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RP First Recess

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Vishta would be found sitting in a small ball in what appeared to be a massive leather clad recliner. Her heavy robs swallowed her small curvaceous from. Her blue eyes were glued to a data pad a with her right hand manipulating its controls.

In front of her was a large empty table with the exception of a bottle of Sake, and two small glasses. One of the glasses rest in her hand. Her full lips barely touched the glass, but she was clearly attempting to try out Yamataian culture by exploring its food in beverage.

The bar was half full of patrons and soothing music play in the back ground. For the time being the Princess seemed to have an aura of total bliss around her.
Re: Recess

It didn't take long for Yuumi to find the Princess. The exotic, striking being easily rose above the crowd, even when sitting down.

She took the seat across from her and smiled, as people walked around them, seemingly taking no notice of the princess and the Neko.

Miki wasn't with her — she was first meant to ensure everyone's needs were being met in their respective quarters on the station, then talk to the Iroma — which left her alone with the princess and any advisers she had near her.

She took up the other cup near the princess, poured herself a drink and downed it in one quick motion, tipping her head back just enough to get the contents of the glass speeding toward her stomach.

The liquid hardly burned at all; it was smooth like water and just a little sweet. Terrible stuff. Yuumi had ingested enough sake during her upbringing to fill a few swimming pools.

"Nepleslian liquor is better," she said. "I'll get you some from Pyros after I see him. You're first on my list, though."
Re: Recess

"I have been told Nepleslian liquor is much more potent. I have not had the pleasure of trying it."

"This Sake" She said finishing off her glass "Is perfect for the mood. Smooth, soothing. Quite the contrast to the tense discussions we both just endured."

Vishta was alone, and by the Gartagen clock this was peak waking hours for her race. She diverted her position away from her data pad. "Sal Premier." She said lifting her chin slightly and smiling. "I'd say the first session of the International Relations Conference was a success for your people. Your government should commend your patients in having made such a stride. I did not doubt your people could take the NMX. Now I suspect with the support you just earned, future success is ensured."
Re: Recess

Upon exiting the conference room, the Lorath pair of Aegis and Dico had their work cut out for them. They had a sort of shopping-list of contacts to make, dialog to have, places to be... though, one of the hardest of those contacts had approached Velor themselves, the rest were just as difficult to approach, and both of the Lorath knew that.

Aegis' amber eyes, much like Yuumi's gaze, easily landed upon the Gartagen representative, however, the Gartagen was not on her shopping list, and she knew why, they were already bedfellows with Yamatai, and any friendship formed with them would be questionable in quality and value. Instead, her gaze swept the crowds, until she was able to spot the Abwehran delegation. "Dico, you find the one with the fancy pants. I'll speak to the handy ones." With that, Aegis gave Dico a firm clasp upon his shoulder before stepping along.

"Wha, wait, what?" Dico stammered as he staggered lightly, who was he to go and talk to the Iromakuanhe? Of course... perhaps there were reasons, maybe it could have been something of divine providence? Who was he kidding, that was entirely unlikely. With a sigh, the New Tur'listian slumped his shoulders and drooped his wings before he began to weave through the crowd, seeking out the envoy with the fancy pants.
Re: Recess

Wazu had been keeping his distance from the princess after the conference, hoping to get a moment with Yuumi only to have Yuumi resolve the issue for him leaving him sitting at the bar worrying about how to make his approach. After a short back and forth between the two women he would order a drink, after all it would be rude to show up expecting them to provide a drink.

“Bartender, Vodka Tonic please.” He would leave the appropriate tip, take a small sip of the most ‘business’ drink he knew before making his way toward the princess’ table.

“Is there room for one more here ladies?”
Re: Recess

Yuumi looked up at the brown-haired Nepleslian man. She recognized the face before the voice, and had to summon up a friendly smile as fast as she could.

"Please, Heram," she said, nodding to a seat. "Help me finish this with the Vishta here."

Vishta took another swig but remained silent. She did not really feel like bringing up any topics from the conference. Seeing as this was more on a personal level, she simply flicked her hand at Wazu beckoning him to pour the drink for Yuumi and herself.

"I was hoping to have a quick chat with you in private," Wazu said, setting his own glass down on the table so that he could pour out another round for the royals at the table. "... but the more the merrier they say." He would then take a seat, picking up his own glass again as he reminded himself to try not to rush things.

Yuumi held up her cup close to her face, a little smirk pulling at her lips. "Private? Heram. Surely you don't want to leave the princess out of anything fun."

Vishta tilted her head slightly at Wazu's request. "Actually now I am intrigued. What would you have to say that you would want me excluded? I was planning to ask Yuumi to give us some sort of boon to help in the war, but this is much more interesting." She said as her hard blue eyes attempted to cut into Wazu's flesh.

Wazu took a drink, trying to buy time as he considered how appropriate it would be to make a sex joke out of Yuumi's last line... He nearly had to bite his tongue after all such things would certainly be inappropriate.

"I was wondering if you knew anything about what the NMX call 'The Great Enemy'." Wazu finally said.

Vishta drew silent. She did not know what Wazu spoke of, but now it seemed she was about to find out.

" 'The Great Enemy,' " Yuumi repeated. "I've never heard of Yamatai being called that before."

"What about the word 'Umbral'?" Wazu asked.

Yuumi's face darkened. "That would be the race that 'uplifted' the Mishhuvurthyar to what they are today. I don't know much. They're alien, and from a ways out from this sector of the galaxy. If I understand correctly, PNUgen was the one who initially experimented on them, but they somehow escaped and grew to what they are now."

Vishta remained silent, but she looked in-between both Yuumi and Wazu as they spoke. It was now very clear that some high-level secrecy was now being revealed to her. She would bide her time, but the progenitors of the NMX; Vishta's mind was racing with questions, and possible insight into these "Umbral".

Wazu rubbed the side of his head with his free hand at the mention of PNUgen, "It would be them..." he said.

"They did not leave their records in Yamataian hands by any chance?" By now it certainly would not be a big secret as to why he was asking, at least not to someone like Yuumi.

Yuumi shook her head. "That hellspawning location, and everything in it, was bombed back to where it came from. Hopefully for good."

"I would have expected far more aggression and far fewer answers if I were talking to your sister," Wazu said, this time allowing himself to enjoy a smile as he held up his glass, "It looks like I will have to owe you one. You did not even ask for compensation for this information."

Yuumi gestured to the princess with her cup while looking at Wazu. "I owed her and her people. Yamatai owes more, and will pay what it owes."

"You owe us nothing." Vishta said calmly. "You have earned our loyalty through the way you have treated us, just as Wazu has." Vishta sipped her glass more. "That is what friendship is. You do things even when you do not really wish to for your friends." She was calm in her demeanor, and without an audience of international delegates watching her, it was easy to see she was genuine in her statement.

"That's most kind of you to say, Vishta," Yuumi replied, "but friends also pay debts. Still, I will relay that back to the Empress. She will be pleased to know someone out there thinks of Yamatai as a friend."

She tipped her cup back, emptying it. "I don't know how we get any friends with this stuff, though."

"You do not drink for the flavor." Vishta replied as she finished the sake in her glass.

"I almost have to," Yuumi replied sourly. "There's hardly enough alcohol in here to bother filtering out."

"I suppose that is a good thing. Too much alcohol would probably render the Nepleslians formidable in debate." Vishta said with a chuckle. "I was quite impressed with the Iromakuane's negotiations. They already secured themselves a star fortress. Perhaps they will prove themselves to be mighty allies in the coming conflict.

"Perhaps, but I do not think that this will have to come down to a numbers game of who has the most starships to throw away." Wazu said, "I am still hoping for a less violent solution."

"What about a raid? A Surgeon's strike?" Vishta said, her expression becoming much more dour. She was no war leader. She knew enough about space combat and tactics to understand war as a whole. But she was clearly no warrior. "Your obsession with these...Umbrals. Clearly you seek to track them down. Obviously they are still around. Why not strike at the heart of the NMX beleif system; I am assuming that the Umbrals are some kind of deity or venerated being."

"And no body has tried negotiating before?"

"Killing them has been the plan for a while and I do not think it has worked out to well. As for negotiation... some have gone well enough for face to face talks, others have ended with them taking shots..." Wazu said, getting cut off by the Gart princess before he could finish.

"Our Yamataian Allies have a treaty with us. It states we can not make contact with the NMX." Vishta would then look at Yuumi for her insight into the situation.

"It would be useful to have an NMX leader that we could work with and install in their current leader's place," Wazu too, would then shift his attention to Yuumi.

Yuumi looked at the bottom of her cup before answering. "I'm not looking to replace them, Heram. They're going to die. All of them."

Wazu would lean forward, picking up the bottle of Sake to offer up another shot. "At what cost?" He asked.

Yuumi refused. "Whatever cost it takes. That's what evil demands, Heram."

Wazu would set the bottle back down, "There any many that have killed without good reason, not all are beyond redemption I would hope. I would rather not see all of those people die,"

"If they were people, with souls, I might agree. I've seen no evidence of that, and the NMX aren't exactly forthcoming."

"And now we are in the busness of determining which synthetic creatures are soulless?" Wazu asked, leaning back in his chair now. "I knew a megami that would smash in my nose for treating her carelessly... "

"That just makes her smart," Yuumi said with a smile, then faced the princess. "If you don't mind, could we talk at my quarters tonight? There's more I'd like to discuss."
Re: Recess

Ahrim could only stare as a frosty green liquid sloshed into a tumbler-glass lined with salt. The Neko who was bartending had suggested the drink to him, going so far as to add a slice of lime to the side of the glass.

"Teh-Que-Lah?" Ahrim asked both the Neko, and himself as he attempted to form the word clearly in the ancient Trade dialect.

"No, No. That's just part of the drink Cu-Seddir-san. The drink is a Margareta." The willowy Neko explained patiently as the Iromakuanhe picked up the glass. She watched him examine it, and then the salt lined rim.

"Mah-gah-reetah, Ah, what purpose does the salt serve?"

"For taste." the Neko stated a little tartly at Ahrim's continued curiosity of such a, to her 'Simple beverage'. "Place your tongue to the salt, drink, and then suck on the lime."

A little confused, Ahrim did so, first saltiness, then citrusy-tang followed by the cold bite of clean, smooth tequila. Biting into the lime slice, Ahrim's face puckered a little before placing it on a napkin.

"This is... an interesting taste. Could you please direct me to the Shiisha?"

Her face screwed up in confusion at the word. "Shiisha?"

Ahrim took another experimental sip of the Margareta. "Ah! Forgive me, Water-Pipe? Is that the correct term? To smoke?" Before the glass touched the counter, the bartender slapped a coaster down just in time to save it from water spots.

"Smoking is illegal within the Empire, Cu-Seddir-san. It is hazardous to the health."

The old Temple Guardsman would've been stroking his beard if he had one. Instead all there was, was the tell-tale stubble upon chin and cheek.



"Then what other sort of recreational activity is there to be had while drinking?" Ahrim asked. His people of course had cafes, bars where water-pipes went hand in hand with drinks, music and belly dancers with their filmy, diaphanous dresses as they danced to the beat of all manner of musical instrument.

The Neko could only blush much to Ahrim's surprise at he possibly touched base upon with the question. He cleared his throat quickly, raising a hand.

"Ah... I do believe this will be enough, you have my thanks." quickly said, Ahrim took his leave of the bar, and slightly put-off bartender. He could only sigh quietly in reliefwhile fiddling with the thin straw that came with the glass.
Re: Recess

The recess could not have come soon enough. As soon as the precession was momentarily dismissed, the trio of Nepleslian delegates exited with the rest. Sheva, prior to arriving at the Pisces, had arranged for a private room be made ready for the Premier and Grand Admiral, and that is where they were headed. Flint was all to happy to get out of the stuffy air in the conference room; seeing all of those hapless smaller nations jump at the opportunity to please Yamatai put a sour taste in his mouth.

Retrieving his equipment from the checkpoint outside of the conference room helped alleviate some of his dour mood. The imposing ID-SOL checked over his things meticulously, giving the two guards behind the counter harsh glares, despite his effects being in relatively the same shape he had left them in. The Grand Admiral fitted the knife into its sheath along the belt near his back before skillfully flipping the Flint-sized firearm into the holster at his side, smiling beneath his cap now that he was once again 'complete'. By the time the three of them had reached their private room, Flint turned his head back down the hall for a moment and paused at the door as Pyros went on ahead. Sheva stopped and well and waited a moment for Flint, unsure of what was keeping him.

"Sir?" Sheva questioned the ID-SOL simply.

Flint stared at nothing in particular for another moment or so, just observing the station before turning back to Pyros' assistant. "I'm just going to be outside for a bit. Make sure the Premier's getting rested for the rest of this worthless meeting."

Sheva nodded in acknowledgement, closing her eyes and giving the Grand Admiral a short nod of her head before entering the room, the door sliding shut behind them. Flint drew in a deep breath, releasing a drawn-out sigh as he leaned against the frame of the door. The ID-SOL pulled the pistol out from beneath his arm, the weapon's dull gray sheen reflecting little from the Pisces' ambient lighting. He pulled the break-load back, running his finger along the inner circumference of the breech, his eyes following his actions while his mind went on about other things.
Re: Recess

Abandoned by Aegis, Dico was left to the task of approaching the Iroma population. He had little to no idea where to even begin, but, he had dealt with strange life-forms before, he had even seen hybrids of such things come to be, he had even worked upon a living spacecraft, how hard would it be to talk to some people and make a positive impact? Then, at that moment, he remembered how things were with Rebeka, and it made him sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head softly. "Goddess, damn this mess."

With his self-pity aside, Dico strode in the direction of the lounge area, before his gaze caught sight of the armored form of one of the Iroma. It was a somewhat comforting notion to know that another race out there used armor much like the Fyunnen, and it did make the notion of approaching and opening dialog a little easier. Dico could not help but to silently laugh at himself, finding such comfort in entirely alien applications of familiar things, none the less, he approached Ahrim and delivered a distinctively Lorath bow, which was a mix of a half-way sort of curtsey and a bow. "Greetings sir, I see you've found what the Yamataians have the audacity to call a recreational facility." He said with a bit of a laugh, as he stood upright... which was not very noteworthy for the rather scrawny New Tur'listian. With that, Dico hoped to start a conversation, and hoped desperately that the armored Iroma would not just walk away, or worse.
Re: Recess

"Is that a gun in your hand, Flint, or are you just happy to see me?"

Yuumi was across the hallway from him, leaning against the wall, arms crossed in front of her, with a lopsided smirk along her thin lips.

"Because if it's just a gun, I'm going to be disappointed."
Re: Recess

Ahrim had been examining a mosaic depiction of Yui's war on Hell before it transitioned to one depicting a series of large battleships engaged in combat with those of a more decidedly alien origin. The old Iromakuanhe could not help but slowly shake his head at the excess of war and violence within Yamataian culture. To him, they were mere children only a handful of decades in age, scattered across the stars claiming dominion over vast swaths of known space. Before their current Epoch of social reforms and 'change' they'd been seen as blood thirsty warriors, conquering what was not freely given after threats and shows of force.

At one time, his people to had been like this. Warring, destroying a world, slashing and burning it for the resources it held. But that had changed. They'd faced a superior foe, one that viewed them the same way Ahrim viewed not only the Yamataians, but other races within the Kikyo Sector. Misguided children. The Makuori had responded with violence in kind, but had never attempted to outright exterminate his people.

But one race had. Being brought to their knees by a superior foe, humbled as their mighty warbands were swept aside in the blink of an eye... The Saal had no choice but to seek help from another of their foes, the Makuori. Finding a common bond, the two species had forced back their own Enemy and in the end the Saal had undergone a great change. From destructive and wasteful, to one of a better future and enlightenment.

So to did Ahrim suspect that one day such a thing may happen to these young people. But it is a rare thing for a race to see its faults for what they truly are and amend them. How he wished to see such mosaics line the walls to be seen, of change for the better for generations to witness.

"So it would seem," the opening reply was short, as if Ahrim had not been paying attention. Giving Dico a sidelong glance, "However I like to believe each race has their unique ways of enjoying recreation."
Re: Recess

As Sheva entered the room, she let out a shocking yell, just .


Pyros had already lit a cigar, puffing out billows of smoke from the edge of his mouth. Though, what had really surprised her was the fact he was juggling three liquor bottles in the air.

"I like liquor, yes I do!" sang the Sky Marshall jovially, celebrating his freedom from diplomatic process, "I like liquor, how about you!"

He kicked his cane over next to a chair, while Sheva scuttled over in a panic, trying to usher the Premier somewhere, a corner at best. Hopefully she could get him down to drinking, but she would be hard-pressed to stop his charade of showmanship. The P.R. Corps adjunct had no idea why Pyros insisted on acting childishly and without sanity. She missed working for Robert Davis.

"Sir! Put those bottles down this instant!" heckled Sheva.

"Liquor is quicker, when it goes down! Liquor is quicker, to remove a frown!" sang Pyros as he marched around the room, intentionally inciting frustration in his assistant. He seemed quite good at it, showing great skill as he switched to juggling two bottles in one hand, and breaking the neck of another one over the edge of a table.

"Mister Premier! M-Mister Westwood! Sit down before you hurt yourself!" whined Sheva helplessly, lacking the power of position to simply put the man in a chair by force. Though, she'd lack in physical power as well, considering she was much smaller than her leader.

Pyros began drinking out of the broken head of one of the bottles as he continued flipping the other two. He chugged it for a few moments, his wrinkled eyes squinting as the stout alcohol burned his throat. For a few moments, the room was silent, Sheva anxiously waiting for something to happen. Finally, when the bottle was halfway full, he slammed it down on the table, letting it stand.

"Liquor is fine, better than beer! Liquor is fine, worth all the cheer!" Pyros continued to sing, before catching one of the bottles in one hand, by its neck and poking Sheva in the chest with it. "C'mon Miss Miles! Sing it with me!"

"I'll do no such thing!"

"Your loss!" once again, he began singing, marching about the room, "Without liquor, my day is so dull! Without liquor, my jock's got no pull!"

Sheva howled in frustration, and dove for one of the bottles, yanking it away before Pyros could flip it in the air again.

"Enough! Mister Westwood, I'm sorry, but... but!" Sheva seized up, puffing her chest up as she looked up at a slight angle to Pyros, before simply exclaiming, "You will sit down right now and cease this silliness!"

She stared for a moment, one of her eyes twitching, before shakily adding. "... S-Sir!"

Pyros let out a dismayed sigh, and then sauntered over to a chair, and sat down in it. "You're no fun."

"F-ffffun!?" Sheva began to shake before forcing the bottle she had in her hands open, and quickly retreating to her own quarter area, shouting horrible curses into the neck of her bottle.
Re: Recess

“For some,” answered a sing-song voice, “Art viewing can be a form of recreation.”

The dark-haired, business-suit wearing, furry-eared aide-de-camp appeared generally as if from nowhere, taking a spot near Ahrim’s right elbow, opposite the spot where the Lorath delegate occupied. Overall, she had a confident but casual aspect somewhat at odds with the Premier’s strictly official, business overtones. Otherwise, for a nekovalkyrja she was not remarkable; not overly pretty, with plain brown eyes and a mild smile, nor particularly well endowed or gifted physically. Just another one of the cat-people of Yamatai, no doubt.

She motioned up towards the mural.

“That was actually done by a Geshrini, a woman named Amelia Ironfales, before the plague. Some creative liberty was taken, as you see, but it is a particularly good example of early mental-digitial artwork; that is, it was taken straight from her imagination, and she specifically crafted it for publication. She won a contest to have it included when this star base was first created, and it has stayed in this lounge ever since, even though much of the station has been redone or repainted since then and replaced with other impressions.”

Then, she turned and bowed, deeply, to show her respect. When she stood straight again, though, she offered yet another brief bow.

“Forgive me, gentlemen. I am Miki Tanaka, the Premier’s deputy. I saw you two wandering, and wished to make myself of some service as a guide, though we should not go too far out of the area. Are you finding everything to your liking?”
Re: Recess

Doshii Jun said:
"Is that a gun in your hand, Flint, or are you just happy to see me?"

Yuumi was across the hallway from him, leaning against the wall, arms crossed in front of her, with a lopsided smirk along her thin lips.

"Because if it's just a gun, I'm going to be disappointed."

Flint's eyes darted up for a moment, his hands pausing in their movements across the contours of the weapon in his hand as he was spoken to. The Grand Admiral let out a single short laugh beneath his breath. "Not just any gun, girl."

The elder ID-SOL flipped the gun upward, the break-loading breech coming forward and connecting back to the rest of the weapon with a loud, sharp clack. Flint took a quick glance to the left and right, his sharp eyes flashing beneath the rim of his hat. He lifted himself up from the wall, drawing himself up with the unloaded weapon still clasped in his hand, pointing nowhere in particular. The size difference between the two was rather startling. Nekovalkyja were naturally fairly short in stature to begin with, while Flint was unnaturally larger than what could have been considered a 'normal' ID-SOL; a fact that the Grand Admiral took no small amount of personal pleasure in.

"Where are your guards, princess?" Flint asked, flashing an amused smirk at the teal-haired neko as he slowly began to cross his arms. His left hand held the opposing elbow, while the right arm dipped down and came back up above the left, firearm still in his grip. The ID-SOL lazily rolled the weapon along with his wrist in a long circular motion, the wide barrel passing in Yuumi's direction a few times. Flint continued to smile wryly as he performed these actions, watching Yuumi as he did so. "Do they know you're out and about all alone? Sure would be a shame if something were to happen during the recess."
Re: Recess

"Most certainly." Dico spoke, as his own gaze went to the mosaic. He studied it for just a moment, taking in the scene, finding it to be a worthwhile depiction, but he wondered how accurate it was, how much of it was hyped up for the glory of the Yamataian Empire, how much heart and soul of the battle was depicted in honesty. In truth though, the mosaic reminded him of the Fyunnen, though, the Fyunnen rarely portrayed their artistic renditions in such an ostentatious display.

After feeling a touch of displeasure at the sight of the mosaic, Dico looked back to the bar, then to Ahrim. "Personally, I think the Yamataian customs lack flavor, as if they've become more of a formality to seem alive, than to actually live." He spoke honestly, not caring in the slightest if his words seemed out of place, he was a communications expert, not a diplomat, communications experts did just what it says on the tin, they communicate, clearly. "I've seen an orphaned woman of slime, with no knowledge of what her true purpose is, enjoy life more than these people. I've seen servants who work night and day, savor life more in a span of a ten minute break than I would think these people would in a lifetime." There was a soft shrug from Dico at that point; "It could be a strength on their part, or a weakness, I would not know... but I know that they just don't seem fun anywhere other than a bedroom, trust me, I've got one of them at home." He stated quite casually as he gave a tip of his head to Ahrim. "So, what do your people do for recreation anyways? Perhaps we have some things in common."
Re: Recess

"Are you military men always this pathetic at intimidation?" Yuumi's grin slid further toward the floor as she eased herself from the wall and toward the door. "First Heram, now you. Why can't I just find a nice man for once?"

She stopped just a meter from him, having to crane her neck some just to look in his eyes. The gun went unacknowledged.

"Maybe Pyros is a nice man. I bet Sheva would help me find out. Since you're too busy waving your surrogate dick around in my face."
Re: Recess

"Intimidating? That's cute," Flint replied with a smile, taking another step forward and uncrossing his arms. The ID-SOL lifted his gun arm up over Yuumi, letting the weapon hand down loosely in his grasp and lowering his arm. The barrel of the firearm delicately touched the center of the woman's forehead, the cold metal pressing in gently while she stared up at Flint. He couldn't help but note her eyes; deep red, determined and full of painful history. Flint knew the look well.

"You might not remember, princess, but I met you back when you were just a kit, rolling around playing at being royalty. Lil' Yuumi, all grown up, and so very brave," Flint smirked again beneath his neatly trimmed beard, keeping his heavy but otherwise unloaded gun weapon pressed against Yuumi's cute little noggin. His military career did date back a very extensive ways; age did often come with its benefits. "If I wanted to intimidate you, I wouldn't use a weapon. To be honest, if I didn't like the way you carry yourself so much, I wouldn't even bother acknowledging you, let alone talk to you."

"So," the ID-SOL said as he lifted the gun away from the neko's head, skillfully twirling it around his index finger once or twice before sliding it into the holster at his side before stepping backwards and tucking his arms behind his back. Flint was blocking the doorway now, his smile fading slightly as he looked down at Yuumi. "What can I do for you, girl. You're a long way from your embassy."
Re: Recess

Yuumi just knew the barrel of the heavy weapon had left a mark on her forehead; probably a little circle of red and black, depending on how much Flint cleaned his gun. She bet on him keeping it spotless.

Memories of the Grand Admiral were hard to conjure up. Her days as Empress were behind a wall of black, acrid smoke that whipped around her past like a hurricane. Sometimes she caught glimpses of it, when she didn't mean to. Little moments of watching Yui train, of receiving dignitaries from colonies. Remembering this lesson or that one about how to carry yourself, how to let them see you cry when it benefits you, how to fend off would-be suitors while leaving them wanting you more — but not too much more.

She almost had to look straight up to meet Vanderhuge's face, but she did. Yuumi could have floated up to meet him square in the eye; this way, she continued to show she wasn't concerned about her position, with her head maybe at the middle of his thighs.

"Just a word with Pyros, old man," she said, correcting the slant of her smile to one that was just a touch endearing, that reached those red pools staring back at him. "And some of his whiskey."
Re: Recess

Flint drew himself up a bit straighter, realizing that her gaze was turning a bit more friendly than he would have cared to display. He considered her request for a moment, his imposing stature separating her from what she desired so. The Grand Admiral didn't like these kinds of politics; all this talking and words just meant lies and deceit were that much easier. Fighting and combat, at least, made the advantages and disadvantages between opponents much more apparent. Yuumi didn't have any guards with her, nor did Flint catch too many signs of a possible assassination. If Yuumi herself was the weapon, Flint was more than confidant enough of his ability to dispatch her, as painful and heart-wrenching it might have been. He might lose some sleep over it. Maybe.

"...I guess that's alright," Flint answered after a while, pivoting around a bit and allowing the door to open for the two. "Make it quick though, Princess. We're here on business, not to play games."
Re: Recess

Yuumi's lips turned down just a bit. "Not even going to frisk me?" She stepped by him, standing tall (despite her height), but stopped at the door.

"I'd say you're getting soft at your age, old man," she said over her shoulder, "but I'll take it as a compliment. Don't worry. He won't get me too drunk."

She signaled the door chime to let Pyros know she was waiting at his door.
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