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RP: 5th XF [FINISHED] Betrayal at Taiie

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Betrayal at Taiie

The Situation:

Shosa Yoshike has committed treason; the jealous Yamataian means to make Chujo Motoyoshi Katsuko pay for passing her up for promotion twice in the past year. Yoshike growing more and more disgruntled with what she considered to be the unfair policies and her apparently unrecognized attempts to make Katsuko love her has aligned herself with many of the bad apples of the fleet and has influenced a rather large following.

Over the months the fleet has been at Taiie she and her force were preparing and finally the night of the Chujo’s dinner brought the opportunity they had been waiting for. With the help of the fleet’s chief technician the KAMI aboard the Akuro and the computers aboard the other vessels in the command fleet have been disabled, power supplies interrupted and violent strike groups strategically placed have brought the fleet to its knees.

Escaping aboard one of the Akuro’s shuttles moments before it all began to her renegade command ship, a Irim Class Assault Ship she now poses to reap her ultimate revenge upon the fleet.

[Read the Dinner post for Mission 002 for the JP where this has all began]

Status of Fleet Resources

Command Group ----------ALL VESSELS IN GROUP DISABLED------
1 Chiharu-Class Flagship NF-X5-01 [YSS-Akuro]
2 Yuumi Battleships YB-163, YB-164
2 Wazu Escorts YD-47[YSS-Malleum], YD-322
1 Kyoto Carrier YL-756
5 Subjugator Landing Ships YL-002, YL-007, YL-008, YL-009, YL-010
1 Ayame Cruiser YC-151
1 Horizon Colony Ship YL-608
2 Hummingbird Colony Ships: NL-X5-01, NL-X5-02 (NOT YET ARRIVED)
1 Ecstacy Recreation Ship: NL-X5-03 (NOT YET ARRIVED)
20 Arashi Escorts: ND-X5-01 through NG-X5-20(NOT YET ARRIVED)

Forward Scout Group

3 Yui 4g Recon Scout Ships YD-533, YD-534, YD-535

Scout Pool -----------NOT YET ARRIVED------------
25 Nozomi Scouts: NS-X5-01 through NS-X5-25

Gunship Pool ----------------NOT YET ARRIVED------------
25 Irim Gunships: NG-X5-01 through NG-X5-25

ISFC Group 1
--------WEAPONS SYSTEMS DISABLED-------------
2 Ayame Cruisers YC-153, YC-154
8 Yui 4g Recon Scout Ships YD-536, YD-537, YD-538, YD-539, YD-540, YD-541, YD-542, YD-543
8 Ketseuki Attack Corvettes YSS Mitsui (YF-192), YSS Hayashiya (YF-112), YSS Hama Rikyû (YF-111) , YSS Hibiya Kôen (YF-162) , YSS Hirayama Soyoke (YF-164) YF-226, YF227, YF-232

ISFC Group 2
1 Ayame Cruisers YC-152
4 Yui 4g Recon Scout Ships YD-546, YD-547, YD-548, YD-549
4 Ketseuki Attack Corvettes YF-228, YF-229, YF-230, YF-231

Namiko Wing (Kyoto Wing 1) ------- WEAPONS/ARMORS DISABLED---
2 Kyoto Carriers YL-752 [YSS-Namiko], YL-753
1 Irim Assault Ship YS-58
1 Yui 4g Recon Scout Ships YD-544

Kyoto Wing 2
----Disabled and Yoshike Control----
2 Kyoto Carriers YL-754, YL-755
1 Irim Assault Ship YS-59

---Yoshike Control and Others Between Taiie and Yamatai---
Cargo Group
5 Oberon Transports.
2 Heron Heavy Freighters

1 IRIM ASSAULT SHIP YS-59 YSS-Ixa(from Kyoto Wing 2)
3 YUI 4G RECON SCOUT SHIPS YD-456, YD-457 and YSS YASUKO YD-534 (was assigned to Ahmar)

Personnel under Yoshike’s Control
400 Enlisted personnel onboard the Akuro, 3 Officers
300 personnel varying ranks aboard the Ixa
400 personnel varying ranks spread throughout the fleet

Some Questions Answered:

What has happened thus far? What do we know IC?

So far all that has occurred is the initial move where the ships have been disabled. In our last JP we ended with the lights going out aboard the Akuro and that is where we will pick it up.

In the meantime, The Confidence is the only vessel in range of the fleet which is not disabled. Of course the ISFC group currently at Taiie IV could be alerted.

Yoshike has not yet made her move on the fleet, having just arrived onboard the Ixa at the end of our last post.

So what will we be doing?

On the Akuro, Kat will start assigning tasks…the main point is to stay alive and regain control of the ship.

Meanwhile, the Confidence is going to get in on this, no doubt Yoshike will be consider it a priority target since she never got anyone onboard to disable the vessel.

As usual I will post times for JP and I will be posting for Yoshike as well as Katsuko, anyone interested in helping me NPC some rebels feel free to contact me.


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>ON YSS AKURO, Katsuko's thought of the day "Hey the lights are out, but my clothes are still on...how strange.."

"Admiral, let's get the crew to general quarters. I would not advise sending the officers out until the shuttles they took are reviewed." Shimizu suggested, continuing to grasp at the shorter officer's arms. The sound was a bit quite, but was quickly silenced. "AT EASE!" a silence came over the others. The first officer returned to a speaking voice. "There is no way this should happen. Once they've got their orders, let's take the cook's entrance through the kitchen." the sounds of clips being checked could be heard, and even the more metallic of a 10mm here and there.

Corro stumbled backwards from spot behind his chair. Out of surprise he began to scan the room wildly. But with his eyes not adjusting he couldn't see much except for shapes next to him. "Excuse me." Corro called out as he placed his hand on the shoulder of the Shosa from the Namiko, who he had been standing next to.

Aoiko placed her hands gently on the edge of the table for a bit of stability while her eyes adjusted to the sudden darkness. She glanced up to the stage as she heard the at-ease order, and glanced uneasily at the main doors to the mess as the sounds of weapons being readied resounded through the room.

Caine stood up calmly and spun his sidearm out of it's holster and into his hand in one smooth motion, cocking it back and flicked the safely on. "Something's wrong, a computer like this system doesn't just do this without a cause. ...or the mechanics need to be shot." He said looking at the stage as to direct it there, his eyes still adjusting. It was then that the first rounds were fired on the deck above as one of Yoshike's squads burst into the 500-Q section where most of the science labs were located, the sounds of screams could be heard through the deck plates.

Brinn was hesitant to draw his weapon until he heard the sound of fighting coming from above. Quickly he drew his pistol and tried harder to get his eyes to adjust to the darkness.

Katsuko whispered to Akina "First lets get our bearings...There should be some emergency battery lights in the cabinet next to the door. I am going to try and get to the voice powered phone." she then started making her way towards where the phone hung. She then said into the darkness "Brinn...get to the door panel, see if you can jam the doors into the corridor..I don’t know who the hell is firing but I want it stopped." a second later she gave another order "Aoiko and Corro, I want you in the doorway to the kitchen...get those chefs in a line against the back wall..."

Akina peeled open a compartment built seamlessly into the wall near the kitchen doors. Feeling around, she grabbed several block flashlights, switching one on, and tossing others to some officers nearby. Taking one for herself, and three others, she shone the light around in the lessening darkness for Katsuko, who should have been heading near the kitchen phone box. No wonder we have those things. she thought.

"Yes ma'am" Corro responded to Katsuko, who he could start to make out in the dark. He slowly began to draw his Type 28A from its holster, but he didn't unlatch the safety just yet. Searching for the kitchen doors with his eyes he finally spotted it. He moved towards it hoping the person named Aoiko would be there with him. Cautiously he waited outside the door for a ready signal, gripping the pistol tighter in his hands and unlatching the safety.

Aoiko flicked her eyes toward the ceiling as she heard screams. Quickly, she stepped away from the table and slipped her pistol out of its holster, squinting at it to find the Stun setting. 'Hai, Shosho.' she called back through the darkness as she began making her way over to the kitchen door.

Looking around for a second to see who had spoken Brinn realized it was the Admiral. "Ye.. Yes ma'am", he said his voice a little unsteady. Moving quickly to the door he knelt down placing his gun on the floor so he could work with both hands. With a little effort he was able to access the door control panel and set to the task of jamming the doors.

Katsuko grabbed the phone, picking it up...seconds passed before she finally got through. Only to hear the blood curdling scream of Taii Ami as she took a hit from a shot fired from the pit on the main bridge. There was then silence and Katsuko could hear the orders being given between the insurgents. "Get a team down to that mess hall damnit. We don’t need the Admiral escaping." Katsuko said then putting the phone down "Ok everyone we have to get moving, whoever it is that has done this they are on the bridge and know that we are down here..." she then caught one of the flashlights given to her by one of the officers. She continued "Corro, Aoiko....you two go point...We will make our way down towards the Emergency Bridge...which was nearly eight decks below them." she continued "Head through the Kitchen....try and stay within distance of one another...everyone form up with someone else, Aki get over here..." she ordered with a worried tone..

"A mutiny? Well, that explains it." Shimizu fell in on the Yamataian's right side, holding a light in one hand, and drawing her NSPA2 from it's holster around her waist after she picked her wedgie out in the darkness. One problem solved. she checked to make sure her pistol wasn't on stun. No quarter on her ship. "We need to launch the alert armors if we can. You two." she pointed her light at the Enlistees. "If anyone looks like they're going to fire on the Admiral, you will stop them by any means." she followed Katsuko into the kitchen nudging her arm with her flashlight toting hand.

Corro looked to the slender Nekovalkyrja next to him. "Aoiko?" he asked with a short breath. "I'll take the left side, you take the right." He continued without a response. He tried calming his breath but still it came in short burst.

Aoiko bowed slightly, but politely, to the man she assumed was Corro. 'Santo Hei Murasaki Aoiko, sir,' she said shortly, stepping up to the right side of the door. She bowed quickly again to Akina, and slowly reached for the door's button.

"Let's go!" Corro started and started moving into the kitchen his service pistol held at the ready in front of him. He swept into the kitchen and began scanning the left side with his pistol. "Against the wall! All of you!" Corro shouted a few wayward cooks and personnel.

Brinn blinked as sweat stung his eyes. Pausing his efforts momentarily he wiped his forehead with his arm. 'Ok, ok, ok, just about got it.' Just then he heard a click followed by a buzz. 'Alright that should do it.' Looking back he noticed everyone was almost ready to leave. He stood and began to make his way back to report to the Admiral when he realized he had left his gun. Damn it Brinn! now is not the time to be forgetful. Hurrying back he retrieved his gun. "Admiral, I believe the door to be significantly jammed." He readied his gun and takes his a place at the back of the group to act as a rear guard.

Shots could be heard, drawing closer and closer. The lights flickered as if to come on but only dimmed into nothingness causing it hard for Katsuko to see again. She said lowly "We have to get to the KAMI room, lets try for the emergency bridge first...we should at least have some options if we can get minimal power and the computer rebooted to ACS mode.." She was scared, moreso than ever in her career. Something wrong was happening on her ship, in her fleet. But not another step could be made as the three sentries with black stripes painted over their panels began to fire shots from the corridor into the kitchen. Two whizzing past and into one of the cook's before Katsuko could order "Take cover....Return fire...!" The three rebels dodging in and out of the door releasing their rounds...

Akina rolled in the direction of Katsuko, behind a steel table with unwashed dishes stacked on top of it. A feeling of nostalgia took over the woman as she emptied a round at one insurgent, and another at one taking aim at her. A flashback of the Mishhu on the YSS Turtle was quickly pushed to the back of her mind as they returned fire. She saw one of the cooks reaching for a knife, another had an NSP. "We need to leave, now!" she yelled over the din of the gun battle, popping her hand up to fire in the direction of the door with some others.

After only a brief moment's hesitation, Aoiko whirled into the room after Corro. Holding her pistol out in both hands, she glanced around her side of the room. 'The current situation,' she said evenly, 'requires your quick compliance. It is rather volati...' She was cut off in a gasp as fire flew into the room. She froze until she heard Katsuko's order, and ducked behind a counter. This is not going well, she thought to herself. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, then poked her head around the side to fire back at anyone showing their face.

Corro ducked down behind a bulkhead and waited for the shots to thin near him before sneaking a glance at the door. Spying three sentries he cautiously began to crawl behind bulkheads in attempt to keep himself hidden. Switching his NSP 28A's mode to heavy he pulled up from behind the bulkhead and took aim at the corridor through the door. Corro let loose with the single heavy shot before ducking back down behind his bulkhead, listening and beginning to shake.

As the first few shots rang out Brinn dived behind one of the stoves. 'This is a real mess here. I signed on to work with computers not gunfight if defectors.' He was breathing rapidly so he did his best to slow it down before he leaned out and took a couple shots in the general direction of the traitors. All the while wishing he had paid more attention on the firing range.

The ship shook as the bulkhead at the end of the starboard main tunnel down the length of the vessel was blown and the tunnel opened to space, the doors thankfully onboard the ship were built with decompression in mind, it leaving only the corridor void of air and open to the vacuum. The shorts fired from Akina and Corro dispatched two of the sentries outside the kitchen. The one remaining took flight down the corridor running to take cover in one of the adjoining rooms. Katsuko yelled "Check for all clear...lets keep moving people...!"

"Move!" she pulled their front guards to their feet, and shoved them forward. "Those of you staying, make sure the traitors stay dead." she pulled to her feet, the red haired Yamataian shone her light down the empty hall, pointing her pistol in it's beam.

Hesitantly Corro began to stand; making sure all the cooks were not showing hostile intents. After seeing none were hostile Corro moved towards the door where the insurgents had been firing on them, moved forward on the XO’s word. Carefully leaning out into the hall, Corro checked both directions before ducking back into the kitchen.

Aoiko drew another deep breath, calming herself. With as much grace as she could muster, she rose back up to her feet and swept her pistol around the room again. She rather hastily moved forward at Akina's urging, and trained her pistol down the other direction of the hallway, straining her ears for any noise. In the corridor the sight was a nightmare, bodies lined the outer sides of the walkway, blood sprayed the walls and the smell from the combination of staling air from minimal life support and that of death it was nearly overwhelming as they pushed onwards into the hall.

Katsuko pushed forwards of Aki and then out into the corridor ahead of Corro, drawing her own pistol from it's holster. Her eyes scanning the hall as the two enlisted that Aki ordered to stay with her followed. Katsuko ordered "Corro...Brinn...Aoiko, get this hall way secured! Now!!" the one remaining rebel stayed silent in the second to last room at the end of the hall near the open lift shaft, waiting to hear them move forwards.

"With you, ma'am." Akina said flatly, scanning the carnage with her light to identify if any mutineers were alive. "I suggest moving faster." she scanned forward with her light and gun.

"Yes Ma'am." Corro responded as he leaned down to check the dead rebels gear, grabbing whatever usable weapons and ammo he saw. After scavenging what he could from one he looked to Brinn and Aoiko. Swallowing a drying lump of saliva, he nervously told them "Grab what you can from the dead." After finishing speaking he stood up and began to move down the hallway to the left, sticking close to the wall. He fumbled with the gear he had just acquired and attempted to make use of his new items.

Aoiko, satisfied that there was nobody in the hallway proper, slowly dropped to her knees before one of the dead men. A grimace very nearly passed over her features as she gingerly lifted the rifle and offered it to Brinn. 'Would you like this?' she asked. 'I much prefer my pistol.' She made a quick glance through the corpse's gear, and slipped a sidearm clip into her skirt pocket. 'Ready, Sir,' she said to Corro, falling into step behind him.

Paying close attention to the downed traitors Brinn again took his place at the rear of the procession. Which was slowly moving out under the first officers urging. The carnage in the hallway made the sick feeling he had felt earlier from the grog return. Upon hearing the Admirals order he quickly moved forward to join the two he assumed to be Corro and Aoiko. With a slight node he raised his gun and signaled he was ready. "Sure" he replied to Corro's suggestion. As he moved down the hallway he followed Corro's example and checked the corpses for anything usable. "Um, Yeah thanks" Brinn said to Aoiko. He quickly putting his pistol away and takes the rifle.

The detachment moved briskly through the corridor, stray gunfire is still heard softly through the deck plates above their heads. Akina stayed on Katsuko's side, remembering she'd never fought Mishhu in full dress before. They neared the hiding place of the first insurgent. The Nekovalkyrja sweated with apprehension and rage. The lights from the crew trailed around the other doors, in varying directions.

Corro's body had already start to sweat profusely from the tension rising in the air. He ducked into a room scanning it quickly for anyone. Seeing nothing but dead bodies he set his newly acquired rifle on the ground a began to remove his formal jacket for extra comfort. Tossing it aside he returned to the hall and resumed scanning. "Clear." He responded as he exited the room, flexing his cybernetic arm and getting ready to move forward to the insurgent's room.

Constantly twisting her ears forward and back, Aoiko followed carefully behind Corro down the hallway, her pistol clasped in both hands. She ducked into the door behind Corro, sweeping her gun over the opposite side of the room as Corro cleared his. As he removed his jacket, she quietly walked to the next doorway, leaning against the bulkhead beside the portal and patiently waiting for the others. Brinn waited as Corro removed his jacket then moved forward to cover the two officers.

Katsuko: >OFF
NOTE: To those who missed this JP, please post what your char has done up to this point. We will continue at the next available time.


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Jatsu woke up in the bathroom to complete darkness. Ugh...where? Oh, right...I was at the briefing dinner, and had to use the bathroom. I guess I passed out... he thought. "Oh shit! I have to get back to the briefing! AI, turn on the lights please," he said, then waited a couple seconds. "AI? The lights?"

What the hell's going on? he thought. I need to get back to the dining hall...I hope I remember the way... He unholstered his service pistol and turned on its flashlight, then walked back toward the dining hall. He tried to open the doors manually, but they refused to open. He knocked on the door and shouted, "Hello? This is Santo Hei Kimura Jatsu...can someone open the doors for me?" He waited, then knocked again. "Is anyone in there?" He waited for a response, but only heard the faint sound of gunfire.

He crouched with his back against the door, set his gun to stun, and began to think. What the hell?! Have we been invaded? Damn...not two hours after arriving and this happens...What have I gotten myself into? He tried calming himself down. Okay...think rationally, Jatsu. The AI and lighting systems are down, and there is at least one instance of an armed conflict on the ship. Artificial gravity is currently still functional. I assume that the invaders have breached at least the outer layer of the ship's system. What are their goals...disable and take over, or destroy? Since the gravity is still on, they either haven't breached the inner systems or intentionally left it on so they wouldn't inconvenience themselves. I have no idea who the invaders are and therefore do not know if they require oxygen, therefore should not assume that the life support systems are active. My primary objective should be to confirm the status of the life support system and repair if necessary, then try to repair the main KAMI system after that. I may be court-martialed for acting without orders, but so be it...my priority is to maximize the crew survival rate.

He stood up and walked down the corridor, moving his gun around so he could see where he was going and look for anything suspicious. Hmm...there's only one flaw in my plan. I have no idea where I'm supposed to go... He heard more gunfire, followed by an explosion. Well, I guess I'll go that way... he thought, then headed in the direction of the explosion.


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Taiie Staging Area

Hours had passed since the insurgency had begun. Most of the ships in the command fleet were experiencing the same high levels of live fire combat within their corridors. It was hard to tell who was friend and who was foe; the reality of the mutiny was now gauged by the amount of blood soaked carpet, chairs and consoles.

“Program complete Taisho…â€


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Lucias had left the dinner to use the restroom but began to wander after relieving himself. He noted Jatsu entering the restrooms as he left. Walking a short distance down the hall he came to a crossroads, left or right? He never got to make his decision for it was then that the corridor went black and shots rang out in different areas of the ship. "Great, I'm not even here for a day and already we're under attack," he thought to himself. Drawing his standard issue Type 28A he put it into a ready position in front of him and began slowly walking backward in the direction of the mess hall.
Jatsu's voice came from the 'john' and Lucias could here him begin knocking on the doors of the mess before ever getting a chance to answer. Lucias continued his backward step with only short glances behind looking for Jatsu. He had to reach him at some point for the corridor was small and he never heard the mess doors open as Jatsu wished. When Lucias did cross his path, however, he'd make sure to get the man's attention before startling him. "Jatsu I'm coming backward down the hallway toward you, don't shoot me."


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"Shit," Bishop thought as he drew his type 28A pistol along with everyone else, ready for action, Bishop could hear ShoSho Katsuko giving orders and saw Corro dissappear into another room and was thankful that his eyes had adjusted quickly and that he had chosen to bring his combat knife with him
"Wasn't paranoid after all," he grimaced and turned to the Delta wing table
"Stay sharp everybody, I don't think this is just a power outage," he said quietly, and not secdonds later the lights came back on albiet still very dimm and the sounds of a fight had erupted not to far from the Mess Hall and he heard on officer say something about the Kami room and the emergency bridge, he remembered where both rooms were from the ships schematic, and was about to make after the larger group headed out through the kitchens when he noticed Lucias wasn't amoung them,
"Crap, where'd he go?" hee muttered, thought for a moment then ran back to check the mess and could see a figure and assumed it to be Lucias
"Hey Lucias!" he hissed quietly, "come on! we got to get out of here before this place gets overrun come on!" he urged. his senses focused on trying to here the marching of more troops.


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Caine followed along behind the main ground covering their rear alertly. "This is great, just fucking great isn't it." He stated as they moved along. Caine wasn't too fazed by the betrayal and half expected it from someone at somepoint.


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The form that Bishop had seen wasn't Lucias, however. It was probably something that just looked like a person. Lucias was out in the corridor with Jatsu, stuck behind the doors that the main group still in the mess had just recently jammed prior to leaving. Those two were stuck on the other side of the mess and would have to find another way around to find the main group.


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Jatsu turned around and pointed his gun at Lucias so he could see who it was. Ah, good...he's part of the army, he thought after seeing the uniform, then turned back around and and scanned the corridor with his gun to keep watch for hostiles. Maybe now I can find out what the hell's going on. He called out, "Well, it's good to see an ally. Could you please identify yourself and report on the current situation? Last thing I remember was dessert being served, then I woke up in the bathroom and things were like this."


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Lucias kept his gun pointing down the hallway and back to the Mess Hall doors. "Santo Hei Lucias Micaelis, Delta Wing. I noticed you heading my way and into the bathroom before this whole thing happened. You know what's happening?" There wasn't much to go off of. One could hear gunfire popping up sporadically all over the ship and hollering in the distance. Whatever was going on it was getting close, and fast. "I don't even know what we're up against..," he began but was cut short by a firefight on the other side of the mess. "I think we need to assume that our best chance of survival is to move around to the otherside of the mess and try to regroup with the rest of Delta Wing and the Officers attending the Dinner. I'm willing to bet that they'll head for an emergency deck or something..." All there was were open questions with no answers, none of which were going to be solved standing around in a corridor with only one entrance.


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"Damn, I was hoping you could shed some light on the situation," Jatsu said. "All I know is that there are hostiles on board, and I assume that they are responsible for disabling our computer systems. I was on my way to try getting them back up, especially since I don't know if life support is functioning...but I just arrived on the ship a couple hours ago and don't know my way around. Do you know where the KAMI core is...or at least an access terminal I can use to boot the ACS?"


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Lucias looked at Jatsu with a sense of nervous humor,[/b]"Can't help you there. I don't know where either would be. There's gotta be an access terminal around here somewhere."[/b] He made sure to keep the majority of his vision confined straight in front of him. Neither of them could afford any mistakes being alone like they were. "Well, it's getting a little cold in here so I can only assume that life-support was affected somehow. Areas that have been breached are sealed off I believe!? If we can find a terminal that still has power you think you can hack it to figure out how to get to an emergency area?"


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"Well, since the gravity is up I can assume the main computer has power. If we can find a terminal and get it to work, I should be able to access the map, ascertain the status of our systems, and possibly boot in ACS mode," Jatsu replied. He sighed, "I probably have an account with read/write access, but never got a chance to set it up before rushing to the dinner. I'll have to bypass security before I can make any repairs...and I doubt I can do that from a terminal." He continued forward, scanning the corridor.


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"Well, at least we might be able to get a holo-map up or something that can show us where to go. Maybe we can locate an emergency deck or get the location of a computer mainframe. I suppose that might be where the enemy may try to sabotage first, so I suggest that we stick with trying to regroup with the others at some point." Lucias remained looking down the hall and would continue to as long as they remained where they were.

((I suggest that we get a JP going between the two of us, Jatsu. Drew said that as long as either he or Rei were in on it, it was fine. Tomorrow night's JP we may be able to do it in, but if not we can always setup our own to get caught up, or get on early before the JP.))


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((I agree. I'll be on most of the night tonight, if that's no good we can start an hour or two before the JP tomorrow.))


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The gaggle of enlisted soldiers guarding the command officers finally reached the end of the long corridor. Akina pointed to a large set of closed doors chest level on the wall. "Open it." she commanded, pointing at the weapons cache in the flashlight lit hallway. Gunfire could be heard sporadically, testament to the some 19,000 confused soldiers onboard who had begun their resistance. She hoped some serious firepower would help against anyone they'd come across.

Aoiko kept her gun trained down the hallway as she stepped in front of the door, then turned it to the locker itself as she pulled the closet open. I do hope this will be enough, she thought to herself. She flicked the pistol back down the hallway for a moment before turning back to survey the locker.

Jatsu moved down the corridor and came upon a door. He heard some people talking on the other side, a couple voices sounded familiar. He knocked on the door and shouted, "Hello? This is Santo Hei Jatsu Kimura, I'm here with Santo Hei Lucias Micaelis. Is someone there? I'm going to open the door."

Jaq stooped over and vomited in the hallway to the weapons locker. "Damned grog!" he exclaimed. "As soon as I get to the weapons locker IÂ


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>ON YSS AKURO---Ya know...that big thing...with no windows

Akina focused her rifle down one of the point enlistee's flashlight beams in the darkened corridor. The had all finally emerged from the shaft, into the quiet hall en route to the emergency bridge. "Forward..slowly." she commanded quietly, noiselessly moving forward next to Katsuko. This is going to be close...even worse is the paperwork for something like this. The Yamataian thought absently, before noting she would need to thank Katsuko again for fixing her hair earlier. It was in a good strong style for what they were likely about to do.

Jatsu stepped off the ladder and into the hallway, removing his gun from his belt and pointing it forward. I hope we can get these computers back up, he thought.

Caine kept quiet his pistol out and ready covering their backs like a hawk. "This is not good." he muttered under his breath. He moved tactically, using any cover that might be around and careful to keep an eye out.

Jaq stepped off of the ladder and rushed over to the right flank to defend the group from any bogeys that might be down the hallways they were passing.

Three shots broke the silence, as the sentries at the end of the hall opened fire on theme, the shots embedding themselves in the wall just above Jatsu's head. A forth shot from another pistol blasted against the bulkhead not even leaving a mark but just to the left of Akina. The four rebel sentries using some containers piled in the corridor as cover.

Realizing he'd be in the middle of a firefight bishop did the first thing that came to mind, fell to the ground with force, on his back he fired five shots at the enemy sentries, more suppressive fire then anything else, rolled over and crawled behind a wall for cover

A continual burst of pistol fire was coming out of the emergency bridge's entrance about half way down the corridor and to the left. The shots harmlessly being absorbed into the metal. Screams could be heard as a battle within ensued between the insurgents and the loyalists of the Star Army.

'Are you sure?' Aoiko whispered back to Caine as she crept along the wall. 'I was not certain, myself. Now please, shh...' She turned her ears forward just as the shots rang out. With a soft gasp, she threw herself against the bulkhead and dropped to her knees, bracing the gun on her left shoulder, and fired a burst down the hallway. Her right hand quickly withdrew her pistol from its holster, and she flipped the switch to 'Heavy.'

Katsuko yelled "Take cover...!!" taking to one of the stacked up containers near one of the equipment rooms which sat at either side of the group. She looked up and held up her pistol, eyes watching as one of the four sentries at the end of the hall emerged to take another shot at them. A single shot tore from her pistol hitting the insurgent with a energy blast right between the eyes. She ordered "Get this corridor cleared...." she then turned to Akina "You and Aoiko get inside that equipment room, thereÂ


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During the firefight Lucias had posted himself nearer the rear of the group. Usually he'd rush into a battle headlong, but he also noticed no one paying much attention to their backs. With one eye creeping up the ladder to check for any tracking them, he would fire randomly toward the barricade toward the shadows of the enemy. More or less the affect was to keep their heads down so that the others would have a chance to manuever around.
He remained in his position, guarding the ladder, for the whole of the fight, not having received any other order. It wasn't until afterward when the orders had been given to several to secure the room that he took other action. He figured, 'Why give the enemy our same protection.' And so he went to work on moving the cover they used to attack from, down the hallway toward their new barricade. When Katsuko appeared in his view he immediately stood at attention and saluted. Whether different orders would be given or not, he didn't know. If not, he would merely continue on clearing the hallway of obstruction so that any traitor following their path down the ladder would be left in the open.


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ON> YSS Akuro, with the lights down low

The emergency bridge seemed quite silent after the fire-fight. In the dimly lit corridor, the three women made their way towards the KAMI core control room with their weapons at level. The insurgents on lower decks had begun to run into problems as they found just how many MINDY armors remained operational. The report of energy exchange could be heard upwards in the corridor. The interrupted dinner guests were left to their own devices in the emergency bridge, still lit by temporary lighting and their own devices. Aoiko had her rifle trained down the corridor as she crept along the bulkhead. She strained at her ears to listen, focusing on any noises from down the hall - mostly to keep from thinking about the fact that her gloves were covered in blood, a fact that very rarely came up in training exercises. 'Where, precisely, is the KAMI room, if I may ask?' Aoiko whispered back.

Corro continued to quietly pile any containers and debris he found into makeshift barricades. His face was still very pale since he seen Jaq cutting the finger off of the mutineer. He looked shaken up pretty well. He felt like his nerves were fried beyond recognition and his mind was pulled thin by the tension so far. Jaq got up into a kneeling position and looked over to Corro stacking boxes. "Humm... how many more boxes are there?" he then got up and started to stack up boxes that he knew wouldn't explode on him to act as a barricade all the time humming a little upbeat melody.

Jatsu sighed, then turned his flashlight on and followed Bishop into the maintenance hatch. I doubt we're going to find anything in here, but I should probably cover him anyway, he thought.

"Not close enough, Aoiko." Katsuko responded quietly. "We have some climbing to do. Right now were' about central within the Akuro." Akina nodded, as she strode next to Motoyoshi with her rifle raised. "It's up in the command stack, so we have to take a different lift on this level to get to it." she finished. The soft gunfire began to increase, and then pass as they walked over a certain part of the deck, leaving it behind them as they advanced on where the small lift shaft was supposed to be.

Aoiko nodded, idly chewing on the corner of her lip. 'In the approximate direction I hear gunfire coming from. At least they will be distracted when we get there, I hope.' She stood up a little straighter, picking up her pace somewhat.

In the emergency bridge, several of the consoles near the final mutineer holdout had been blasted. The others, un-phased, were still blank without power from the disabled KAMI system. Corro placed the last of what debris he could find. Looking about the room quickly and surveying what people were left, Corro took note that a dedicated push could topple their position. "Everyone behind the barricades. I want us to be ready for them if they come down here looking for those tactical groups." He made an emphasis by pointing his rifle at the dead mutineers. The survivors from the earlier attack shrugged, and did as they were told. Three Nekovalkryja and one Geshrin woman with brown hair ducked behind the makeshift fortifications, not waiting for the pilots.

Jaq Place one more box on the barricade he was working on and slide the rifle he had on his shoulder down into his hands and took up a defensive position behind it. "So how was everyone's nights going before this little fun?"

"Bishop, we're wasting out time in here," Jatsu said. "Even if we find an access terminal in here, I doubt we'd be able to use it until the power systems are restored. Besides...once they are restored, the computers in the emergency bridge would probably be of more use than one we find in here. As it stands, we don't have many people defending our position...and if someone was hiding in here, we'd have found him by now. I'm going back...I suggest you do the same," he said, then turned around and started crawling back to the hall.

After walking for five minutes in silence, the sound of gunfire disappeared. The trio finally arrived at a small lift, and Katsuko stopped, pointing her weapon down the hall. "Get the doors please, Aoiko. Keep them open while we get in. Then we're going up." she said in a hushed tone. Akina slung her rifle on her back, turning to face the doors. "Ah, more climbing around. Our dress boots are practically made for this." the Shosa decided dryly.

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