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F(i)anart: So Long and Thanks for all the Clicks

Comics Archive/Master List

#1 More Thrust, More Speed!

-C:Midori (Jo Midori)
#2 Internep
#2b lol Internep
#3 Why Catgirls?
#4 A Valid Warning
#5 Use This Device At Your Own Risk
-C:Midori (Jo Midori)
#6 Death is Overrated
#7 Rank Up
-C: Kokuten (Kokuten), Midori (Jo Midori), Davis (Tom)
#8 Catnip Dust
-C: Asher (Kokuten), Yukari (Doshii), Masako (Abwehran Commander)
#8b Pink Catnip Dust
-C: Asher (Kokuten)
#9 Dont Stop for Kittens
#9b Stop for Kittens
#10 Deus Ex Magazina
-C: Galar (Zephyrite), Amelia (Dragonnova), Chandler (Cipher), Doshii (Doshii)
#10b Deus Ex Bulleta
-C: Fay (Fay)
#11 Battlefield YE30
-C: Luca Pavone (Luca), Nicholai (Yoroko), Tweak (Missing), Masako (AbwhrCmdr)
#12 First Contact
-C: Rico Sanroma (Moonman), Adrian Decaine (SUBlimenal), Gyles Newman (Exhack), Fian Vel Steyr (Fian).
#13 Pale Energy
#14 Be Careful What You Wish For
-C: Lenz Neis (Kim)
#15 Its the thought that counts
-C: Arin Berelai (Fian), Vincent O'Malley (Cipher)
#16 Once Every Year
-C: Hanako Ketsurui (Wes)
#17 Practice Makes Perfect
#18 Under The...
#19 Not so Kuku
-C: Kokuten (Kokuten), Adrian Decane (SUBlimenal)
#20 Immigrants!
-C: Kail (Kai), Doshii, Wes.
#21 Costumes and Suits
-C: Anselm (Cyber), Talbain (Demonblooded), Kuriko (Yoroko), Honoka (Kyoki)
#22 Don't touch that dial
-C: Viktor [Blackbird]
#23 In High Command, no one can hear y- ARRGHHH!
-C: Fian Vel Steyr [Fian], Norvan Wallace [Wallace], Admiral Davis [Tom]
#24 Not so LFL
-C: Anselm (Cyber), Talbain (Demonblooded)
#25 Then and Now
#25b Then, Now and Future
#26 Galactic Peace Part 1
-C: Suku (Kokuten)
#27 Galactic Peace Part 2
-C: Tsuya (Plaid Mage)
#28 Galactic Service Message
#29 Map Reform
#30 4Neps
-C: Claire (DN), Henry (Luca), Robert (Nevaron), Talbain (DB), FVS (Fian)
#30b 4Neps2
-C: Same as above + Alexandra (Shotjon), Masako (Abhcmdr)
#31 Summertime Treats
#32a Peritoneum Envy
-C: Deidre (Soresu), Hanna (Abh)
#32b Boob of Holding
-C: Deidre (Soresu), Hanna (Abh), Asher (Koku)
#33 The Best Fruitcake
-C: Eucharis NPCs
#34 A Brief History of Everything
-C: Misato Suzume (Tanka001), Koga Akemi (Amaryllis)
#35 Rico Sanroma Dating Simulator
-C: Rico Sanroma (Moonman), Mellisson
#35b CSEIA Extra Disk
-C: Rico Sanroma (Moonman), Cassefin (Moonman)
#36 Universal Holiday
-C: Hasegawa Sumaru (5tar), Ruri Kurusu (Soresu), Miharu Nimura (Doshii)
#37A: Do not Machine Wash or Tumble Dry
-C: Konoka (Konoka), Riko Bors (Riko)
#37B: Domestic(ated) Terrorist
-C: Same as above
#38: Long Squid
-C: Itkatsu (Itkatsu) Ira (Ira)
#39: After Action Report
-C: Doshii Jun, Nibbi (Luca), William Parry? (Homeslice), Random Neko
#40A: Lost City of Sarpdorado
-C: A Raiken (Sham), A Chelti (Jimmy), Amelia Stroud (Foxtrot)
#40B: Lost City of Sarpdorado
-C: A Raiken (Sham), A Chelti (Jimmy), Amelia Stroud (Foxtrot)
#40C: Lost City of Sarpdorado
-C: A Raiken (Sham), A Chelti (Jimmy), Amelia Stroud (Foxtrot)
#41: 3 Wise Men
-C: Doshii, K and Baby
#42: The Best Offense of A Good Defense
Starring: Creature (Ira), Fate (Cadetnewb), Rosalee (Kim)
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Re: F(i)anart

I don't get it. I remember the names of the squad, but I can only guess their positions... I'm at the far right, Kokuten is in the middle and either Westwood or ol' Ran is on the other end?


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Re: F(i)anart

I'm at the far right, Kokuten is in the middle and either Westwood or ol' Ran is on the other end?

Neither, other than the ones I listed out in the first post, there are no other IC characters in the strip. The squad name is in no relation to IC squads either, and the other three characters (I call them Spikey, Specky and Coffeemugger) are original characters that have appeared since the first comic.


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Re: F(i)anart

I like the first one, but the second one looks like some sort of fat guy in a power armor. <.<;;


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Re: F(i)anart

No it looks like a loli-maid!

I fully support this design, and would adore it actually put in use.

Even as a failed prototype for NPC use! <3

Abwehran Commander

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Re: F(i)anart

Psh...when is Masako not cute and adorable.


Okay, I'll just answer that question myself. When she's breaking you in half!!!

Seriously though, that was hilarious Fian. Another great comic.


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Re: F(i)anart

Kokuten said:

I like the fact that there are two // marks behind the first question mark, like the guy was in a chat and was too drunk to keep his finger on the shift key : p : )


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Re: F(i)an-art

I also would like to note that this comic is very relevant for Hanako's current situation in the YSS Eucharis plot. ^_^