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RP Concluded [Fort Hikari] Building the Future


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RP Date
YE 42
RP Location
Fort Hikari
Shôshô Chinchu Rhikiya stood, arms crossed at the far end of Fort Hikari, looking between the two southern points towards the NAAFI and beyond. Her overcoat flapped gently in the warm breeze as her golden eyes scoured the sharp, neat edges of the sprawling installation. Things were going well, construction was complete and the staff were all getting settled in. Already she was getting positive reports from the defence and administrative personnel that everything seemed up to scratch, bar some minor issues here and there.

Rhikiya glanced over her shoulder to the lithe form of Taisa Byintama Shinko, the training executive for her Fort. The bespectacled, bob-cut lady clutched a clipboard to her diminuative chest and looked back with an admiring gaze. Shinko had been brought out here by the much more imposing Rhikiya and was still a little unsure as to why. The green-haired Taisa loved being in her new, cosy office with all its lovely carpets and sofas. Being all the way out here wasn't what she'd wanted to be doing today.

Rhikiya, on the other hand, was very used to the outdoors. An ex-Ranger, she preferred being out and about, checking whatever she fancied personally and being seen doing so. Her hair as well as her personality were fiery - Rhikiya's tanned and muscular frame was topped with a bright red bun which stood out against the pleasant tones of the surrounding environment.

"Well, Taisa. Looks like we're almost there." The base commander spoke as always in her characteristic bold, powerful tone. Rhikiya's angular features flashed with pride as she looked down at the shorter girl beside her. "Mhm-hmm.." Shinko answered timidly, adjusting her circular glasses a little as she gathered herself. "In fact, I think we've got letters back from all the MOS trainers now.. Hopefully they like their facilities." The training administrator's jade eyes swapped between her superior officer and the megastructure before them, as if she couldn't decide where she was supposed to look.

"They will. Let me know what SAINT have said, they're always finnicky about how they train up their people. If they refuse, I'll need to know how you want us to remodel their materials for another use." The ex-Ranger stared unerringly at her partner, taking a striding step forwards once she was done, heading back towards the Fort. Shinko started after her quickly, trailing behind like a puppy, managing to keep up with rapid, small steps. "R-Right, will do!" The two of them were done for now. It was time to get back to work.
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