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RP: NSS Sledge Mama EP. 5 Prologue


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NSS Sledge Mama, Close to Colonial Expanse

It over month since visiting the curious Bar'n'grill with scantily dressed freespacer, the Sledge Mama found itself drifting a space. They were close to Colonial Expanse, but the ships mission was just to be a meeting point. Soon after stopping on the co-ordinates set, the battle-vessel was met with a small transport ship.

Soon after in early afternoon an announcement rang trough the ship's halls.

Calling the squad of Master Sergeant  Diadottr.
Please report in the Mess Hall at once.
I repeat, squad of Master Sergeant  Diadottr,
please report to Mess Hall at once.
The voice of the announcer rang through the hallways, finding the soldiers ears. No one in the squad was on duty at the time, which was peculiar on its own. It seemed like after a month, there would be new orders.

As the troops mingled into the Mess Hall they, found a lone woman waiting for them there. She was a tall woman wearing a beret and standard marine uniform. She watched the marines as the moved into the room. Her eyes looked at the Datajockey in her hands, checking the time. Her eyes then looked up again scanning the marines who stood at attention.

"At ease," she finally said something. "I am Corporal Alexandra Mayhew. I have come to give you all your new orders. As of now, you are all re-assigned from NSS Sledge Mama. For now I am your new boss, since Master Sergeant Diadottr stays."

"Well," the woman continued, after giving soldiers few seconds to let the information sink in. "Our current orders are to regroup here and wait for more orders. It is the usual hurry up and wait wankery we all know and love. Meanwhile I want to get to know all of you. So I want each of you to introduce yourself, tell me about your training and specialty. Afterwards there will be room for questions."

Alexandra went silent. She put her datajockey under her arm and waited for the first marine to start talking.


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The Private First Class put his hands behind his head and sighed. "Guess I'll go first. I'm PFC Jaime Grimes, and I like to kill stuff. Trained in Anti-Armor and Anti-Personnel ops, and specialize in -- You guessed it -- to hit things with stuff that explodes." His tanned body was odd compared to his Power Armored specialty but had enough to speak of from his right arm, which was a cybernetic combat model.

He let his arms fall back down to his sides as he blanked out his face. He was entirely BORED of the vessel, he was a ground-pounder that hadn't seen anything like it since the war, which was a while ago to him. Either way, he was happy he wasn't leaving his squad, at least he hoped.

Talonis Wolf

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"Stripe Doane, Meat Shield. At your service." A voice said from the back corner. Those curious enough to glance at the source would have seen an table littered with small parts, overseen by a black male. He looked up. "Standard Training."


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"Private Alec Corbin, marine medic with uh... Medical training." Pipped a young, baby-faced marine near the front of the room. A grin was spread across his face as he spoke. "Just here to do my part make sure no one dies."


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"Hey Alex, long time no see. What brings you back around these parts?" Would come a voice from Alexandra's past as Sawyer walks up to the table, his cybernetic leg clicking lightly as he walked across the floor, even more elaborate scrollwork running across it as he engraved it in his free time. "Generic demo and heavy fire support."


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Richard had arrived quickly, and listened to the 'briefing' and simply waited for his turn, once it was his turn he spoke up clearly. "Private Richard Magnus. I do not have any specialized training however I still keep myself in the shape I was as an athlete, and because of a bit of a shady spot in my life I have some knowledge of locks and security systems. I can also sniff out a good meal on any planet." The last part was a jest of course, but he felt a little humor would be fine right now.