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RP Expanding Horizons: Vale of Discovery

Jack Pine

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SX-01 "Vale" star system
There were confetti and streamers, hands waving vigorously as ever screen in the city showed the small fleet of ships preparing to make their jumps to what would hopefully become another land of their nation. The lords voiced their blessings, as the people gave their cheers, making one might think it was some sort of holiday as it would indeed become. With the great influx of refugees, the city that was the NDC's capital and seat of government was just not large enough to hold everyone. Given expansion on Sirris VI was already hard due to local wildlife, it was better to look to new worlds entirely, as the need was too great to wait.

The assembled fleet gathered together, their course set for a system only glimpsed at from a distance, even civilian and independent elements present among them. After all, this was not some military operation, despite the fact they were present to provide safety for those moving to the new territories. There was no telling what was ahead of them, what they would find, or how the place had changed since the SAoY had reportedly pulled out of the system.

Admiral Alice Casdan thought of this herself while the fanfair went on, her mind wondering on the task ahead, a petite hand rested on her chin. Well petite in relation to proportions, as the Gesherin who once held the rank of Shosa, was over seven feet in height. Long silver hair was brushed aside as equally silver eyes shifted slightly, seeing windows of information of final checks for departure that only her eyes could see other then those at the correct stations. Feeling it was time, the tall woman stood from the captain's chair as she signaled a comm channel to open, "This is Admiral Casdan aboard the S6S-Valiant, all ships prepare for FTL ETA 5 minutes."

Taking a seat once more, she gave a sigh now that the channel was closed, "Pray to the Goddess this goes well and with minimal irritation."

After the five minutes were up, the frigates began their leaps through space first to clear the way if need be. Then the rest of the fleet followed, heading into the unknown in a trip that would take at most half hour with the speeds of the civilian craft they had to slow to. The admiral hated waiting, but it was necessary, and she remained vigilant none the less. After all, the Lords needed this for the people, and she was not one to disappoint a man she respected greatly.

Hangar 2A
The spiky blonde sat atop the slid open hatch to the Oban he had so lovingly maintained and customized. Zeke Rykiel had his usual cocky smile, even as the ship lurched into FTL, it did not falter. "Alright! Off on an adventure of discovery! Maybe we'll get to fight some pirates, bandits, maybe even space terrors! Ah come on, there has got to be something out there, otherwise this is going to be boring," he said to no one in particular as a couple troopers in basic uniform walked by below. Granted the Oban was more for ground deployments, unlike the XM1 he had be leased for if anything space fairing waited, but he was more hoping for the former. Seeing as things would be quiet til arrival, the man hopped down to the arm, before opening a tool kit he had left magnetized to the armor.

Taking out a few things, he began to remove a couple access panels, and began doing some down time maintenance. It had only been a few weeks ago since he was released from the hospital, but damn did that leave the mech pilot a long list of maintenance, however at least that kept his mind off the more painful of recent events. As the locket dangled out of his shirt, he only kept working, trying to ignore its existence he stubbornly refused to get rid of.

The compartment was pretty empty, most security personnel already at their posts, the SABER girl only wanting to keep herself occupied. Stripping guns, cleaning them, repairing them, and even a bit of tweaking here and there. Her snow white pigtails jostled as she happily worked one after another, doing most in record time, only taking it casual when it came to a shotgun. Eventually Exia frowned, figuring if the Fenrir clone stayed too long, someone would come yell at her, and she hated it when it was the admiral who seemed to do it the most.

Putting the last weapon away, she grabbed her own, a Styrling Shot 12. Sure it didn't compare to those made by Galactic Horizon, or even the NDC, but the girl had a fondness for the classics and it did the job as a security patrol weapon. Despite the fact she was already in her undersuit for her armor, she wore her usual skirt and bloused bustier over it, giving her an almost cyber punk barmaid look if it weren't for the armored boots she also wore. Magnetically clipping it to the suit's segmented support spine, and patting the Shade 10mm compact pistol on her hip, the clone exited the backroom area of the armory with a pip in her step.


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FM of Elysia
What, is it the ISS? USS? DSS? Oh- right, location: The Bridge

An unusually short Elysian, clad in the fresh-yet-crumpled, grey-paneled uniform of the Yamataian military, twirled and tossed a flashlight in the air, idly counting down the time before she could get out of what she was wearing. She'dd signed up for the military, sure, but Arria was getting tired of wearing the same clothes all. The. Damn. Time. It wouldn't be so bad if she hadn't been stuck on a base for the last... Shit, how many months has it been? Too many, she thought to herself, straightening up. Her impressively voluminous wings made themselves quite obvious to anybody that could see her now, twitching lazily out of their previous, pinned-down position. While she was moving, though, Arria decided to take another look around, seeing who else was in the bridge at the moment. Sure the expedition had just launched, but these guys were a fair bit different than what she'd experienced in the past, on so many levels...


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Hangar 2A

“Uncle Zeke” Nyx’s voice echoed, a little, within her voice, the mechanical effect that almost all robots had. “You seem to be very excited to be fighting Pirates, Bandits and Space Terrors, and If what dad tells me and what I hear about your adventures is true, I feel like I suspect you feel bored in your off duty life right? I would be remiss if I don’t agree on feeling some excitement when it comes to fighting Pirates, or Bandits, or even space terrors. “She said to Zeke, as she followed him, first flying at the level where he had been before landing down.

She began handing him the tools when he needed it, allowing him to focus on his work rather than take time, plus it was a mech she wasn’t as familiar with even if she might have caught glimpses before so she wanted to watch if possible, and see what’s what, but only if he didn’t mind. Nyx wasn’t the type to use her status to get her way.
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There were few places on a ship that Istrossi really liked. She'd spent too much time cooped up in them as a child to really enjoy the things any more. Still, she loved guns, explosives, and weights - and armories often had all of those to spare. The newly-minted S.A.B.E.R. soldier was enjoying the additional leeway the title gave her by perusing what the ship had to offer.

Most of it was just too small.

She sighed, setting back another pistol that was positively dainty in her hands. It looked like she would be using her own armaments, again, but at least there was plenty of ammo to pilfer.

A noise to her left caught her attention just as she was planning to go find something to punch for a while. She brightened when she saw the other woman, recognizing her from the reports. "Exia, right?" the massive woman walked over and extended a hand while rubbing the back of her neck with another. She quirked a grin at the woman's clothes- Exia looked more Tsumi than she did at the moment. Istrossi had settled for the undersuit as well, with her simple short-length leather jacket on top.

"Nice to meet'cha. I'm Istrossi. Looks like we might be working together for a little while."
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Observation Deck

The red light of the supergiant bathed the room from below as a thin, wide hipped figure of chocolate hair and gentle curves floated in the null gravity. she could see through the ship's sensors the red giant of a star, due to go nova within the next few million years. But more important to her were the two hydrogen gas giants bathed in radiation with no geomagnetic fields. A quick laser light spectrography confirmed that they were primarily deutirium, which made supplying the base a trivial matter.

Speaking of the base, Rose turned, a file in her hand detailing the facility as she read over the data, thinking of her children with their caretaker back home. She needed this. Jack had said it. School was out of session for the time being, and the S6S- Valient had needed an astronavigator and stellar cartographer for the mission. Dutifully, she recorded ths star's cycle, comparing it to the light that had reached Sirris, compensating for time. The ship's computer roughly estimated two billion years life left in the red giant, and marked it as a jump landmark.

Adjustments were made to the star's position in real space compared to other, older maps, and Rose made a small smile, beginning to scan the familiar stars around the system, recording stellar cycles, compensating positions by barest breaths for distance and time.

Still, she thought of her children and resolved to call home and see their faces, show them this near perfect view. If only her family could see it in person.
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Isabelle Pine stood on the bridge, having joined the exploration to ensure any structures and facilities were in working order. Not only that, but her daughter was also in the exploration, and frankly she wanted to keep an eye on her considering the amount of trouble she could potentially get into if she wasn't careful. Izzy shook her head. No, nevermind that, things weren't going to go wrong. Besides, Adria had seemed a little off lately...

Adria sighed and stood in the armory, looking at the weapons. She had been excited to go on a real adventure for once, since they never let her go on any missions (Something about her wings being too fragile and obstructive, which was wrong, at least in her mind) but the flat butterfly just... hadn't been herself. Not since Ydrin died in the hospital. Was there even a point going on an exploration like this? How could it take her mind off things?

Hangar 2A
Chlorate loudly clanked around, looking at the different vehicles. The metal girl made her usual mechanical noises and beeps, she wandered about much like a curious child. An exploration seemed like a good idea, there was data to collect and it would be useful for future reference if the territory was to become a part of the New Dusk Conclave.


Prelude to Bridge

Looking out of the window, space was just so cold and deemed as a death trap. But there were other ways to look at space, it was free, it was quiet and unknown. But that was it, that is how you require to review most things in life. Something not to be feared for because it is unknown, it is a new experience and that was the point for Sareash in this mission to discover a new world. Yes, as one of the senior agents on the ship, her task was to protect, to preserve and to explore any dangers that were out there. But for Sareash it was also another challenge, a challenge to explore another unknown factor, to learn from it and it got her excited, even though she didn't show it.

"This is Admiral Casdan aboard the S6S-Valiant, all ships prepare for FTL ETA 5 minutes."

Letting her hand slide over the glass that was mildly cold, she smiled softly and walked towards the chair in her personal room. Sareash was sharing the room with another but was alone. She grabs her uniform jacket and puts it on. Her long black wings stretch out as she yawns and cracks her neck and fingers. Sareash leans forward and grabs her pistol from the desk and placed it in her holster as she gave the stars one more look and turned around to walk towards the door to make her way to the bridge.


Walking into the bridge as the doors of the elevator opened as Sareash had her hands behind her back and her wings retracted. Seeing that they were on their way as was stated in an earlier transmission to the crew. Sareash saw Arria and gave her a formal nod as fitted in her position as ISD agent and saw in her eye corner Isabelle. For some odd reason, unknown why she looked at her and gave her a nod and not so much as formal, but more out of respect. Sareash could not fill in the gaps as to why she did that and made her way to the Admiral.

"Admiral, Warrant Officer Cathetel of ISD reporting per request of the bureau. I am here to support the security activities of this operations and of course protect important elements of the NDC" Sareash spoke formally, not directly standing in the eye view of the Admiral screen. This operation a joint naval-ground operation, yet the Admiral was the leading person in this all.


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ARMORY (Where else?)

Sasha was, for the first time in her life, was not in her normal khaki pants and grey T-shirts. Instead, she was in her dress uniform, complete with dress skirt and high heel boots. Nobody knew what got into her. Maybe she just felt like it, maybe she just wanted to look 'fancy', or just placed ever clothings inside the laundry machine and had nothing else to wear, but she was in them. For the first time, she was in her actual dress uniform. Of course, she wasn't walking around much since she isn't actually used to the heels yet. When she did walked, she walked like some classic villain cowboy from old TV show, with her legs moving as high as they could as she waved her hands around on the air trying to keep balance. Maybe she should've wore her usual boots, maybe....

" God dang it. "

So, why was Sasha inside the armory when every other cool guys and girls were in the bridge? Simple. She wanted to examine her beloved GP-1 assault rifle that she broke in the last combat she entered. Since the last combat she gave it to armaments people and had not saw it again, until they told her that it was placed in the armory. Of course, where else? Where else would they send her rifle to? Obviously not her housing, that's for sure. Thinking about it though, it has been a pretty long time since her last combat, so Sasha decided to jump in again, expecting some excitements. Maybe this time her trusty rifle won't break and protect her, as she walks inside this some planet that nobody apparently has been.

Or maybe it will fail her for the last time. Or whatever.


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Hangar 2A

As soon as it had started, Sharlett found herself on yet another adventure. The young fox found herself on the flight deck of her new assignment. She was not even sure how she ended up in the NDC but was here and ready to get to work. Her red tipped ears swiveled around taking in all the noise around her. Since her last mission she was slightly less fearful but still had her twitch around new people. She looked down at the information she was holding, "Sir Zeke..."

It did not take her long to find the person in question. It helped someone was yelling out "Uncle Zeke" which she was happy for as this made things more easy. None the less as she walked over towards Zeke her tail fluffed out a lot. Anytime she was nerves her tail would do this and most of the time had no idea it was happening. "Hello commander Zeke, Sharlett Killian reporting as ordered." She said in a firm voice with hints of nerves mixed in. Her tail was fluff city and her ears perky.


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Armory Firing Range

A lone pistol could be heard firing in the S6S Valiant's small range, located adjacent to the armory, it's equine owner the sole occupant of the range. Ensign 3rd class Katja snorted, clearing the stench of cordite from her nostrils. She'd come down to the range to make sure her Styrling 45 silver special was in working order, not to mention her own proficiency with it. It had been a rather eventful few months since she'd first arrived.
She'd seen her share of action in the area, both sorties, escorts, scouting and the like, as well as another sort of action. Her nostrils flushed slightly as she thought of her lover Seara. The pair had gone at it quite often, though after both of them had become pregnant (her with triplets, no less! Kolorsha had no end of teasing her about that either), they'd agreed to use some contraceptive measures for the time being. Katja realized she'd have to figure out something to do with the milk she was still producing, as neither her children or Seara had been assigned to this mission. She'd proven to be rather adept at scouting unknown space, so she'd been tapped for this expedition. Part of the job, as expected, but this time, the Equine pilot couldn't help feeling a pang of loneliness about leaving her family behind.
The pistol's slide locked back on an empty magazine, Katja reflexively ejected it, however, before she reloaded, movement in the armory caught the corner of her eye.

Hangar 2A

Ears turning toward someone calling a familiar name, the dark colored mare turned her head, her green eyes searching the area. A grin spread over her muzzle as she indeed saw that Zeke was the Zeke she'd met a few weeks back. At the moment, Rihanna hadn't any current tasking, as she was more responsible for the smaller craft and ground vehicles, the Valiant had its own crew, but seeing the man had more than a few panels open on his mech, she decided there was no harm in offering to help him, though from their talks, Zeke was no journeyman when it came to mechs.
Making her way over, she noticed both Chlorate and someone new, a fox anthro approaching the man and his mech, the vixen appeared somewhat nervous. "Zeke! Hello again! I didn't know you'd taken this assignment. Did you need another hand?" she asked, giving a smile and a nod to other pair.