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Gaming Favourite Video Game Spacecraft?


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Hello! I didn't notice a thread for a topic like this. What are some fictional spacecraft from computer games that always stuck out to you and looked really cool?

Around New Years I started playing a lil game called Rebel Galaxy. Not only do I love the game, I love just about every starship design in it. I do have a soft spot for weaker factions and technology (part of the reason why the I'ee have crappy military sense), so here is the game's weakest ship: the Retaliator.

Isn't it cuuuuute?


I still love my Odyssey-class Starship I got back in 2012. It's big and beautiful and I like the detaching saucer and the little attack ship that comes out the back. Old screenshots from the STO thread since I'm at work.
This is the UEF Uriel, my favorite fighter from the Blue Planet Mod from Freespace 2.


It's not as slow as a bomber, but not as fast as a true fighter. It carries an underslung heavy cannon, which is perfect for sniping subsystems off of warships outside of range of their hilariously effective point defenses. It can carry a ton of missiles and other warheads.

It is a dependable, flexibile gunship, and the perfect strikecraft for someone like me.
This is a tough choice, there are a lot of ships in games that I like!

The one I go with though is the Kuun-Lan from Homeworld Cataclysm.

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The Kuun-Lan is not a pretty ship, nor is she anywhere near being a powerful warship when you begin the game. One of kiith Somtaaw's two Explorer class mining vessels, the Kuun-Lan goes through a transformation from humble mining vessel to venerable battleship as you and it face the challenges of the campaign. I rank this ship above the motherships from HW1 and 2 because unlike them, this ship grows as a character of its own, just like any member of a cast in a movie or book. I got very attached to this ugly, slab sided mining vessel while playing Cataclysm. Through all of the trials and hardship you have to fight through in the game she never fails you. This is my choice for favorite video game ship :)

Some runners up!

The Moldy Crow from Star Wars Dark Forces & Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight
View attachment 5207

The Kestrel from Escape Velocity, Escape Velocity: Override and Escape Velocity NOVA

View attachment 5208

Anyone who's played any of the EV games will know how much of a beast this ship can be! :D
10/10 choice. Not only was the Kuun-Lan great, the crew had some great voice acting. Somtaaw fleet command was a total badass.

Yes! Awesome voice acting in that game! Fleet command was great. He goes through as much change as the ship! Hesitant and unsure in the beginning, coregeous and strong at the end.
Yes! Awesome voice acting in that game! Fleet command was great. He goes through as much change as the ship! Hesitant and unsure in the beginning, coregeous and strong at the end.

"Are you going to help us? Or will we have to ram this mining ship down the throat of the first tradeship that approaches?!" - Utter Badass
I'm really torn but I'm going to have to go with Big Core Neo from Gradius Gaiden.


It would be nice to pilot... It's a shame the limitations of the time bound them to a pattern.

A close second would probably be the R-101 from R-Type Final.

I always thought Star Ocean had some pretty awesome starships, even though it mixes in a ton of fantasy, Star Ocean III has some of my favorite sci-fi stuff in it in general. unfortunately it's really hard to find any images of it online, since it's an old game that didn't seem to gather much of a following, but I still love it and played it through three or four times.


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There are quite a few actually. But I'll just randomly pick and that would be Eve Online's Naga Battlecruiser. Besides not being Space Frenchie, I just love the design of it. Wish it wasn't hyper specialized that makes it near impossible to use alone though.

The VF1-J from Robotech Battlecry and the "Wanzers" or Wander Panzers from the Front Mission series. I have more but these are the ones I can remember off the top of my head

Edit- I know that the Veritech is an anime vehicle but Battlecry is a video game so it counts right?
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Oh man. Wes's old STO post up there reminds me of one of my favorite Star Trek ships, which was the last one I used in STO a few years ago. The New Orleans-class Frigate.

It's basically a Galaxy-class except very tiny, as you can see next to this runabout, with three sensor pods (which I believe were just felt tip pens glued onto a Galaxy-class model for the Wolf 359 battle from TNG). Definitely a top Trek ship because of its awesome aesthetics combined with small size and specialized mission.

The New Orleans-class Frigate from Star Trek Online is a fantastic pick! It's a ship that combines the iconic aesthetics of the Galaxy-class with a unique twist due to its smaller size and specialized mission capabilities. It's always fun to have a ship that stands out, both in terms of design and functionality.
YF-21 from macross, its in multiple ps games and it can fly in space so it should count. While the battroid mode is not exactly my type, i really like the fighter mode cuz YF-23.