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Episode 0 (YSS Mazu) : Complications


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RP Date
YE 43
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YSS Mazu


YSS Mazu
Yamatai, System

Most of the crew had taken leave, the YSS Mazu was at Yamatai so that most of the Motoyoshi crew could attend events with Katsuko. Tio however remained behind along with the rest of the skeleton crew and the Ketsurui Fleet Yard engineers that had come on board to make minor refits and checks on the ship's systems. The former Prince, and now Shoi Kohosei didn't exactly feel welcome on Yamatai or with the rest of the Clan for obvious reasons. He had left an open invitation for Tachiko to visit him on the YSS Mazu if she desired. The events of the Mazu's first mission to the Yuuki System had left a lot of unanswered questions and even as Kaoru had promised they would return when they were better equipped, he had spent weeks going over the complex transmissions they had received from the unknown source. As when the data had been sent back and forth they had placed behind firewalls and in separate modules from the main KAMI system. Tio laid on his bed, datapad rested on his chest as he idly played catch by throwing a stuffed kitty he had won on Jiyuu into the air and then catching it as he sorted through his thoughts.

There had been strange developments in the segregated information that had been collected on the mission, almost like the code was rewriting itself and evolving. Minato and the Information Technology crew had their hands full with it. Tio had become overly fascinated with the strange star system and the mysteries it had unveiled. It was exciting, if there was any reason for him to enjoy his 'forced' service in the Star Army this was going to be it. He caught the stuffed kitty from the air once more and closed his eyes.


Tio sat up quickly, wondering where the voice had come from. His eyes searched the darkness of his quarters but there was nothing there. "Haha, very funny Minato. Is this another try to get me naked?" he teased, thinking that the ship's avatar was responsible.

A flicker of light burst at the other side of the room as the Mazu's volumetric projection system activated and the projection of a strange Neko, with blue-colored hair and in clothing that was very different than anything Tio had seen, almost like a multi-colored robe that would be the expected attire of a Lorath. "I am L'Melo...." the projection flickered and then disappeared and Tio jumped to his feet, uncertain at what he had just seen. The contained code had grown exponentially while the ship's crew was on leave. It appeared the mission that was planned needed more attention after all. Tio jolted by the experience sent messages to the rest of the crew, his siblings and even copied Tachiko on the message.
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The invitation to visit caused a ping in Tachiko's digital mind's impeccably-curated inbox, and she blushed girlishly when she became conscious of the fact that it was from Tio. Their gazes and flirtations, and the times they'd slipped away together from the eyes of others, just around the corner or behind a door to tie themselves together– all came rushing back at once and filled her chest with tingly, prickly glee.

"Excellent news, I just got orders for reassignment! Mother approved it, so it's not going to be a visit, we're going to be shipmates!" She looked rather pleased with herself as she sent over the reply, and then composed herself, sitting still for the Consort android to brush her hair. Her face fell into the silly grin of a dreamy reverie where the handsome senpai in her clan, her classmate at War College, held her close against a succession of beautiful vistas as backdrops. But then, she became aware that the brushing had stopped. "Kon-chan?"

The Consort had indeed stopped her brushing. Tachiko turned, "Is something the ma–" Her words hung in her throat as she saw the Consort's volumetric systems activate. Blue hair, strange glowing robes. "Kon?"

Just as quickly, the Consort was back to normal, and the bristles of the brush struck Tachiko in the face. "FUAH~" It was if the android had not realized Tachiko had turned around, and went back to brushing as if the world had been on pause. Tachiko shook it off, turned back around the proper way, to the profuse apologies of the service drone, and finished getting her hair styled.
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YSS Mazu
Hanger Bay

The bay was pretty quiet as there was only a skeleton crew leftover in the ship. One of the people that remained back was Miyu as she felt responsible for the hanger bay and waved the invite to take leave off. There were many things crossing her head, she wanted to achieve so much in her life and yet her duties, her obligations only increased over the period of time. She had been on the Mazu after the fateful events of Glimmergold and proven what she was able to do. Sliding from under her fighter she puts the wrench down and wipes off some sweat sitting up.

The fighters had seen quite some battles and the bombers were still in top-notch condition. Looking at her side seeing only a handful of engineers and pilots that remained back on the ship. She sighed got up to her feet looking at the fighter placing her hand onto its hull. The endurance that some of these ships had faced was amazing, the amount of force that was put onto them is something no one could handle. So she felt obligated to keep them up to standards so that the ships stayed in condition and her pilots be safe.
Frank would reside on his bunk having just been assigned to the mazu earlier in the week. Having not had a reason for leave he chose to stay onboard with the skeleton crew. After some time of laying on his bunk his internal biomechanical systems would inform him to start his rounds.

Rolling out of his bunk he would get into his service uniform and proceed to head to the hanger bay first on his patrol, all the while thinking about everything that led him here. With everything he couldn't exactly remember it still all felt familiar and he could never understand why. He was brought out of his thoughts as he entered the hanger bay watching the various crew work their tasks as he did his.

Stopping short he looked twords a engineer with their hand on the haul of a fighter and divided to spark a conversation. "So working hard or hardly working?"

Hangar Bay​

The lights flickered in the hangar bay, as a result of the brief power fluxation the bay doors closed rapidly and sealed. It was a failsafe to keep the bay pressurized in the event they were at risk for decompression. While L'Melo had not compromised the MEGAMI, it had turned the segregated environment into its own AI system that was beginning to forge its own access to the ship's subsystems. It was not being malicious, but it had definitely begun to well exceed the simple programming of exchanged messages and information.

Minato, who had been watching the engineers, Miyu and had taken the first steps towards Frank to introduce herself was standing motionless when the emergency lights kicked in briefly before full power was restored a second later. Minato had a look of frustration on her face, her head was lowered and her makeup smeared. It was not that she had been compromised anyway, it was merely she and the MEGAMI she represented now had L'Melo as a liaison to the alien information; they all spoke the same language now. The story of the fall of a great civilization had brought sadness and grief, the information exchange had been so vivid that tears dripped down Minato's cheeks as she grabbed for Frank's shoulder to steady herself.

"I understand...I' sorry," Minato whispered. It was strange the interactions between her and this second AI that was evolving. The grip she had on Frank's shoulder was probably a little tighter than comfort level, she blinked and looked him in the eye apologetically.


Shuttle 'Adventure'​

Ke-T1 "Fukuro" Class Shuttle
Enroute to YSS Mazu from Yamatai

Kaoru wasn't exactly thrilled with deployment, the Taisa despite her loyalty to the Clan's tenants had silently enjoyed the time off to work on Midnight Infinity's new album. Even as the shuttle lifted off from the spaceport, her attention had still been on the lyrics of yet another tune. "Shoreleave seems to never be long enough," she said as she rested the datapad on her knee and looked towards Datenshi. "Not that visiting mother and father wasn't driving me crazy, next time we should plan something wild? Go on a vacation or something. I want to be sipping out of cute coconuts with little umbrellas while some hunk works out the invisible kinks in my back," she said.

"Ten minutes to the YSS Mazu, ma'am," the pilot informed them from the cockpit.

The Motoyoshi Princess rolled her eyes a little and responded, "Thank you Santo Hei, I wouldn't mind if you slow us down a little. I'm not exactly in a hurry." She eyed up Datenshi, still rather proud of herself for pushing the white panels on the woman. If vacation was going to happen, she definitely needed a taste of that woman's legendary body out of uniform.



YSS Mazu

Tio arrived on the bridge, there was no one else there except the KFY engineers that had finished installing the new Captain's Chair; Kaoru had long since been complaining about the discomfort of the old chair that had managed to survive and be reused through the transformations of the rather notoriously and continuously rebuilt ship. Tio sat down at the communications station, he couldn't shake the strange feeling from the encounter he had, so he had MEGAMI pull the recording from his quarters so that he could use it in his report when the other senior officers returned to the ship.

He also tended to the list of tasks he had been given for the day, sending out the request for all personnel to return to the YSS Mazu as that leave was over.

All playable characters should return to the ship now. Tagging @SageShooter since I included Datenshi in my post.

Hanger Bay​

The engineers seemed tired and people wanted resupply, new additions to the crew to get some of the workloads off their shoulders. Miyu had looked around a bit as she noticed Frank that had approached them. A simple infantry that was just looking around the corner, the people these days that wanted to get some action. Miyu eyes narrow as she noticed Minato approaching Frank "Here comes the action..." She mutters and notices that the interaction was everything but going smooth, she notices a deviated behavior from Minato.

Walking towards them and placing her hand on Minato arm and looked at her "Now now let's not get touchy on the first day" She spoke softly with a neutral look on her face "Welcome to the Mazu, what brings you down here soldier? Most of the time the pilots and engineers can be found here, don't tell me you are already boring because then I will let Minato have her way with you" She winks at him.
Frank would Initally tense up from the hand placed on his shoulder however, Upon hearing the voice say "I understand...I' sorry,"
He was more confused than anything else. when again brought out of his racing mind by the engineer greeting him. and responding to the women who grabbed his shoulder he responded with "Offically im just doing my rounds around the a infantry with nothing to do I figured I'd patrol the ship to make sure everything was sound and no trouble was being done. Unoffically being in my bunk for long periods of time with nothing to do isn't ideal." he says not wanting to sound like he was going crazy although the hallucinations his first week being here weren't normal he had no intention to get discharged over them.

Turning to Minato He reached into his pocket to pull out a clean washcloth from his toiletry bag. the other remained in the bag for whenever he needed to wash up. "here you go ma'am you look like you could use it for your running makeup." reaching up to his shoulder with his free hand he would softly grip her hand his servos in his hand adjusting so as not to harm them though could probably be felt as he grips. "your not looking to well do you need to see a corpsman?" Passing over the fact that Miyu suggested that Minato would have her way with him.

First the recruiter and now the engineer was everyone in this military this horny? frank thought to himself.
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Shuttle Bay

Tachiko traveled to her new assignment in her dress 35's, with her new rank pin and award ribbons freshly attached, wearing her officer's sword and MPP at her hips. The thin-barreled pistol is dressier than an NSP, and she is trying to look good. She fixed her officer's cap and hoisted up her duffel that contained her issue items and the balance of her worldly possessions– despite the wealth of Motoyoshi, she lived the austere life of a soldier until it was time for shore leave. With her life securely slung over one shoulder, she walked down the ramp and through the bay to the corridor. Having to return the salutes of the enlisted soldiers she passed was a new thing for her, and something she hadn't quite come to terms with yet.

Corridor to Officer's Quarters

By the time Tachiko arrived at the door to her quarters, she had come to realize something was off with PANTHEON, or, more precisely, with MEGAMI. Constantly connected to the network via wireless "telepathy," the familiar currents and eddies of signal and data were different, as if there were someone else in the stream with her, making ripples that carried downstream to her. The door slid open, and Tachiko dropped her duffel on the bed and began to unpack and put away her things. The gnawing sensation was a lot to bear, and it felt like someone was watching her, voyeuristically, standing just behind the ever-seeing eye of the ship's AI.

That feeling accompanied her all the way to Kaoru's ready room, where she headed to report.
Ke-T1 "Fukuro" Class Shuttle
Enroute to YSS Mazu from Yamatai

Datenshi was sunk down in her chair a little, eyes closed and face toward the roof of the craft as she silently agreed with most everything Kaoru had said. The woman had tried to get 'Tenshi in on the album, but it was quickly squashed by the redhead as "Not a chance in several levels of hell" That the redhead would appear on a pop album. At least, the bit of request she had leveled hadn't seemed enough to get the painfully obvious rock lover to appear. She let out a small sigh as she listened though and nodded when she spoke.

"I know a realllllly strong handed Sepra Imma ask when we get the next shore leave... If I can find his info. Last beach day I went to... heh..." The redhead shivered at the memory of bones that creaked and popped as she was squeezed like prey, and she had to cut the thought off quickly lest she need some alone time when they got back to the ship. Eventually at the call of the ETA back to the Mazu, Datenshi sat up a little straighter and looked down at her lap. It was still strange to see herself in the whites of an officer, but she was slowly getting used to it, more and more she enjoyed the sharp contrast against her skin tone that the panels seemed to play up, and it certainly turned a few heads when she walked about stations and military complexes in the white. She had a reputation as a "forever NCO" And now that she was in white... well it caught more than a few people's attention.

As she peered over to her companion though, 'Tenshi still idly wondered what promise the woman saw in her. Why had she offered the position to her, was there something else behind her idea, a different reason? She didn't think on it to long, there was no point in doing so for the redhead, so she just relaxed a little before she had to put on her stage face for the crew, for once her mind not twisting with thoughts other than work, which at some level truly scared the woman.

Outside of Kaoru's Ready Room​

Tio walked down the corridor, head down and his eyes focused on a science pad, held in his right hand as he walked. He had his sealed insulated cup with the ship's patch in his other hand. It was typical for him, not paying attention. He walked right into Tachiko, the collision was not hard but it was enough to send the insulated cup flying back through the air, and the pad ended up flat against Tachiko's chest. Tio blinked, spooked by the entire thing he jumped back and it took a minute for it to register. His eyes widened and he gasped. "I...." he blinked again, after what he had seen in his quarters he had to question if it was actually her. He threw his arms around her tightly in a hug, "Oh, it's you! I'm....Ah, welcome aboard!" he said, memories of the time they had spent together on the Tokyo came flooding back to him. He couldn't help but wonder if maybe the hug was too much? She did answer his letters, it couldn't be too bad, was it? Here they were again serving on the same ship. He couldn't help but ponder lewd ideas in his head as he released her awkwardly from his grip. "Sorry, ah... It's been a long day," he said, trying to retain more of his usual traits. He whispered, almost as if he was trying to confirm that what had started between them was still valid, "I missed you."


Hangar Bay​

Minato looked at Miyu, and then at Frank and she quickly withdrew her hands from the soldier. "I apologize, I just had the strangest experience..." she said as she took the handkerchief from Frank. "...Thanks," she said and took a breath before she steadied herself and reached for the more familiar Miyu's shoulder. "Somethings not right with the information we got from that...It is becoming sentient..." she said but didn't finish. MEGAMI of course was a sentient system of PANTHEON, its firewalls and security were still complex enough that the second developing AI had not breached any of its security. At the same time, MEGAMI had already encrypted control systems to ensure the developing AI couldn't take control of vital systems of the ship. What had affected Minato was the understanding of the information that had been transferred, the sad story of the end of an entire civilization that was even greater than the Empire.

"Taisa is on her way back, I should report what I've learned to her when she arrives, " Minato said. She looked to Frank, she felt bad for mauling the soldier on his first day onboard, "It is very nice to meet you, welcome aboard," she spoke trying to recover the situation as she looked right to Miyu after, "Oh! right, I came down here to let you know, Sasaki-Heisho, that we've been able to get a couple of fighters and bombers transferred from logistics," she said, and paused briefly before she finished with the less appealing part of the story, "but, we have to pick them up at Gemini." The Mazu had been suffering from the post-war supply chain, not just when it came to equipment but for the crew as well. Frank was one of just a handful of soldiers that were supposed to be a part of a much larger infantry assignment.



Kaoru shrugged and said with a somewhat playful look in her eyes, "We don't need to wait for shore leave to have some fun, as long as we're careful to stay in lines." Kaoru more than stood behind her promotion of Datenshi, but her reasons laid beyond the obvious fact the woman had more than earned it while they were stuck on the Akuro III together. Kaoru felt she was a kindred spirit, a woman cut from that same cloth that she was. They were both soldiers, bold and determined and when the uniform came off they were more than the life of the party. Misunderstood, yet in the face of those who would criticize them, they were women of a certain way. "My mother owns this Yacht on Jiyuu, it would be perfect for a little getaway. Get a few special people together, sail out past Tokyo Harbour and have ourselves some fun," she suggested.

When the shuttle was on approach, Kaoru glanced out the small viewport and narrowed her eyes, "That is strange, the Mazu's bay doors are closed..." she commented, "Check with pilots, send a message to the ship. Something isn't right," she said as she tried to get a better look at the closed doors. Usually, the hangar would open when not in transit, blue fields intact to retain the atmosphere.


Mazumi was hard at work behind the counter of her lounge, making sure that the stores were filled with all manner of drinks for any future orders. As she passed by a reflective surface, her appearance caught her attention, and she carefully pushed a strand of her hair back before she went back to work. She nodded her head when she finally felt satisfied that everything was in order.

“Everything ready... Oh, should check on sis” She pretended to clear her throat before sending a message to Minato. “big sister, oh, I mean Shosa, I wanted to check in on you and see how you were doing? I also wanted you to be the first to know that the Lounge’s stores are fully filled in case you or anyone of your friends, or comrades rather needed something to drink. “ She said as a message to her sister and pondered taking a few glasses up.
On The Way to the Bridge

Yukio was not known as a man to take shore leaves unless someone demands him to. Since his CO had not, he remained on the Mazu and spending his free time conducting personal research in the ship's labs. He had specific orders to not disturb him unless it was of the utmost importance as it was still technically leave. This particular research was related to the difference in the historical geological and astrometric survey data of the system and the probe data that they had received. Something was just constantly bugging him how previous surveys had detected absolutely nothing.

And the experience was both exciting and exhausting for the Minkan. Leaning back in a chair, he ponders begins to ponder the latest news he had received about Advancer's Research and Development efforts. The thought of returning to his Genshrin roots to obtain the cybernetics they were developing. He just sighed for the moment that he didn't really have the freedom to undergo such a procedure for the moment.

Shuttle Bay

Tomomi quietly stepped out of a shuttle, wearing her Type 42 bodysuit. Carrying two duffel bags with her standard issued equipment and some additional gear, she did not expect to be recalled so soon after entering the Reserves, let alone returning to the YSS Mazu. As much as she liked her new AI research job at Ryu Systems and Instruments, she remembered the unknown entity they had encountered previously.

The Ryu Keiretsu did not have an uniform like the Yugumo Corporation, but there was a fashion culture that seemed to favor substance over style. She liked it, but being about to wear the bodysuit also made her feel a bit... special. She thought about if she could find a tailor that could make something like it for the civilian world now that she had the money saved up from her long service.
"Oh, I can keep it in the lines if you had an idea for somethin..." The Cheshire grin that spread across Datenshi's face all too much gave away the thought process behind those inky black eyes as fantasies ran rampant. She couldn't help but wonder just who would wind up in charge of that scenario before the Yacht was brought up.

"I went to a party on a Yacht one time... Shit I think it was on Hanako's world? Might have been on Yamatai... I can't remember, but it was a blast. Just a bunch of nude Nekos all over the place, couple cute guys, god it was so much fu-..." When the ship came into view and Kaoru pointed out the strange sight, 'Tenshi couldn't help but nod and began to do as told. She pulled up a quick communication with the bridge, head tilted a little as she called out.

"YSS Mazu, this is Nito Heisho Akamaru Datenshi, Why are the doors closed, is something going on?"
A faint blush rose to Tachiko's cheeks as she realized with whom she had collided. "Oh... yes, hello." She hadn't really been thinking about the late night War College study sessions or what happened after parties and get-togethers since the Tokyo had to be drydocked for repairs after Glimmergold. Having to confront all of that again at once overwhelmed her social confidence, and she could only repeat, even more softly, "Hello." Tachiko stood there, in awkward silence for a longer moment that perhaps anyone should have, then she made the same error as Mazumi did with regards to being on the ship with close relatives who outranked her. "So, it seems like Nee-cha~ I mean, the Taisa isn't in yet?" She looked over at the door to the empty office, finally finding a reason to do something other than make eye contact or stare at the floor, and chews uncertainly on her lower lip. Empty office. Tachiko blushed even more deeply, realizing the opportunity that lay beyond the door, and just hoped that maybe Tio wouldn't have the same thought.
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Kazumi had been (against her better judgment) practicing her vocal scales. At her desk in her honest-to-goodness cabin, she sat her voice ascending and descending in waves. A die balanced on the tip of her finger, one with a hundred sides on it while leaning back in the chair. The volumetric display scrolled through data. Intelligence. The sneaky stuff as she so poignantly called it. Her free hand tapped on the armrest while parts of her mind wandered to their specific tasks. Dice, singing, scrolling information, and wondering how in the hell she'd let Kaoru wrangle her into a musical group to begin with. Having promptly scampered and disappearing soon after the perfunctory obligations had been met.

Takeda House had been a delight. The company and entertainment doubly so. But it had also chaffed. Finery and formality just hadn't ever been her thing. Even if it had been drilled into her since her earliest days. And once things had ended, Kazumi had made her exit. Returning to the Mazu earlier than some but certainly not the first.

As the information flitted by it was committed to memory, sifted through like a stack of physical hardcopy files, and stored for later processing.

Voicing reaching ever higher she nearly choked as a message all but smacked into her digital mind. The built-in reflex to lift a hand to her head at the intrusion passed with a scowl as the die was snatched from the air as it had begun a very rapid descent toward the carpeting. The gesture was unnecessary, but she waved a pale hand at the screen anyway. Disconnecting the emitter from the little modem, the modem she carried on her person while the emitter had been left behind. Wiped.

Mentally sighing, Kazumi rose to her feet. Palming the dice in her hand the black-paneled Nekovalkyrja left her cabin with a forlorn look.

The message she responded to with a terse that she had already been aboard. That she had gotten his message and was on her way. The truth be told, since returning to the stately Takumi, the young Motoyoshi had been trying to distract herself. Burying herself in work and distractions equally one going in hand with the other. It still hadn't helped the gooseflesh from rising on her arms. Or the tingling sense of unease running down her spine.
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*Duct system*
Scurrying threw the duct system in her engineering uniform with oversized airbike gloves and goggles on, SJ would move to another area on the ship needing maintenance. Of course that was the official story. In truth SJ was a bit board and with the skeleton crew handling most of it she thought she would go see Frank in the hanger bay.

With a mischievous grin on her face she would try to hop down and land on him. However with her luck and coming out of the duct to quickly get engineering jumpsuit would get caught suspending her a fair bit off the ground before letting out a startled "Eep!"

Frank would look up before facepalming seeing SJ in such a situation knowing she's afraid of heights. "This is gonna be a long day."

SJ would make more worried noises in response.

Outside of Kaoru's Ready Room​

Tio watched her get all flustered and blushed, he couldn't help but be entertained. The delay of the Tasia made for opportunities alright, just not the ones he had in mind. He reached back and rubbed at the back of his head as he informed her, "They're on their way back to the ship, she and Datenshi were on the surface." Tio was happy to see her, she was one of the few siblings he felt that treated him normally and not as the former Prince of a rogue nation. "The XO should be on the bridge by now, how about we go up and see him?" he asked curious about how quickly she wanted to get down to work, his actions didn't match his words though when he took a rather big step towards her which effectively placed her between him and the door. It was that perfect moment, he leaned in and pressed his lips against hers in a rather impromptu kiss taking full advantage of the situation to put her little form between him and a hard place.


Hangar Bay​

Minato withdrew from the little group, the ship's avatar was still thrown off by what she had experienced. Although this alien program and digital manifestation didn't appear harmful she still felt as if her personal space had been compromised. This was her ship, her crew; it was maybe a selfish and unprofessional view but it was the way she saw things. The Mazu was a literal extension of her, her mind was its MEGAMI. Things appeared to be in order below decks, she quietly made her way towards the exit and headed to the corridor with the intent of catching the lift up to the bridge.

On route to the bridge​

It was not long before she was in the corridor and right behind Yukio. "Sir!" she called, to get his attention as she scrambled to catch up to him. "Sir, I know you're busy but, I experienced something very strange. It appears that the segregated data that we were sent in the Yuuki System has some kind of intelligence developing, it actually had managed to conjure up a volumetric representation and tried to communicate," she explained. "It is contained, and not a threat to the ship but, something just isn't right with all this. The Taisa is on her way back but I thought it was important to let you know," she finished, realizing she had probably rambled a bit much for her own good, that personality of hers probably annoyed the man out of his wits.



The messaged Datenshi sent was answered by Minato, "We had a brief power fluctuation, there was a risk of atmospheric field malfunction in the bay so MEGAMI closed the doors for safe measure, everything is alright though. I will have the doors re-opened for your entry."

Kaoru didn't need an update from Datenshi on the reply she heard it for herself, "I wonder what went wrong..." she said, curious as to what kind of trouble the ship could possibly have while on station in the Yamatai System of all places. She just smirked as she considered the previous comments of her subordinate, "So much fun?" she completed the prior sentence of Datenshi and gave a bit of a wink, "We will see if we can get up to a little more than that," she said.

YSS Mazu - Shuttle Bay​

The shuttle made its final approach and it was not long before the shuttle was in the bay where it belonged. Kaoru grabbed her duffle bag and said to Datenshi as she departed the shuttle, "I want you to put together a party - something that makes all parties you've attended before it pales in comparison." It was a dare, for the most part, a playful smirk on Taisa's face as she disembarked.

"Kurita-Hei!" the Tasia called as she noticed Tomomi, "I see you accepted the callback from the Reserve, Welcome back to the Mazu," she said.
Really on the way to the Bridge
Yukio's alarm he had set to start his shift on the bridge appeared on his Augmented Reality vision. Signalling the end of his leave, he quickly righted himself on his seat. "No more time to fantasize about civilian life." he said in a semi sarcastic tone. Getting up from his seat, he quickly makes himself presentable, saves his research on the volumetric display, and makes his way to the bridge.

Upon arriving on the bridge, he immediately sat down on his chair and pulled up a volumetric checklist to prepare departure. As tedious as the process was, it was key to making sure they went underway with as few problems. And they needed less problems generated, not more.

"Greetings Minato. Give me a full status report of the ship." He requested as he pulled up a video feed from the shuttle bay. Seeing Kurita-hei among those boarding the ship, he grinned a bit.

Shuttle Bay
Tomomi jumped a bit when she heard the voice of her CO. She had thought she had not made enough of impression to be noticed by anyone other than that grumpy XO. She quickly bowed towards Kaoru. "Ye-yes ma'am! As interesting as it is to work for AIs and Augmented Reality Implant Operating Systems for the Ryu Keiretsu, what we encountered from that system is even more exciting!"
Tachiko was, of course, the only one who was in cold storage from before it happened until long after it was over. That rogue nation was something she had read about, but not experienced. It was far less real for her than others in the clan. Indeed, that's one of the main reasons she was brought into the clan in the first place: an unsullied purity, like water taken from deep within a glacier, never touched by the traitorous machinations that she was frozen away before they'd even begun to be plotted. To Tachiko, Tio was just her handsome senpai in the clan that she'd had a very pleasant time being in War College aboard the Tokyo with.

The kiss caught Tachiko was caught somewhere between surprise and expectation. As her slender, archetypically-Nekovalkyrja form melted back into the door frame, her big, brown eyes slowly closed, and she got lost in his kiss.
"Yea, tons of fun..." It wasn't difficult to see that Datenshi was a little distracted as she heard the response and comments from both the ship, and Kaoru. She eyed the ship as it approached and made a mental note to check over things as best she could when she got back, to get down to just why the ship had lost the atmospheric field. She let out a small huff even as they landed, but seemed to perk up at the mention of the party.

"Party time ehh? What all I got to work with?" The redhead asked as she took two steps and pushed off her toes to float midair. Flipped upside down like a Cheshire cat, Datenshi's hair trailed just barely against the floor as she looked at the Taisa first, then to Tomomi who she studied closely for a moment before she seemed to zone out at the mention of just what she did before her return. "AI's and AR? Please tell me we are gonna do somethin more fun then that?" Inky black eyes scanned over to Kaoru with almost pleading look to her face as she floated there.