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RP [Essia Occupation] The Days of Awe


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RP Date
RP Location
Dansu, Essia
Jungle Surrounding Dansu

Dansu was a large enough city, the architecture reflecting the duality that was Essia. Large modern buildings stood tall, next to a dirt street with buildings that were made from wood and thatch. A line of Kuvexian APCs rolled down the road, heading into the deep jungle that surrounded the city. Once again searching for the elusive rebels that plagued the Kuvexians.

The convoy of APCs wound their way along the dirt road through the Jungle, passing small villages of Separa'Shan who looked untouched by the decade that they had belonged to Yamatai or the year they had been 'allied' with Kuvexia. However, as he looked out at the Separa'Shan who parted before him, Stabaron Isarn Iskaru felt a great deal of empathy for the Separa'Shan. It wasn't their fault that the war had come to them.

After they left one of the many small villages behind, a older Separa'Shan stood in the road. He was dressed in the gold and red of one of the local spiritual leaders. In his hand he carried a long staff decorated with images of the gods that the Separa'Shan worshiped and wrapped along the top, a golden image of their chief God, Nagashun.

Isarn sighed, he didn't want to shoot the old priest. That never went well, the rebellion would inevitably strike back hard and working with the locals would become even more difficult then it already was. The Separa'Shan resented the Kuvexians, you could see it in their eyes even if they did what you said. Despite that, he had become friends with one of the local priests, and he had learned a lot about their culture and religion.

He signaled for the line of APCs to stop and dismounted the lead APC. He walked to the old Priest. "We need to go down this road. Can you please move out of the way?" He asked politely.

The old priest looked at him carefully, looking not just at him, but at his soul. "Tell me Issarn, do you care for thosse you lead?"

Isarn was off put by being referenced by his name. He had never met this priest before. "I do, but how do you know my name?" He asked, confused for a moment, he supposed that perhaps his name had been given to the Priest by someone who knew him, likely the priest he talked with. "Did Xian give it to you?"

The old Separa'Shan shook his head, "No, I don't know anyone named Xian. I was told in a dream about you. Nagashun showed your face to me and told me the messssage I musst tell you."

Isarn sighed, he wasn't going to get any answers out of the Separa'Shan. "Fine, what's the message?"

The priest used a stick to draw a line across the road between himself and Isarn. "Thiss iss sso that you may know that Nagashun hass power. There are three chancess for you to ssurvive the sstorm that is coming. The first ssign is here. This line in the ssand, do not cross this line in the ssand. If you do not, then you and your men will return home to your wives alive and unharmed. If you ignore this ssign, then none of your men will return unharmed and some of them will die here although you will esscape untouched. For the ssake of your men, do not crossss this line. The ssecond ssign is a black hawk in the ssky, when you see it, do not accept the offer you are given. If you do not accept the offer, then you alone will return to your wivess alive and unharmed. For the sake of your family, reject the offer. If you accept the offer, then you will no longer be able to return home. If you have rejected the first two ssignss, then know that the third ssign is a fire from the ssky consuming everything around it. When this ssign is sshown, if you ignore it then you will die. However, if you turn and repent from your actionss then you will live. For your own ssake, repent."

Isarn listened to the old man, "Is that all? Are you going to get out of our way now?" He asked.

The old priest nodded, and moved to the side of the road where a barrel of water stood. Isarn got into the lead APC and ordered it forward. The old priest began chanting something Isarn recognized as a funeral song and tossing cups of holy water at the APCs as they passed. "Don't shoot shoot the priest. It's just water and meaningless chanting." He told them.

As they continued to wind through the jungle, he watched everywhere. He was normally watchful on these patrols, but something about what the old man had said unnerved him. Then as they slowed to round a tight bend in the track, everything seemed to happen at once. A missile flew from the jungle and hit the lead vehicle. The next few moments were fire, shooting, and screaming. Separa'shan in powered armor, both Mindy variants and a Revenant variant which was a bit more common, attacked. One held a giant flaming aether sword that sliced through APC armor like a knife through butter. There was also a large bear looking creature, huge and dark brown with a heavy machine gun that raked fire across the line of APCs.

With the chaos, Isarn remembered entirely too much about the Kodian. The Kodian was a Star Army Lieutenant, Kiirian Loor. He had been left behind when Yamatai left the planet. He and his group of Nekovalkeries, Loor's Lancers, had been a pain in the side of the Kuvexians for months. He was considered to be a high value target.

"Kill the Kodian!" He shouted to the ragged line that was starting to respond and fight back against the mixed forces of what must have been a couple of hundred Separa'Shan, mostly out of armor with guns. The armored suits were rare enough that they only used them in the opening moments of the attack.

Isarn shot at where Kiirian had been only moments before. He ran forward, trying to catch the Kodian, but the hulking mass of the Kodian was nowhere to be seen. As he turned around he realized that the fight was over. He took a look at the status of his men. Everyone except for him was wounded, roughly ten percent were dead. They were in no state to chase the rebels and far as he could tell, they had taken no damage. He swore and ordered them to return to the city.
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Plains of Farin'Sha
YE 41

Iriss could sense at the edge of her perception that she was no longer dreaming, or at least not normally dreaming, they stood on the plain of Farin'Sha, with thousands upon thousands of Separa'Shan surrounding her, mostly in pairs or in small groups. It was night and there were fires with Separa'Shan gathered around them for as far as the eye could see. There was a single female Separa'Shan with a paintbrush, painting an unfinished Separa'Shan into existence. She looked like one of the idols of Naga'Shun Iriss had seen, but instead of being made of gold she looked like any of the other Separa'Shan around. "Oh, I didn't think you could ssee me. I'll have to look into that later." She said, quickly finishing her painting the Separa'Shan into existence and sliding over to Iriss. She took Iriss's face in her hand, "You are beautiful like I've been told."

Iriss couldn’t help but look around, everything seemed so real to her, but she was certain she was dreaming but now she wasn’t so sure about that. There were so many here, many Separa’shan, couples, groups, but it was one that caught her attention, however, and she found herself slithering closer, sliding across the ground until she saw the Separa’shan, a familiar looking one. It took the clone a moment to realize where she recognized her from, indeed an idol of Nagashun, but she wasn’t gold like they had been and she was moving, this was the real one? “I apologize for disturbing you, M’lady,” she said when her presence was noticed and watched her create a Separa’shan. She saw this appeared to be different from her Tank mother.

The woman, she was beginning to think was Naga’shun soon had her face in her hands and she was complimented called beautiful, which surprised her. “You were told about me?’ she asked, wondering if she should be worried, she couldn’t help but wonder what she must think of a cloned Separa’shan. “M’lady, am I right in thinking you are Naga’SShun?” she asked her.

The woman laughed like she had heard something funny. There was a mischievous glint in her eyes. "From a certain point of view." She said in response to the question. "Tell me, why did you come to Essssia? Some would ssay you are not one of the children." She asked.

Not one of the children indeed, she was certain some might have been against her presence on their world not to mention holy land such as this. “I wass ignorant on certain topics, I am a Ssepara’Sshan, but yet I knew nothing of my people, its culture its belief, Thosse who brought me into the Universe did not tell me much about our people, and though I was certain I might have been able to find ssome information, I thought It would be besst if I came to Esssia and learn from a Separa’shan, I felt that here, on the Homeworld, it would be the besst place to be, despite the viewss of others” She told her.

The woman nodded and with a stroke of her brush painted a symbol onto Iriss's chest, just above her heart. It was the symbol of one of the worshipers of Nagashun. "No matter where you go, you will alwayss be one of the children." She affirmed.

Iriss looked down watching her stroke with the brush, not moving at all as she did so. She saw the symbol and she heard her words “thank you, M’lady” she told her feeling happier now more than she had ever been.

The woman nodded, then stroked her brush across the sky. It was now day and two huge Kuvexian Battleships appeared in the sky and began to rain fire down around them. Smaller dropships appeared and began landing troops who began mowing down Separa'Shan. The Separa'Shan around them were panicing and running. "No matter what happenss, this iss the beginning of the end." She said after some consideration of the scene.

With a stroke of the brush. a wall was between the Kuvexians and the Separa'Shan. However, it was missing bricks. A brick appeared in Iriss's hand. As Iriss looked around, there were others, mostly Separa'Shan but she could see several Nekos as well with bricks in their hands as well. They moved forward and began putting their bricks into the wall.

Iriss watched her with the brush which seemed to have power in the world. She saw it become day, which amazed her than she saw the battleships. She remembered when they had come, she had been hoping that combat was behind her, but it returned when they came, and she willingly entered combat to save Essia, her new home, the hope of her uncle Aslen. Soon feeling the brick in her hand, she saw that it was there and that most of the others also had bricks in their hands too. She found herself moving to add the brick to the growing wall,

Her ears picked up on the woman’s words as she saw Nekos helping to build the wall. “The end of.,” she said, somewhat repeating, feeling disbelief fill her. It would soon be the end of the occupation, thus an end of major combat such as what they were going through. She glanced to the others working to build the wall. “I’m glad that the occupation will be over soon”

Then Iriss woke up, it was almost dawn. By their camp's fire the young priestess, Nefeli, cooked breakfast. She softly sang a song as she did so, not wanting to wake the others in the camp. Nefeli was the guide of the group. It consisted of five couples, two lone women, a lone man with his young son, and Iriss. They were all members of various resistance cells who were coming here. They had hidden their weapons and armor to pass Kuvexian checkpoints. There were a few Kuvexians who watched at the edge of the plains, looking bored. Iriss could sense that now wasn't the time.

After waking up, she opened her eyes and made her arms move back in order to give her the lift she needed to sit up before she pushed herself off the ground. She stretched her arms, and her back, before she made her way to the Priestess Nefeli. It would be she, who Iriss decided to talk about her dream, though she got the sense that now wasn’t the time for the end that Naga’shun spoke of she couldn’t help but feel renewed hope. “Good Morning to you Priestesss Nefeli” she whispered, not desiring to disturb the others. She looked at what would be for breakfast.

Nefeli smiled as Iriss, as she stirred the stew. It was very basic, but food that would stick through a long day of women laying their eggs and brief communitys forming to welcome the newly laid eggs. A large part of the rituals was ensuring that all of the eggs, the new Separa'Shan, would be part of a larger community and that community supported them and the new parents. The laying of the egg was when the life of a Separa'Shan began. Their children were very precious to Separa"shan. The tabboos against harming a egg or a child were very strong. Many Separa'Shan did not even eat any eggs because it was too close to harming one of their own. "Good morning, I trusst you had a good night's ssleep?" Nefeli asked softly.

She saw immediately that the stew was pretty basic, but the clone didn’t make a comment on it, as she turned her attention instead to the Priestess trusting that she, of course, knew what she was doing. This could have been given to her mother had she not been a clone she wasn’t sure what it was like and she remembered that the Priestess could tell her. However, she was asked a question “I sslept very well, I did have an interessting dream, though I’m not sso ssure it was a dream, but rather... a vision” she told her. She whispered so only the Priestess could hear her.

Nefeli nodded, "In times past, Nagasshun spoke to few, and rarely directly. But in these trying timess, dreamss, ssigns, and wonderss abound leaving one in awe of her power. Tell me, what did you ssee?" She asked conspiratorially.

Iriss was surprised to learn it had been rare for Nagashun to speak directly. She couldn’t help but feel honored by this fact, and it made her feel somewhat special. “She found it unexpected that I could ssee her, and she assked about me, I was honesst with her about everything, including why I had come to Esssia, sshe told me that whatever I do, I wass one of the children, though then in the dream Kuvexian battleships appeared and ssuddenly we were building a wall, Ssepara’shan, and the Star army Nekoss though she ssaid whatever happenss next would be the beginning of the end. This means our lady Nagashun predicted the end of the occupation?’ she asked of Nefeli

Nefeli nodded, taking a taste of the breakfast as the others began to wake up. "Ssounds about right. Although the end is vague. While sshe is the principal deity of the pantheon, sshe is also the trickster. Sshowing one thing and meaning another. Sshe rarely liess, but the truth sshe sspeakss is not alwayss the truth you hear. Pushing and pulling where sshe needss one to be, make the decision that needss to be made, revealing the truth that is hidden, or ssaying the thing that needs to be ssaid."

Iriss could see the others beginning to wake up. Though she hoped that they hadn’t been the cause, she knew, being close to dawn that it was likely that they were, of course, going to wake up around then. She listened as Nefeli spoke to her about her encounter and her vision and nodded her head “I think I undersstand,” she told her She thought about how when she was told that this would be the beginning of the end, how she automatically went to the end of the occupation. This was what she had wished for honestly.