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RP Flight of the Eagle


Anna felt the shock of impact like a sucker punch to the jaw. She was nearly jolted clean off her feet from the force as she focused on looking to make eye contact with Gunny. As the blaring wails of the call to general quarters sounded she made eye contact with her Gunhund silently hand signaling him to her side. They both knew what one, let alone a combination of the two factors meant. There certainly was not time to grab any med kits as Minnie shouted orders to the group. She nodded, motioning for her furry partner to follow her as she readied her pistol in their position at the rear. Barely dodging the explosion and resounding gunfire as an armored suit entered the area.

Her heart pounded driving her focus to a knife-like point as she noticed the beginnings of target seeking. Through her BONE connection to Gunny she ordered him to run distractions, but avoid the targeting. If she saw a vulnerable point she would signal him to launch for it if it was something he could handle. There was no time to think why it had come for them as she watched the tussle between Minnie and the suit. She set off two well aimed shots at each of the suits exhaust vents executing a rolling dive to get out of the way when it shot across the room. She spun around eyeing the suit for any presence of its shield drones while she swiftly switched from her pistol to her rifle. Not like it would do any good but she aimed two shots of her rifle at each of the speakers as Gunny dodged the mayhem waiting for a point of vulnerability to be exposed.

Still grappling if only to keep on the suit in motion, her constant flailing trying to get her tail in a position to drive the pilebunker into the suit delayed by the sudden acceleration.

"Someone grab something!"

she squeaked as she clung onto the suit, attempting to arrest its motion while still moderately aware they were in an armory with more than enough ordinance to take down a VOID if hopefully not tear a hole in the side of the ship or cause a horrible fire.
She was working on something else, trying to remotely interface with the ships ACE for something Cha Cha had no access to but a higher-order AI with the right access might.. Well aware of everything else likely going on onboard and dealing with the ship she could only hope it understood her request when she petitioned for the remote activation of a DIoN Issue MEC-H that, sister-vessel or not, would still be accessible to an ACE...

Still half way into loading flechette ammo into her rifle when the chaos broke out, Fang reflexively dove out of the way of the first barrage, behind some crates. The studded metal grating did her elbows no favours, as she rapidly rolled and righted herself- Just about to blind-fire back around the corner when Carver went barging around the corner, straight at the thing- How the hell was she supposed to give covering fire around that colossal meat man!?

Each stray shot was a new wincing sensation, as she imagined it striking one of the ammo boxes and turning the whole room inside out. Minnie doubling up on Carver's actions and getting in close kept him distracted, but it wasn't much of a long term solution if they just got crushed...

Shit. Both ECM grenades, or fucking with the gravity plating, both options would kill her old friend- Electronics and bulk had to be ruled out as their minor advantages.

"Anna! Get something incendiary!" The tall lumbering woman finally acted, ratcheting expanding metal foam ammo into her rifle and spraying the entire clip into the waist plasma gatlings, the sensor eyes, and the connective tubes under the arms. She knew NAM armour. They weren't going to penetrate that plating- but mechanical failure, between the five of them? That was achievable. "The gatlings cause too much heat! Let's cook this delinquent fucker!"

The malestrom of carnage allowed them to stand and get a better target. But they were torn between leaping back into cover, and leaping ahead to do some real damage at a closer range...

Hopefully Minnie would forgive them for testing out their heat endurance. There wasn't exactly time to ask.