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Suggestion Explain Open RPs In the New Players Guide and Link to Current Ones


Founder & Admin
Staff Member
FM of Yamatai
Game Master
This suggestion idea is to write a section in the New Players Guide that briefly explains the Open RP concept and encourages new players to immediately jump in an Open RP with a random "generic sci-fi" character so they can get roleplaying with us within 5 minutes of joining the site. Players can already do this but this would make it obvious and encourage them to get their feet wet without asking them to commit too much. Ultimately most people join up so they can RP and giving them what they want immediately is the best way to make potential new players happy so they'll stick around.

Case in point: when we had a surge of new members I immediately opened a thread for them (Welcome to the Kikyo Sector!) and people loved it. We can't sit in our plot ships and wish new players good luck, whether you're the admin or just joined yourself we want to include them and actually RP with them if we want them to stick, and the survey showed Open RP was a wonderful way of making that happen with minimal friction.

If the character archetype idea is also implemented, we could also link that there for players who aren't sure what a good character concept might be.