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Closed Establish a Star Army Presence on Youtube

These suggestions have been dropped by the suggestor or rejected by staff.


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Youtube is the second most visited website in the world. This suggestion is that Star Army should figure out some sort of video content it can make, whether it's just new updates from the site or a slideshow of art or the music I made - just some sort of content and link back to the site so that people can find us through Youtube better.
This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
If there is a way to game the algos, it could be a very good method to get some attention. Though I know a number of small non-political channels are struggling because they don't get attention from YouTube.
I think if we had an engaging story teller, we could retell old RPs
This is a fun idea, but it would require a big time investment and I'm worried about us becoming one of those same-y "We read stories" channels that popped up in 2019.

My suggestion for this would be to age restrict our videos so as to not attract underage players, as SARP is now 18+ only.
There are a lot of "We tell stories" channels. sure. I think that our setting and characters (especially long runnng ones) along with art could set us apart. I think like one fifteen-ish-minute video a week consistently would be able to net us a small audience that we might be able to get some conversion on in terms of players if we mention "Hey these are the kinds of stories we tell together."

I don't think we should age restrict our videos unless we want the 'and ERP is a part of it' to be one of our selling points.

I think our selling points are an Original universe that you can add to, great community, and deep lore.
When thing are popping more, could have Templin Institute like videos to explain the story and progress. Minus the graphics of course.
"Tex talks Battletech" is also a great example of a series that explains RPG deep lore in a really entertaining way. There is definitely a difference between the channels that do this well, and the ones that are just reading from a wiki, though. Having a whole bunch of original art and music is definitely a major bonus, at least.
Tex Talks Battletech is a template that would require a huge time investment from us. IIRC according to him, a single episode takes multiple hundreds of hours to produce, often upwards of a thousand.

That aside, we'd almost certainly want to split up the work even on shorter form videos and run scripts by people to make sure that everything is accurately represented.
I play with Texicus on ss13 often enough. I'll just corrupt him into coming to sarp and have him do it for us!

Alternatively, tho, to actually get on topic. Youtube might not be the most ideal platform. Tumblr or the like where you get a lot of writers, fandoms/fanfictions, etc. Might be the place. You can dump art, link threads, post segments of stories, etc. And get prob a good following.

Because youtube algorythms are merciless and we'll likely never get seen. While tumblr you literally search for writing prompts, fanfictions, scifi stories/writers, etc. And its all right in your face.
The sheer amount of content that game has, the piles of old and obscure books... Yeah, I'm not surprised. It could go either way with SARP, because we at least have access to most of the people who made the cannon that is still being used (or at least have a couple of people who might recall the general details of old events).

It really does depend on having a strong presenter and good scripts to actually dictate things, even if they were only short five minute vids, it's all I am saying. It's true that overplanning is bad, but trying to pump out something in ten milliseconds ain't going to impress anyone, either.

Lastly; I'd recommend against Tumblr because they are even worse than YT for just randomly trying to censor your posts. My university blog got flagged all the time, and I shouldn't need to say that was squeaky clean...
It's unbelievable to me that this got downvoted because it seems like such a basic and necessary step to growing the community. We need more people. I understand this means more work but it's not like I'm asking you guys to do it.

Moving to closed suggestions.