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Ey Everyone!


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I've been writing articles based on current events too much these days.
The stress, the loss of Fantasy makes me crave for a getaway for my imagination.
I met this site from a forum where someone recommended SARP as one of the best RPing places in the internet.
I am very much excited yet nervous because I have not roleplayed in months, and I don't really read/write a lot of SciFi. This does gives me a good start to experience things and to challenge myself to get a good grip on this genre.

I'm very excited on how things will turn out as the hours progress. I repeat, I can't wait to meet you guys!


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Hi there! I think a lot of us are mid-thanksgiving-prep right now but feel free to check the Wiki for some background on the site, or jump into the Shoutbox and say hi!


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Welcome to Star Army! What a wonderful complement to hear that someone said that about the site! I sent you a PM with some tips. What kind of RP are you looking for?


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Welcome! If you're looking for active plots to join, might I suggest checking out the new plot I am starting called Orochi Squadron? I'm aiming to make it a great place for newbies to quickly jump into the action side of SARP, and get a feel for PA combat and adventure fighting the NMX menace. Hope to see you there. :)