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Abandoned Character esscast sterling [wip]


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CHARACTER NAME Esscast sterling by esscast

Species & Gender: Nepleslian male
Year of Birth: ye 2
Organization: uso
Occupation: obital drop heavy combat infantry
Rank: RANK tbd
Preferred Plot: any for uso

Physical Description
a tall, Pale and muscular man his hair black but well trimmed his eyes a deep brown and the most notable feature about him is how he carries himself that of a guardian

esscast is a strong willed fighter who puts his fellow allies before himself, he can be boastful, but only in a friendly jest. He's calm collective and above all a brilliant strategist. And if you get to know him past his rough exterior you'll see he's the best friend you'll ever have however his ego may come off a bit uptight surely not as bad as it was but still there, often making himself apologies. Old habits die hard as they say.

esscast steling was born in 2 in the city of tbd

Esscast was born into a prestigious Catholic family in the more wealthy areas of uso territory He grew up in this lifestyle due his father's being a well-known merc. His education was no exception, given going to a well-known private school he was guided into greatness by his stern father who encouraged him to go into sports and would take him on yearly hunting trips to make a man of his young son. However, being wealthy did have its drawbacks, but who could blame him living entitled life. His father wanted to see his son grow up to be a man of honor and someone to look up to a hero of sorts but due to spoiling him at a young age. His mother teaching him in the ways of her and his father merc group known as the crusaders. Teaching him Biblical verses and combat strategies as well as how to look after those wounded and such.

His mother decided on his 13th birthday to tell her Esscast about his family history mainly about the crusaders. The crusaders were a religious group of mercs that fought for both their lord and their people and how they were hired for other fights and or battles others would not join up for. She told him the meaning of the term battle brother or sister: a person who you trust with your life and would be honored to fight by their side. She also mentioned the honor of being sworn in is a ritual and pledge to your fellow battle brothers. His mother told him about how his father was their most strongest and fearless crusader but, how he was a kind man to boot. She told of her many days as a tactician for their cause as well as the downfall of the crusaders. Eventually they cared less for their cause and more about the money, and so she and his father left and around the year Esscast was born His ego had slowly disappointed his father as he got older. Believing his father's tales were just stories with no meaning. One day he really upset his father due to his mother passing from old age Esscast basically said she was loony with this crusader talk and teachings. His father began to distance himself from his son more and more than his son made it seem that his legacy would be forgotten. His father believed that the entitled lifestyle had driven a wedge between his family and their moral grounding.His father and mother fought for the crusaders in the name of their lord and savior. as time passed he saw more of the greed in Esscast's actions that drove the crusaders apart.

That was until he joined the pychopomp merc unit. Upon joining at the age of 26 he was hated by most of his class in boot due to him originally thinking he's better than everyone. That was to say until he met a friend that would turn him around, a down to earth minimalist Irish lad named McGregor. The two of them afterward were inseparable training in heavy combat infantry and obita drop training but also Esscast taking and serving in countless missions together. Soon his father saw the change in his son. His father's death bed he did one final act for his son swearing him into the crusaders. This was Esscast's proudest moment as he finally pleased his father.By no means was he a crusader it was symbolic oath in carrying his family name and ideals but as for being a crusader that part did die with his father. Later that week Esscast sworn in McGreger as his battle brother though for mcgreger he never got to see esscast again. He was to meet up with Esscast and friends when first contact with the nxm happened. Upon receiving this information it was probably one of the hardest moments to Esscast to get over he wore mcgregor's family coat of arms painted on the opposite shoulder as he psychopomp emblem in remembrance of his friend. Later that day he donned his helmet and proceeded to fight in the nxm for taking his friend before his time.

Quickly rising through the ranks he soon found himself leading a squad . Wearing heavy combat power armor and a jet propulsion system built in he used both strategy and brute force to stomp his foes into submission. In time, he was sent to aid in the front lines with his squad in an attempt to push back the nxm. his lack of empathy wiched used to be criticized by his father meant he had an easier time when fellow squad mates bit the dust that's not to say he doesn't miss them. During assault ops an abush gone wrong left esscast with most of his squad wiped out, and he himself to head home on medical leave due to multiple broken bones. After recuperation, he returned to the psycopomp to continue his legacy.

Social Connections
CHARACTER NAME is connected to:
  • amy sterling (Mother)[dead]
  • christifer sterling(Father)[dead]
  • psychopomp
  • McGregor (best freind) [dead]
Skills Learned
Optional section. CHARACTER NAME has the following notable skills:

  • power armor combat
  • obital drop skills
  • military and survival
  • heavy weapons training
Inventory & Finance
CHARACTER NAME has the following:
  • bdu
  • heavy combat power armor with landing impacked abzorbers targeting hud and jet pack
  • two spaid mg
  • heavy combat pistol
  • 4 mags for both

Character Will
In the case I become inactive (gone for more than a month):
  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES/NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I'm gone for a year or more? YES/NO


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I'd like to point out that Earth religion (AKA, real-life religions/beliefs) don't exist in SARP.

Alex Hart

A couple of observations. First, there are no Catholics. Second, there are no Irish. Third, he was born in USO space before the USO existed, and no nepleslians lived out there. Fourth, there are no 'wealthy areas of the USO' at this point, or at any other.

Finally, We don't have orbital drop troops. Though I'm somewhat intrigued by the idea of them, so I'm open to adding them.

You should make some changes, and when you do, I'll happily FM approve it myself.
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Some SARP notes:

There's definitely still ethnically Irish people in SARP, although there's no nation called Ireland in the setting. Similar to how we have ethnically Japanese people (but no Japan) and we have Koreans (again, ethnic Koreans, since there's no Korea). So characters can be "of Irish descent" even if they can't be "Irish" per se.

Currently there's nothing on the wiki that I know of which indicates that in SARP lore the Catholic church is still around in the distant future setting where Star Army's story is happening. Presumably that would mean we'd have a space pope and churches and such, which have never been seen in the RP so far. It's established that in Yamatai and Nepleslia, most of society has moved beyond religion and if they know about it, they view it the same way as we view fairy tales and Greek epics, or maybe they're practicing Yamataian Shintoism. I'm not forbidding people from making religious characters or Christians, and a couple have been made in the past (I had a character on the YSS Sakura who was basically a space jew and nobody seemed to have canon issues with him, for example). Perhaps as a site we should have a discussion about whether or not The Bible is still around in Star Army and if so, what, if anything, it means to Elysians and humans, etc. But for the purposes of this specific character I think all we need to do is just leave it more vague the way we do with random aliens we don't want to write species pages for. Just say "religious" instead of "Catholic" et cetera and I think it would be fine then.

PS: What is the meaning of the name Esscast and why did his parents choose that name? Just curious.


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What plot is this character for, by the way?


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You don't RP with WIP characters, or any WIP articles.
I mean, technically you can, but GMs shouldn't let you join their RP threads with unapproved characters because it puts their RP threads at risk of becoming non-canon. Otherwise non-approved characters are just considered soft canon until they can get approved. Use caution when your forum canon doesn't meet the wiki canon, because the wiki (hard) canon always takes priority and forum (soft) canon doesn't necessarily matter outside of your own forum.

Esscast: I would recommend that you try to get this character approved ASAP so no one experiences the complications/problems that I mentioned above. It is highly recommended that, in the future, you get characters approved before entering RP threads with them. This helps us all stay on the same page when we RP.

Alex Hart

No, don't do it at all. Because you put RP at risk of being decanonized. Anything that this character was a part of is now at that risk.


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We'll wait for Esscast to finish this character. Once the character is approved, everything will be good.

Esscast: Let us know with a post here when the wiki page is ready to be looked at.

Everyone else: Please give Esscast the opportunity to post an updated character wiki before posting again.

Zack: Thanks for volunteering to assist Esscast.


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He's not even being used yet Im taking care of it I have not used him yet nor do I plan to until I have the other stuff involving him finished being made then I shall edit him to fit what I have planned for him


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A quick forum search shows that is the case; this character has not been used in RP.
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Alex Hart

I could have sworn that he has been used in the planetary invasion thread of Xuno, and possibly with Bravo team. I'm sure I saw a few posts in which he was mentioned, though I could be mistaken.