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RP [Farthest Stride Prelude] Not So Far Step


FM of Nepleslia
Premier's Office
Argent Towers
Funky City

As members of Premier Gaelan Sanders's staff rushed about the office, the head secretary looked over to the visitor and nodded to her. "Excuse me Rear Admiral? The Premier will see you now." She said pointing down the hall behind her.

Julia was, to say the least, quite the odd sight among a sea of grumpy and gruff Nepleslians that no doubt littered the Premier's offices most of the time. The motherly Nepleslian was wearing her officer's jacket, her cap absent so as to let her blonde curls go unmolested all around her head. She wore her visor, a rather ornate piece of hardware that was gently hooked over her ears like a pair of glasses, that thankfully partially concealed the severe burn scars that had stolen her sight.

"Very well," her voice gently cut above the hum of the office as she rose to her feet, "I look forward to hearing from Nepleslia's finest."

A small smile adorned her face, the mother's jacket at least partially helping contain her bound chest and present her as an orderly officer. They didn't make them like her back in Yamatai, nor did they make many like her even in Nepleslia!

Gently approached and tapping the door, the blind woman opened it wide to reveal herself as much as to take in the sights of her electronically transmitted vision.

"Rear Admiral Julia Brisk... an honor, Premier."

The Premier stood, his own augmented eyes taking her in as she entered. Next to him was Grand Admiral of the 1st Assualt Fleet. Barrett Valke stepped away and allowed Gaelan Sanders to step out in front of his desk. "Rear Admiral, I have heard many good things about you. Please come have a seat." He said motioning for her to sit across from him, as he moved back behind his desk.

The blonde woman nodded, her smile growing as the motherly woman stepped over and took one of the seats. Without even grabbing his hand.

"Allow me to turn my visor on," she smiled as she hoped to spring her joke and at least alleviate the mood somewhat, especially by tapping the device's right side where a fingerprint scanner rested. A single beep filled the room, but thankfully didn't power it down as she turned her head just enough for the grilled device to gaze at Barrett.

"Being in the company of both the Premier and a profound Admiral who was able to climb so quickly is certainly something... though I will say there are those who would remind me of my late-husband that I would have preferred to see in such a room as this."

Barrett nodded his head. "Sorry for your loss Rear Admiral." He said shortly, but with sincerity. The Premier also nodded his head. "I'm sorry Ms. Brisk." He said before clearing his thoat. "Now, we hav called you in because we have a propostion for you." He said, attempting to get the meeting back on track and away from sadder things.

"No need to be sorry. I have been a widow long enough to not mind speaking of Arris."

The Rear Admiral carefully adjusted in her seat, the hand on her visor shifting to brush some of her hair back and focus her attention fully on Gaelan.

"As it stands, our Navy is divided into 5 fleets as you are well aware. However, we are missing something that our neighbor nations have been utilizing while we have not." He began. "The Grand Admiral and I have decided to create a new fleet for the purposes of exploration. Going out and discovering all that the sector has to offer, meeting new civilizations and possible allies." He said turning to Barrett.

"We have chosen you to lead this new fleet. New job comes with a new rank as well. We all reviewed your track record, and I hand picked you personally." He said looking over to her. "Are you intrested?" He asked.

The pause from the motherly Rear Admiral was rather lengthy, but not one without an end. At last, she simply smiled and moved both hands down to intersect at her lap. "I can say that I am... though I do find it interesting. There are many young aspiring commanders out there, yet you chose me. And from the sounds of it, this fleet... would be an expeditionary one?"

Her hands moved upward, grabbing her visor and powering it down. As it was pulled up and off, it revealed the many burns and her blinded eyes, the pair opening to reveal their dimmed color and a smile.

"This pleases me considerably. My belief has always been a need for change... Yamatai did some things better than we did, even in the young days of DIoN. It seems you really are an interesting pair after all."

Gaelan returned the smile. "Yes, this is an expeditionary fleet, the First Expeditionary Fleet to be exact." He replied.

Barrett gave a slight smile. "We have to adapt to survive. Staying stagnant has led to the downfall of many nations." He added, walking foward and pulling a box from his pocket. He handed it to her and she found the rank pin of an Admiral. "Wear it with pride Admiral." Gaelan said with a grin. "You have earned it."

Though she could not see it, the words of her superiors was enough for the blind woman to understand, gently reaching to grasp it in one hand. Of course, not before awkwardly grabbing Barrett a few times. But once she had it, she brought it closer to her form and simply laughed.

"Have I? Well, then I look forward to seeing that the fleet was my idea. It will further solidify my position as an Admiral over so many promising upstarts..."

She raised her visor and sifted it into place, powering it back on and finally facing the two with recognition detailing her lower face.

"And another thing... I wish to be assigned any promising new recruits... and be allowed to commission whoever I deem fit for serving the Navy. If that can be allowed... then I will lead this fleet just like I trained all those pilots so long ago... to become the best."

Barrett did not pay any mind to Julia's accidental grab and helped her grab the box before stepping back. "I believe that can be arranged. Help train up new officers." He said looking to Gaelan.

"I think it is a good idea. Please Admiral Brisk, if you have need of anything please contact me or Grand Admiral Valke, and we will take care of the details." He said standing.

"But of course," the cheery woman beamed back, rising up from her chair, "I will certainly be requesting as much officers I find promising as possible. And... of course..."

The woman looked to Barrett, rather than the Premier, her smile growing into one more befitting a Mishhu who just won the harem-lottery.

"I wish for the forward production and assignment of all those juicy ships you must be designing. Area 51 has been buzzing, based on my son's investigating. And while he is no member of the IPG, I suspect that there must be some sort of fleet project going on. If that's the case... then my fleet gains priority access. None higher than your own, of course, but certainly enough that when you roll out those ships... I get some."

Her hand reached out to Valke, the poise of a woman befitting her new status clear from her stature. Despite smelling like cherries, she had to direct herself as the powerful commander she was. After all, she now commanded one of the strongest military forces in the entire sector.

"In exchange... I will find you those allies and anything else juicy we could use like precious resources and prospectful worlds for Nepleslian colonization. We have a long way to go before we can match Yamatai, don't we?"

The two men shared a look. Finally Barrett replied. "I will see what we can do." He said simpley. "Things are ramping up, and I will need to see how to split the new toys between all of us." He added. The Premier nodded. "That agreeable to you Admiral?" He asked.

"Huhuu~... of course, Grand Admiral." Her smile lowered, her head bowing lightly in respect to his inability to give her a definitive answer. "I can respect the decision for now... though I suspect that as I report success, you will find the Expeditionary Fleet worth further investment... both of you."

Carefully nodding and bringing her hand into a salute, the curly-haired woman gently pocketed the rank pin for now.

"Am I dismissed, my Premier?"

"I think that we will be seeing great things from your new fleet." Gaelan stood and saluted her as did Barrett. "Yes, you are dismissed Admiral." Gaelan said with a soft smile.

(@Gunhand4171 @Ametheliana, since dissun is p canon and Nepper news kinda.)