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RP Fleets to the Fleeing


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Funky City

Argent Towers
Barrett Valke's Office

Second Fleet Admiral Violetta De Luca was about to conference with Admiral Valke and was tapping her fingers against her elbow as she crossed her arms. She stood waiting for him in his office and was more than ready for his arrival. The Northern Territories were to be swallowed up by Nepleslia as the Lorath Matriarchy exited this universe.

It was one hell of a plan, she thought to herself. One that could get countless killed if Nepleslia didn't offer its aid as Senator McBeal had promised.

At that moment, Grand Admiral Barrett Valke, stepped inside. "Sorry to keep you waiting Violetta." He said, opting to drop formalities behind closed doors. "Have you recived the Sky Marshal's orders?" He asked as he moved behind his desk and sat down, motioning for her to do the same.

"Yes," Violetta began. "Seems quite odd. The lot of it." She sat in the seat opposite his on the other side of his desk and looked at him with lavender eyes. "What do you think about it all?"

"Strange to say the least..." Barrett said. "However... this incident has just given Nepleslia a huge boost in resources and territory. Plus LSDF voulneteer forces that have chosen to stay behind." He added. "Now, we just have to make sure it stays that way..."

"Oh, it'll stay that way," Violetta said with confidence. "I can be assured of that if my fleet is involved. With both of ours, there is no doubt in my mind that the Northern Territories will remain under Nepleslia's control. Now, how would you like to go about this? Let's get down to brass tacks and crunching numbers. I'd like to use the main Assault Fleet of the Second and you can use..." Violetta lifted a hand, allowin Barrett to finish the statement.

"I will also use my First Assualt Fleet as well to secure the borders. You get our Marines to their new homes. Once we have everything stabilized, we then need to go about getting our new LSDF forces, integrated into our existing fleets. We will also need to get the defense fleet involved after we stabalize the region." He said, going through the mental checklist in his head. "We will also need to requisistion several new Bulwark Fortress Stations to be placed in the new systems as well." He added.

"That can all be done and more," Violetta said. "I will contact you for another meeting once forces are in place to further discuss where we go from here."

"Prepare your ships to cast off, as will I. Get in contact with the Field Marshals, and prep to start moving in our Marines." He said with a nod.

"Will do. Thank you for your time, Mr. Valke."

"My pleasure Ms. De Luca." He replied.


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Funky City

Argent Towers
Barrett Valke's Office

Violetta was again in Barrett Valke's offices and tapped her heel against the carpeted floor and was about to pull out her datajockey before Barrett himself had arrived.

The door to his office swung open and Barrett strood in, looking rather tired. "How are things going from the 2nd Fleets standpoint?" he asked as he took a seat behind his desk. "My Fleet has moved in and have begun securing our new systems, and I have NAM working on new Bulwark stations for us."

"The Second Fleet has moved in, as well, and remains posted in the Northern Territories," De Luca reported.

"I believe that we should head out there as well... We should meet with the LSDF Volunteer Commander personally." He suggested.

"Sir," De Luca said, training her violet eyes on him. "In all honesty, two admirals may be overkill for such an elementry operation. Let one of us go and the other will perform their duties from the comfort of home."

The Admiral snorted. "The comfort of home eh? I don't think we joined the Navy for comfort." He said jokingly. "However, point taken. Which one of us will it be then?"

"If you would rather see both of us push toward the Northern Territories formerly known as the Matriarchy's holdings, so be it. Though I am more than capable of taking on theresponsibility myself, as I'm sure you are. Since I suggested going alone, I would be happy to do so, though."

His rasied his hands. "No no, you have a very vaild point." He replied. "I will let you meet with our new LSDF contingent. While you are away doing that, I will meet with NAM to make sure things get pumped out on time. I also think we should get the Admirals togther to discuss the distribution of these new assets amongst the rest of the fleets." He added. "Your thoughts?"

"I couldn't agree more wholeheartedly with you. I will be on my way up to the territories in order to better acquaint ourselves with tose we will be merging with ourselves," Violetta said.

"Violetta..." He said lowering his voice. "It would also be wise to start allocating IPG resources across the sector as well." Barrett added, leaning back in his chair. "Getting them in there as quickly as possible would be quite benefical, wouldn't you say?"

"Consider it done," Violetta said, taking out her datajockey and moving a few things around on it as she saw herself out. "Thank you for meeting with me, Mr. Valke."

Barrett smiled. "Seriously Violetta. Behind closed doors it is Barrett. There's no rank in here." He said standing to show her out.

"Understood..." Violetta De Luca said. "Barrett."