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RP [Farthest Stride Prelude] Fortune Besets Fortuna


FM of Nepleslia
Many ships had begun to assemble, called out of formations that they had held within other fleets for many years. So many of them had never thought they would do more than sit idle within the Grand Fleet. It had been a wake-up call to many seasoned and new commanders that the Navy had been in need of a call to action as simple as the Expeditionary Fleet's summit. But none greater, of course, than the one who now found herself at the head of this giant movement.

Over the world of Fortuna, the colonial system saw more action than it had in many years. The lights below on the surface's planet within Leon City held no candle to the might within their starry night. Swords, Atlas, and Blackjacks zipped into orbit above the dark-side of the planet, the smaller collection of Frigates, Destroyers, and Assault Cruisers only the first to respond. Shaika Assault Carriers came next, Hray gunships escorting beneath their belly. The mighty Orcas and a handful of Primus exploded from the void and onto everyone's systems, the smaller ships able to detect the goliaths behind them as they raced ahead to the military station in orbit around the planet. Last came the mightiest of all the Nepleslian vessels, the Specter Stealth-Carrier and the now-legendary Rok'Veru with its towering arms.

It was the summoning of a powerful fleet, of ancient and new, as even the calls reached out to Area 52. Two new vessels were preparing to deploy from the testing grounds of Nepleslia's workshops, likely to answer the call to service as well in their own time.

Above the skies of Fortuna, the people of Nepleslia's colonies bore witness to a sight that few worlds saw these days with the spread nature of the many other fleets.

Above Fortuna, the gathering of a typhoon of change was filling the void with the berths of Nepleslian steel and plasma. And at its head, aboard an Orca bearing the flagship suite that linked the massive fleet's many task forces together, was the newest Admiral within the navy. Julia Brisk's voice spoke out over the comms, echoing through the void.

"This is the NSS Safe Breadth. I am the Commanding Officer and the newest warrior to take the helm in a long line of proud people. To the Nepleslians in service and through our borders, we seek any who are willing to prove their mettle and pride in our grand Democratic Empire. To our allies abroad, a new fleet blesses the empty void. We will seek our place among the stars... and all who oppose that dream will find a Nepleslia that none but the likes of the Mishhuvurthyar have faced. My late husband had a saying from his days fighting the Elysians and those monsters... and it was one I repeat to you all now."

"A quick shot through the brain leads to a Brisk end. 1st Expeditionary Fleet Flagship, over and out."