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RP [Firebrand Crew] Chapter Two, Old Flames Burn the Brightest


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RP Date
ye 40
RP Location
Station near Morant
Without too much more hassle the crew locked down all their equipment and began lifting off, Pietrov’s questionable repairs were holding for now as the ship vectored to slice cleanly through the atmosphere – gravity plating shielding the crew from having their organs liquified and soon enough the Captain began punching in co-ordinates to leave the system.

The red warning light didn’t really do its job, it’d barely lit up before the ship was rocked violently to one side – the whole left propulsion arm had finally crapped itself for real and as the Daur pulled up a camera’s feed to inspect the damaged thing it was pretty clear there would be no fixing it this time.

Vinni stood up and rubbed their electronic eyes with an expression of pure annoyance before huffing out a determined sigh, “Station is close… we’ll just replace both of them and use the old ones for spare parts~” it was never a fun thing to admit your ship was a pale reflection of its former self, but lucky for the captain anyone who knew about the first iteration of the Veilburner was scattered… an odd irony, the foxy-thing did miss a few of them – Castor with this slick trigger finger and hard-on for revolvers…

No use thinking of the past though, they were elsewhere and that was probably for the best.

The Veilburner II slowly limped into port and sat herself down, Vinni had been arranging repairs on the way there and exchanged a few words with the pit-crew before gesturing for them to follow the genderless thing to the bar – Wylde had decided to catch another ship out and Vinni understood completely, wishing the golden-eyed Nepleslian the best of luck in his future endeavours.

“Listen, guys I…” came the odd electronic voice as the crew found a booth, “I’m sorry this isn’t all quite going as you lot expected, but I feel like our luck is going to turn around soon… it was a bit of a sobering moment back there so I’ll understand if you wish to move on but if not then I’ll double down moving forward to get us something good yeah?”

Vinni offered the assembled crew a reassuring smile, beady little volumetric eyes expressing how sorry the foxy captain really was, “Regardless if you are staying or not, drinks are on me, might as well make any last memories a happy one yeah?” the Captain finished, eyes offering a warmer smile.

“Captain, too hard on yourself… shit happens,” Pietrov’s voicebox boomed out from under his hood as the hidden Daur sat up on Grelish’s lap, her large hand carding slowly through the soft hairs of his tail that flopped over his own lap – she gave a nod of agreeance and looked over to one of the nearby drinks lists.

“Still… but we can discuss that later, just put your orders on my tab,” Vinni finished, feeling the hairs on the back of their neck stick up a little, an odd presence in the back of their mind.
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"Im not sure what you mean captain, this isn't bad luck its just part of an adventure!" Came the every cheerful if not a little too friendly voice of Sakura who winked at the strange helmeted creature she had decided to follow. "I'm sure we could exchange some cakes for new parts, no need to waste money on it." She said helpfully, knowing full well that wasn't quite how currency and trade worked but this was all a little too gloomy for her tastes.

The neko stood up from the bench she'd been leaning on and put her arm out making a large thumbs up to accompany her smile, "The cake bandit is now taking flavour requests, nothing is too hard for me to handle." She said. "And captain, YOUR drinks are on me because you deserve it, this is just the early begginings of a long DnD session so you cant go blowing all your starting funds in one go."
"Free drinks are good for me," Zoe weighed in with a shrug. Before grimacing ever so slightly. "I got some old friends somewhere, if we need contracts. It's not particularly well-paying, but it's still paying." The elf added with a shrug, before reclining back in her seat. Arching an eyebrow at a figure that seemed to shift towards their booth. Though even before she could get a proper look, they were gone again. Nowhere to be found.

Arching an eyebrow momentarily, she shrugged it off. "Let's start the night calm, yeah?" She asked around with a grin. "Y'all, barring Grelish, are damn lightweights."

Yep this was just like being back in the hood at home, and afterwards when she came to this sector. The black skinned Iroma gave a sigh as she strode through the commons area, dressed in a T-shirt and jeans, a jacket and short scarf on to compensate for the stations shoddy environmental control's settings. It was a bit cool, and that irritated her even more. SHE HAD A SHOW TO DO VOID DAMNIT! Jax had set up this trip for her, so she could spread her popularity, yet the agent who had been set to transport her to nepleslia, was nowhere to be found. Word had been from the dock workers that they had bailed for unknown reasons. She growled as she strode past the bar's entrance without a thought, not giving it much mind.
"You think I'm a lightweight? I hope you haven't forgotten that my kind can just drink without consequence." Sakura purred in responce to Zoeichie's comment about their drinking ability. "The only one here who looks like a light one is poor old Pietov." The neko reached over to give the Daur a small pat on the head.
Inside bar

Grelish couldn't help but smile a bit as her strong genetics were brought up, a slight proud puffing out of the silent giant's chest before she had to tighten her grip on the now-growling Pievtrov, who was not taking well to Sakura's sudden patting - or at least he wasn't wanting to admit if it had felt nice, but likewise she had insulted his strong DePolanskaya blood! which so happened to have a disposition for an alcoholic intolerance but she didn't need to know that.

"I'll show you the lightweight you cat blya~" the crew's Daur began threatening, adorably fluffy ears pointed forwards and canines bared before a look from Captain Firebrand and subsequent squeeze of Grelish's arms around Pietrov's small frame convinced the boy otherwise - making him go back to brooding with a huff.

"Thank you, Zoe and Sakura... but no talk of work from you lot tonight alright? as your Captain and furthermore the person paying for your lodgings I forbid it alright?" Vinni asked, massive tail not unlike Pietrov's besides the fiery red colour held down low behind the seemingly androgynous thing's strong legs as little projected eyes glanced between those assembled at their table in the cozy little tavern before continuing.

"Though to me it sounds like Sakura just offered to take our orders, full cream for me and make sure they don't put it on the rocks... some people are weird like that," the mysterious thing piped up happily, though with the chirpy tone came equal bits a look that said on my tab, Sakura before the Captain's gaze was dragged out the nearest window with that same strange chill up their spine as before despite basically living in an exo-atmospheric suit.

"Honey deepthroat on the rocks," came an order from the Daur who was seething but failing to properly project his aura of rage into the room as he sat on the lap of Firebrand crew's Nepleslian, who just pointed to a section of the Vodkas behind the bar and went back to carding her hand through Pietrov's tail, which seemed to lessen his edge a little.

"...try to not start any bar fights, I'll be right back," came Vinni's voice before the captain excused their self from the conversation, sliding a very toned and athletic butt over Sakura and then Zoeichi's lap, doing a double take as they brushed up against something in the elf's pocket before but dismissing it as probably a weapon of some sort before wandering out the swinging doors.

"Hey uhm, excuse me ma'am?" a strange voice of both a man and woman at once came from behind Betty as a 5'5" foxy thing with very strong looking legs wrapped up in a bodysuit, clearly weapon-bearing chestrig, Firebranded leather jacket with the crew's telltale flame over one shoulder and a full-head helmet that was designed to vaguely resemble a cartoony cat with beady little volumetric eyes that followed the Iroma spoke up - a brilliant tail almost as large as the being it was attached to seemed to light up as a neon sign behind it pulsed, while it was difficult to determine any kind of specific gender or even species, the mannerisms and tone of voice implied no ill-will was being wished.

"You looked lost and a little chilly, I have a crew inside getting drinks and we've passed through this station a few times so know the way around kinda well, want to warm up with a drink while we figure out where you are meant to be going?" Vinni offered, gesturing back to the window that same helmet was peeking through only a few moments ago and thus the hearty-looking bar it belonged to.

A lost Iroma in some dingy space station... it tugged at the Captain's heart strings if indeed they did have some and it wasn't all robot under there like Sakura sometimes thought, facial features were hidden but the friendly look from those beady eyes looking up at Betty, there was no visible mouth but a smile was obvious.
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"I'm sorry if I offended you, honest! But your hair and ears are just so adorable and fluffy I had to pat them, how about if I give you some extra meat at dinner tonight just the way you like it cooked eh?" The neko grinned down at the Daur as she memorised the drinks order and turned to get everyone their drinks from the bar. Those ears of his were just irresistible, she had to find a way to get him to let her touch them, just like she had to find out the captain's secret identity.

After placing the order and being sure to make sure they would each be prepared how they liked them she turned on her seat and looked back to Pietrov. "So, what's it gonna take for you to let me touch your ears huh? I will stop at nothing to play with them, you can touch mine if you want." Her hand crept through the air towards him again, hopefully this time would go better.
"Lightweights, the lot o' ya," Zoeichi added with a soft grin. "Unable to even take part in a proper drinkin' contest." The same grin remained on her face as she glanced over at Grelish, offering a wink, before shrugging at Vinni again. "If those are your orders, Cap'n," Zoeichi answered with a soft breath and a gentle, reassuing smile. The elf then reclined in her seat and softly popped her neck. Glancing at Sakura as she seemed to attempt at driving bargains with Pietrov, rubbing her chin with a soft snort. "I guess I'll just start off with a beer or two."
The charcoal black shade of woman turned at the voice, giving a nervous yet polite expression. The outfit was odd....to say the least, but they seemed friendly enough. Betty considered their offer for a moment, looking to the window to see the bustling bar, and the people within. Turning back to Vinni with a defeated sigh, "I don't really have any place to go so far, so the offer is greatly appreciated. I don't suppose you can get me a flight to Nepleslia can you? I had one arranged, but then the jerk up and cancelled at the last minute. Sorry to trouble you, just not use to travel."
"They just ears, get over it~" Pietrov added with a warning growl as he settled a little further back into Grelish's pillowing chest, the quarter SOL noticing Zoeich's wink with a raised eyebrow and a smirk before a waitress strolled over and began putting everybody's drinks on the table, the crew's Daur's pupils had contracted into fierce pin-pricks with his ears trailing down defensively - he wasn't physically halting Sakura's progress but the cat part of her genes could tell it was a definite no despite all the attempts to bribe him.

With one of her tattoo-laden tree trunk arms still wrapped around the Daur's waist to keep him in check, Grelish poured a small shot from the bottle of vodka that'd been handed out and raised it to her lips, a leg under the table moving to slip itself out of her boot and gently snake across to brush against the muscular elf's knee with a wink similar to the one Zoe had given just a moment ago.

Vinni offered a few nods of understanding as they moved a little closer to Betty, an electronic rattle as the short being cleared their throat briefly, "I'm sorry to hear that, ma'am, but ehhhh we can probably cart you at least part of the way there, come in out of the cold and we can discuss specifics if you want?" the helmet had no mouth and their voice was hidden between a more masculine and a more femenine filter that had been overlapped for the sake of anonymity but the beady little blue eyes seemed happy to help as they looked up at the Iroma, pleasant semi-circles that spoke of warmth as they gestured to the bar again.
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Sakura pouted for a moment as her hand halted. “Awww but Pietrov, you’re ears are so amazing. Why can’t you see it from my perspective?” The neko said sulkily, folding her arms and scrunching her face. “Of course he wouldn’t let me, meanie fox.” She muttered to herself while drinking her own liquid, having opted just for water instead of trying to outdrink the others. Not like she could really enjoy alcohol anyway.

“Hey anyone know why captain is out there trying to hit up the crowds?”
Zoe offered a grin towards Grelish in return, making a toast gesture towards her before piping up. "To our rotten luck - may it fucking turn!" She cheered with a grin from ear to ear, before downing the rather large-sized pint in one go, within ten seconds, before letting out a rather audible belch and gathering the second glass she ordered. Taking another firm swig before letting out a gentle breath. "That hit the spot," the amazonian cooed. Before glancing over at Sakura and shrugging. "The captain's a weird li'l thing, but can fend for 'emself," Zoeichi answered with a shrug. "Shouldn't worry too much."

Though the fated Captain would feel an odd sensation tingling at the back of her mind. And Betty'd take note of a silhouette watching them in the eery light of a street lantern. Though oddly enough, as soon as she as much as focussed on the figure, it turned around and disappeared from the pole it was leaning against. Almost completely blending in with the darkness and leaving no traces of it's existence, not even the noise of footfalls.
"Yeah, not like I have any other options, thank you. I can certainly compensate you for the trouble and time. Please lead the way, oh also I'm sorry, but I don't think I caught your name?" Betty stated slightly bashful given she wasn't one to usually ask for help, much less aid. The question came with a touch of embarassment, as she had not properly asked for a name, or introduced herself. "I'm Betty Arturius by the way. I'm a bit more known in independent space, but nothing major. I'm a singer."
"I mean~" Pietrov began speaking up, procuring a straw from his crew jacket and slipping it into his glass to take a small swig of the good stuff before speaking further, "Cap can handle self alright, pulled Grelish from jaws of Osmani dropbear," the Daur murmured, using the straw to stir around the ice cubes a little as Grelish nodded in agreeance, making a claw out of one large hand and dragging it across her horribly scarred throat before deciding to pour another shot out for herself with a smirk - her foot trailing small circles across Zoe's knee before it slipped away slowly, back into the part-SOL's boot, whistling a little tune quietly to herself.

"...Sakura, if I let you touch my bloody ears... will you stop asking? it's somewhat fucking annoying~" Pietrov's manly Kuznyetski voice offered with a huff, taking another pull from his straw-bearing glass.

"Arturius, Arturius... I think I've heard the name before but I'm not entirely sure, though you seem nice enough~" Vinni murmured, feeling the hairs on the back of their hidden neck tingle as the helmeted head looked off into darkness, eyes squinting as they peered through the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums for a moment, head shaking as it returned to Betty.

"Go on in, my crew is the one with the two amazons, the cat and the fox in the booth near a window - I just gotta deal with something first, alright?" the captain requested politely, not sure where this familiar tingling in the back of their mind was coming from but knowing it'd eat away at them for a few days if it wasn't clarified, "Tell them Vinni sent you~"

The captain waiting for Betty to start walking towards the bar before turning on one heel to investigate the tantalizing darkness, hand brushing aside the leather jacket to rest on their ZA .45 pistol cautiously, the previous crew hadn't all parted on such nice terms afterall... especially not Michael~
“Aww, you know I can’t do that Pietrov, if I play with them once you have to let me play with them again. You’re suggesting an impossible dilemma!” The neko cried out in mock woe, putting a hand up to her forehead and fluttering her eyes.

“I still think you could enjoy yourself and relax a bit more if you let me tend to your ears, and maybe the tail too. Captain never lets me touch their tail either.” Sakura said pouting, continuing to sip at her drink. “And yeah I know the captain isn’t dumb Zoe but why’d they just up and leave the party? I was hoping to get the mask off this time.”
"People just need some time to themselves, sometime," Zoeichi answered with a soft huff, eyes drifting over to Grelish with mock disappointment, though offering a faint grin before she leaned back in her seat. Taking a sip from her drink as she relaxed. Electing to examine her surroundings to see for any sign of trouble coming their way.

As Vinni turned the corner, her eyes could make out a figure sitting in the pale and cold light of a lamppost that barely lit up the alleyway. It was a grim sight, the figure of a broken Iroma. With a bruised, scraped and cut face, sucking in wheezing breaths unsteadily. Her head rested against the wall as the pale, upper half of her face was twisted in pain, one foot was obviously turned the wrong way. Droplets of sweat running down her face as a veritable puddle of blood formed under her form - a telltale crimson stain on her lower abdomen. Straya's piercing gaze, despite how hurt she was, was still crystal clear as it befell Vinni. "Hey-... You," she croaked, before a wheezing fit of coughing overtook her. One that shook the broken body.
The dark Iroma entered the establishment, unsure to what she would find, but saw the two "amazons" as the captain had described. Almost a tad shy do to not knowing any of these figures, she cautiously approached them. "Um hi, I was sent here by a Vinni? They offered to give me passage on your ship. I'm Betty Arturius by the way, pleased to meet you." she offered quietly, violet eyes looking over everyone briefly. They however lingered over Zoe and Sakura briefly longer then the others, something about their appearances familiar from her brother's writings sent to her.
"Yo, good to see ya Betty. Cap certainly chooses the weirdest of us to stuff together on their ship, come grab a seat next to me." The grey neko offered with a wink, patting the stool beside her while looking at the new arrival. "So what are you here for anyway, just getting a lift or secretly wanting to roam the galaxy stealing cakes and perfecting the ultimate baked goods recipe!" Sakura raised a defiant fist into the air as she vocalised her goal. "Hey Zoe, you don't happen to have any knowledge about baking cakes do you sweetie?" The grey cat continued, eyes lazily drifting over to the elf, it had been a while since they got to catch up after leaving the Hana and she had never actually inquired as to the cooking skills of her old comrade.
Vinni felt their heart drop into their left boot as the sight of the bleeding pink-haired Iroma sitting there like an abandoned pet, frozen in place for a few moments as the captain's visor went blank from the shock of it all, it had certainly been... a good while since the two had crossed paths. "St-Stray? the hell happened to you~" came the worried words from Vinni's hidden, modulated maw, hand hovering away from one of the captain's pistols to reach into their Firebranded jacket as the fox-tailed thing approached and crouched down - hand reappearing with a small syringe, other hand moving to support the injured woman's weight with that deceptive strength Straya damn well knew the captain possessed.

"Try not to talk too much~ I'll get you some help... damn it, Stray..." Vinni murmured with a shaky bi-gendered voice, the worry clear as day through the electronic filter as the syringe was pressed to Straya's thigh, her system being flooded with short-lived medical nanites that would hopefully stabilize her before Vinni's beady blue volumetric eyes reappeared on their visor.

"Are you in immediate danger?" the small captain asked, brushing some of the pink hair away from Straya's eyes as they prepared to lift the Iroma.

"Okay then fuck you, you no touch ears... Sakura~" was Pietrov's last little bout of angsty defiance before he went back to angrily sipping at his drink, Grelish snickering slightly under her breath as she slid out from under the angry fox to sit beside him, looking out the window a moment before the silent giant returned her attention to the small group, regarding the newcomer with wary eyes as they introduced themselves and made it clear this dark Iroma knew the other two.

"Wait Betty... the Betty? Betty Arturius?" Pietrov piped up again, seemingly in a much chirpier mood than he usually was, the angry little fox who refused to speak Trade without the help of his electronic voice box was somewhat of a fan of her music, if indeed this was the one and only Betty Arturius and not just a doppelganger - Grelish however seemed trusting enough for the time being and refocused her efforts on Zoeichi, leaning forwards and to offer the elf a decent view of her own toned and well-formed chest through the neck of her tank top.
"Yeah, take a seat," one of two amazons offered with a gentle smile. Though her glance moved to Sakura with a soft frown, before turning her gaze back to her glass - well, that was the intention when she saw Grelish moving about and leaning forward. Offering both a generous and gratouitous view on what was hidden below the tank-top. A soft, thick swallow resounded before Zoeichi sucked in a soft breath. "Well, I'm going for a leak," she added as she slowly got to her feet. Though making sure she'd have passing eye-contact with Grelish, a soft twinkle inviting her along.

"Don't need-..." Another soft coughing cut short whatever witty remark the Iroma had as Vinni just stared for several seconds. Before whincing in pain and leaning her head back against the concrete wall behind her. Closing eyes as the world began to spin again. The horned woman sucked in a few soft and careful breaths, before feeling the surprisingly warm touch of Vinni. One she had missed so badly over the years that passed, one she had desired so much during the time apart. Feeling the syringe slammed in her thigh, the Iroma didn't move, she didn't even flinch. Mayhaps it was due to just how faint she was, or mayhaps it was the fact that after all this time, she still held a great deal of trust. "And here-... I thought I had to offer light-hearted commentary," she grunted out in response. Her eyes sliding open as a weak and bloodied hand moved up to cradle the masked face of Vinni. "I-... Missed you." She admitted in the softest of whispers, before leaning back with a groan again. "Nah-... Not for... I give it an hour," she answered, before another coughing fit overtook her. A bloodied phlegm spat to the side.

"Fucker-... Didn't wear his seatbelt."
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