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Episode 3 (GM Cinematic): Warmakers


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Episode 3 (GM Cinematic): Warmakers

  • Unknown Location: Southeastern Frontier
  • UCS Akuro III

Jiyuuian features sunk into the dimly lit interior of the Ascendancy-Class ship's Command Deck. Dark green hair chopped to a length on the sides that just hugged Kiyoko's cheeks as she sat in the Command Chair sideways with her long legs arched over the armrest on the right side, her back arched up against the inner side of the other armrest. The rather worn peacekeeper jacket hung open, a size too big for her petite frame with a black standard-issue tank top underneath it. Her right boot lifted and fell in a rhythmic pattern almost as if she had the beat of music on her mind. “Fumiko, Fumiko, Fumiko... You should know by now it is not good for your health to question me,” Kiyoko said, her eyes narrowed towards the dark purple haired Jiyuuian. “I fucking told you what I expected from the beginning. I wanted the boy delivered here. You keep coming back from Jiyuu empty-handed and suggesting that maybe we should do something else,” she said in a scornful tone. “I am putting Kaida in charge of the trips to Jiyuu now, maybe she can produce some results,” she said, eyes fixed on the Tange girl.

A huff left Kiyoko's lips, she wanted to do something cruel to Fumiko to punish her but right now she was a little short on personnel as it was, it was hard to find good help. “I am going to tell all of you now, I don't want any more excuses. They have captured or have swayed Mayumi and with her weak mind, I could only imagine what she's told them.” The Princess was vicious, vile and cruel but she had kept the Tange strong and at her right hand and for the most part, they were loyal and they listened. “We are going to find a way to get Eidan, and we're going to kill my mother...and now finally we have some help,” she announced, her right hand-tipped in the direction of Misato, the still SAoY uniformed Chujo stepped forwards and gave a nod towards Kiyoko.

“Jiyuu is becoming more and more of fortress every day with the First Expeditionary Fleet set up there, it is already proving hard to get our people in and out. Some of our collaborators are scared SAINT is on to them,” Fumiko said, scolded but resolute to point out the flaws in what Kiyoko wanted. “...We should just finalize the sale of this ship to the Kuvexians, take our money and run...” her words nearly choked as she watched Kiyoko get up out of the chair and walk towards her. WACK! Kiyoko backhanded Fumiko hard across her left cheek and stood over her as she cowered. “We will sell this ship when the time is right, but first we're going to find a way to get done what we need to do. What we need to do is kill Motoyoshi Katsuko and get my brother and his son back here where they belong!” she shouted at her. “The Star Army of Yamatai is impressive, but they aren't perfect and we're going to find a way around their presence and we're going to get this done.”

“Y-yes, Princess,” Fumiko said with shaken words as she trembled beneath Kiyoko's still raised hand. She didn't want to end up in a cell again, that was the last place she wanted to be.

Misato turned her head slightly as Kiyoko struck Fumiko, then looked back towards them and said calmly, “We have people in Tokyo who are willing to help. It won't be clean or without danger but it will get done. We have Pe- Warmakers who are more than willing to take a stand against Yamatai to help us.” the traitor Admiral said in support of Kiyoko's wish. “We just have to wait out the right opportunity...” she said.