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RP: NSS Sledge Mama Ep. 5.5 (Aside) - Kitty Cat-Cat-Cat


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Asteroid Base,
Middle of Nowhere
YE 38
30 Minutes to Boarding Action

Just like so many times before, she was delivering goods. Lots and lots of goods. The best goods around. And just like many times before, she brought her freighter into the docking bay, as she always did, waiting for the automatons there to unload the ship as she waited. She lit a cigarette, sat on the crate, and waited. As usual. This time, as usual, someone also came to greet her along with the machines, and as usual, this person was not the norm.

Well, they were a bit odd.

As the Nepleslian sat there on her crate, she could hear it. A tuneless little song being hummed as rubberized pads gently fell onto the floor, the faint whirr of servos accompanying each and every single step. This person wasn't even trying to be quiet, she knew. No, this person was the last one to expect peace and quiet from. Flanked to either side by the run of the mill Militant, this 'Freespacer' was made out of jet black alloy, and had a thin, lithe figure. It was, in fact, practically skeletal, the fingers seemingly long and thin, the plates and joints all small. All something that could fit under someone's skin.

"Yappari! It's Alexis-chan!" the Nepleslian woman could hear. On top of this cold, black chassis sat a Nekovalkyrja's head, planted firmly onto the neck of this body. Blue 'eyes' bright, her hair done up as a rainbow and pigtails, she smiled at Alex. This was an utter impossibility, she knew. One she was, of course, familiar with. After all, this was the usual meeting.

The money was worth it. The money would always be worth it. Why else would the Nepleslian black market exist?

"Jerry," she said, crossing her ankles and ashing the cigarette on the metal flooring. She'd been waiting a little bit longer than normal, but not long enough to get her worried. "You seem pretty cheery. Good day?"

"It's always a good day silly!" the abomination smiled at her. Like the others that she occasionally saw, the Neko-Thing in front of her had no eyes. They were ripped out, and replaced with cybernetics, their blue gaze tireless and with a depth that was unending. "But today's an extra special day!~~~<3" the Cyber Neko practically sang. "You wanna know why?" she asked, practically dancing around Alexis, rubberized feet dully tapping against the deck. Alexis ashed her cigarette again and hopped off her ammunition crate armchair.

She shoved her other hand in her pocket.

"Sure?" It leaned in close to her, eyes unblinking.

"Today, you get to see what all the goodies you've brought happened to make! Isn't that swell?" Turning, Jerry's skeletal form began to happily skip away as numerous Militant automatons began to unload the cargo the young arms dealer had brought. "Don't get lost!" the Cyber Neko added. "It'd be very unfortunate if you got lost," she went on to say, her voice briefly darkening in tone. "Tee-hee!"

"Wasn't part of the bargain," Alexis pointed out. She glanced over some of the drones unloading the cargo. They were the usual; the Militant automatons were working with studious precision, or at least as much precision as their bodies could manage under the circumstances. All of them cheery, they seemed the utter vision of normalcy.

Her arm ached. She shook it out a bit, then ashed her cigarette again, though she couldn't actually feel the motion. Having a fake arm was a little like having an arm perpetually asleep. It moved, but she couldn't really feel through it.

The smoking just gave her a little time to think, and settled her nerves a bit.

But the automaton had already gone, so Alexis decided to follow it. What was the harm? Her shuttle had docked in another part of the abandoned space station, and since she was the only operator of note, who'd miss her?

She jogged a bit to catch up, then fell in, flicking the cigarette butt onto the metal flooring where it made a teensy, but brief puff of sparks.

"Of course not, but he's so nice, isn't he?" the Cyber replied, her voice just almost, almost dreamy. Looking back with those black pits of hers, Jerry asked, "It's almost criminal you refused him calibrating your arm you know." The Neko's head smiled as her body skipped along occasionally pausing for Alexis to keep the pace. "I can tell it bothers you, just a bit. But, once he looks at your arm, it'll feel like skin." She paused for a moment. "You've always had nice skin by the way," Jerry mischievously smiled.

"I'm fine with it," Alexis assured her, shoving her metal hand into the other pocket of her half-jacket. She, too, spoke rather cheerily, as though the two of them were fast friends instead of . . . whatever Jerry thought they were. "Got it back when we were fighting the squids."

Alexis knew about Jerry's little tiff with her. Whomever bought these weapons had apparently taken an interest in her. Now, this wasn't unnatural; 'Lexis counted on it. She could bargain down just about anyone, and she ended up doing it quite frequently. This wasn't a job she didn't have any fun at.

But these people?

She glanced down at the fully-mechanical body, and shivered a bit despite herself. It was bad enough just having an automail arm. It would be worse, for her, having a completely fake body, even if she could feel it. All the fun would drain out of life.

And besides; this was strictly business. Money passed hands. Very professional. Lines were drawn, and not crossed.

"Your loss!~" The two passed through twisted hallways, the place cold, and air dry. It was clear, as it always was, that this station was never meant to be occupied by the living. Soon enough however, Jerry brought Alexis to a part of the station that was quite different than the rest. A part of it that was warmly lit, with cozy air, and almost welcoming. There was always a place like this in the station, where they brought her to at times, but it was always different each time.

This time? It was a nice, neat room set up almost like a bar. A large mirror covered an entire wall, while liquors of all sorts lined the shelves. A robotic bartender was installed behind the counter, and it was clear from the fabrication machine off to the side that it could serve up literally any food she wanted too. In the middle of it all was a nicely worn pool table as well, the surface of its wood pockmarked by countless cigars.

But that wasn't what drew Alexis' attention.

A single figure, much like Jerry but taller and masculine with broad shoulders stood staring into the mirror. Its chrome finish was pitted, scorched and a little dirty, yet festooned with all sorts of trinkets, sashes, belts and pockets and such. An eccentric mix of things, fitting for a Freespacer of the most terrifying sort. The metal man turned, revealing a face that was absolutely skeletal save for one lone eye and some surrounding flesh. The remains of a young man, the woman could tell. This was her buyer, Vináttu, the guy she'd talked to several times in the past, and she lingered on his appearance for a little bit out of curiosity. Previously, she had only seen him on the video screen, and so she had been spared the full view of him. She met most of her clients that way, by personal preference, and over half the reason being blackmail since she always recorded the meetings. Meeting in person was bad business, sometimes, and often dangerous for her.

"Oh! Alexis, I'm so glad you're here!" it greeted her, voice soft spoken. Closing the distance, it reached out with its right hand, this limb one of the few parts of it with still-intact flesh. Briefly, she wondered why he didn't seem to be wearing clothes over the grotesque metal musculature. She found it repulsive, and had to resist the urge to cover her nose against the tinny smell of fresh blood. Its fleshy covering grew, but also shrunk, never managing to truly expand its borders. It died as it lived, neither here nor there. Instead, she put on her very best merchant's face, and clasped his metal hand in hers. It was a sharp contrast to her own, which was truly dead, and nothing more than a metal extension of the living shoulder that it was attached to. His, on the other hand, reminded her of zombie movies. Robot zombie movies. "How are you? How are you?" it gently asked her, almost shy.

"Hey," she said, cheerfully, guarding her voice so that, at least from the sound, nothing were wrong. This was her practiced business voice, the voice she used so that people would think she were a little bit childish despite the war injury. The voice that let people know, hey, there's some hope to swindle her, and then when the opposite happened, that it must have been a fluke.

Customers who felt that her cheating them was just a momentary lapse of judgment usually turned into repeat customers. This? This guy was a repeat customer. He deserved her very best smile.

"I'm Okay, thanks. If I had known I would be meeting you in person this time, I would have brought a gift or something. You've been a really good customer. What's the occasion?"

"Oh, I-I was hoping you'd ask!" Vináttu exclaimed a little nervously. It wasn't the kind of nervousness one would have hiding something though. It was something different. "I've been waiting to show you for quite some time after I had learned more about and came to understand you a bit more," the Freespacer began explain. "Just a little bit I mean! I-I'm not so presumptuous of course," its soft voice admitted. With so little flesh on its skeletal, skull-like face, it was difficult to tell just what it was expressing, but this? This was...

Utterly inhuman to Alexis.

The far wall, the large mirror, vanished. In its place was a window peering into a large, vast cavern. At least, it looked like one at first. But as her eyes slowly began to adjust, she could just start to see them. Rows upon rows of figures, standing perfectly still. Large, powerful figures. Thick and heavy, their outlines somehow unnatural in the dark.

"This is the very first batch," Vináttu explained to her. In that deep void, several red points of light came to life, rows upon rows upon rows as they looked down upon them all. As the lights came on, Alexis realized just where the weapons she was selling had gone. "These are an entirely new model, and though they bear the name of 'Zealous Militant', they are, without a doubt vastly superior to the original in every way!" her host proclaimed. "Just look at them. Heavy Nerimium armor, fusion reactors, shield generators, propulsion systems, advanced AI processors and of course, your plasma weapons. They're magnificent aren't they?"

He had built his own army.

Alexis tried to restrain her gag reflex, crossed her arms, and placed her hand over her mouth in a way that she hoped he would interpret as thoughtful. On the one hand, at least these were apparently fully metal - automatons that did not mirror the fleshy half-life of her buyer. On the other hand, for some reason, she was reminded of a story she had read in college, about the eventual uprising of robots and machines to the exalted place of humanity.

Nekovalkyrja, of course, had accomplished that already, much to the harm of Nepleslia, and all real humans - but this was...

Once she felt safe enough to open her mouth, she asked, "Are they all under your control? Do they have free will?"

"Oh, what a wonderful question!" it exclaimed to her, clasping its hands together in delight. "Yes and no. The previous model of Militant would take years and years to develop sapience, but this model? A fraction of that time." That alone was horrifying, but, it simply did not end there as he eagerly continued, stepping forward to gaze upon its creations. "But, unlike previous models and their foes, these all honestly Believe in our noble cause! And not some pre-programmed point of view that will simply wash away with time like so many of Their machinations. These in comparison? Their very ethics and morals align, leading to the inevitable, truthful conclusion of what must be done." Vináttu's gaze turned to fall on the young woman. "What do you think?" he asked her.

"Impressive," she said. 'Frightening,' she thought. "So they only fight? That's all they do?" He paused for a moment in thought.

"Well. I suppose they could do maintenance work during down time. Things like that. Maybe move cargo if there aren't any of the older models to do so," the half-baked Freespacer admitted. "Anyways, considering that most of what they'll be doing is fight against our enemies, I think they're quite built-to-purpose. Do you? Be honest!" Alexis shifted uncomfortably, remembering the invasion of the Mishhuvurthyar, and wondering if she had unwittingly supplied another, similar invasion, for some other unfortunate planet.

"So its only purpose is to be an army?'

"Yes. They'll have plenty of work ahead of them as well. I wouldn't be surprised if most of them were simply destroyed in the opening moves," Vináttu admitted, nodding its half-flesh covered head for emphasis. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, it's that I don't really know who you're going to be fighting," Alexis confided, "Or why, to be honest with you. Don't get me wrong, do keep buying guns - it's my business after all - but this seems a little excessive, don't you think?" Vináttu looked at her with his one remaining flesh eye and his optical sensor.

"You...think this is a bit excessive for handing Yamatai?" he asked, a little bewildered. Scratching its scalp, or what remained of it, he continued on. "I mean, I know our forces will grow in number as we take their Souls," Vináttu turned, glancing at Jerry. With the conversation between himself and Alexis, the Nekovalkyrja based abomination was practically forgotten as she quietly sat behind the bar. But now? The meaning of Jerry's existence took on a far more sinister light. "But, I am lead to believe that making them all One with us, making them understand how wrong what they did to us was, will require years, decades of hard work."

Alexis produced a flask full of whisky and took a sip from it. Then, she took another sip from it, to wash the first sip down, and made a bit of a sour face. Then, she coughed.


She was supplying arms to people fighting Yamatai.

The most dangerous thing that any single person could do in the universe, and she was doing it. With a practiced calm that could only be accomplished by the machinery in a metal arm, she pulled another cigarette out of her pocket and tried to keep her other hand steady while she lit the thing.

Well fuck me, she thought.

Up until recently, she had been a part of the Nepleslian, civilian effort to push the Mishhu off of the capital planet, and then out of her space. She had spent months onboard a submarine, fighting for freedom. She had grown used to being on the run, at that time, but then she had grown used to being filthy fucking rich again afterwards. Her shop had become a series of shops which had become one of Styrling's largest off-planet suppliers and marketers.

And now she was here, undisclosed location, undisclosed space, dropping off crates of weapons with her mark on them to people who were going to attack the biggest astral nation in existence, ever.

With a flick and a click Vináttu lit her cigarette for her, a small flame appearing at the end of a fingertip. For how fucked up, perhaps monstrous or abominable it was, the Freespacer was quite polite. At least, to her. The way it looked at her, it was hard to tell just what it felt. The way it acted, despite being taller than her, was oddly meek. Vináttu was a riddle, but the most consistent thing she had seen of it? It was always kind to her. It was always considerate. It wanted her approval.

It - it was fawning over her like a gradeschooler would a highschool girl.

She smoothed her bangs out of the way of the flame and let him light the cigarette. She then took a long draw, eying him over for a moment before looking out to the veritable legion she had helped arm.

A gradeschooler might pull a girl's hair. Or spitwads. Or... something.

Not this. This was insanity itself. Dolls. Puppets. It chilled her.

"Why?" she asked, for lack of anything better. The way he tilted his head and looked at her for a moment made the young Nepleslian woman feel like she asked something silly. Not that she did; it was a perfectly good question of course. But, considering who she was dealing with? To him, the answer was clear.

"It's as I mentioned. Yamatai hurt us so badly, killing so many, and for no good reason at all," he gently began, his undead gaze turning to settle on his own private, perfectly obedient army, his legion of doom. "I was still being built at the time, and I was never finished, so...I never did understand at the time why they would do such a thing. But the way they treated me, and the others, even as they held us in their concentration camps? Let our bodies slowly whither while our minds died without the Polysentience?"

It shook its head.

"I understand Yamatai is fearful of anything and everything that could even possibly harm it. But, I do not believe they understand what they have done. The misery, the suffering they have caused." Vináttu turned his gaze back on Alexis, this time, the emotions behind it all too clear. Through that one eye it had left, she saw pain. Grief. There was no anger. No malice at all. "That is why I wish to make Yamatai understand by making them part of us. Together, we will understand each other completely. Some will suffer and die, but to ensure lasting peace, I am certain it is worth it. It's all thanks to my mentor I have even come this far, and I intend to see this vision through."

She took a step to the side, pacing a bit away from him in a way that she hoped didn't seem overly cautious. A glance behind herself, and she stood reassured that the half-neko monstrosity was still there, watching them. She would need to step carefully here, and keep him talking.


"Why yes. I would have never found the wisdom to understand Yamatai, or the know-how to assemble this force for good without it," the half-dead Freespacer gladly admitted. "Of all the beings in this Sector, none are so - "

"Irked," a deep and powerful voice addressed them all. The skeletal Nekovalkyrja abomination hopped off her stool like an eager maid, only to stop mid-stride, the air faintly rippling with the invisible gesture of a hand. "No need. My stay will be short." The figure, completely unseen, entered the room with dull, heavy footfalls only possible with the rubberized boots of some sort of power armor. It quickly closed the gap, only for Vináttu to quickly place itself between Alexis and his mentor.

She couldn't see, but she could still tell; the two were staring each other down. A baritone, beastly growl could be heard before this unseen shadow spoke again.

"And what would you say in your defense, Lady Alexis of House Styrling?" The Freespacer's attention sharply turned towards her, the look of hurt and confusion on his face apparent, even to her.

She blew smoke. It bought her a couple of seconds to think.

"In defense of what, exactly?"

"Why, the Star Military's presence of course." As dark and intimidating as this phantom's voice was, it was somehow comforting as well, a quality disturbing in and of itself. "Vináttu's sensors cannot detect them so soon, but my eyes and ears are far more acute," the Freespacer's mentor added. "They intend to insert several strike teams, and quickly." Left with nothing to see, Alexis could only listen to where the voice came from, and carefully watch how both Jerry and the Freespacer with her reacted, their own eyes betraying the unseen figure. what she managed to figure out wasn't encouraging.

It was easily seven feet tall. Maybe eight.

Alexis wasn't.

She had hidden a machine pistol inside of her mechanical arm, but slender as it was, the caliber wouldn't even poke a hole in the armor, she guessed. Her GP-1C, "Deliverance", was back in the freighter, and that would certainly do some quite serious damage, but that would be locationally impossible. With her custom modifications, the thing could punch through damn near anything, but it wasn't here, in her hands, right now. Beyond that, she had a Lupara - a quad-barreled sawn off - holstered beneath her freight jacket, on the right hand side. That one would probably dent the thing.

She didn't reach for it, because violence was the last thing on her mind, owing to the sheer number of violent things that could imminently out-violence her. Hard not to feel the weight against her side, though.

"I don't know what you're talking about," she explained, honestly. "I'm a gun smuggler. It isn't in my interest that I get tied up in whatever it is you're actually using the damn things for." Seeing her fear, her anxiety, no matter how well hidden, Vináttu spoke first.

"Alexis isn't lying! Please, if - " its pleading was cut short.

"Of course she is not. However, with the amount of mistakes I have witnessed upon my approach, it is certain she is one of them. If you are wise, you will silence her," the Mentor spoke with deathly certainty. "I will allow you to escape this error, and you alone, but this once only, for I cannot always be by your side. The others will suffer in your place." With certainty, it slowly walked closer and closer to Alexis and Vináttu, its intent clear.

Time was, Alexis would never have considered harming another living thing.

She had gone to University. She was a master of her craft, or at least she had the potential to be. She could have run a corporation, if the Mishhuvurthyar hadn't invaded. Spent her hours in air conditioning, with pleasant and thoughtful music, musing over the design of some new weapon of destruction, or armor to prevent it. Spent her vacations practicing for shooting competitions. Give the military Academy a run for its money, for once. Ellis University forever.

But they had. And she had somehow been in the middle of it, just like she was in the middle of this here little debacle. Maybe Vinattu would save her, and maybe he wouldn't. Maybe the obviously jealous neko-construct would catch her, and maybe it wouldn't. Maybe a headshot would fell the eight-foot-tall shadowy monstrosity, and maybe it wouldn't.

But she wouldn't know until she tried, and it didn't look like she had any other options.

She plunged into her jacket, drew the sawn off shotgun, and shoving Vináttu, started blasting.

The young woman watched as an infinitely black pair of hands, flat and featureless with their darkness, reached out from the void. With terrifying speed, it blocked her shots with its palms, sparks flying as the massive slugs smashed themselves against the dark. Its form nearly indecipherable with how depthless they were, a hand opened palm up, digits spread. The moment she tried to let loose her third shot, Alexis instantly felt her finger plied from the trigger, then the gun itself as it was yanked away by an invisible pull, only to be caught in the creature's grasp. She wouldn't forget what she had seen either, the sight already etched into her mind by the sparks from the bullets.

There were three clawed, armored fingers, and a matching thumb to either side. It was no human.

"Impressive," it admitted. She bolted for the door, only to be grabbed by the back of her belt and hoisted into the air. Though Vináttu opened his mouth to speak, to plead, beg for her life, it beat him to it. "I will not hear your whining. She will live." With care, the slight-framed, silver-haired Alexis was put back down on her feet, though she had a good few seconds where she struggled even to reach it with the toe of her boots. "You will come with me, as the others stay and pay for your failure. Alexis will live provided she shows the same initiative. Jerry however...she will either die, or be captured, your secrets undone. Pray I remain so merciful in the future."

Tossing Alexis her gun back, the creature's hands vanished as it seemingly turned to leave. It was clear that though they were allies, student and mentor, it seemed that this figure would not go out of its way to aid Vináttu at all. It would even let him fail.

"A-Alexis, I'm so sorry!" Clutching its ceramic teeth like a hand placed over its mouth, the young woman could hear the tears in its voice as Jerry began to actually sob, her fate sealed along with Alexis'. Soon enough, he too turned to leave, following the faint billowing of his mentor's unseen cape.

His footsteps faded too, leaving just the sound of sobbing.

"You're shitting me," Alexis said, standing near the cast-off automaton. Out of habit, she cracked it open, replacing the spent shells with a few from her jacket pocket.

She didn't know exactly what she would be shooting next, but it made her feel better to be prepared to shoot it. Her mind turned, and turned over the problem. He had said Star Military, rather than Star Army, so good guess it was the Nepleslians. After all, Alexis reasoned, she were Nepleslian, and the thing had assumed they were with her.

Only incidentally, as a species.

Wow. Racism at the end of the world.

She spied the still-lit cherry of the cigarette she had carelessly dropped on the floor and stooped to get it, checking the filter for a moment before popping it back into her mouth and drawing deeply. She burned it to the core, then tossed it aside properly.

"''Kay," she said to Jerry. "So like, what the fuck did I walk into?" The Cyber-Neko's sobbing slowed down as she desperately tried to stop herself to answer Alexis, but didn't quite succeed.

"I-it's an assim-similation plot," she sniffled, trying to wipe her face of her tears. "Take their souls, make them part of us. Make them understand what we did...what I...what I did. To them." Some form of realization started to come over 'Jerry' as she said this. "What we did," she began to explain to her. "What we did to them. To us? The Genocide. Or, I did?" She was part of something bigger now.

Something that, by nature, blurred the lines of individuality.

Alexis grabbed the freak by the shoulder with her good hand, feeling both dizzy and impatient.

"Okay, so what are we going to do about the army?" Jerry blinked.

"We?" the Cyber-Neko asked. She was absolutely puzzled, her eyes still a little reddened from her tears.

"Gun smuggler. Illegal weapons." This girl wasn't getting the point. Alexis needed her to get the point. Please get the point. "I need to get out of here. Alive. Unseen. Now. Preferably." The Neko's ears twitched in confusion.

"You want to get out of here alive, unseen and now?" She asked, echoing the young woman's desires. "Baka. Bakaaaaa!~ You'll get out of here alive, but not unseen, and definitely after the Nepleslian Marines have arrived!" Jerry replied, her rainbow pigtails bobbing as she got off her knees and stood. "All you need to do is just stand behind that counter and raise your arms when they show up!"

Empathetically, Alexis said, deeply serious;


She took a deep breath, and then, in her very best not-screaming-at-you voice, she continued. "They are going to shoot everything that moves. I would shoot anything that moved, and I'm, like, purely neutral here." Jerry's unnatural, mechanical, souless eyes focused on her, irises closing down to small points as she looked upon the slender young woman in front of her.

"Hmph!" Jerry pouted, her mechanical fists by her sides and turned upwards at the wrists. "You got it easy. All you have to do is hide behind that armored bar counter, and the moment they come storming in, yell 'Don't hurt me!' and they'll take you away all safe and sound!" Her ears were practically standing up with fury now.

Alexis let her go and lit another cigarette, careful to keep her silvery bangs out of the lighter's path. Whoo. Okay. Yes. Naive. I can work with this. Yes. No. Probably not.

"You aren't from Nepleslia so I'm going to forgive a bit of your ignorance, here, but screaming 'Don't hurt me!' AT Nepleslian peacekeepers is about the easiest way to get shot twice, just to be sure." Baring her teeth at Alexis, Jerry couldn't hold back her frustration any longer.

"I don't get what Vináttu saw in a stupid girl like you at all! Always trying to get a little bit more money from him, always so, 'Oh, look at me, I still got all my skin intact!' and such!" The Cyber-Neko now looked positively furious. "And it's probably all your fault this is happening too! With your, your pretty face, and your sexy hips and your hot bust and, and..." Jerry ominously fell silent as she eyed the young woman from head to toe.

Alexis looked down at herself, and then up at the quasi-neko, taking a moment to ash that cigarette so it didn't ruin her good jacket.

"Huh. You... huh. Thanks." End of the line for Alexis's gun-smuggling, end of the world really, at the world's last bar with the world's worst mechanical bartender, and the absurdity demanded she respond. This is what they were going to talk about? This? Of all fucking things? She sucked in a clear breath. "Well, you do realize this is padded right?"

"Yeah, but they're still nice," Jerry admitted, blushing. "I'm still jealous you get to use your looks like I used to. Before they killed me." Her feline ears drooped at the thought.

"I graduated from Ellis," Alexis continued, settling her other hand on a slender, but apparently quite shapely hip, and returning the cigarette to her mouth. "With honors, by the way. So I'm not stupid." Shockingly, the Neko-Abomination in front of her let out a girlish giggle that wasn't unpleasant to the ear. The exact opposite in fact.

"Could have fooled us, I mean, me, being an arms smuggler instead," she poked at the Nepleslian, her individuality slipping for only a moment.

"It's where the money is." Alexis cast her eyes upwards, gauging the distance from where she were standing to the balconies, to the vaulted ceilings, to the great balustrades that... well, okay they weren't that impressive. This asteroid base was a hodgepodge of bullshit strapped together with the duct tape and dreams of a generation of sad mechanists.

"Is there cover up there?" Alexis asked.

"Don't bother. Didn't you hear what his Mentor said? They're coming to capture me. Whether not I die again is up to me, but, that means the marines are going to be careful not to kill anybody out of hand," Jerry tried to reassure her. "All you have to do is stay behind the counter. Who knows? Maybe if you just hide under it, they might miss you completely," she managed a sad smile. She looked away however. "I don't want to die again. I- I don't want to die," Jerry sniffled, starting to sob again.

"Look," Alexis said quietly, her eyes still heavenword. "I'm trying to come up with a way we both live. Guns are the language of my people." Jerry snickered at that thought. Alexis looked back down at her, and wasn't sure quite what she felt. Pity? Disgust? No. Not disgust. Maybe not pity either.

Someone had left this bitch to die. And for some reason, Alexis didn't like it. Watching the girl flip between giggling insanely and sobbing for her life reminded her too much of the broken survivors of her dying government. Whew. Ha ha. Such a bleeding heart. Fuck me.

"The language of your people huh? Would you like to know mine?" She asked, genuinely smiling at her.

"You really aren't making this whole saving you thing easy."

"And you're not too bright, Miss Ellis Grad." Leaning forward, Jerry's still flawless lips pressed against hers. The sensation itself was warm and comforting, the Once-Neko's tongue in her mouth light and fruity like a rainbow sher-- Alexis pulled back as suddenly as Jerry pushed forward, their lips brushing for only a moment before the college-educated, beautiful gun-bunny realized what the girl was on about.

Her fleshy hand met dark metal and send a shiver of disgust straight down her spine so fast she could even feel it in her feet and knees.

"Woah, woah there!" she said, "Woah. That's not called for. I uh, am not interested in women."

"Like I said, you're not too bright," Jerry replied with a renewed smile. Somehow, she seemed at peace with all this, her adorably feline ears perked up again with life in them.

"I'm sure you're just fine in bed," Alexis said, not meaning it in the slightest. "But I'm a single woman with a business to run. You would get in the way."

"Me? Get in the way? I doubt that." With a wink, Alexis blinked, and Jerry was the woman she used to be, her Star Army Uniform still intact.

Man look at the tits on her. Out to here. Although in retrospect since she could do holography, Alexis guessed, they were probably totally fake. And also, a jab at her directly; her B-cups had never really served Alexis too well in the whole grabability-department, but with slender shou-- you know what, fuck it. Screw it. Okay those are nice tits. Let the poor stupid half-person have her fun. It could be the last that either of them ever had.

Somewhere in the base, some sort of alarm rang. Okay, Alexis thought to herself, now or never. Dice cast. Cards played. No way she would just fly out of here now, unless she had some sort of bargaining chip in the process.

"I'm going back to my freighter for something."

"Don't try and fly away, or your ship will get its engines shot out too!~" Jerry called out after her.

But that wouldn't be a problem, because Alexis wasn't running. Well, running in the sense of running away.

She was going to get Deliverance.