, on the table each visibly marked with symbols and decoration which while pretty were meaningless to Tamamo. Her attention was drawn to the small Yamataian inventor, who appeared overjoyed with the proceedings and proudly wore an outfit styled after a panda, his question to the gartagen was of interest to her and she hoped that the response would be informative, and possibly explain the rings.

Her attention turned to the gartagen once more, Tamamo wondered after the reason he had opened one of the gift things, destroying it in the process, only to retrieve gauntlets from within which he seemed to experimentally interact with, producing a blade, while explaining briefly that the inner part of the ring would grant favour of some sort. Deciding the rings were merely symbols representing the true gift Tamamo shifted her attention back to the enthusiastic Yamataian as he gave a rather incomplete explanation of the purpose of the gauntlets leaving her to wonder why he had not simply stated it.

Sweaters were soon appearing from amongst the carnage of one of the sets of gifts the outer covering still not explained. Still the clothes seemed to have some sort of meaning to them, perhaps symbols like the rings with deeper purpose?

The t-shirt for what Tamamo had decided was the most mysterious of the crew was an odd result, leading Tamamo to wonder why the tall not-quite-a-woman was getting such a thing. Before she could think too hard on it however, her attention was drawn by the discussion between Echelon and Allison over an article of clothing that seemed to be animal based, though she didn't understand the significance of one over the other despite what appeared to be some sort of implied meaning.

The pale white haired Nepleslian moved from his idle location at the edge of the group eventually, moving to gather the gifts that had been addressed to him it seemed. His emotions displayed were odd, seeming sad, and happy, though she couldn't pinpoint the source of them.

A scene involving the no-quite-a-woman had occurred and she had wandered off with something in her possession that seemed to speak words, though Tamamo knew not why she would appreciate such a thing, nor why such seemingly random words were being spoken.

Left confused and now fussing with the leg of her over-large pants, Tamamo's attention was momentarily torn away from the hub of activity that had turned out to be some sort of celebration. It confused her, she didn't understand why they had all gathered around the strange tree thing or why they were excitedly passing strange objects as gifts to each other, only to destroy them and retrieve other objects from within which where not destroyed. Hoping to better understand she turned her gaze upward again, though she supposed technically it was down given her position sitting on the ceiling.


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The large crate before her held her PA along with the duffel that she packed all of her cloths in. She frowned as she looked at it. It was time to move on again. Though she had time and and a few things she had to do before she shoved off again.

With a small smile she looked down at the small pile of gifts, she had picked up a few things back on Yamatai before they shipped off again, though she wondered if she would have stayed put there... She shook her head and knocked the thoughts clear. Grabbing the gifts she started off and looked around for the individuals she had gifts for.

Once she found the large robot that Ech was wearing she reached up and gave her a hug. "Here," she smiled and handed her a box that contained a small model set for all of the ships from Bubblestar. Along with a card thanking her for not killing her or being upset about he plastic explosive incident at that bar.

Then she hunted for Luca, she smiled and gave him a hug and a box. With in it was snow-globe with a holographic image of the galaxy, the placard below, "Keep on Keeping it Spinning." Along with a card thanking him for the party and to keep her number in case they ever needed her.

She then made her way over to Vincienzo Bortelli whom she walked up to and winked before giving him a kiss, right on the lips. She smiled and winked again, "so long... too bad you didn't move faster." She giggled and left to go wait with her gear for the ship to arrive at a port for her find a connection to the next phase.


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"Her, I like." Enzo told Reeves, referring to the fresh Neko kiss still lingering on his lips.. The wiry slinkster of a fool had been skulking about, the very shadow of a shadow of a man; blending into the party and disappearing whenever appropriate. His gifts, he'd seized whenever they'd been left unattended for even the shortest periods of time, squirreled away into some arrangement or another. Finally, he'd been spotted. It was only a matter of time, as he'd become quite intoxicated. It was almost time for him to show up in front of Melissa with tears in his eyes and a silk dress in his arms and some really emotional promises. Not yet, though-- that was at least six glasses of scotch out and he'd been drinking bourbon until this point.

"Fuck Yuletide, tho-" Enzo said suddenly, clasping Reeves all-to-hard on the shoulder with one hand while he dropped a sawn-off Styrling Longbolt onto the technician's lap with his free hand, "True Nepleslians celebrates Lou-ee Pascal day. Have a fuckin' gun, brat."

In fact, aside from adding a few pallets of ammo to the community pile, and buying thigh holsters for everyone (which were simply left anonymously on doorsteps and at the feet of cots all around the Kestrel); this was the only openly given gift Enzo had this year. Well, there was the silk dress for Melissa, but there was a thing. Enzo's mother had taught him never to give gifts to women in front of other potential suitors-- because the best boyfriend was the secret boyfriend that you could have and still sleep with other guys. I know, right? What a screwy guy. Anyhow, this was Enzo's weird way and it had worked for him up until now-- and besides-- "If you're raised to pursue polyamory, you won't be upset when you catch someone cheating on you." That's a phrase, right?


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Makari quite liked the presents he had been given so far and hoped the others liked their gifts from him as much as he liked their gifts.

He had been hard at work making gifts for the rest of the crew. For each member he had made a miniature figurine with a special gimic. Each stood about 6 inches high. While each was shoddily made, he thought he had done his best with his limited skills.

For Luca, it was a mock up of Phoenix Man that could, at a push of a button, raise an arm and fire mini-suction cup darts. It also shouted phrases from the missions they had done together.

For Seiren, the miniature threw little candies from a bag and run around like a string-pull toy.

For Vince, the figurine had a quite a few voice lines from the different accents he had used throughout the missions.

For Vitalia, he had made an exceptionally complex figurine. She was acting as puppeteer with her father as the puppet. The old "strings attached" puppet type. When a button was pushed, the figurines would dance around.

For Phoenix Reeves, the figurine saluted with a wrench and said "you bring it, I'll fix it."

For Shayla Mcbelle, he made a slilghtly larger figurine with a button on the back. He included items for the figurine to smash when the button was pushed.

For Soruk, the miniature spun in circles with little plastic blades and made growling sounds.

For Tani Mako, he had her smoking a fake cigar and saying witty one-liners.

For John, the miniature was more humorous. Makari had put the figurine in delivery boy clothes and stuffed the tiny box with weapon replicas.

For Allison, the figurine was sitting in front of part of the Big Bird. Pushing a button on the ship would make Allison's right arm move a wrench to "repair" the ship.

For Echelon, he had dressed her up in the garb she wore on Yamatai. The garb was removable so the figurine could be both.

For Sura, he had made the little figurine spin and twirl when you pulled a string. It also giggled quite a bit while spinning.

For Mellisa, he made a figurine crouched in sniping position. Her figurine also shoots mini suction cup darts.

For Zeta, he made a figurine which executed precise(-ish) Judo chops.
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Crimson Kestrel, Hangar

Zeta was by the wall, sipping from the bottle of Vodka and watching everyone running around and checking their gifts. She opened her gifts earlier and already put on the sweater from Allison, just to make the tech-wench happy. The sweater was biting terribly, but Zeta was okay with it. The ex-bodyguard, ex-taxi dirver, ex-merc and now girlfriend of Phoenix-man placed her own gifts under the tree earlier. She had tough time choosing gifts, as she was not exactly sure what would everyone like. Still she hoped they would be at least a bit happy. Still since there were many new additions, she simply did not have enough for everyone.

Luca: This was the hardest one to choose, especially if Zeta wanted to top the gift, she gave Luca last year. Still in the end she decided to not worry too much and just give her lover something nice. She started with little something, that she new Luca would find handy and fun. For even more fun she added a special kind of skates.

Vita: This one was not too hard for Zeta, even though once Luca would see what his daughter would get he will either don't care of be pretty unhappy. Vita received a pistol in PD version chambered for .357 Zen Arms along with 3 magazines, 100 round and holster. Along with it was also stylish leather jacker for ladies and set of various cosmetics. All together it should be right what teenage nepleslian needs.

Enzo: What to give a master thief? Well Enzo always liked pistols and Zeta knew her pistols. Upping his arsenal with a new little thing. It was little, but it hurt a lot. Three extra batteries and a holdout holster were of course a sure thing.

John: Received a bottle of 36 years old Kennevesian whiskey along with a box-set with collection of fantasy books about an ace pilot, flying old propeller biplanes called Bigmore. Along with the books which were actually printed on paper rather than electronic version was a leather pilot cap with goggles.

Mellisa: This one was easy for Zeta. Mell received a rifle for fun and plinking, along with various ammo.

Allison: The main engineer of the ship got a little helper to make the job easier.

Echelon: The resident Freespacer received various set of clothes for her new human-like body. Some cute, some sporty, leather jacket was of course included. And of course a set of a bit provocative underwear she could use for... special moments.

Makari: The ship's cowboy received a dual set of gun-metal black lorath revolvers. Along with ammunition, even HE rounds.

Soruk: To Soruk, Zeta gave a melee weapon, knowing he fancied them. Of course this was nepleslia style thing, so the box of .45 ammo was included along with manual how to load and shoot the damn thing. Also Zeta added a map of Kestrel along with hallways labeled and shown and short written manual on using doors and walkways to move about the ship.

Reeves: To the young boy, Zeta gave a little something to keep him alive. Zeta kind of felt sorry for the boy and wanted him to be okay. She got his measurements from Echalon, so the vest would fit well. Plates were of course included for away missions.

Seiren: Finall Siren, received a box of various sweets from Zeta. It was all kind of bags of candies, lollys and sweet-sticks she got her hands on.
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