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SYNC (FoH)They’re Just Solar Flares


Well-Known Member
RP Date
YE41, 1 month before invasion
To: Oshiro Masumi
From: Candon Suites

Good morning, Love.

I’m finally back in Yamataian space so naturally I have a new assignment. It’s wrought with dangerous saboteurs and spies! Oh my!

In all seriousness though, it’s probably just these weird solar flares that some ship captain is blowing out of proportion. It’s playing havoc with the sensors on the orbiting battle group and engineers are dealing with the spikes in radiation causing ionic feedbacks and whatever. Whiny technicians are a fact of life around here and I guess it’s just easier for them to blame imaginary saboteurs than the solar flares that are lighting up the skies over Mt. Yamatai periodically, day and night. Every ship that leaves the dark side of the planet ends up with damage to their sensor array. You would think the logical conclusion would be to stop pointing looking at the flares but if they do that we have a pretty large gap in our ability to detect an incoming fleet

Personally I think the engineers just need to get over themselves and do their job but it’s caught SAINT’s attention and Shida set me here with a team to lead up the investigation which means I get to invite any specialist I wish to the consult with. I’ve got my eye on this pretty girl that knows about science and stuff like that.

What do you think hon? Would you like to join me in a government rented apartment watching the Aurora tonight?


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Game Master
Character Forum Mod
Good morn to you, too, my love.

My mind was wandering down a few possible explanations and their respective paths while reading the former bit of your message. I almost wanted to stop myself from overanalyzing in order to enjoy the prose and flowery parts one would expect of a love letter that I was sure would follow your complaints. I am happy that I have a reason to come to you and coax the romantic from your depths once again, and in person, since this message didn't deliver to my expectations. Such a pleasure almost shadows the mystery of ionic feedback and seemingly random radiation you have penned me about. The keyword in that last sentence is 'almost', but perhaps only because I am looking forward to the myriad of more gratifying trysts to come with you.

I will pack a dress with the intent to attempt to outshine an aurora. No promises, but the least I can do is try.

Forever yours,